The Top 75 Songs of 1994

The Matador + The Top 100 Songs of 1994
Part I: 100-76  "98% of all Bullfights are Exactly Alike"
Part II:  75-51  "98% of all Matadors are Exactly Alike"
Part III:  50-26  "The Charges Have Been Brought Forth"
Part IV: 25-#1  "Disaster is a Matter of Opinion"

Part II of IV: 98% Of All Matadors Are Exactly Alike.

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75. Starflyer 59
"Blue Collar Love"  4:04
Riverside, CA

Upon seeing the bullfighting event, Luis was so enthralled that he sought to become a bullfighter himself. There must have been something about the way the matador delivered the estocada that made young Luis want to become a bullfighter. He had never been into fashion, so it may have been the costumes as well. He would lie awake at night dreaming of killing bulls, planning a way to make this dream a reality.

74. The Auteurs
"New French Girlfriend"  4:16
Now I'm a Cowboy
London, England

Shortly after watching his first bullfight, Marco’s father was assaulted in the streets by a group of hooligans; they had beamed him in the face with a half full can of Red Bull. He was released from the hospital with no injuries whatsoever. When he returned home, he declared that this section of town was no longer safe to raise his family. The Villanuez family retreated to the outskirts of the township and took residence in the country. Marco’s father, Hector, insisted that Marco should take up bullfighting—the new neighbors trained bullfighters. It would be an impressive feat, that’s for sure.

73. Pulp
"Happy Endings"  4:55
His 'N' Hers
Sheffield, England

Marco and Luis were around the same age when they inquired the neighbor about receiving training to become a bullfighter. There is no age limit on bull fighting, and some matadors are as young as 13 years old. The matador trainer, Hugo, was a skilled matador himself. He had won hundreds of bullfights and had mastered the skill of delivering death blows to already weakened bulls that had already nearly bled to death. He was not very good at anything else. If a person was not interested in bullfighting, or were even against it, he/she would not be impressed with one single facet of Hugo’s dull personality. However, those interested in bullfighting revered him as a legend.

72. The Stone Roses
"Love Spreads"  5:45
Second Coming
Manchester, England

Hugo had a wife. She was a petite woman who did not speak much, which is what Hugo preferred. While he was single, he pursued a mate that was pretty, stupid, and obedient. Hugo bossed his wife around, periodically abused her, and expected her to do all of the chores around the house. She was a woman, it was her job. He was a man; it was his job to keep her in line. It was his role to dominate, and she was the only he was able to. Besides her, he could also dominate wounded bulls that were nearing death anyway.

71. Shellac
"The Idea of North"  3:42
At Action Park
Evanston, IL

At home, Marco’s father, Hector, speaks as if he has a dominating role as well. He tells his family how he had to be tough on some people at work, and how he doesn’t take shit from anybody. At work, not one single person is intimidated by Hector. It’s the opposite, actually, as he commands not one ounce of respect. His co-workers all make fun of him and play practical jokes on him constantly. It is rumored that he has the world’s smallest penis, and one day a co-worker snuck a photograph of it while he wasn’t looking in the bathroom. The pictures were printed on the office copy machine, the photos hung from every wall in the office, and by lunch break, the rumors were confirmed.

70. Helmet
"Tic"  3:40
New York, NY

As the training progressed, that was all the families spoke of slaying bulls in ordinary conversation. The children would go into great detail about how the bull was tormented and then slaughtered. Occasionally, there would be jokes discussing bulls that put up an actual fight. Their skills were improving and their fathers were proud of their son’s talents. The daughters were expected to show support for their brothers, and forbidden to participate in anything worthwhile because whatever they did was irrelevant.

69. Love Spirals Downwards
"Mirrors A Still Sky"  4:07
Los Angeles, CA

The bulls originally lived on an open range. They flocked in herds with their families, and grazed underneath the peaceful western skies. In those days, the range was a tranquil setting. Somewhere around the year 1492, there seemed to be a disturbance on the open range. Soon, a new species of human beings had conquered the regions, and the bulls simply became a piece of property. Every bull in the region was rounded up, and considered the ownership of a man who had purchased the land from somebody else who claimed to have owned it previously.

68. dEUS
"Suds and Soda"  5:14
Worst Case Scenario
Antwerpen, Belgium

None of this made any sense to the bulls. In fact, many considered this whole process to be bullshit—that’s where the term originated. It would be as if a species of aliens came to Earth from a different planet, and purchased your place of employment from the governor of that planet. Once your place of employment was purchased, you and all your co-workers would be confined into the bathroom and never permitted to leave. That was your new home, the bathroom; because they were worried you might go to the bathroom somewhere else. Or, they feared you may return to your actual home, and that, unfortunately, had been purchased by a different alien.

67. Sr. Chinarro
"Niño Helado"  5:14
Sr. Chinarro
Sevilla, Spain

Dissatisfied with all of the bullshit they were suddenly surrounded with, and fed up with the abuse and the slaughter, many bulls fought against the oppression. One day, his wife may be lying at his side discussing philosophies about astronomy, the next day; the farmer took her into the barn, killed her, and ate her. He even sold some portions of her corpse to other savages within the community who also wanted to eat her. Just like humans do after members of their family had been killed, eaten, and her body parts sold to other residents in the community, many of the bulls became raging with anger. This was not permitted however, only humans were allowed to feel pain or sorrow; only certain humans were allowed to retaliate in anger.

66. The Wrens
"Strange As Family"  4:16
New Jersey, United States

After the bull had become rabid with fury because these savages had massacred his entire family, the bull, too, needed to be killed. However, this required more work than simply slaughtering the defenseless female cow. Most farmers could not engage in battle with a bull one-on-one, and all of those who did were killed or seriously wounded, thankfully. Some just shot the bull with a gun. Others joined together, outnumbered the bull, beat it, weakened it, and eventually killed it. This gave some people a thrill and they felt as if they had accomplished something. It became a sport, and drew the interest of spectators.

65. Sebadoh
"S. Soup"  3:17
Amherst, MA

Just like in the United States, where there are numerous communities who do not support the wars or other fascist policies the government has adopted, in all of the countries in which bullfighting exists, there are large quantities of people who are against it. While most nations have banned bullfighting entirely, even in those countries where it is still legal exists numerous liberated cities where it has been banned. The number of cities in which the event has been banned has increased significantly in recent years.

64. Brise-Glace
"Restrained From Do And Will Not (Leave)"  5:52
When In Vanitas...
Chicago, IL

Hugo taught Luis and Marco the proper way to kill a bull. The kids were permitted to practice on what he considered “generic” bulls. These bulls were smaller, had birth defects, illnesses, and some of them handicapped. As a lesson, Hugo would bring one of the sickly weakened bulls to the ground and hold it down while it struggled to free itself. With a dagger in his hand, Hugo would poke the bull in the back of the neck, instructing the kids where exactly to deliver the death blow. Hugo also explained all the details in which the sword was going to penetrate through the heart, and it was very important to stab it in this place exactly.

63. Current 93
"Moonlight, You Will Say"  5:16
Of Ruine or Some Blazing Starre
London, England

Kids do not learn everything perfectly on the first try, especially kids as stupid as the little bastards in this community. In fact, most attempt to jab the bull into the assigned area, but will commit an error. When this happens, the bull does not die and flops around on the ground in sheer agony. Hugo merely holds the bull down, and shows the kid how they missed the precise location, and exactly where to strike next time. The kids stab the bull repeatedly until the process is done correctly. Some bulls suffer 10-12 novice lacerations before the stupid little prick finally gets it right and the bull is put out of his misery. Earlier that day, the bull had been in a good mood.

62. Superstar
"Don't Wanna Die"  4:59
Glasgow, Scotland

Once they have learned the skill of killing a generic bull, they learn to hone their skills against bulls with more aggression. This apparently does not take very long either, because many of the ordained matadors are still very young. The reason why it does not take very long is because, in general, bulls are not aggressive animals. Even when they become aggressive, they rarely try to kill their attackers. When the bull attacks, the strike is generally swift and a onetime only type of thing. Very rarely will a bull strike an aggressor repeatedly and continue doing so until it is dead.

61. The Magnetic Fields
"The Trouble I've Been Looking For"  2:23
The Charm of the Highway Strip
Boston, MA/New York, NY

For the most part, bulls do not attack unless they are provoked. Meaning: that if simply left alone, bulls and humans could actually live in harmony. But, man does attack, even if not provoked—like the United States Military. Furthermore, man provokes. And in cases like the war in Iraq, and in bullfighting, man will attack and provoke; then act surprised by a retaliation after being provoked. A bull could walk into Wal Mart on black Friday and not harm a single person unless it was provoked. People, on the hand, pretend as if they are bulls on a stampede the very moment Wal Mart opens on black Friday.

60. The Cynics
"That's How I Feel"  3:17
Get Our Way
Pittsburgh, PA

Bulls do not sit around and study the proper ways to provoke other species, and have not devised the ideal place to gore a man in order to kill him faster. Some bulls will even avoid stomping on a matador after he has fallen down. It is not in their instinct to look for reasons to kill even their attackers. Even after a matador has fallen, and witnessed the bull jump over him rather than stomp him to death, the matador will not return the same mercy and still kill the animal that easily could have destroyed him just moments ago.

59. Digable Planets
"Black Ego"  7:02
Blowout Comb
Washington, D.C.

Marco could have been killed. During a bullfight, he slipped and fell. The bull jumped over him, and pushed Marco across the ground with the top of his head, but did not gore him. Immediately after Marco was down, and the bull spared his life, Luis rushed into scene and killed the bull. There are some places that supposedly allow the bull the live and return to the ranch if the audience feels he has performed well, but in most instances, if the bull performs well, or even wins, the bull is surrounded by other humans and put to rest quickly. The particular bull was put to death after showing mercy by means of cheap shot when the bull wasn’t even looking (aka “sucker punch”).

58. East River Pipe
"Keep All Your Windows Tight Tonight"  6:37
Poor Fricky
Suffolk, VA

Luis would often get into fights with other people as well. He could normally be seen drunk, playing pool at the local tavern, provoking arguments with other patrons. Most of the patrons could stomp Luis’s face into the ground, but he fights people the same way he fights bulls. He has his friends weaken the opponent first, by either cheap shots to the back or putting sedatives in his drink. Once the person whom Luis has provoked is weakened, Luis beats him with a weapon out in the parking lot. Due to this, he is considered fierce by some, a redneck by many. He is a belligerent drunk, and getting into a fight with him, means you will probably be ganged up on. However, if you are in a group, Luis will not bother you. One on one, Luis loses every fight he gets into.

57. Moss Icon
"I'm Back Sleeping Or Fucking Or Something"  3:18
Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly
Annapolis, MD

As he does with people he fights, Luis does the exact same thing for love. He has access to tranquilizers to give to bulls to prevent them from going raging mad and jeopardizing the safety of the matadors. At the bars, he uses these same tranquilizers to date rape women. He has committed dozens of acts of sedation date rape, but has never been prosecuted because bullfighting is such a tourist attraction in this community. Luis even assists his friends who haven’t been laid in awhile; selling them to his comrades and encouraging these other losers to use them on particular women—similar to the way Hugo explained how to go in for the kill with a bull. It’s another trait of personalities who seek prestige by means of domination.

56. Beastie Boys
"Sabotage"  2:58
Ill Communication
New York, NY

There are laws in place that forbid artists from using harmless recreational drugs such as marijuana, even when they could pass a personality test that clearly illustrates such usage has positive effects—such as better music recording. Also in these cases, there is not a single victim involved with the supposed crime, which can carry a felony sentence if imposed by supporters of bullfighting. However, there are no laws whatsoever prohibiting the possession of tranquilizers to bullfighters, even though their personality tests the usage will go to something negative and the victims of these crimes never fully recuperate.

55. 不失者 (Fushitusha)
"Untitled Track 2"  9:34
Hisou (Pathétique)
Tokyo, Japan

Studies have revealed that 98% of all bullfighters are rapists; and the method in which they perform the rape is by means of drugging the victim. The reason being, they have been instilled that they have the right to fully dominate a harmless creature by any means necessary. They consider this act of classless domination a form of art, a skill they have acquired. This skill, by all means, consists of unfair tactics. In fact, that is the skill of the tactic itself, to create an unfair advantage against the opponent, and then display dominance by means of humiliation. It’s the only thing they know how to do to make them feel better about their disgraceful selves.

54. The Pastels
"World Of Possibilities"  3:46
Mobile Safari
Glasgow, Scotland

Most people are downright appalled by even the concept of date rape. They ask themselves: who in the hell could possibly even want to take advantage of a woman while she is unconscious? What is the desire? The entire act on its own seems unfathomable. And they ask: where the hell do these people even buy these drugs to commit these horrendous crimes? The answer is simple. It’s the same answer to the question: “who could ever just go out and just torture and kill another animal just for amusement?” The answer to that question, the matador, is also the #1 supplier of the drugs used for date rape.

53. Ali Farka Touré With Ry Cooder
"Soukora"  6:05
Talking Timbuktu
Kanau, Mali + Los Angeles, CA

There have not been very many female matadors. The primary reason for this is mainly because women have not had it instilled in their minds that they have to display domination over everything in order to feel adequate. Most women would never harm any other animal, let alone for simple pleasure. However, there have been some female matadors. But, the male matadors have opposed such a crude act as an atrocity—women only belong in the kitchen. Basically, they have adopted the policy that women are not permitted to ever be matadors, and the ones who have attempted were met with violent opposition, and the victims of other forms of hostility.

52. Jessamine
"Royal Jelly Eye Cream"  5:30
Seattle, WA

Unlike Luis, Marco does not enjoy bullfighting. Ever since he was spared by the previously mentioned bull, he has thought differently about this form of amusement. He is plagued with nightmares in his sleep about the killing of bulls. His life is filled with regret about all the bulls he has killed. On the other hand, Luis is proud of all of his kills, and constantly boasts about them. Bullfighting defines him. Luis even has heads of bulls mounted on his wall.

51. Low
"Down"  7:29
I Could Live in Hope
Duluth, MN

Marco has discussed that he no longer wishes to participate in bullfighting ever again, and that he is taking up a new profession; even if it pays significantly less. However, Marco’s father, Hector, keeps pushing Marco to continue his path of bullfighting. Hector utilizes some pretty brutal methods to ensure his son remains focused on bullfighting…such as threats, guilt trips, and accusations of selfishness and lack of ambition. “I didn’t think I raised you to be a quitter. I didn’t raise you to be a loser.” No, but Marco’s grandfather, Veniz, did raise a loser…and named him Hector.

Unlike Luis and the rest of the community in the bullfighting team, Marco is in that 2% who have never committed rape. Marco opposes rape. However, he knows what these so-called friends of his do with the tranquilizers, and has never said anything about it. This torments him even more than the bulls he has killed. In the Grand Scheme of Things, becoming a bullfighter was the worst thing to ever happen to Marco. He never wanted to in the first place—it was his father’s idea because he was too big of a sissy to live within the city. As of right now, he is permanently traumatized, and growing dangerously close to a complete emotional/nervous breakdown. The worst feeling of all: he feels as if he is powerless to do anything about it…yet he gets paid thousands of dollars to display dominance for an audience of brainless tourists.

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