NC17 Top 75 Traxxx of 1967

The Best of 1967 + Lifelong Truce
Chapter 1: Naive Governors Blindly Believe a Distorted Version of One Side of the Story
Chapter 2: Psychological Considerations
Chapter 3: Lifelong Truce
Chapter 4: Humanity Vs. Instilled Government Commands

Chapter II: Psychological Considerations

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75. The Free Design
"59th Street Bridge Song"  2:47
Kites Are Fun
Delevan, NY

The battlefield consists of people running around with guns shooting at each other for no apparent reason. It is the goal to kill as many people as possible, and the more people you can kill, the better your chances are of fulfilling the goal of the dispute- which most soldiers have no clue as to what that ultimately entails. They have designed automatic rapid fire machine guns so that people can squeeze the trigger and kill a galore of people all at once. Some people simply stand in a bunker with a gun and kill all people who happen to get in their path, this has become the way of life.

74. Jackie Wilson
"Those Heartaches"  2:44
Higher and Higher
Detroit, MI (1934)-Mount Holly, NJ (1984)

When a soldier gets killed in battle, the sadness within the platoon has to be limited, for they are trained to not be concerned with life, it is meaningless and only useful to satisfy the goals of the governor. However, to the family and friends of the soldier outside the military, this is cause for devastation, particularly when the one killed was still young. It becomes even more problematic when the deceased is a soldier from the other nation whose home is thousands of miles away. One person has a job to fly dead bodies back to the other country; hundreds of them packed away as cargo to be delivered to traumatized family members. This was Marty's job 5 days a week.

73. Harry Nilsson
"1941"  2:41
Pandemonium Shadow Show
New York, NY (1941)-Agoura Hills, CA (1994)

Inter-continental flights are long and tedious anyway. For Marty, it meant an enormous amount of time spent thinking about all of his passengers in the back- how they died and how the family will react. He had to do his best to never ponder this issue, or else he would become a passenger in his own cargo plane. It was also a horrible deed to load these bodies into the cargo area, knowing many of them were young kids with faces blown off.

72. Sam & Dave
"Just Keep Holding On"  3:04
Soul Men
Miami, FL

As with any gathering, friendships are formed in battle, even in the most adverse circumstances. Due to the draft, which meant most of these people were here involuntarily, that aspect alone gave them something to talk about during down time. Also, it put lives onto the battlefield that were never mentally nor physically capable of being in the midst of war. People who are shot do not always die right away. Furthermore, it is indispensable to never leave a person behind, no matter their condition. Steve had never even considered war as an option, nor did Lloyd. Steve was critically wounded; Lloyd had to carry him back to the camp. Steve died en route.

71. The Golden Dawn
"Every Day"  3:58
Power Plant
Austin, TX

There is another position funded with taxpayer dollars to be the person whose job consists of putting dead soldiers into body bags, and then keeping them organized until the transporter comes to take them back to the other country. Body bags and other various preparations for preserving the dead is a costly expense, and in some cases, a war can put this budget towards the millions. Also, the person who undertakes this every day will never be the same again. In most cases this person suffers from PTSD, plagued with disturbing nightmares, and develops a hatred for the very same country he once fought to secure.

70. James Carr
"Dark End of the Street"  2:34
You Got My Mind Messed Up
Coahoma, MS (1942)-Memphis, TN (2001)

Missiles are expensive, with many of them in the price range of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Knowing the cost of a missile, you would think people would be conservative and more judicious about when they are used. Some offices would write up an employee if they wasted an entire pack of post-it notes- value $1.87. Devoting millions of dollars to participate in another nation's civil war seems like a waste of money. Especially considering the $49,000 missile just launched accidentally and landed off target causing $1,812,416 worth of damage to an entire side of the street. Governor's order the troops to launch $25,000 missiles in excess- it does not matter, they are not funding it.

69. Aretha Franklin
"Do Right Woman, Do Right Man"  3:15
I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You
Memphis, TN/Gross Pointe, MI

After Thompson was drafted and sent off to the war, his first assignment was a strategic mission in which the troops from his squad invaded and unsuspecting village who was believed to be supporters of the revolt. Captain Ramsey heroically guided the squad in at the precise moment, and all persons in this community were killed; while the invading troops had zero causalities. A 17 year old girl was spared, but the 3 members of the squad chased her down and viciously raped her- all 3 of them. The girl was painfully wounded both physically and mentally. Back in the homeland, television thanked the heroes for all they do in preserving freedom.

68. The Electric Prunes
"I Happen To Love You"  3:15
Woodland Hills, CA

The 3 guys bragged about how great it was raping that 17 year old, one claimed "it was the best pussy he ever had." To them, it served as proof they were tenacious and not to be exacerbated, even though they had no clue what the cause even endeavored. Another native from this land, a person who had been repeatedly hassled by the police of this nation, was being held at gunpoint to relate possible information as to where an attack would be coming from. He could not understand the language, they not his either. They executed this unarmed man by shooting him point blank in the head.

67. Country Joe & The Fish
"Bass Strings"  5:03
Electric Music for the Mind and Body
Berkely, CA

For the draftees, dealing with the social constraints of war was even worse than the society they had been previously afflicted. They would suffer nightmares during sleep, and walk around in fear- fear of having to be a part of another conflict. These kids avoided fights in social gatherings at home, and would rather do the same here. Just like back home, many had resorted to using illegal drugs here too- random coincidence how people knew where to score them, and even more coincidental that the natives were willing to sell the plant to the aggressors who claimed it to be a criminal deed. More than likely, they were stolen from farmers.

66. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
"Your Precious Love"  3:06
MG:Washington, D.C.(1939)-LA, CA(1984);TT:Philly (1945-1970)

Despite the fact that Harvey was blown apart by a landmine in some far off country that most people could not even name 3 cities, life was convivial for many. Debbie and Howard had fallen in love on their third date. After the movie was over, Howard knew he had the right one, and it was a mutual feeling. They sat at a nice restaurant, elegantly dressed, and smiled cheerfully at one another as they shared the world's finest slice of Blueberry Cream Pie.

65. Darrell Banks
"Angel Baby (Don't You Ever Leave Me)"  2:57
Darrell Banks Is Here!
Mansfield, OH (1937)-Detroit, MI (1970)

Pauline was the receptionist at the local unemployment office. Archie had an appointment with Pauline, and there was something about her that was admirable. In the moments of filling out the forms to receive an unemployment check each week, Archie vowed that he was going to get a job, a good job, and Pauline was going to be the love of his life. He never got a job, got drafted instead. He had no clue what was happening here, and did not understand the logic behind either government. However, he was willing to fight and kill as a necessity in order to survive- and get back to Pauline at the unemployment office.

64. Sun Ra
"Moon Dance"  6:37
Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy
Birmingham, AL (1914-1993)

The deployed troops spent a significant portion of the time doing nothing. In fact, being as most had no clue why they were even fighting in the first place, the assigned missions made little sense either. They would receive a call to leave the middle of nowhere and go to a different middle of nowhere because some squad of troops was stuck out in the middle of nowhere. It became difficult to differentiate this middle of nowhere from that middle of nowhere. The only benefit was that magic plants grew freely and easily obtained. On the other hand, it is difficult to adjust from a tranquil middle of nowhere to a middle of nowhere where a massacre just happened.

63. Frankie Valli
"Can't Take My Eyes Off You"  3:24
Frankie Valli: Solo
Newark, NJ

The squad assigned Thompson to fire a rocket launcher at a specified moment in which an ambush was scheduled. He had yet to be shot at, his squad was very skilled at leading ambushes without any retaliation. Reluctantly, Thompson pulled the trigger and the rocket flew into a building Thompson had never even seen before and was clueless who was even inside. There was a massive explosion, and the people inside evacuated in panic. Upon exiting, they were gunned down by the troops. Several burned up inside from the explosion, the unidentifiable bodies were the first people Thompson ever killed. He couldn't help but stare at them.

62. Patti La Belle & The Bluebelles
"Dreamer"  2:25
Philadelphia, PA

Elmont was in a battle in which he had to flee in order to survive. For all he knew, every other person was killed, maybe not- there was no way to tell. He was now completely alone in a strange land with no way to communicate with other military personnel. As he walked, what seemed like forever, and unsure what fate lied in store, he stumbled into a town. All eyes were upon as he walked down the village street. He was unsure whether or not he should be donning military gear in this particular setting and was still feeling disoriented from what took place in battle. Elmont had been drafted; he was not a soldier at heart- perhaps why he chose to evacuate rather than go back and gather all the bodies himself. People could tell this somehow.

61. Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention
"Invocation and Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin"  7:00
Absolutely Free
Baltimore, MD (1940)-Los Angeles, CA (1993)

Soon, Elmont was surrounded by natives; he simply put his hands up. They were just people too, not soldiers, people like him, from the same type of background. Elmont was taken in, given food, and a dose of magic. Finally, he fell asleep. The battle had just happened; people dream at night about events that overwhelm the day. One side of Elmont felt as if he was a coward, but they were ordered to evacuate, and for all he knew the rest were still alive somewhere. Seriously, what could he do? He was 20 years old, never been in a fight at home, and in no way was going to take on an entire army; he was bashful about killing anyway. After a series of tossing and turning, and questions left unanswered, Elmont decided he was not going to return to battle, just hide out here in this village and let everybody assume he was dead.

60. Sonny & Cher
"The Beat Goes On"  3:25
In Case You're In Love
California, US

Fighting against one government is difficult enough. It is even more difficult when other government's have collaborated, and unsure as to how the government was successful at gathering assistance from the other nations, particularly when in seemed the majority of the troops sent over to fight had lifestyles similar to theirs. They did not understand why these troops would even want to fight to protect the government who had oppressed them, much less wish to fight the natives for attempting to rid the oppression. It did not make any sense. Regardless, people who had tested 83% friendship compatibility in the registry would often kill each other. It would change with each killing, in the same fashion ghosts come out of bodies in cartoons; percentage number came out indicating how compatible they were. Bang! 72%.

59. Orpheus
"The Dream"  3:45
Boston, MA

A group of people involved in the war were sitting around doing nothing, smoking, resting, using magic plants to relieve the stress of war. Suddenly without any person expecting whatsoever, they were surrounded by a different group, those deemed as the enemy. They were unharmed, but disarmed, and told to walk at gunpoint. As they marched along, they had no clue where they were going or what was going to happen. One moment they were sitting around feeling magical, next thing, they are walking through the middle of nowhere, next thing, put in a prison. And for what appears to be no real reason- nothing too significant to jeopardize the happiness of 88% of the world. Sitting in the prison was a bizarre experience none had ever wanted to experience.

58. Lill Lindfors
"Än en gång (Jacky John)"  2:54
Du är den Ende
Helsinki, Finland

As stated, a significant portion of the people from the homeland could not locate the nation having a civil war on the map. One stat of note in a recent survey indicated that the ease of locating this nation on the map determined the level of support for military action. Of those who could find the nation easily within a couple seconds, and even could name the capitol and a few other cities, 98% of those participants were strongly against the war. 85% of the people who actually supported the war could not find it on the map at all, nor name any of the cities; some had never even heard of the nation. Against the war: 100% knew what continent the nation was in; Supporters of the war: 26% were unable to even guess the continent.

57. Moby Grape
"Sitting By the Window"  2:48
San Francisco, CA

How could any person support massive killing of the people of a nation they knew nothing about? For all any of these people knew, this other nation might be paradise. The answer is simple, television. Some people are actually educated by TV and will believe whatever the commentators tell them to believe. Also, television has been able to successfully establish the notion that is patriotic to support all forms of war against any nation- no matter what. Furthermore, the violence in the war fields is just like the violence on TV, it is merely a form of entertainment, and these patriotic youths whose name had been selected then sentenced to fight are protecting the values of freedom, which is defined as being able to do nothing but sit around and watch TV and believe whatever the governor tells you to believe.

56. Don Ellis
"Alone"  5:35
Electric Bath
Los Angeles, CA (1934)-Hollywood, CA (1978)

The other nation did not have an abundance of television sets, nor had made any splash in any spectrum of popular culture. Because of this, they were regarded as a 3rd world country and their culture was viewed as useless. Many adopted the theory that they were like this 1.) Because they are obviously stupid… 2.) That they have a corrupt government. Congratulations on getting the latter correct, the natives were aware of this and that is why they were attempting to lead a revolt. All of the people in the northern region of this nation opposed the government, as did a significant portion of the southern. Unfortunately, these people sought a government unlike the invading nation, and that was not permitted to happen, only the invading nation has the right to say what sort of government another nation should have- never its people.

55. Procol Harum
"A Whiter Shade of Pale"  4:06
Southend-On-Sea, England

It was gross seeing these platoons of troops walking down our streets. This was our nation, yet they think they come in here and run the place as if it were theirs. Eventually, we got tired of looking them. Whenever we spotted them, we would call friends and set up and ambush. It was common to see a fleet of troops enter a building, a grenade get rolled in under the door, and boom!, no more troops.

54. Johnny Cash & June Carter
"Jackson"  2:45
Carryin' On
Johnny:Kingsland, AR (1932)-Nashville, TN (9/12, 2003)
June: Maces Spring, VA (1929)- Nashville, TN (5/15, 2003)

And that's what was on people's mind, what would happen if we sent troops to their country and walked around the streets with guns, in and out of places, harassing the citizens. So, that's what we did. We sent a fleet of troops to their nation, and had them just walk around the streets of that so-called land of luxury to see how they would like it. The nation harassed them and tried to kill them all. They barely escaped. But, it was a learning experience- it seemed the people within that nation were protesting the troops being there- they did not want them here either. We got curious as to who did actually want those troops deployed.

53. The Paragons
"The Tide is High"  2:43
On the Beach
Kingston, Jamaica

Although it wasn't our nation, and even wasn't our war, we brought along some serious ploys for massive destruction. Heck, we would just fly over cities and detonate gasses all over fields, ruin their crops, or fire bomb the towns and destroy everything. And, we went there to do this. Yet, at my own home, I get annoyed when people bring over items that I do not want in my house, like their pet dog or some bullshit like that. And here I am, bringing over a tank to their house and destroying it. It was a long haul with these weapons; you would have thought they would have just sent somebody over to shoot down the cargo vessel. I suppose they just weren't capable of even doing that...and how again were they a threat to our nation?

52. Chocolate Watch Band
"Expo 2000"  2:41
No Way Out
San Jose, CA

The general rule should be: that if you can get a fleet of tanks across an ocean and actually into another nation without it getting shot down, then there is no need to ever use the tank. It means they are defenseless, and firing cannons from an armored tank into a home of an unarmed city is downright cruel. Also downright deplorable is conducting an air strike when the other nation does not have any planes at all in the air, should be deemed as a war crime; crimes against humanity- the type with highest level of punishment. There is not a more uncivil act known to man than firing a missile from a jet in the sky onto a population of people- destroying the land, the buildings, killing the defenseless people, and in layman's terms, making a huge fucking mess out of everything.

51. Nico
"Chelsea Girls"  7:24
Chelsea Girl
Köln, Germany (1938)-Ibiza, Spain (1988)

Not to talk religion, but I do believe in God. I have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior, and I have been raised in the Christian Faith, loyal to my church, and devoted to the teachings of Christ. I know some of my congregation give us a bad name...yes, they do blindly support war- some of them. I joined thinking I was going to be helping the good of man. It didn't turn out as I hoped. Then, I was asked to fly over a village and drop a missile on a community that supposedly had some people there who our government didn't think to kindly of. It was a long flight; it gave me a lot to think about. And, I asked the age old question: what would Jesus do? Can I picture Jesus dropping a missile on a city with children and little girls playing down below? So, I asked Jesus: what is a greater sin? Lying? Or dropping this missile? I felt as if Jesus was laughing at me, like, Carl, that's a stupid question. And it was. I did NOT drop that missile. I lied. I radioed in a malfunction, ejected the plane, and put its course into God's hands, who directed it out of harm's way. Whatever happens next, happens...at least I know I will not be excommunicated from heaven for obeying a governor... I have but one governor.

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