NC17 Top 50 Songs of 2002

The Top 200 Songs of 2002 + Making the Best of Bad Situations
Part 1: Petty Concerns
Part 2: Once Disgusted, Take Control
Part 3: Break-ups
Part 4: Go...Far... Believe in Yourself
Part 5: PBHD: Post Break-up Hope Disorder
Part 6: Various Causes and Effects of Fond Memories
Part 7: Unnatural States of Disillusionment
Part 8: The Beast

Part VII: Unnatural States of Disillusionment

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50. Sigur Rós
"Untitled (Track 3)"  6:33
( )
Rekjavik, Iceland

Larry sat on the pier just gazing out at the ocean for hours. Finally, he just fell right in. That was the end of his stupid ass.

49. Lemon Jelly
"Nice Weather For Ducks" 5:52
Lost Horizons
London, England

While in office, Grover Cleveland did absolutely nothing. When stricken with all the issues faced with in society, people must ask themselves: "What would Grover Cleveland do?" Nothing, fuck it.

48. The Oranges Band
"Success" 3:18
New York, NY

I called to get a reference. "Hey, how do you feel about Eduardo?"

"Well, he's a miserable cock sucker."

47. El-P
"Tuned Mass Damper" 4:06
Fantastic Damage
New York, NY

The members of the group were being loud and obnoxious. The loudest member of the group attempted to engage in a battle of wits with another patron. He lost, was ridiculed, and made an ass of right in front of all his friends and loved ones. A lesson learned.

46. DJ/Rupture
"Nettle; Maffe Rhythm" 4:04
Minesweeper Suite
Boston, MA

Carl cooked an enormous spaghetti dinner with garlic bread. He ate just a small portion, and put the rest in refrigerator and let it go to waste. What a fucking asshole he was!

45. El Guapo
"My Bird Sings" 2:51
Washington, D.C.

Having allowed himself to be completely taken over by a song, Matthew raced up to the window of the downtown upscale restaurant, banged on the window, got the attention of all those enjoying a meal, made this face at those seated in booths with napkins delicately placed on their laps, and shouted: "My Bird Sings!"

44. The Waxwings
"Almost All Day" 4:44
Shadows of The Waxwings
Detroit, MI

Doug took his family to Wal Mart, indicated he was heading to the restroom to "take a massive shit", and then hastily bolted out the door. Once in the car, he drove to Canada and never saw them miserable pieces of shit ever again.

43. Tom Waits
"Everything You Can Think" 3:10
Pomona, CA

Willie Wonka had a bad reaction to a chocolate he was devising and acted as if he were having a bad acid trip; and mind you the land of Wonka is no place to have this experience. He leaped from behind one of those colorful edible mushrooms to an unsuspecting oompa loompa yelling "yah!". He grabbed the oompa loompa by the back of the hair and dunked his head into the chocolate river, and left his ass floating.

42. Songs: Ohia
"Steve Albini's Blues" 5:51
Didn't It Rain
Lorain, OH

Under the darkness of a creepy full moon, white doves filled the sky. There must have been something about that big city moon, the doves were spooky and followed the city's bus for miles. Finally, at the stop sign on the corner of Vine and Grover Cleveland Parkway, the doves ambushed, attacked those coming off the bus. They made their way inside the bus killing everyone on board also. Then, they attempted to drive the bus but only made it a few feet before crashing. Where were they going?

41. The Flaming Lips
"It's Summertime" 4:20
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
Oklahoma City, OK

At this summer's Henderson family cookout, Ian grilled up an immense amount of hot dogs. Once finished, one-by-one, he removed them from the grill and beamed them at the faces of his unsuspecting family members.

40. Bruce Springsteen
"Into the Fire" 5:05
The Rising
Freehold, NJ

39. Neko Case
"Lady Pilot" 2:27
Alexandria, VA/Tuscon, AZ

Grover Cleveland's legacy is shunned by many. The desire to do something prevailed.

38. Reigning Sound
"Dressy" 2:54
Time Bomb High School
Asheville, NC

She was but a tiny speck in this vast universe, but to Pedro, she was everything. And he'd stop at nothing to please her. You should have seen the shit he bought for her on Valentine's Day.

"Lovage" 3:58
Special Herbs, Vol. 2
London, England/New York, NY

Henrietta drove the '78 Plymouth across the country with Gregory tied up in the trunk. She stopped and occasionally went site seeing. She ditched the Plymouth with Gregory still confined in the trunk at a rest area and ran off with a truck driver.

36. The Blood Brothers
"Kiss of the Octopus" 2:37
March On Electric Children
Seattle, WA

While attempting to give himself an afro, Ted completely lit his hair on fire. Unable to extinguish the fire, he frantically darted out the doot, then proceeded to run down the street screaming in a state of panic. Ted was mowed down by a bus being driven by doves.

35. Sage Francis
"Eviction Notice" 3:28
Personal Journals
Miami, FL/Providence, RI

A master cheese maker from the state of Wisconsin was intending to produce an artisan cheese that was to be aged 5 years. However, his wife was a junkie with overdramatic reactions to her husband's cheese obsession; this caused serious issues. Butt naked, the two got into a fight in the cellar over the cheese. The cheese maker beat his junky wife's face in with a wheel of theaged cheese, splattering heroin positive disease infested blood all over the wheels of cheese. The cheese became contaminated and everyone who ate this gourmet product became stricken with a condition that caused radically violent behavior patterns. The head of the Wisconsin Cheese Association intervened with machine guns.

34. Oxbow
"Skin" 5:22
An Evil Heat
San Francisco, CA

Bob, a laid back gentleman now residing in Arkansas, had his one and only ever threesome back in college 20 years ago. He never saw either of those hoes ever again, until the other day, when they finally found him. He had mistakenly got both of them pregnant and now had two children, born on the same day...Merle & Phillip. Being a decent guy, he would have rather known this and been able to father the children. But with names like Merle & Phillip, Bob shot himself.

33. King Of Woolworths
"To the Devil a Donut" 6:02
Ming Star

Adam thought he had mastered the techniques he learned from Satan on how to resurrect someone from the dead, but must have missed out on something, because this shit was not working.

32. The Warlocks
"Inside Outside" 7:41
The Phoenix Album
Los Angeles, CA

He threw the chair out the window. He went out and sat on the chair, thinking. His wife came home. With him seated in the chair, she threw the chair back inside the window. Moments later, with him still seated in the chair but with shrouds of glass gouged into his face, he came flying back out the window. Who through him out that time remains unknown to this date.

31. Sonic Youth
"Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style" 4:28
Murray Street
New York, NY

A couple years after allowing Jesus back into his heart and living the good contemporary Christian life, Paul received a voicemail from a previous lover that she had tested positive for AIDS.

30. Moby
"Harbour" 6:24
New York, NY

After a random meeting at the hair salon, Sinead O' Connor went over to Moby's house and recorded a 5-Star masterpiece.

29. Max Tundra
"Cabasa" 7:13
Mastered By Guy at the Exchange
London, England

Charlie Brown finally decided he wasn't taking this shit anymore. He ditched Lucy in that roach infested crack house they'd been living, bummed 82 cents and hopped on the bus to get the fuck out of town. The bus was attacked by doves and Charlie Brown was killed.

28. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead
"Relative Ways" 4:03
Source Tags and Codes
Austin, TX

Longing to be a rock star since birth, Snake would often sing in front of the mirror with the music blaring until his father would come in and put a stop to everything; even scolding the young man for his ambitions. Snake was able to fulfill his dreams not long after his father ditched him at Wal Mart claiming he was headed to the bathroom to take a massive shit. Good riddance to that clown.

27. Grandpaboy
"Footsteps" 3:26
Minneapolis, MN

Longing to be rock stars since birth, Merle & Phillip were finally able to afford musical instruments shortly after 1.) finding out who the biological father really was; and 2.) after he shot himself because of their names. They inherited his whole estate and proudly carry their names.

26. Oneida
"Sheets of Easter" 14:13
Each One Teach One
New York, NY

There are some people who are able to successfully visualize ALL (meaning every single detail) of the aspects involved with a strategic air strike and what missiles are capable of destroying; these people are the ones who are most adamant against war. Many of these people even question the intellect of war supporters.

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