NC17 Top 75 Traxxx of 2002

The Top 200 Songs of 2002 + Making the Best of Bad Situations
Part 1: Petty Concerns
Part 2: Once Disgusted, Take Control
Part 3: Break-ups
Part 4: Go...Far... Believe in Yourself
Part 5: PBHD: Post Break-up Hope Disorder
Part 6: Various Causes and Effects of Fond Memories
Part 7: Unnatural States of Disillusionment
Part 8: The Beast

Part VI: Various Causes and Effects of Fond Memories

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75. The Mars Volta
"Cut That City" 5:44
Tremulant EP
Los Angeles, CA

Annabelle told Hazel that if she saw her again lingering around the garden that she was going to slap the shit out of her. "Hazel," she said coldly to the 83 year old woman, "if you're around this garden again, I'm going to slap the shit out you." Sure enough, the next day, there was Hazel, standing in the garden doing nothing- she had wandered out of her room again. And sure enough, Annabelle slapped the shit out of her, and Hazel dropped dead right in the garden. After a quick snack, Annabelle buried Hazel in that same garden. Now, the garden is haunted by Hazel and a pack of ghostly, demonic, rabid pit-bulls.

74. The Notwist
"Neon Golden" 5:54
Neon Golden
Weilheim, Germany

The actual check box descriptions that should have been filled in included: "People dread the moment I arrive." ... "I am the cause of most people's misery."

73. The Heroine Sheiks
"Let it Die" 3:44
Siamese Pipe
New York, NY

People wish that I would simply just go away; I have perfect attendance. The moment I walk in the door, people roll their eyes, mumble to themselves, "shit, he's here." Throughout the work day, I ruin people's days simply by entering the room. My days off are considered good days for the others. People would rather have a root canal than talk to me for five minutes. When I walk into a room, people spray air freshener to conceal my smell. I am Doug, and I am a piece of shit.

72. Alfie
"A Word in Your Ear" 4:18
A Word in Your Ear
Manchester, England

The memory has become distorted with delusional images of the self partaking in surreal experiences that never happened. The self had created a legend; the legend being the self; but for only one moment.

71. The Standard
"The Quiet Bar" 5:26
Portland, OR

In dreams, we often re-live memories of the past; in many cases the visions are often construed with multiple memories happening simultaneously alongside with previous dreams, as well as non-existent settings that have occurred through various thoughts, ideals, and past experiences that have created thought provoking images within the mind. Those thought provoking images are recollected in fabricated ideologies of a past personal experience intertwining with a previous unrealistic dream taking place in an actual home on a parallel dimension.

70. Karate
"Airport" 4:44
Some Boots
Boston, MA

The great ones find peace of mind creating dreamlike images while awake, even while engaging with others in public places, having drinks, listening to captivating music that challenges portions of the mind rarely used in daily activities.

"Yesterday Was a Lie" 5:00
Genetic World
Paris, France

Visualizations within in the mind can lead to hypnagogic abstractions that rarely coincide with what's taking place in the dimension commonly perceived as reality. Judy dreamt that she could recreate her preternatural chimera in the same parking lot in which Pick n Save currently occupied.

68. The High Violets
"Julia" 4:54
44 Down
Portland, OR

The ability to maintain the train of thought for a prolonged period of time leads to unabridged brilliance. Some people, before experiencing this radical phenomenon, interrupt other people's trains of thought to share their own nominal thought patterns. Compatibility between two persons is defined by the depth of each individuals train of thought and the willingness to allow others to achieve the exact same length. Relationships are often distraught simply because: "this bitch talks too damn much."

67. The Cool Jerks
"Let it Go and Rock!" 3:08
Cleaned A Lot of Plates in Memphis
Memphis, TN

And once everybody took a few minutes to think about what to do, they actually went out and did it. This was the best night in history; the type of night that shall distort the memory forever.

66. The Realistics
"Quickie Gone B.B." 4:07
Real People Are Overrated
New York, NY

Unfortunately, good memories often recall compatible moments with incompatible people, and people prolong undesirable relationships with the hope that those fond memories shall soon be relived. Or, once the person in the memory is gone, so is that memory...forever.

65. The Czars
"Killjoy" 5:40
The Ugly People vs The Beautiful People
Denver, CO

On the other hand, fond memories with irreconcilable people can lead to forgiveness, and a certain degree of pleasantry can supersede feelings of anguish and hatred. It can also lead to more frequent marijuana usage in order to create transcendental reveries of particular fond memories overriding what is currently taking place on this very plane of reality.

64. Ewa Braun
"Ptaki Czuj¹ Jesieñ" 7:07
Slupsk, Poland

Unfortunately, bad experiences are stored forever as bad memories. Although people attempt clemency, bad experiences are often shared in discussion with others. It is common for the memory to recollect negative past experiences and a person like Regina will turn resentful to another person, Andi Connors, who allegedly "caused" the bad memory. Andi Connors is usually unaware this is happening and finds this sort of behavior "stupid." She will tell her colleagues, "Regina is being a real bitch today." Those same colleagues just had to listen to that bitch Regina relate how Andi Connors was "a total whore" six months ago.

63. The Fire Show
"Magellan Was a Felon" 6:41
Saint the Fire Show
Chicago, IL

Unaware of the actual patterns of the human psyche, and assuming all persons would delve into the Christian aspect of forgiveness, and assuming his money had the ultimate power to persuade people; the company manager, finally, created significantly more bad memories than good. One day his body was discovered in a lake.

62. Suicide
"Wrong Decisions" 4:30
American Supreme
New York, NY

The majority of society found him to be a disgrace to humankind. His parents claimed he was a miracle and could do no wrong. Therefore, tax payer dollars was spent on an extensive investigation to find the culprit responsible for the body being in the lake. Would fear subside? Or would there be more bodies in that lake? Regina immediately assumed Andi Connors did it, for she suspected Andi of any crime that was committed in the area. But, she realized she hated this prick too.

61. Koufax
"Younger Body" 2:48
Social Life
Toledo, OH/Lawrence, KS

As the fondest of memories grow increasingly farther away, and the current state of reality drifts significantly out of reach of that ideal dream world, people often grow desperate and declare its time to make to some changes. Or, they give in and conform. Dreams, become, simply that, dreams.

60. The Natural History
"Telling Lies Get You No Where" 2:49
New York, NY

But one day, everything changed. Even though they should have found the news horrific, they found an overwhelming sense of joy when that body was discovered in the lake. They began to have new ideas, new dreams, new visualizations, about "what they can and can't do."

59. The Catheters
"Bleary Haze" 3:38
Static Delusions and Stone-Still Days
Seattle, WA

The new wave of originality was met with major setbacks. A diminutive assemblage regarded that body as an act of malicious sin, a display of jealousy, and vowed to get revenge. They would stop at nothing. All those responsible, everybody, would have to pay a steep price. Stricken with anger caused from a distorted fond memory of the past that shall be forever demised, dreams shall turn to nightmares.

58. Xiu Xiu
"Dr. Troll" 3:54
Knife Play
San Jose, CA

Smith was the one who discovered the body. The image is forever embedded in his head. Prolonged trains of thought often lead to surrealistic images of that body attempting to resolve issues in his dream world. But Smith played it cool. He created a new lake in his dream world; and dumped the superficial body in that lake. Then, he created an ocean, and dumped all of those who had harmed in the past into that very ocean. It was a Merry Christmas.

57. The Mountain Goats
"Tallahassee" 4:43
Claremont, CA

After the police had caused a major disturbance, they all thought about the matter comprehensively, conceptualizing all of the articulate details. And they thought and thought and thought. Each member of the affected society had one of those rare prolonged undisturbed trains of thought. This went on for hours, days.

56. Okkervil River
"My Bad Days" 6:22
Don't Fall in Love With Everyone You See
Austin, TX

Throughout the era of prolonged train of thought, the affected society conjured vivid flashbacks within the memory recalling the life when the company manager was alive. They remembered the nightmares that had been instilled upon them, for no reason whatsoever...just because he checked the box: "I create an environment that is stressful; I am the boss." They all, at one point or another, had thought about killing him.

55. Snowglobe
"Playground" 4:19
Our Land Brains
Athens, GA/Memphis, TN

Mom cried. She was seeking consolation. Her son was magnanimously adored. Finally, one by one, they lined up at her door and confessed. "I found your son to be the biggest piece of shit ever." "I'm glad he's dead." "In fact, I hope you die too." "You are the reason he was like that." "Nobody liked him." "We all laughed when we heard the news." "None of us will be attending the funeral." "You're next."  Was something learned that day?

54. Super Furry Animals
"(A) Touch Sensitive" 3:08
Rings Around the World
Caerdydd, Wales

The era of prolonged train of thought enlisted two major events that happened at the exact same time. During the funeral, the funeral home was barricaded and burned to the ground, the fire department never even showed up to extinguish the fire. Pick 'N" Save was demolished and turned into a skating rink that resembled the planet Jupiter and boasting a stream to Iceland.

53. Enon
"Native Numb" 2:34
High Society
New York, NY/Philadelphia, PA

Having rid the ruling minority that plagued the affected society, a festival was held in the streets featuring non-mainstream live music and a fresh wave of independent culture. The residents no longer had to be exposed to mindless trite the minority assumed would be non-offensive.

52. +/-
"Crestfallen" 2:37
Self-Titled Long-Playing Debut
New York, NY

The shells burst. The memories became fond. The pleasantries devised original concepts. The dreamland became the reality. A new leader was elected: Smith.

51. Blackalicious
"Release Pt. 1, 2, and 3" 9:26
Blazing Arrow
Davis, CA

Progress. Advancement. The good dreams created better dreams and valiant ideas. The day of reckoning became a National Holiday. They reflected on the bad memories and vowed never to allow the nightmare to return. They reflected the battles and the victory. They shared a prolonged train of thought. They sought to create fond memories for everybody.

Happy Smith Day Everyone!

Top Image by: Artick Playground
Bottom Image by: The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

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