NC17 Top 50 Traxxx of Pre-1965

The Origination of History + The Top 100 Songs of 1965 and Before

Chapter 1: I Know Where it Began Because I Was There
Chapter 2: The Preacher and The Scientist Were Definitely There Too
Chapter 3: The Molding of Modern Society
Chapter 4: Modern Society, And These Fuckers Are STILL Here

Chapter III: The Molding of Modern Society

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50. The Animals
"House of the Rising Sun"  4:32
S/T (1964)
Newcastle, England

Sections of people were once upon a time random divisions of small groups scattered across the globe. Some individuals were totally isolated from the world. They had either been abandoned by their community or had just mysteriously sprouted, or the raccoon one day woke up a human. Others lived in families or tribes, but had no knowledge whatsoever of the other colonies of people living outside their commune—some of these assholes had not even been more than 12 feet away from the place in which they were born. Eventually, they collaborated (either with common goals or by force) with other groups of humans, conglomerated into larger colonies, and set out to take over the world.

49. Roy Orbison
"In Dreams"  2:49
In Dreams (1963)
Vernon, TX (1936)-Madison, TN (1988)

The groups of men would fight battles and kill entire other groups of men in conflicts over a multitude of things. Some conquered unsuspecting colonies and built castles and a kingdom on what was once their land. Imagine the fear an intellectual commune must have felt when this person mysteriously showed up to their village. After having their village burned upon being defeated by the savage barbarians, the king’s governing cabinet expected the colony to conform to their standards and obey their laws. These people now belonged to the conquerorthe king, whose righteous advanced form of government included raping women, adopting a class system, and treating much more intelligent people as peasants simply because they valued personal hygiene and intellect over cruel savagery. It did not matter if the conquered colony possessed more knowledge than that of the king's barbaric population; the rules implied by the monarchy were enshrined with a series of grunts and roars; and we still are expected to obey this sort of shit.

48. Eric Dolphy
"Serene"  7:02
Out There (1960)
Los Angeles, CA (1928)-Berlin, Germany (1964)

Even though the king lacked the intellectual virtues to ever be considered a great man, even though his ideas were poor, his laws pathetic, even though he had no business governing a single person outside his own family, he assembled other foolish people to be in his cabinet and all these silly imbeciles did with their time was travel around to other colonies and forcefully overtake their land. These colonies, even if they were far more advanced in every other aspect besides brutal strength, were forced to disregard their current system of values, and respect that of the king, and his kingdom. This is why we don't have a top 100 songs of 1437.

47. Dick Schory
"April in Paris"  3:09
Music For Bang, Baaroom, and Harp (1959)
Chicago, IL (1931-present)

There were disputes over many things: morals, what God said, what they said, and how the Earth was created. They fought wars over this. They killed one another, while attempting to convert other people to thinking the exact same way as they think, over the God nobody saw, the God who abandoned them.

46. France Gall
"Laisse Tomber les Filles"  2:08
Sacré Charlemagne (1964)
Paris, France (1947)/Senegal (present)

The king obviously was not smart enough to figure out a means to survive forever on Earth; perhaps there was at one time, but the foolish king destroyed it. After the king would die, the kingdom would be inherited to his pathetic disgraceful weak-minded child—even if the boy was even stupider than the king. Over 5000 years of life by man was a waste of time and there were zero progressions in cultural advancement.

45. Artie Shaw
"Star Dust"  3:30
Star Dust (1940)
New York, NY (1910)-Los Angeles, CA (2004)

As a result, stupid people were granted a lot of privileges. Laws were passed in order for stupid people to enjoy happiness, even if it created despair or madness for the intellects. The stupid people were awarded the ability to govern entire kingdoms, and all kingdoms have only been governed by stupid people ever since 49,852 BCE. Not one single Roman Caesar or Royal King ever accomplished anything of any real value in The Grand Scheme of Things and most would finish dead last in a Spelling Bee or a game of Trivial Pursuit (despite the fact they had nothing else better to do than sit on a throne decorated with stones from the ground they had deemed precious)—the royal family only delayed the progress. They also claimed the right to impose morals and fabricate beliefs from God. It became widely known that God declared the meek shall inherit the Earth, even though the Earth was a failed project, even though God abandoned it and never told one single man species any such thing. Maybe the meek were only ones interested in the prized award, or The Earth is a confession of inadequacy and this inheritance is a punishment rather than a reward.

44. Bo Diddley
"Roadrunner"  2:47
Bo Diddley in the Spotlight (1960)
McComb, MS (1928)-Archer, FL (2008)

The kings eventually became emperors, as they sought to rid every single colony on Earth of its existing belief system and replace it with their own; even though belief system lacked any real intrinsic logic, let alone exceptional sagacity. These fatuous barbarians traveled around the world, conquering whatever natives resided in the foreign land, and depleted that colony of its belief system, of its entire culturethe only worthy culture was that of the intellectually challenged king and his dysfunctional “royal” family.

43. Johnny Cash
"Folsom Prison Blues"  2:51
Johnny Cash With His Hot and Blue Guitar (1957)
Kingsland, AR (1932)-Nashville, TN (2003)

Man created a system of laws, ethics, and constructed the notion that it was God who established these laws and all the conquered colonies had to obey them. Although nobody had ever seen this God, somehow many laws were established claiming they had been passed upon by God. Those who did not obey these fabricated laws were subject to harsh punishment, imprisonment, or deaththe king's men would ruthlessly end the life of an unarmed defenseless person in front of his family members, just because he did not agree with the questionable principles of the king.

42. The Coasters
"Searchin'"  2:41
S/T (1957)
Los Angeles, CA

Before too long, much of the world had been conquered by various kings who were all comprised of the exact same genetic traits (evolved from insects and turkeys). Therefore, these inbred evolutionary diversions were driven by a self-absorbed notion that any person who behaved exactly like the royal highness was indeed going to heaven. Most sub-sects of culture and learning had been eliminated, and most of the world was forced to behave in exact accordance with the king, who did not possess any extraordinary traits whatsoever—that this person was simply belligerent, greedy, a violent predator, and perhaps a cannibal—and displayed all of the characteristics that accompany it.

41. Dick Dale
"Miserlou"  2:16
Surfers' Choice (1962)
Boston, MA (1937)/NM (Currently)

These creatures developed a means called currency that the oppressors deemed a requirement to obtain anything essential to live; massive amounts of it was needed in order to obtain anything luxurious. The man creatures who desired these luxuries soon sought to obtain as much of this currency as possible. Many of these silly luxury seeking beings wished to rule the entire world, even though they were not intelligent enough to ever do so. Stockpiles of saved up currency was a sign of power and may assumed that having a surplus of currency was a sign of intelligence.

40. The Moody Blues
"Go Now"  3:12
Go Now (1965)
Birmingham, England

By means of slavery, people had to work excessively strenuous in order for the king and the family of idiots to enjoy these fabricated luxuries. They enslaved intellectual persons and paid them lesser amounts of currency in order to construe ideas that may benefit their kingdom. Occasionally, there would be a good king, one who would listen to others, but it would take centuries for one of these to become a prominent influence. In general, these kings were only interested in obtaining new land and currency... they would grant some survivors special privileges if they were found amusing or idealistic; but we have to question the king's judgment as what he considered amusing.

39. Sun Ra
"Possession"  4:58
Sun Song (1957)
Birmingham, AL (1914-1993)

But, the currency depleted progress, for it limited what could be achieved based on a strict budget. Furthermore, currency aided to the destruction of the Earth's resources, for all products were now made with the intention of obtaining currency. Products were made poorly in order for the governed people to buy them more frequently. The very first light bulb ever made still burns, but the currency seekers opted to waste energy in order to generate more currency that is of no value now. Furthermore, the quality of most products also followed a strict class system as malfunctioning components were delegated to poor people in slums.

38. Fats Domino
"Walking to New Orleans"  2:01
A Lot of Dominos! (1960)
New Orleans, LA (1928-present)

All rights and privileges required currency. People began devising new ways to obtain more currency. The products were sold in stores, run by shopkeepers who incorporated slaves to work their stores. A policy referred to as wages was established. The goal was to obtain as much of these wages as possible, and the more wages you have, the better success a person will enjoy. People were willing to relocate, abandon their families, and alter their entire belief system in order to receive more wages; they would dispose of their current wave of thinking and conform to the thought patterns of the one paying these wages, even though all this person accomplished was not spend any of wages previously. Employers often had no family, were stingy, and unwilling to pay the workers substantial wages.

37. John Lee Hooker
"Crawlin' King Snake"  3:02
Crawlin' King Snake (1949)
Clarksdale, MS (Aug. 22 1917)-Los Altos, CA (2001)

Even though the kings did not work for the wages, they unjustly presumed the right to take a percentage of every single person’s earnings. Some people did not earn high wages and were not able to live comfortably, they struggled to purchase the essential needs for survival—the dead animals and plants. This was referred to as poverty, this was the definition of a harsh life. The kings would even steal the wages from its own impoverished citizens; the people who did not even support the king or his system.

36. The Rumblers
"Boss"  2:22
Boss (1962)
Norwalk, CA

Equipped with more advanced methods to destroy more people at once, the king began invading other territories in order to gain portions of the wages from other nations without having to perform any of the work. Those nations who were unwilling to forfeit their wages to the king, were deemed as objectionable parasites in the eyes of the God they had never seen, as if God did not abandon the king’s family, only everybody else’s needs.

35. Dinah Shore
"Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy"  2:56
Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy (1946)
Winchester, TN (Feb. 29 1916)-Los Angeles, CA (1994)

Advertising of these products became another means to generate more currency. Swindlers would take every means necessary to convince the meek that these products had a use... that they were a necessity. Many sought to appeal to children, to meet the approval of the king, who began to hope these products would have success in order to have more wages to steal. And the king was able to do so: all products that were purchased, no matter by whom, another portion of the already taxed wages had to be summoned to the king. Anytime the product was re-sold, yet another portion was confiscated by the king, who devised a theme called wholesale/retail in order to steal wages from three different parties before finally ripping off the final consumer.

34. Ornette Coleman
"Focus on Sanity" 6:52
The Shape of Jazz to Come (1959)
Fort Worth, TX (1930)/Los Angeles, CA (present)

The products within the store had to meet the satisfaction of the housewife. Mom became a housewife... she was awarded a home constructed primarily from the Earth’s resources and permitted to oppress her neighbors with the policies that somebody had told her was appropriate in the eyes of God. She did not have to work, and was able to rule the people in the same manner she ruled her children... just like the king who had brainwashed her. Companies were not permitted to advertise their products as they wished; if it offended the housewife, the creator of that sinful deed shall not be permitted to earn wages, be sentenced to prison, forfeit all of the wages he/she had previously earned to the king, and possibly even starve to death. However, the housewife was treated unfairly in society, and denied numerous rights simply because of her gender. The smart women fought for equal rights, while others embellished sovereignty in their God-given stupidity.

33. Merle Travis
"Black Diamond Blues"  3:06
The Merle Travis Guitar (1956)
Rosewood, KY (1917)-Ebenezer, KY (1983)

The housewife became overly protective in order to ensure that their children are never exposed to anything God would find unethical. It did not matter if they ran out in front of a car, so long as the driver who plowed the little bastard down did not yell "fuck" out the window. She ordered all those around her not to jeopardize her child’s safety. Every aspect of society was to remain free of these profound words, images, or the same type of sexual behavior that created this child in the first place.

32. Thelonious Monk
"Don't Blame Me"  7:11
Criss-Cross (1963)
Rocky Mount, NC (1917)-Weehawken, NJ (1982)

A code of morals was sent down from God, supposedly. There was the premonition that man had to reproduce, and populate the Earth. People began multiplying everywhere, until they had covered every region of the Earth. One has to question the logic behind this. It is as if the goal is to increase the number of beings that God had abandoned, and decrease the chances of ever catching back up to God just in front of the next galaxy.

31. Jimmy Reed
"Up Side the Wall"  2:55
T'aint No Big Thing but He is... Jimmy Reed (1963)
Dunleith, MS (1925)-Oakland, CA (1976)

The children had been deemed as miracles, no matter how ugly or stupid they appeared, even though there became billions of them. Parenting became a lone single technique in which all persons were expected to follow precisely... just like Dr. Spock. That the king’s orders were to protect the stupidest of children, and that all persons living had to value every single child, even if compatibility did not exist.

30. The Surfaris
"Wipe Out"  2:39
Wipe Out & Surfer Joe (1963)
Glendora, CA

Even though most beautiful children would eventually mature into problematic idiots that plague society and eventually die off like everybody else, all persons were expected to follow the exact same values that the king had laid out them while in the presence of children. People had to alter the way they talk, walk, and act because the God that nobody saw deemed them inappropriate. Child safety became the #1 concern, and store's had to market their products accordingly. Furthermore, it took human being children forever to be able to live and think independently without parental supervision. This is the species that required the most parental care, yet somehow the most advanced... yet they were extremely willing to separate other species' (their own 'pets' even) from their parents.

29. Hasil Adkins
"Shake That Thing"
Chicken Walk (1984; recorded 1961)
Boone County, WV (1937)-Madison, WV (2005)

Some of the communities had been overrun with overly protected housewives who were never required to think about anything other than making sure their children were never exposed to the things they said God didn't like. These nations declared that all children who are conceived have to be born, have to be brought into this Earth; even though the child is unwanted, unneeded, and the family cannot afford the child because the policies of the kings and the housewives have depleted too many of their wages. It was as if they needed more people littering all sections of the Earth.

28. Henry Mancini
"The Pink Panther Theme"  2:39
The Pink Panther (1964)
Cleveland, OH (1924)-Los Angeles, CA (1994)

In order to justify this flawed belief system, the people established a new means to spread the belief of Christianity—why this was so important to some people never was supported by any logical evidence. It was decided that the Lord worked in mysterious ways and that all things have a reason. The earthquake was necessary to kill off all of those who had overpopulated the Earth, the overpopulation is severe, yet this God who nobody has ever seen still insists that all conceived children be born. Abortion clinics allegedly have no purpose for a God working in mysterious ways would never instill this notion on any person.

27. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
"Ooo Baby Baby"  2:44
Going to a Go-Go (1965)
Detroit, MI

The greatest contradiction ever suggested the notion that God was absolutely perfect. However, those same followers believed that God created the Earth and all things on it. Nothing on Earth is perfect, and the people are extremely flawed. As is the planet, for it is subject to disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. This is not a perfect creation whatsoever. If the Earth was a product purchased at a store, the buyer would return promptly with a receipt and demand a refund. A perfect creator would have surely devised a perfect creation.

Though nobody has ever seen God, some accept that one person actually has, Moses, and during this meeting, this God confessed to at least one imperfection: jealousy, Commandment #2. Behave like God, your girlfriend will dump you immediately, only she is allowed to behave like God. Meaning: God is a woman.

26. Sarah Vaughan & Count Basie
"Send in the Clowns"  6:23
Send in the Clowns
SV: Newark, NJ (1924)-Hidden Hills, CA (1990)/CB:Red Bank, NJ (1904)-Hollywood, FL (1984)

According to doctrines, man is in the image of God, and these doctrines have specifically outlined delusions that serve as evidence that God is in the image of man. This is where the fabricated morals are proven just. But, perhaps that makes it appropriate to partake in activities deemed objectionable by the king because this image is the exact same manner as God. By that rationale, if it is considered appropriate to behave just like God, then the people would all abandon their children, just like God abandoned the Earth. Or, if God is in the mold of man, then that means that he too possess all the same qualities that is possessed by all man; God masturbates, God picks his nose.

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