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The Corner of 5th & Average + The Top 200 Songs of 2001
Part 1: Dominicus Humanus
Part 2: Hostage Situation
Part 3: Lorenzo & The George Foreman Grills
Part 4: 902 Staghorn
Part 5: Plots Against the Pattern
Part 6: September 9th, 2001
Part 7: September 10th, 2001
Part 8: And Everything Shall Remain Exactly the Same

Part VI: September 9th, 2001

Welcome to 2001, the year an event or two may or may not have happened. To hear this first selection of songs, press play on the image below:

September 9, 2001

75. Reigning Sound
"Want You"  2:52
Break Up...Break Down
Asheville, NC

Today was exactly like yesterday. The sun came up. The Earth will rotate fully around it's axis in approximately 24 hours; it will have completed roughly 1/365th of its orbit around the sun. On 5th and Average, the pattern began just as it always does. Some places were filled with festive activities, some were able to enjoy them, some did not. There was one new discovery, numerous struggles, a couple different buildings that had been completed. For the most part, every person on Earth woke up, got out of bed to the tune of an alarm, took a shower, got dressed, went to work, came home, did some things around the house, ate food, went back to bed. Many longed to do this exact same feat, but with somebody else.

74. Bob Dylan
"Po' Boy"  3:06
Love and Theft
New York, NY

I got up today around 7, 7:30, like I always do. I am retired, have been for a few years now. There is really no place that I absolutely have to be, but I get out anyway. For the most part I walk, there is a place I stop for coffee, some places I frequent regularly. I live by myself, and getting out and about is the only means in which I have to ever talk to people. I have some friends, many of them still work, Floyd is a barber- I stop in and shoot the breeze. We talked about the weather, the baseball games, the defensive end they signed. Then, I go home and sit in my chair and play solitaire. Sometimes, I fall asleep in the chair, wake back up, then fall back asleep.

73. Fila Brazillia
"Bucket Bottom"  2:44
Another Late Night
Hull, England

Today, I didn't do anything. It was my day off, and I just sat around at home all day. I suppose I could have done something productive, but I didn't feel like it. Guess how many house repairs I completed today? That's right, zero. I did not take a shower, did not shave, did not even change into clothes that were worth going out in. For lunch, I had some crap that was left over in the fridge, for dinner, I ordered pizza and had it delivered- don't even remember the delivery driver. When I die, I will not even recall this day, although most people would rather have done what I did today.

72. The Dirtbombs
"I'll Wait"  3:00
Ultraglide in Black
Detroit, MI

I have been dating this girl for a few weeks now. She seems cool enough, I like her, she looks pretty good I suppose, but we still haven't established that trust yet...I do not know her well enough. Today, I was at work, typical day. I had a little break from doing my duties, so I texted my new girlfriend to see what she was up to, maybe if she wanted to do something later. She never responded. I spent most of the day wondering why she did not respond, visualizing the worst, hoping for the best- it effected my communication with others and the way I performed my duties. After work, we had a discussion.

71. John Scofield
"Big J"  7:30
Works For Me
Dayton, OH

I was at ease today. The weather was nice, I got enough sleep last night. No major tasks were being conducted at work today because it was our secretary's birthday. People brought in treats, a cake, ice cream. Before work, I stopped by the bakery and picked up some cupcakes, red velvet with strawberry icing, it's what everybody requested. I conversed with the people at the bakery, complimented their cupcakes and said how much I appreciate them being open. We all gabbed at work, I hugged Trudy, she turned 50 today. When I got off work, my husband and I went out and had a nice dinner- nothing too fancy. Then, we went home and fucked and he spewed all in my mouth... and we turned off the lights and went to bed.

70. The Zephyrs
"Setting Sun"  5:32
When the Sky Comes Down It Comes Down on Your Head
Edinburg, Scotland

I skipped class today, didn't really feel like going. There was nothing due, no exams, and I was off work. I felt as if that I needed to have one day with no work and no school, so I made that be today too. We went over to my friend Eugene's place and we smoked a bowl. After we got stoned, Denise and I talked a lot about the classes we were in, what we had to do, and discussed our professor. I wonder what he's like. The other professor is so fickle. He is tough grader. Bert didn't hardly say much, after he got stoned, just sat around on the couch. Before too long it was like 9:00 PM. We thought that, like, maybe we should go out. We smoked another bowl. And we were thinking about going to this club up the road. Or, we could all go hang out at Max's place. There was a show tonight. Maybe we could watch a movie or something. By midnight, we still hadn't done any of these, so I just went home, studied some, and went to bed.

69. Dntel
"Suddenly is Sooner Than You Think"  5:44
Life is Full of Possibilities
Los Angeles, CA

Unfortunately, I will always remember this day. Work was going well, everything seemed normal. I went home, relaxed for a little bit, then decided I needed to fix dinner. I had started to cook something, but realized that I needed to get a few things from the store. Maybe it was meant to be that I was out of lemon pepper, and got a sudden craving for lemon pepper chicken, it was meant to be that the store was busy, I had to wait in line, people were complaining. The store was in a frenzy. When I got home, the house was on fire. Everything I ever owned was destroyed. I could do nothing but watch it burn.

68. Nobukazu Takemura
"Stairs in Stars"  4:17
Hoshi No Koe
Osaka, Japan

There was this project I had been working on, an art piece. Today, I needed some influence. The first set of influence came in the form of herbal inhalation. The second, I went to 5th and Average to do some people watching. I sat there on a park bench, all day, stoned, watching the people walk by. These images would come into my head, I filmed them, wrote them, photographed them, drew them, whatever. It was the rhythm of the pedestrians, and I created this dance routine in my head, called "The Shopper", just flashes of people walking, a close up of their face, in rhythm with trance inducing music.

67. Coralie Clément
"Le Jazz et Le Gin"  3:23
Salle Des Pas Perdus
Villefranche-sur-Saône, France

Having decided I needed a new hobby, I signed up for dance classes at this place on 5th and Average. Work was but a petty busy, something that I had to do- I rarely thought of my job and never discussed it. After work, I had dance class, this is what I took pride in. Tonight, we learned how to waltz. My dance partner was George, he is 63, jolly smile, bald head. He was a great dance partner, and a lot of fun. After class, George called his wife, I called my husband, and we all had dinner at Applebee's. Everybody got along great.

66. The Pearlfishers
"The Vampires Of Camelon"  3:08
Across the Milky Way
Glasgow, Scotland

I had been given a leave of absence, turns out my work effort is not quite what it used to be. They ordered me to take a vacation, maybe I needed one. For my time off, I flew to the coast, spent some time on the beach, out in the sun. For the most part, I could feel my abilities deteriorating, happens at my age- 58. My wife had left me, my kids grown, hadn't even talked to them in months. Much of the day, I stood on the beach, looking out at the waves, debating whether or not I should just take the plunge and be done with it. But, I decided not to, and just continued sitting on the beach doing nothing but thinking. Later, I went back to the hotel and went to bed.

65. National Skyline
"Morse Code"  3:27
This = Everything
Champaign, IL

I didn't feel right when I woke up this morning; haven't been sleeping well these days. Insomnia, maybe, but not quite that bad. It's not that I don't sleep at all, I've only been sleeping about 4 hours a night, people claim that is not enough. Throughout the day, I find myself in a haze sometimes, not as sharp minded as I should be. It would be nice to get some medication for sleep, but I can't afford that right now. My medication is cigarettes and coffee, keeps me going. Today at work, it got really busy, everybody came in at once. It was right when I was ready for my cigarette break which I had been postponing anyway. After three hours without a cigarette, and a constant flow of customers making irrational requests, well, I guess I lost my cool a little bit. This lady asked a stupid question, I gave her a sarcastic response. She complained to the shop owner. He called me into the back, and, well, I was let go. Fired. Now, I'm unemployed, with rent due. Soon, I will probably be homeless, and I will probably die soon. Boo hoo hoo.

64. Bright Eyes
"Going For the Gold"  5:07
Oh Holy Fools (Split w/ Son, Ambulance)
Omaha, NE

I think I am getting fired from my job soon too. It is some crappy job anyway, not what I want to make a career out of. I have only been working there about a month, it should be pretty obvious that I am not working out. It seems everyday it is something different, I didn't do this right, I forgot this, I have to do this procedure. It's not like I am stupid, I have a college degree, just not in this field. There are no jobs here in my field. Instead, I spend the whole day getting lectured by a bunch of losers about how I need to start doing this. They take me into the office, talk negatively towards me, down to me, as if I have violated the law. After that last discussion, where I had to sit by the manager's desk while he "ordered" me to start shaping up or "ship out", I have opted to ship out. There is nothing for me here. I walk from this miserable life forever.

63. Love as Laughter
"Miss Direction"  7:08
Sea to Shining Sea
Olympia, WA

The manual and I do not see eye to eye. Here is the difference, the manual declares that I have to be part of the pattern, I declare otherwise. For the past several years, I have been trying to get out of the pattern, but it will not let me leave. Now, I have developed this attitude, and walk around with a chip. I do not take any shit whatsoever from my boss, he knows I am smarter than he is, and if I think he is stupid I let him know- he doesn't fire me. I do not like my girlfriend, I refuse to do anything nice for her, and romance is out of the question- she will not break up with me. All attempts to leave, I am harassed by security, the car malfunctions. Then, I have to go back to 5th and Average. Some say that they love me, because of my attitude. Too bad it is a one-sided love affair. I hate all these people; I don't wish to see any of them ever again. Stop smiling at me, (mumbles) bitch.

62. M. Ward
"So Much Water"  4:02
End of Amnesia
Portland, OR

Today, I was 34% my natural self. I broke up with my girlfriend last week, well, it was a mutual break-up. When I got up, I declared that I was not going to think about her at all today, although I suppose that counted as thinking of her. She called, but I did not return the call. So what I did, was, I went out of my way to insist that I was completely over her. Sometimes, I would act as if I had never even met her, purposely going out of my way to do things that used to annoy her. But then, I decided that constituted as thinking about her too. For quite some time I did nothing. 12% of the day, I was sad that we were split. That evening, I took a nice long walk, to think about other things. When I got home, I called her. She didn't answer, I went to bed. I will do the exact same thing again tomorrow perhaps.

61. The Bigger Lovers
"Summer (Of Our First Hello)" 5:22
How I Learned to Stop Worrying
Philadelphia, PA

I was expected to be happy today, but I just wasn't. She had planned an eventful day, full of activities, a banquet, but I had no interest in any of them. Preferably, I would have just stayed home and got some things done, but she declared this was going to be fun day. She had a real chipper attitude, as did the world around me. I was surrounded by smiles, laughter, pats on the back. But, I didn't find any of these people amusing. The food at the banquet tasted horrible. Some guy named Scott kept talking to me, about the shit he does at work. I don't fucking care. Look at all them, loving it, they are so spirited, so happy. One day, maybe I will be exactly like these people. Has Sandy become like these people? Do I still love her? In the midst of celebration, I sat by myself, plotting an escape, the day I walk from this miserable life forever. I did not sleep good.

60. Elbow
"Coming Second"  4:56
Asleep in the Back
Bury, UK

I do not like my job. In fact, I flat out despise it. The person I work with, I can't stand him one bit, for I give a shit he can drop dead. He's a fucking pain in the ass. Apparently, he is my supervisor, just be default. There are only two of us, me and him, and he scrutinizes every thing I do, it's as if I am being watched under the microscope. Today, I woke up, but I didn't not even feel like waking up- hit the snooze button several times. The thought of even going to work, being with this fucking prick made me sick to my stomach. Through no fault of my own, there was a major traffic jam. Early in the morning, on my way to the place that I hate most, somebody was in a car accident, killed, eliminated from the planet, a funeral will have to be planned. To bad it wasn't mine. I get to work, this cock face starts with me immediately, as if I should have taken the helicopter I can not afford to work. Lately, I had been having these evil thoughts, dreadful thoughts, whacking him over the head, putting something in his drink. Today, I finally acted upon them. He went into some bullshit about how tardiness is irresponsible, putting me down, and I grabbed him by throat, strangled him. By the throat, I shoved him into the bathroom and finished him off. Security came, I could not think of anything. They were able to put two and two together and I was taken in. I spent a good portion of the day talking to lawyers, answering questions from friends and family who heard the news. Tonight, I sleep in a jail cell, while his family plans out his funeral.

59. Bobby Conn
"You've Come a Long Way"  8:04
The Golden Age
Chicago, IL

My job starts at 7:00 AM, my crew and I all meet for coffee at this joint before we start working. All of us are about the same age, we get along good. We do construction, and we are working on the development of a new apartment building. When we started today, we were 52% finished with the project. I worked hard all day, each of us had an assignment. We are the types that also like to have fun while we work. All of us told jokes, talked about fishing, made fun of Ernie whose always talks some shit about his old lady. We had a nice lunch, Burger King again. Went back to work, Howard almost dropped the ladder, crazy fool. At 5:00 PM, we were off work, sat around and talked, smoked cigarettes, had a beer. We were now 58% finished with the project, got a lot done today. I just went home, watched the news, and went to bed.

58. Tipsy
"Reverse Cowgirl"  3:03
San Francisco, CA

I felt I already looked nice today, but I had something special planned. I wore my black pants, and my blue button down shirt, made me look so professional. In the afternoon, I went into the jewelry store on 5th and Average and picked out the watch I had been wanting- gold, it is so pretty. The clerk asked how I wished to pay, debit or credit. Credit, I answered with a smile. The transaction was complete. I smiled at her, she smiled me. With the watch in bag, I raced down the escalator and out the revolving. Once outside, I jumped for joy in the air.

57. Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
"Sno Cone"  5:13
Bob Dinners and Larry Noodles present Tubby Turdner's Celebrity Avalanche
San Francisco, CA

Honestly, most of this morning I don't even remember. The entire day, the whole month, will be remembered for a small portion of what happened. This lady named Carol, she's gross, stinks, but is that lady who always flirts with every guy she sees. Once a week, she comes in wearing a neck brace, acts as if she has problems. Call it a premonition. She had to go take something outside, and she slipped and fell down the steps. Her head smashed against the wall, knocked her wig off. We laughed so hard, could not stop laughing. The ambulance driver came in all somber, announced to us that she was dead and that he was sorry... we all started laughing. I don't know why that was so funny.

56. The Helio Sequence
"Fall and Winter/Necktie Noose"  6:05
Young Effectuals
Portland, OR

I woke up in my bed today, just like yesterday. I went to school. How was school today? Think back to any given day at school, today was exactly like that. I went to work. How was work? Think back to any given day at work, today was exactly like that. I went home. How was your commute home? Think back to any other commute home, this one was exactly like all of those. I ate dinner. How was dinner? Think about to any given dinner, this one was exactly like that one. I masturbated. How was your orgasm? Think back to any given orgasm, this one was exactly like that one. I slept. Did you sleep OK? Think back to any other given night of sleep, this one was exactly like that one.

55. Fugazi
"Strangelight"  5:54
The Argument
Washington, D.C.

I stayed home today. I was hoping somebody would come over, but nobody ever did. Maybe I could have gone out and got caught up with an old acquaintance, but I didn't know where anybody was. I needed to go online, check my e-mail and do some things. The computer froze, I had to keep messing with it, ended up losing a lot of data. I wasn't even sure where to look and find it, I was so mad. So, I figured I would just go take a walk. It took me forever to find my keys, and my wallet, by the time I found everything it was nearly 5:00 PM. I checked the computer again, it was still down, I fiddled with it for several minutes, next thing I knew it was 6:00. I did take that walk, just up and down the street. I didn't have anywhere in particular to go, nobody to see, didn't know what to do, so I just went back home. My Internet was still down. It was now 9:30. I grabbed a bite to eat, gave the Internet a few more chances, it never came up, so I went to bed at 11:00 PM, wondering about the Internet. The whole day was pretty much wasted. I am 62 years old, not a lot of these left.

54. Lightning Bolt
"Wee Ones Parade"  5:19
Ride the Skies
Providence, RI

I refused to participate even one more day with the every day occurrences in life. I showed up on 5th and Average this morning with a mega phone, encouraged people to partake in a random act of profligacy. Finally, after several hours of attempting to influence people, a group of ten claimed to be down with something. Unsure what really to do, we sort of improvised and came up with the idea to go inside of a bank wearing ski masks, armed with toy pistols, and demand change for a dollar, then leave. We did it. Security chased us, but we were able to get away. All of us laughed, it was simple fun, and we celebrated with some drinks.

53. System of a Down
"Deer Dance"  2:55
Glendale, CA

I work for security. Today we were called in to investigate some Palestinians who were causing problems, like we always do. We went into the village with out tanks and bull dozed the whole community, trashed all of their houses. We do that because some of these miserable pricks keep dangerous criminals in their homes. Some of the kids cry, beg us not to destroy their homes. It is not my job to be sentimental. If they give us to much slack, I shoot at them with my automatic rifle, some of them drop, the others shut the fuck right up. I am a hero. I killed 5 civilians today. When I got home, I ate that dog shit they feed us at the mess hall and after I praised the Lord above, I slept like a baby.

52. Turin Brakes
"Future Boy"  3:57
The Optimist LP
London, UK

When I woke up today, I was expected to go to work, do my duties, pay my electric bill. As planned, I did none of that. Here's the deal, I am not from here, I have no attachments to 5th and Average. I came to this city with another, she is gone. I did my time here, set a date, and declared that would be the day that I walk from this miserable life forever. Today is that date. All of my things were packed last night, I did not have much left anyway. Most of friends had already left, I was pretty much alone, stuck. My co-workers were nice, hopefully they are not wondering where I am. Unfortunately, even though I like some of them, I will never see them again. The moment I looked up and saw 5th and Average in the rear view mirror, I knew I was never returning. This day was spent driving, who knows where, just me behind the wheel in a car. Once it got late, and I developed that driver's cramp in the ass cheek, I stopped at a hotel, went to bed. I will finish the rest tomorrow.

51. Volta Do Mar
"Ransom Stoddard"  6:55
At the Speed of Light or Day
Chicago, IL

Today, I woke up in a new city. It was fascinating, I had never been here before. I did not have a job, did not know a single person, and did not know my way around at all. I spent today walking around, checking things out, thinking, scoping out the potential, making plans. Yesterday, I had walked from that miserable life forever. My future was uncertain, there was no stability, no pattern. Sure, I had some fears, but it was much better than miserable life on 5th and Average.

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