The Top 50 Songs of 1982

The Top 150 Songs of 1982 + More Dysfunctional Sex Cravings and Mysterious Disappearances
Part 1: Order Restored
Part 2: Janie's Uncontrollable Sex Cravings
Part 3: The Incident on Brady Street
Part 4: Altered Course
Part 5: The Pampered Chef Lady
Part 6: Squashed Things

NC-17 SOUNDTRAXXX is being edited, revised, and published. The literature content is gradually being removed for publication or  being transferred to the upcoming site: MHQ HEADQUARTERS. The music countdowns, however, shall remain here.

In the meantime, and why I haven't posted anything in a long time... I am proud to present, the first actual book publication, a dystopian epic: The Mansion Feel free to check it out; it is self-published and fully independent.

According to the plant and animal life on Earth, which eventually unfriends the human race amidst bold accusations coming from an oddly-shaped row of trees: the concepts of government, religion, and economics were fabricated by the same sources that devised such absurdity as Black Friday sales, fashionable bowling attire, expiration dates for vaginal lube, and marketing strategies to entice specifically targeted mayonnaise consumers … and these sources obviously did not originate on the Planet Earth. From Prohibition to the dystopian future plagued with revolution, animosity towards society, and farming hippos with growth hormones, characters such as Squirrel Abraham and Jimmers Waffles (raccoon) not only challenge the status quo, but also question the entire history that created it.

Compiling 30 Sections and 68 different themes and storylines, which explore topics ranging from concepts of customer service to victimless crimes to a town in West Virginia that repeatedly becomes a ghost town; and featuring guest appearances from the likes of seahorses, dragonflies, praying mantis, chickens, and raccoon, The Mansion chronicles the plight of the human race, where Primitive Man evolved into the species known as Homo Bowler, and set out to destroy the world in a quest for decorative plates, generic shoes, and non-dairy powdered creamer.

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Calm, soothing, monotonous narration.

50. Gang of Four
"Life! It's a Shame"  4:08
Songs of the Free
Leeds, England

49. Savage Republic
"Flesh That Walks"  3:19
Tragic Figures
Los Angeles, CA

48. Y Pants
"The Fly"  2:32
Beat it Down
New York, NY
Bishop's Stortford, England

47. Smegma
"Id-O-Matic"  2:45
Pigs For Lepers
Pasadena, CA/Portland, OR

46. Ike Yard
"Loss"  7:34
New York, NY

45. ABC
"All of My Heart"  5:20
The Lexicon of Love
Sheffield, England

44. Klaus Nomi
"The Cold Song"  4:05
Immenstadt, Germany (1944)- New York, NY (1983)

43. Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson
"No Reason to Quit"  3:15
Pancho & Lefty
Bakersfield, CA & Austin, TX

42. The Alan Parsons Project
"Eye in the Sky"  4:37
Eye in the Sky
London, England

41. Пикник
"Опиумный дым"  6:28
St. Petersburg, Russia

40. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
"I Love Rock 'n' Roll"  2:56
I Love Rock 'n' Roll
Los Angeles, CA

39. Crass
"Nineteen Eighty Bore"  2:07
Christ: The Album
Epping, England

38. The Gun Club
"A Devil in the Woods"  3:07
Los Angeles, CA

37. The Clean
"Flowers"  3:29
Great Sounds Great, Good Sounds Good, So-So Sounds So-So, Bad Sounds Bad, Rotten Sounds Rotten!!
Dunedin, New Zealand

36. Flux of Pink Indians
"TV Dinners"  4:35
Strive to Survive Causing the Least Suffering Possible
Bishop's Stortford, England

35. Manowar
"Fast Taker"  3:56 + "Shell Shock"  4:07  (intro blends w/outro)
Battle Hymns
Auburn, NY

34. The Clash
"Should I Stay or Should I Go"  3:10
Combat Rock
London, England

33. Psychic TV
"Message From The Temple"  5:03
Force the Hand of Chance
London, England

32. Bela Fleck
"Old Hickory Waltz"  4:54
Natural Bridge
New York, NY/Nashville, TN

31. Richard & Linda Thompson
"Walking on a Wire"  5:28
Shoot out the Lights
London, England

30. Bitch
"Live For the Whip"  5:55
Damnation Alley
Los Angeles, CA

29. Chrome
"3rd From the Sun"  4:44
3rd From the Sun
San Francisco

28. Phillip Lynott
"Growing Up"  5:02
The Phillip Lynott Album
West Bromwich, England- Salsibury, England

27. Idoli
"Мoja си"  6:40
Одбрана и последњи дани
Beograd, Serbia

26. Normil Hawaiians
"British Warm"  9:09
More Wealth Than Money
Orpington, England

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