The Socialist Dream

There still seems to be some confusion on the definition of socialism. Technically, a Socialist State would take place after a worker's rebellion against the government and corporate owners. However, some people think that Socialism means the government controlling everything. For this task, we shall analyze one situation, and view how it would be handled in a Capitalist Society, the beginning phase of a Socialist Society (immediately after the revolt), the advanced stage of Socialism, and then finally, a True Communist State. We may also wish to re-consider the phrases "forced labor" and "freedom."

Fernando likes to sit around his apartment all day and do nothing except smoke weed and play video games. He does not have a job because he is too lazy to go out and find a job. Simply put, Fernando does not want a job. Fernando gets out of bed around 3:00 PM, is overweight and out of shape, and only leaves the house to go to Wal Mart to buy necessities: Banquet Frozen Dinners, Twinkies, and Pabst Blue Ribbon straight out of a tin can. Furthermore, while at Wal Mart, lazy Fernando does not even bother getting dressed, his fat gut hangs out from his shirt, and his stinky gross ass feet inside those black and white single strap sandals made headline news on the “Seen at Wal Mart” website.

Let’s have a look at how this subject is handled in the various systems:

Capitalism: The government will send Fernando a check every month along with a card to purchase his Twinkies and beer. The money is generated as the government implies heavy taxes on the working class, people who cannot even afford this shit themselves, and the IRS will go to extreme measures in order to obtain this money. A certain portion of the population, roughly 1-2% have more wealth than the working class combined and they do not contribute at all. Instead, they make charitable donations to television stations to run advertisements declaring that this lifestyle is a representation of freedom. Furthermore, they may eventually grow tired of Fernando smoking marijuana in his own home, and will have their little cronies known as the police come over and place Fernando in a prison for a victimless violation…the prison is also funded by the workers.

“That’s freedom!”

Socialist A: Recognizing that Fernando is a lazy piece of shit, the people no longer give Fernando anything. He is evicted from his home, given zero handouts, and basically forgotten about until he gets a job.


Socialist B (under “forced labor”): The people discover that Fernando is receiving equal benefits despite the fact he does nothing but sit on his lazy ass all God damn day smoking weed and playing video games. Finding this deplorable act of inhumanity inexcusable for the well-being of society, the agency assigns Fernando to work as a dishwasher in a nursing home. For his work as a dishwasher, he now receives equal benefits as the rest of society. Fernando has a home, a gas grill, many of the video games he loves, a computer with High Speed Internet, reliable transportation, two weeks’ vacation annually, health care, and even some say as what ingredients should go into Twinkies. (Unfortunately, the committee voted against him, and even in this “ideal” Socialist society, the cream filling will not, sadly, be replaced with Pabst Blue Ribbon.) In some areas, Fernando may be fined $25 or so for using marijuana.

“Who the fuck are they to say Pabst can’t go in Twinkies? A dishwasher shouldn’t be making the same amount as me, I’m a truck driver. You can’t make somebody wash dishes if they don’t want to.”

True Communist State: The people have recognized Fernando’s condition. After careful review, Fernando is given more marijuana for free. He has been assigned a year of secondary education in which he studies programming, graphic design, and even courteous customer service. Tuition is free because money no longer exists. Fernando now works as a computer engineer designing video games specifically to be enjoyed while stoned on weed, because pot is now legal too. His compensation is exactly that of the person who assigned him to the school for they are all equal. He has a home, electricity, and even an individualized aircraft that does not run off gasoline because the world is no longer committed to profiteering.

“Fuck that! Sounds like faggot shit to me! Are you one of them Mexicans? Fucking Mexicans, faggots, jews, niggers, fucking assholes, fucking Arabs, these mother fuckers with blue hair and pins their noses, listening to all that shit with the fucking cuss words in it…all these commie mother fuckers—fuck that shit. If I see a commie, I’ll kill that mother fucker. It ain’t right. It ain’t what no mother fucking Jesus nor the God damn Lord said was natural. It ain’t right!”

“If this happens, we are fucked. Quick, think of something to make sure nobody finds out about it. Tell them it’s about being a dictator. Say Hitler did this. Say anything. Let’s see if this works- tell everybody that anyone who doesn't captialism is unpatriotic and a criminal. We are the only people who know freedom and we mustn't let these others jeopardize what we have”

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