The Top 50 Songs of 1975

The Best of 1975 + The Red Alert
Part 1 of 6: (Tracks 160-131) The Age of Eventually
Part 2 of 6: (Tracks 130-101) The Night They Always Remembered
Part 3 of 6: (Tracks 100-76) The Invasion
Part 4 of 6: (Tracks 75-51) The Fascinating City
Part 5 of 6: (Tracks 50-26) The Nearby Tavern
Part 6 of 6: (Tracks 25-#1) The Desolate Wasteland

Part V: The Nearby Tavern

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50. Ian Hunter
"Once Bitten Twice Shy"  4:44
Oswentry, England/Hareford, England

I recently spun a different take on an old Groucho Marx joke by stating that I would never date a girl who was attracted to me. In order for a woman to find any attraction in me whatsoever, there would have to be something dreadfully wrong with her. Furthermore, women who are attracted to me are often attracted to everybody and seemingly enamored with douches. Many are only attracted to douches; therefore, I am a douche. Meaning: if she is attracted to me, she is most definitely psychotic.

Periodically I get desperate. I also have a hard time saying "no" if somebody comes on to me too strong.Angela was attracted to me... and so I accidentally got drunk and fucked her. 

Sure enough, she was attracted to everybody. I wasn't anywhere near the first person she had courted (that day) and I was simply one of the many stupid enough to engage in intimacy with her. She claimed that it was extraordinary and meant something special. To me, it meant nothing and I was torn whether or not I wanted to avoid her completely or keep her around for periodic benefits whenever I grew desperate because the only other person who was willing to do anything with me had been shot and killed by her husband. I certainly attract some real winners.

Angela frequently introduced me to friends, many of them being other guys she had slept with previously. I didn't like any of them. Admittedly it disturbed me that she had been around so much and was still doing other douches in-between our moments in which I had no clue when to say when. However, I am attracted to many other women, had sex with Amanda on a few occasions while she was trying to be with me, so what the fuck should I care?

But I didn't want anything to do with Amanda either. Plus she is dead now... so that doesn't count.

Is there such thing as a healthy monogamous relationship? I am not sure of this. In fact, I have no clue why I am bothered by the fact that she is promiscuous. In actuality, I would prefer to be equally promiscuous. Perhaps the cause of my annoyance is that I am not seeing anybody else anymore, even though I would like to, but nobody else would have me. 

Fifty zillion douchy mother fuckers each and every night resort to the most deplorable acts of desperation to compete for attention with her. I do not wish to be part of this competition either. These mother fuckers can have her. It is irritating when they resort to taking personal shots in an attempt to belittle me just to make themselves seem like something special. They are so desperate for anybody to think they are anything important and thus far Angela had been the only one to make them feel that way.

Me on the other hand, I need not anybody to boost my morale—it's just fine the way it is. I do not find her compliments flattering because she has directed this exact same approval to everybody she has ever met. Whenever she tells me that "I'm different" or that I'm the best she's ever had, I assume that she has offered that exact same line to everybody. While these other douches are trying desperately to gain Angela's attention, I was growing  equally desperate to avoid her completely. I figured it wouldn't be before too long when one of these miserable pricks would see me with her and then shoot Angela and try to shoot me as well... once in a lifetime was enough for that shit.

That night I walked away from her. It was a bizarre scene that resonated some sort of thought consideration. I was trying to leave; she was trying to make me stay. I wanted to walk home, she wanted to drive me. There were dozens of other guys trying to get with her. She seemed annoyed with them at that moment, just as I was annoyed with her. Many of them were meddling in our conversation as they were encouraging her to ditch me with remarks such as "fuck him, he's nobody special."

As if I needed any of that shit. I rejected her attempt to kiss me by turning my cheek. I wriggled my way out of her grasp and walked in the opposite direction. She had yelled something at me. I turned around briefly, saw her cursing at me and stomping while a couple other guys were attempting to take my place, turned right back around and walked away. 

For reasons unknown: I genuinely liked Angela as a personal individual whenever it was just us; I downright despised all other aspects of her life, all of her friends, and eventually she did not have any appeal to me whatsoever. That night I viewed her as ugly.

49. Sensational Alex Harvey Band
"Action Strasse"  3:17
Tomorrow Belongs to Me
Glasgow, Scotland

I needed to take a walk and explore something that I had never encountered in my entire life. Hopefully it would be something that I had never even conceived. The goal was to realize something different in this world and experience something truly unique. We had to stray far from the norm and find some real action.

Normal life was such a cliché. They were all sitting at the exact same bars talking about the exact same shit as it had been every single other night since God allegedly exploded a particle of dust. Their conversations seemed vaguely familiar, as if I had just heard them last night, and the night before that. They spoke of movies they watched, what they did at work, Katy, Eric, relationship issues, and recited a number of the same topics they had discussed the previous week.

Bums are the biggest clichés of all. I find it irritating when they emphatically signal for my attention than merely request a cigarette by making a hand gesture imitating smoking a cigarette. They offer nothing to the world but rehashed fabricated tragedies which can be sold for the price of either one cigarette or a 40 ouncer of shitty beer. This is their daily life, and it is primarily because they are too stupid to offer anything original enough to be sold for an entire pack of cigarettes. They depend on the society they claim to be rebelling; they are starved for attention yet provide no glamorous appeal; they claim to not care about anything yet aggressively attempt to impose on any group that might listen to their diatribe; they claim a loathing of people, yet remain entrenched in the most populated areas of large cities.

I needed to deviate from the norm but found the world that had supposedly been considered the most deviant to be a cliché. Meth and crack is a cliché. They discuss nothing else besides doing meth and crack. Their stories are boring, their lifestyle is boring, and everything they represent is equal to the cliché lifestyle of corporate America. These people, meth and crack addicts, are exactly like the corporate sales people they supposedly despise... they are willing to alter their natural persona in order to appeal to a specific employer just to be able to purchase products.

Prostitutes are a cliché. They offer the exact same lines and the exact same approach as all of the rest of them. They are exactly like sales people on a used car lot. In fact, they could keep their exact same personality and have a lucrative sales job at the auto dealership if only they took a few minutes one day to actually do their laundry. That seems to be the issue with all the classes of the aforementioned deviance: they are simply too lazy to wash their clothes in order to be an intricate part of the society they depend upon to feed their addictions.

The goal is to find some deviant uniqueness while wearing clean clothes. Unfortunately, the streets were filled with too many people seemingly desperate for attention; and it appeared my attention was the most important. Why? I'll never know.... I'm nobody special. People resorted to poor attempts of performance showmanship as if I would be impressed: bad jokes, questions, stupid gestures, to finally standing in my blocking my path as if I had to view them.

But I just kept right on walking, and I walked away from all of it... ignoring all of their offerings. It occurred to me that what I really wanted out of life was not available here. That was a sad realization.

48. Roxy Music
"Both Ends Burning"  5:15
London, England

One topic of conversation is how risqué a woman may dress in public and how it should be perceived. Some women think they have the right to dress as sexy as they wish, reveal as much as they want, and that no person has any right to even notice them... even though it appears to be a desperate act for attention.

When a woman dresses in skimpy clothing that reveals a significant portion of the body, many men will stare at them, comment on the style, and maybe even go so far as to put the moves on her or purchase her drinks. 94% of the women dressed this way do nothing to deter these notions while in public, yet complain to others about how others react. Some assume this contributes to rape. Many women become livid raging monsters if nobody pays them any attention at all. There is no right or wrong here, but it is what it is.

A person in a relationship or a person pursuing a relationship has to ask his/herself, is it really worth it to make your partner unhappy? A few married men at this venue better not even glance at those four drunken girls in slutty skirts if they plan on sleeping in the bed tonight. Marlene will have to question whether or not it is ok to keep the guys around who are hitting on her that Eric considers creeps—he already made his decision and is trying to avoid her. If Abigail ever wants to be in a relationship with a guy, she is more than likely going to have to ditch those friends of hers. Or stay single, it’s her choice… and the world should respect that decision. What has more to gain: a happy marriage, a glimpse of some panties? ...and so forth.

Enter the aspect that makes matters extremely complicated...of the billions of people on Earth, it is nearly impossible to be attracted to only one of them. Many accept this with themselves, but rarely with their partner. In fact, there are laws against having more than one spouse. Even in Mormon culture, only the man is permitted multiple wives—she is never permitted multiple husbands. Some have a difficult time grasping the inevitable notion that someday they will be "cheated" on; peculiar that being attracted to more than one person of the billions on Earth is called "cheating" and carries a negative annotation. What if it were called something else, and we were instilled that it was natural?

There is a commandment about having multiple partners and it is rumored these rules came from God. Whether or not it actually did remains uncertain, but most people are instilled this belief since childhood. Less than 10% of the population are permissive to open relationships or sharing their spouse with other people. The levels of intimacy in which each individual is permitted, and what each individual will not tolerate differs from person-to-person, and each relationship may have different guidelines. Some have a look-don't touch rule, some a you better not even look, and others you can kiss her but not fuck her. You can't really knock a person for what they believe, but, if you are the one who pursues the relationship, then you are obligated to respect whatever grounds that he/she believes.

47. Trettioåriga Kriget
"Krigssang"  4:36
Saltsjobaden, Sweden

People are a cliché. The human race is a cliché. There is the notion that the human race is coming to an end. They have become a routine that is governed by a corporate incentive to earn money from the sales of products. Their lives have become a product derived from manufactured goods.

They follow the same routine each day. They became something different in order to appeal to anything that could supply income; the will compromise their beliefs even more drastically to purchase products deemed luxurious.

People will become completely unnatural just to earn a diamond ring to give to the person in which he had previously become an unnatural figment of ideal companion just to satisfy what had been instilled as the proper replica of the most suitable mate. 

They have all been conditioned this way. Their boring routine is augmented with fake smiles, insincere praise, company policies, a uniform, a government, a television, and a synthetically corporate-manufactured soundtrack. Those who do not conform to this will not be allowed to purchase any of the manufactured goods and will have to eat the generic cereal that comes in a plastic bag... the boxes with cartoon logos are reserved for the conformists who would never disrupt the pattern. Bums, hookers, and meth addicts are also part of the pattern as the government supplies them with efficient means to purchase the good cereal in a box, even though they spend their food stamps on meth from dealers who accept EBT.

46. Thin Lizzy
"King's Vengeance"  4:09
Dublin, Ireland

On that night I kept walking. Generally I go home when I deem all of society a clichéd douche fest. But I had seen my home and that too was a cliché. So I just kept walking and ignored everybody I passed.

In another parallel dimension, I walked myself home and went to bed. That portion of life would continue regardless of the outcome that unfolded on this plane of parallel existence.

I soon found myself all alone. I had always been alone, but now there nobody around me. There was nobody to bother me—ever.. I would no longer be required to sacrifice my personal values just to participate in a system I did not support. I would no longer have to listen to regulations as to how I am supposed to conduct myself just to win companionship. I would no longer be expected to follow the fabricated norms, to adhere to the manufactured myths, to be informed of all the information I already knew. There was no more uniform, no more policy, and I shall receive no more conditioning.

45. UFO
"This Kid's"  6:14
Force It
Enfield, England

Once upon a time, I had envisioned a successful version of myself in another Parallel Universe that took place while I was on the phone with a woman who was meandering endlessly about nothing; the successful version of myself hung up on her in mid-sentence. All the while I sat there listening to her bullshit for what seemed like forever, I visualized what I could have been doing instead; all of it was better than listen to this bitch squawk away about some mother fucking shit that she was cooking for some asshole that was about to die in the next 6 months. By the time I finally did hang up the phone, the successful version of myself became himself and found that greater good that had always been there.

 Now, I had elected to walk away from it all... and find that peculiar place in the world where everybody was like me, which meant nobody was like me, nobody was like anybody, or anything, like anything, there were no similarities to anything... not even the houses. This is where I felt I belonged, and the version of me that hung up on that lady was already here. It was now up to me to go there. That asshole I sent home to bed, fuck him... that world might not even exist. But it is better to attempt to accomplish the impossible than constantly question what if.

44. AC/DC
"Can I Sit Next to You Girl"  4:12
High Voltage
Sydney, Australia

Women have it instilled in their minds that it is the man's responsibility to approach her, and will rarely approach the one they want. Therefore, they are stuck dancing with whatever guy courts them first, and are subject to excessive fondling or groping which may or may not be appropriate. 

Some guys, often more compatible, will await the right moment to approach a woman, but then some other guy, obviously less compatible, will aggressively dance with her—if she waits too long to get rid of him or appears interested, she should consider herself stuck with him because other guys will be turned off completely... even if the noticeable interest was insincere. 

In numerous cases, a man who had arrived with another woman will approach a girl on the dance floor and dance with her. Although this is often done simply as a friendly gesture with no intentions on leaving with this woman, this prevents the opportunity for a potential soul mate to interact with this woman. This too may or may not be welcomed and therefore people should not bother others while at a Dance Club or any establishment where people meet people. Rule of life: If you are dancing with a woman in which you are not at least 85% compatible, then you are a fucking annoyance and need to go the fuck away and bother somebody else.

In order for equality between the genders to ever be fully achieved, the woman is going to have to take more responsibility in pursuing the person she wants. Or, she is going to have to become more adamant about rejecting the men who have no appeal to her. As it stands now, men have taken on the role of the aggressor and women have accepted it. The men with the most success are simply the ones who are most aggressive... no other underlying stand-out characteristic need be presented.

Once in a relationship with these men, women lose any hope of authority, often have their entire values depleted, and simply allow a man to dictate everything that governs the relationship. He is the boss, it is his house, his rules, and she may even be abused if she does not obey. She should have gotten rid of this loser in the first place rather than pretend to be interested just because she was desperate for attention, this was convenient, and she had been too conditioned to be tough enough to reject anybody. Her entire life may be wasted because of this and all of her hopes and dreams will perish because she will spend too much of her life constantly being traumatized by some pathetic stupid douche who aggressively dominated her.

Holly, Jeanelle, Elaine, and Debbie entered the venue, each of them wearing a skimpy black skirt, high heels, and blouses that revealed significant cleavage and midriff. Their personalities made the decision to come out that night, enter this venue at that precise time, and they chose that selection of attire. Upon entering, many of the men noticed them right away. 

The very first thing these ladies did was approach the bar and order shots. They did one. Right away, a second. Some guy came over, bought another round, they cheered, did a third. Some other guy entered, bought another, more cheers, now a fourth. They had been here for 5 minutes, and were already drunk, hanging on any guy who would give them attention.

Dennis was the complete opposite of the annoying guy who approached every girl he encountered; Dennis did not ever flirt with anybody. Whereas the super annoying douche believed that he was so attractive that every single woman in the place wanted nothing more than to be with him (less than 2% agree, +/- 1.5% due to alcohol consumption and desperation), Dennis assumed no woman ever wanted anything to do with him and went out of his way to avoid all contact with anybody. He was content with this and happily enjoyed the music all by himself. 

Those four sexy girls stood in his proximity and surrounded him. He assumed that he was in their way and wandered away to stand somewhere else. In a strange twist of some bizarre planetary conjunction in The Universe, the four women abandoned all people trying to come on to them with corny pickup lines and free drinks and followed Dennis. Holly took initiative to take the one she wanted and engaged in conversation with Dennis; albeit awkwardly... about some stupid ass bullshit pertaining to some premonition of a green stemmed purple flower that provided miracles. 

Some say schizophrenia loves company; some are more insightful than others.

43. Head East
"Never Been Any Reason"  5:11
Flat as a Pancake
Carbondale, IL

Based on public perception, Leone was neither handsome nor romantic. The survey indicated that 0.1% of the world found him attractive, 99.9% stated they would never be involved with him even if they were black-out drunk, and 0.1% would approve if their children dated him. Based on the guidelines in the upstairs manual, Leone had a 99.9% chance of becoming the must ruthless serial killer in history and 0.1% shot of being a soft-spoken, kind-hearted, pleasant speaking mail delivery carrier. 

Loretta did not care about public perception, the opinions of others, and based her life on what she liked... no matter how much it differed from the rest of the world. She was that 0.1% chance of saving numerous teenage girls from falling victim to Legendary Leone and his deadly claw hammer. 

Loretta and Leone have been married for 24 years, and the people on Leone's mail route consider him the nicest guy on Earth once you get to know him. Their relationship is considered special.

I wondered how my life would have turned out if I would have ever met that someone special. There had been numerous women that I had encountered over time that I thought held all of the desired characteristics of a soul mate. Unfortunately, none of them ever had any interest in me. But then again, I never expressed any interest in them either. Because I had never spoken to any of them, I had not given anybody any reason to ever think about me. 

This tragedy is coupled with the awful notion that so many of the world's most deplorable people have taken drastic measures to attempt to gain my attention; while classy individuals have taken equally great measures to ensure that I am completely disregarded, chastised, insulted, oppressed, and delegated to a life of misery and misfortune. I had never in my life experienced mutual compatibility... based on the fact that I am walking away from the world is a strong indication that I never will. 

What did Leone do to attract the one person who could have saved his soul? Dennis happened to be in the right place at the right time. That was the mission for my quest: find the right place at the right time. 

"Save my life, I'm going down for the last time."

42. Gary Wright
"Love is Alive"  3:55
The Dream Weaver
Cresskil, NJ

Just as I had visualized my version of the perfect society, I had also envisioned my ideal soul mate in elaborate detail. Perhaps I had fallen in love with a fabricated fantasy that may or may not actually exist in real life. Because of this, I had never developed the interest in maintaining any sort of meaningful committed relationship with any of the women that I ever encountered in reality.

In my mind, however, I have experienced true love. I have been intimately involved in an everlasting relationship with the girl of my dreams. This has been only in my dreams. Dreams mean nothing; dreams mean everything. She is there with me every night. She is alive.

Somewhere. There is a possibility that we are in fact together on a different Parallel Universe and I know that there is nobody residing on this particular spectral plane that can even compare to her. Perhaps she is here physically, but her lifestyle has been altered severely due to the circumstances existing on this Parallel Plane in which the society is failing. I had been told in another dream that she died at age 5 and that ruined any chance of absolute happiness on this Parallel Universe. Here I was required to suffer and experience misery... this represents my life without her.

But there is much one can accomplish in a state of misery. My true love resides in my mind, she is alive, and my love for her is passionate and everlasting. Therefore, I need no actual lover. I am possibly supposed to sacrifice personal happiness in order to change the world and prevent this race from failing. Since I do not possess the qualities required to be capable of such Universal relevance, then maybe the revolution is to only exist in my imagination as well. If it exists in my thought processes though, being as I am not a very creative or intelligent person, that means that the revolution is also taking place on a different Parallel Universe.

The question now is: How many other people know about this? And why isn't it being discussed? Another goal of this mission was to find somebody else who also resided in the Parallel Universe in which the Revolution was taking place... that would be my soul mate for this particular Plane.

41. John Cale
"Dirty Ass Rock 'n' Roll"  4:43
Slow Dazzle
Garnant, England (?) New York, NY (during Velvet Underground)

There were numerous obstacles seemingly intentionally put in place to prevent me from reaching an unknown destination. I was confused as to whether or not it was meant to be that I continue with the journey, deter the obstacles and embark elsewhere, or revolt and continue walking in the direction another instinct was telling me to walk. An immense amount of inner and outer conflict was raging and I was unsure what any of it meant.

I had never been to this place but something told me to stop here and remain for the night. There was something interesting taking place and the residents seemed to be in a state of disarray. It was still dark outside and I could not see the scenery in which I was now surrounded.

One spot remained open and I stopped in for a drink. There were several people inside and they stopped their conversation and stared at me the moment I entered the door. I simply smiled and cheerfully waved at everybody as if our most anticipated moment in history had finally arrived. 

I even said "hello" to Bill... "Hello Bill, what's up?" I said with a smile patting him on the back as if we were best friends since childhood. I had no idea who the fuck this guy was or if his name was even Bill.

After the heartfelt friendly greeting, I ordered a beer, and sat off by myself in the background as to not disturb anybody. Although it appeared that I was off in my own world minding my own business, I listened attentively to all the conversations taking place. It finally got my attention and it was obvious that I was interested and listening.

Apparently a major disaster had taken place near here several years ago. I had heard of this disaster but was not aware that I was so close to the exact spot in which it happened. People did not speak of this disaster, it was not taught in history class; only a select few know about it and even fewer know all the details. This was a diabolical massacre that went awry. Although the killing spree was major success, the genocide had cleansed the ethnicity of the unneeded culture; however, the site of the disaster was poisoned and never refurbished.

They mentioned the details, but it was hard to determine whether or not they were accurate or being related by unreliable narrators. For all I knew, it was a fucking lie. I would know in the morning as I opted to spend the night here.

40. Roy Wood
"You Sure Got it Now"  5:31
Birmingham, England

Three ladies joined me at my table without being invited and without even asking permission to occupy the available seats. At first, the three of them engaged in conversation as if I was not even there. One of them kept staring at me; I was unsure of her intentions and eventually became uncomfortable.

The ladies finally decided that I should be a part of their conversation and kept asking me questions as if my presence in this world made no sense whatsoever. No matter how I answered the questions, they somehow managed to change the subject to something sexual. All the while the one girl kept staring at me and I sensed that I was winning her major disapproval... I sensed she hated everything about me.

Soon all of the questions pertained to sex. The two girls doing the talking inquired about the most absurd sexual topics imaginable and questioned what I was like as a lover. They seemed intrigued that I had a foot fetish and made an effort to show me their recent pedicures... even stooping so low as to rub their feet on my legs and kept them propped in my lap. They spoke of how they wanted to take me home and find out if anything I said was really true.

The woman who had been staring at me the entire time, the one who did not speak and kept her shoes on, finally spoke to me. She offered a detailed interpretation of what she considered my psychological impairment and none of it was accurate. Apparently the other two girls found this amusing and laughed loudly at everything she said. 

This distraught faux psychiatrist furthered her investigation with additional questions and all of my answers were subject to ridicule. The three girls ganged up on me and spent the next several minutes openly making fun of me. They made fun of my appearance, my clothes, and every single aspect of the false interpretation of my lifestyle. Once they were finished harassing me for what I considered no reason at all, the three of them got up and left.

As they were walking away, I heard one of the girls say, "God! What a fucking loser that guy was!" In my opinion, she had the sexiest feet in the world. That was then; all opinions are subject to change.

39. Television
"Little Johnny Jewel"  7:11
New York, NY

It seemed with each passing day that I had become more reclusive. There was nothing in this part of the world that was of any interest to me.

I wanted to start a revolution, but did not have the resources available to do so.

I wished to contribute to the good of society, but not with my current employer. I desired to have a girlfriend, just not with any of the ones I had ever met. I wished to socialize with friends, just not with these people. I wanted to be an integral part of the scene, just not this scene.

Maybe we could start an entire new world; a new country without all of the standards of the corporate government. Together we could start a revolution. We could lead by example; we could be the model that saved the world from extinction, to show the world a better life. For, we had visualized a better world, and it was far different than the current one dubbed reality.

Obtaining this land, however, would be impossible. Somewhere there might be an island that had yet been discovered, but getting there would be costly. Every piece of arable land is currently owned by somebody, something, or some governing principle. Creating the next wave of cultural advancement seemed impossible.

It is hard to believe that they had all of this and wasted it. Who are they? You ask? They = the human race; the residents of Earth.

38. Gal Costa
"O Vento"  4:52
Gal Canta Caymmi
Salvador, Brazil

People often complain about this thing called the past. Some suggest to just letting it be... whatever was done is done and cannot be changed. So negative, this "past". 

The past wasn't always bad. In many instances, it was great. Everybody had a moment in which they shined; a moment that was thoroughly enjoyed, cherished, remembered, perhaps even a fondest memory. Many cling to an era of the past referred to as "the good ol' days." What happens to the good ol' days is a mystery; why they ended in the first place is even more perplexing. 

Over time, based on circumstances within reality, once dearest friends developed a difference of opinion... obstacles, work, finances, relationships, other common issues considered necessary that diminish secondary bonds. This was typical in the failing society. 

Something happened that night and "typical" vanished in that strange wind that was in the air. The good ol' days had returned for everyone.... an all new and improved good ol' days. Who else knew about this? 

I had never experienced a period in which I refer to as "The Good Ol' Days" and did not know any of these people during their finest period of life. In fact, I did not even know them now. Nor do I suspect that they knew The Good Ol' Days had returned. They were all in bed asleep, unaware that some unexpected drastic change just occurred in their disaster stricken world. 

Maybe The Good Ol' Days was a disaster. I would find out tomorrow, although I was unsure how I was made aware that The Good Ol' Days had once again fallen upon us.

37. Mahogany Rush
"Strange Universe"  6:48
Strange Universe
Montreal, QC  Canada

That night I dreamed of a strange place filled with strange people. These people I had never seen before... in this place I had never traveled. But I had been to this place; I was here now. This was the place where the disaster had struck; but this was a different time, a different place, a different population. Those present in this plane were responsible for the disaster.

In other Parallel Universes, no disaster had ever struck. There was something magical about this placeit was a solstice within The Universe, an enigma, something sacred, something valuable... this was the place where the good things happened, this is where the miracle occurred.

A man in a silver cotton suit stood before me, smiling, his eyes sparkling from underneath his fashionable hat that was admired by everybody in those days. He held a colorful umbrella in his left hand that he kept down to his side; in his right hand, he pinched the elegant green stem of a gorgeous purple flower. The flower smiled too, and winked at me, at us, at the world.

The platoon of purple flowers happily marched down the glossy silver bricks that formed the passageway to The Enchanted Sanctuary of Miracles. People proudly paraded alongside them, dressed elegantly, smiling beautifully, almost dancing as they were walking. And they were joined with the merriment of the animal kingdom.... deer, happy rabbits hopping playfully down the silver lined boulevard, slithery serpents sliding simultaneously smiling blissfully singing happily. And Mr. Peacock, and his family... they could not contain their smiles.

We were joined with a squad of beings I had never even imagined. They had come to visit from another sector of The Universe. This was a celebration within The Universe and a festival that could not be missed. And on this day another miracle occurred.

But on this exact same day, something awful happened right here in this magical place. There were a lot of people present that day. Something sacred was in this Earth, something magical was in the air. The magic in the air was diminished by the fleet of airplanes and then something dropped from the sky. Thousands of people were killed, burned, screaming frantically in the streets that could have been paved with shiny silver bricks but were burned blackened as the remnants of chemical combustible components contaminated the cultivation of a cultural spiritual reflection of anything that could make all dreams possible. This was the day the dominance of the ruling party claimed victory; this was the day The Universe deemed the domineering race a failure. Civilization on Earth was forever tarnished. In one sole section of all Parallel Universes combined... this was the worst one.

In the best sector, this exact same spot in The Universe blossomed. This is where the galaxies united. And we were all here... all of us. Each and every one of us had experienced a miracle here. We're all living here now.

36. Spirit
"Feeling in Time"  3:26
Spirit of '76
Los Angeles, CA

I simply tried to envision their fondest memory, their rendition of The Good Ol' Days, and that one moment they shall cherish forever. They had to have had one spectacular night somewhere and I am certain that it was vastly different than what most people considered a prized moment. He was that guy on the dance floor that dressed in a suit that night but left alone. I remember him now, although we had never met in real life.

Larry had bought numerous shots for a group of girls all night. They grew intoxicated to the point where they acted stupid and rubbed each other's tits and lifted their shirts just to arouse Larry. Suddenly out of the blue, Larry realized he had nothing in common with any of these women. His mere presence created an obstacle for the ladies, and for those guys who were probably more compatible in everything meaningful; he created an obstacle for himself as this excursion was preventing him from accomplishing something with more meaningful long-term values. 

What exactly was he even trying to accomplish here? Go home with one of them? And then be ridiculed by all of their friends; go down as a blemish on their record. He had spent over $75 in drinks: If it was simply sex he was after then it would have been cheaper to obtain a hooker. Larry smiled, shook all their hands, and abruptly bid them farewell. It was time for him to do something more for himself, not just another money wasting stunt in an attempt to impress his friends.

The next night was the night he sat all alone at the dance club elegantly dressed in the striped suit. Although it wasn't his finest moment, it was indeed a significant moment... and one that changed many things. With that one realization, somebody else enjoyed his and her shared fondest memory. They too were present at that exact same Dance Club. Larry did not intervene that night.

To coincide with moments they shall cherish forever, each of them clung to a past history that bore the stench of something awful. They shared a dreadful misery that created a more cautious lifestyle. Because of some sort of quarrelsome tragedy that invoked a harsh lesson on the level of reality, the people of the realm of this plane were not permitted to freely explore their most intimate desires. This too was a moment in time, a memory in which something extravagant was available but somewhere along the lines, they opted not to participate in the joy. 

People in this world are not permitted to feel joy or misery on a continuous basis. An immense amount of their lives is spent as meaningless and merely a routine to pass the time. The wonderful feelings in time are infrequent and often inconsistent. But they each had one special memory and one major blemish. Seeking this out in all of them was an extraordinary process of soul seeking that eventually defined the entire human race. I wished to be part of their joys as they knew it; I wished I could correct the past mistakes or erase the seriousness of something considered trivial in the eyes of The Universe.

35. Willie Nelson
"Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain"  2:21
Red Headed Stranger
Austin, TX

The sad days often came without warning. In many cases it occurred during periods when one had expected to experience joy. It was a major letdown. Too many of the underlying circumstances were created by the cause of others; it was rarely a case of unwarranted solace that caused the inflicted sadness.

Sara had set high expectations but fell short. The next week was that of sorrow and melancholy. She walked that passageway that embanked on the gloomy fate of disaster assuming it was essential to illustrate her failed lifestyle.

Jordan was the same way. He liked this girl; she didn't like him. He took her home; she rejected him and left. 

"I really don't want to stay here," she had told him. So he drove her home. 

That one instance of failure reflected his entire life. After that, he rarely tried to court another woman again with the careless confidence that he once swaggered for Jessica just before she rejected him. And he too walked that path of gloomy uncertainty, down the avenue that once provided miracles but was now the desolate wasteland for the ultimate periods of sorrow.

34. Hall & Oates
"Sara Smile"  3:11
Daryl Hall & John Oates
Philadelphia, PA

Sara pulled the curtains shut, turned out all of the lights, and lit a non-filtered cigarette. It was sunny and pleasant outside, but Sara preferred to stay in darkness because it was the descriptor that she felt best described her personality. This was not her natural personality trait by any means, she was simply punishing herself over some bullshit that she over-dramatized and assumed this meant the end of the world. She was such a bad person because she did not enjoy the norms of some of the people she worked with back in the land of cubicles and telephones. 

A plant sprouted in a clay pot on the end table where the lamp that should have been turned on was setting. Its purple leaves and green stems emitted a translucent light that Sara immediately described as a God damn curse just like all of the rest of the shit that she had to put up with in her life that sucked so miserably. This flower sang to her; Sara looked at the cigarette and wondered what it was laced with
angel dust soared to the top of the list of prime suspects.

"Bitch," said the flower with a warm smile and a cool calming cheerfulness, "there's no need to ever work in that God damn cubicle." 

Another segment of her emerged from the darkness and into the land of cubicles where she answered a ringing phone and was forced to deal with an unreasonable customer stupidly complaining about some meaningless bullshit that did not pertain to anything important. Sara hung up on that stupid son-of-a-bitch while he was in mid-sentence and walked out of the land of cubicles. She frolicked down the street, skipping merrily to the beat, pleasantly smiling at every person she would meet in that world. 

And thus she entered her own home and found herself sitting in the dark talking to some God damn plant that was growing next to the lamp. "Bitch," she said to herself, pulling the desolate version of herself out of the chair, "get your God damn ass up out of that chair." She yanked the cigarette out of her hand and examined it, "what the fuck are you smoking non-filters for?"

Upon that ridiculous question that could only have had an even more ridiculous answer, Sara smiled, and then the other Sara laughed.

The two Sara's walked hand-in-hand down the street, shuffling their feet, and smiling so sweet. This was one of the first times in the history of humankind where two Parallel Universes came in conjunction with one another... and the results were tremendous. Some have defined this as a miracle.

33. Witch
"Evil Woman"  6:00
Lazy Bones !!

Some people are seeking to be in a relationship with "just somebody normal." You can find "just somebody normal" at any given shopping center and there are literally thousands of them. But these people aren't easily approached for it is considered abnormal to attempt to court a complete stranger at Pier 1 Imports. Therefore the goal of landing somebody "normal" is never fully realized and people simply end up going completely ape shit at Pier 1 Imports spending extravagantly on useless products. 

People searching for shit such as "normal" are generally the people who should be avoided at all costs. Many of them are plain ordinary bastards who enjoy the exact same shit as everybody else and expect others to fit all of the norms as has been defined on the local television commentary. Committing such atrocious acts of "normal behavior" only results in every single person in society looking exactly the same. The definition of "normal" is ambiguous and simply means exactly like the person seeking this goal... in some communities spreading contagious diseases into unsuspecting cultures in order to create a future disaster site is considered normal.

Even worse are the aspects of society that made a person wish to encounter a "normal" person in the first place. There are some absolutely evil and diabolical people residing on this planet... as indicated by being dubbed a failure. The visitors wanted nothing more than to create a state of ruin. They wished to deplete the culture, burn the resources, sell their soul, sacrifice free will for the purchase of goods, be driven insane by their collection of material purchases, overheat the environment, and die off in a holocaust. This was normal.

Tom never had any desire to set foot in Pier 1 Imports. Therefore he never met the acquaintance of Beverly who did not meet anybody that day. She went ape shit at Pier 1 Imports and bought an $800 wicker basket that went on to define her. Her days are spent in paranoid fear that somebody is trying to steal her wicker basket. The rest of the world is animals and she will kill all of them to preserve her $800 wicker basket. Beverly is an evil woman.

Instead, Tom stayed home with his then-girlfriend Pamela. Pamela is an evil woman. Pam's mother gave her a skillet after she died. Tom fried rice in the skillet without the appropriate portion of vegetable oil in the pan and rice stuck to the bottom of the pan. Pamela was angered and freaked... scolded Tom for ruining the pan.

The pan was a piece of shit, and Tom told Pamela this. He declared he would buy her a new one because that piece of shit only cost $6 at Wal Mart.

"My mother left me that pan!"

"Well, your mother was cheap."

"She's dead."

"And that's why she's dead... because she was so cheap. She was too cheap to get her brakes fixed and that's why she slid into the fireworks stand. I'm sorry to break it to you, but this pan is a piece of shit... a cheap, generic piece of shit. You should be ashamed of your mama for even buying this piece of shit. I just don't want you to end up dead like her."

Pamela did not take these words kindly. Being the evil woman she was, she beat Tom senselessly with the cheap piece of shit frying pan with fried rice still stuck to the bottom. He tried to run outside the door and Pamela chased him down the hallway, caught him, and beat him across the head repeatedly with the pan. There was blood splattered on the wall and Tom was dead. 

This beating took place right outside Beverly's door. She observed this act of violence through the peep hole of her door and assumed that these people were attempting to break into her house and steal her $800 wicker basket. Being the evil woman she is, she grabbed her gun from the bedroom, opened the door, and shouted "you can't have it! It's my wicker basket you fucking niggers! You animals just try to take everything... and it's mine! MINE!" 

Beverly shot Pamela 4 times in the chest and left her dead in the apartment's hallway. She also fired one more bullet in dead Tom's head. These women are evil. The cause of their sinister behavior is an outrage over material purchases. This is the world defined as reality.

32. Walter Franco
"Mamãe D'água"  4:14
São Paulo, Brazil

Dreams of the Strange Universe awoke me from my sleep. I was sleeping outside in a desolate region and had taken shelter underneath a tree. There was a bright full moon in the sky that had a bizarre pigment and was augmented by two other extraordinary shapes glistening beside it. I assumed it was a lunar eclipse but this was something even more eccentric. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

Being as I was now wide awake, I decided to take a walk around the town. It was late at night and there was not another person present. Everything was dark and silent and there weren't any lights on in any of the homes. I simply walked the deserted streets underneath the strange moon that lightened the streets as if it were but twilight.

Up in the distance there was an isolated building and I decided to investigate it. This building was on the outskirts of town and did not have any neighbors. The backyard was a darkened field that I could not make out any noticeable detailed characteristic because it was too dark. With the bizarre lighting of the moon coupled with the glimpse of tall trees rustling in the wind, it looked ghastly frightening and I was not brave enough to venture back there.

I attempted to peek inside the windows of the building and was not even certain that it was fully abandoned. It certainly was not anybody's home and appeared to be a business establishment that had closed for good. However, I was uncertain as to what exactly the business was... it definitely wasn't a chain, a fast food restaurant, or a department store. It was small, old, had a porch, a courtyard, a canopy, and a small parking lot. The structure was made of wood, as were all of the doors.

Surprisingly, the front door was unlocked and I opened it and walked inside the place. If anything, I could say that I assumed it was open; if safe, I could sleep inside here for it might be warmer than sleeping outside.

This had been a bar. There was a dance floor, perhaps even a Grand Ball Room at one time; maybe even an old Saloon in the Old West. The bar was still intact; there were chairs, tables, a piano, and a mirror behind the bar. Everything was covered with dust and cobwebs however and I was uncertain if it would be cleaner to sleep outside in the grass. Aside from the moonlight shining in through the window, it was completely dark.

Suddenly the light turned on and the place was completely illuminated. I had no clue who turned on the light and was petrified. I was uncertain whether or not I should run because I was technically trespassing. However, I did not hear any footsteps and it was totally silent. Plus, I was uncertain whether or not I was being watched. If I opted to run, that could leave me defenseless and lead me to certain danger. I simply decided to remain put and withstand whatever contact I had awaiting me. I would simply explain my case, express peace, apologize, and kindly be on my way.

However, nobody arrived. I sat there for several minutes observing this place now in the light. When I turned around, there was a strange man standing behind the bar staring at me. He stared at me coldly, and I stared back; I was too scared to even breathe. It remained silent as he did not speak nor did I. This was the most afraid I had ever been.

Then suddenly he turned away from me and smiled....

31. Van McCoy
"The Hustle"  4:04
Disco Baby
Washington, D.C. (1940)-Englewood Cliffs, NJ (1979)

... The music came on, and the place was filled with people. Betty was there and she ordered a drink and shared a laugh with the strange man behind the bar. And Paul was here. And Delbert. And Lindsey. The man in the silver cotton suit with the flower, the man in the striped suit seated by himselfthey were all there. This was The Grand Ball Room; this was The Nearby Tavern; this was the time of extravagance, this was that one good time, that most fond memory... this was The Good Ol' Days.

It was a time and place neither here nor there. But the fun and festivities were real and they were happening right now. All of the people in this town had enjoyed one fine moment and this was it. It was being relived right before my eyes. Even those who had deceased a long long long time ago joined in on the fun. There was dancing, music, drinks, and a time of uncanny celebration for a great event that may have unfolded. I wondered why I wasn't here then, and what effects it would have had now. 

The dance floor was filled with beautiful people... all of them smiling, all of them having fun. They were lively, spirited, and not subject to tyranny or stressful conditions. Scattered throughout the dance floor, some of the lovely dancers were dead. A woman covered in blood danced joyfully with a smile on her face... she had the most elegant moves. Another couple I could not make out... their faces were burned severely and blackened to ash. The dead and the living, the burned and the bloody, danced happily to the sweet soulful sounds of the melody, smiling, sparkling, shining... nothing else mattered in this world. There was only right now, and now was the time to enjoy it.

What typically is supposed to happen typically happens. Then, there are those instances where what is typically supposed to happen plays out nothing like any person could ever imagine. Occasionally an underdog will pull off a massive upset and defeat an opponent that all indicators would suggest that they had no chance whatsoever. Periodically this happens everywhere, at various moments in time. When and where cannot be predicted for it is impossible, otherwise it would be typical. Some say it is just something in the air, and it can strike at any time. Tonight, it struck. Nothing that typically happens was about to happen anywhere in The Universe. Explanation: unknown.

30. Lou Reed
"Coney Island Baby"  6:46
Coney Island Baby
New York, NY

And just like that everything faded. The Nearby Tavern  had returned dark and back to its previous desolate state. I wondered if any of it had even happened. It was late and time did pass.

I had received one sole message, from her, the only person who cared that I had vanished. She was a major reason I opted to disappear in the first place and now was the only person concerned with my whereabouts. Where had they all gone?
"And you begin to think about all the things that you've done
and you begin to hate just about everything
As I reflected on everything that had occurred leading up to that night I walked away, I did begin hating everything. There were so many bad choices, so many missed opportunities, so many failed attempts, and far too many non-attempts that I could not help but consider what things may have been like if only I had the courage to pursue any of my ambitions. But nobody ever believed in me and therefore I began doubting myself. Both prinicples are genuinely stupid and an excellent example as to why I am commonly considered one stupid dumb ass mother fucker.
"But remember the Princess who lived on the hill
who loved you even though she knew you were wrong.
who loved you even though she knew you were wrong."
Sometimes that Princess on the hill falls into the same category of all the bad things that you've done. My thoughts returned to Angela. I would further hate myself if I was completely wrong about her. But I suppose I had been wrong about a lot of things, and maybe that's why I have periods where I hate just about everything. Sadly, she was also an aspect of this wretched life that I also hated... and I hated that I hated her... and I had never given her a chance, just as I had never given anybody a chance, just as none of them ever gave me a chance. Then I hated that I attracted her, and even worse, the possibility that I was in fact attracted to her also.

Amanda claimed that I never gave her a chance. She was willing to give me a chance... therefore I can no longer claim that nobody ever gave me a chance. In fact, the only person who never gave me a chance was me personally. What if I had given Amanda a chance?

But, no. They do not count. Accepting chances from the wrong people could lead to a life filled with crying brats and a continuous flow of douches that could disrupt everything natural in my life... assuming that I had anything natural. Angela nor Amanda constitute as that "princess who lived on the hill" and are equally problematic as the world.

Speaking of the world, their problems lied with the company of others, not necessarily their individual personalities. If I were able to delete the douches, delete the perception of The Crying Generation, delete her bastard ass kid and all the misery they caused... things could be different. However, just as I am embarking on a soul searching journey on my own terms, I feel it is their responsibility to delete their own dreadful afflictions that was directly attributed to their own bad decisions. The only difference is... is that I am willing to accept responsibility for my own stupidity and the fact that I have only made bad decisions.

It's possible that I am incapable of making rational decisions. This dilemma is further heightened by self-awareness that I possess this disorder coupled with the notion that I am not willing to find pleasure in the consequences of my own bad decisions. I should learn to love the life that I created because I am incapable of doing anything better; I should strive to make my surroundings a better place; I should just shut the fuck up and disappear from the face of the Earth.

In an ideal world everything would have been different and there would be no need to be concerned with secondary aspects of nature that cause some sort of competition for compatibility. All of these morals sickened me, as did the process in which all of this was conveyed. I had fallen out of favor with the world and was uncertain if there was any logical possibility of ever returning to normalcy.

29. Paul McCartney & Wings
"Magneto and Titanium Man"  3:16
Venus and Mars
Liverpool, England

Again the lights returned. This time it was broad daylight outside. I was no longer surrounded by the people of the town, but I was surrounded by people... from somewhere, but who the fuck knows where? The only familiar face was the man in the shiny silver cotton suit with the purple flower.

He didn't exactly seem thrilled this time around and it was the first time I had ever seen him not smiling. He was seated at the end of the bar quietly eating a plate of food with a fork. The bar was now a diner and the bright sun shun through the window. I was approached by a waitress who kindly asked me what the fuck I wanted and I had not even looked at a menu. All of the tables were filled with people from a past period that I had never witnessed firsthand.

That moon was mysteriously now next to The Sun. Angela was there. However, she did not recognize me. It was not her as I had known her... it was a modified version of her in her natural state that defined how things could have been if all other aspects of conditional development had been extracted. She seemed so happy.

And everybody did. 

The moment that mysterious moon aligned with The Sun, the entire scenery changed. The man in the silver suit flipped his plate in the air and it landed as an ice cold drink in a suave chilled glass. Once again we were in a scene of merriment. The doors opened and people from all across the land gathered inside for the festivities. They spoke of topics in which I had never heard discussed, they dressed in fashions I had never seen, and they laughed at jokes I had never even imagined.

It was my first glance outside at the back field. This was not a field at all and the darkened eerie trees now blossomed green and beautifully. The field was actually houses and buildings with the most marvelous architecture I had ever bestowed. Each home was different and elegantly colored. In fact, I would say this was the world in which I had always wished I had been my entire life.

Then it occurred to me that I was here, I had always been here, and that was what led me here now. But I knew those houses did not belong; they were not present in the world in which I had previously entered. This was a different time and place; possibly a different realm of the spectrum of life.

It occurred to me that this was the site of the disaster. Something terrible was about to happen. This was where I died.

28. Curtis Mayfield
"When Seasons Change"  5:27
There's No Place Like America Today
Chicago, IL (1942)-Roswell, GA (1999)

Times were already harsh enough. Finally, a group of revolutionaries sought to rebel against the crafted system that indicated the human race was failing. Although they had an impressive amount of followers, they were but a small group yet to initiate enough force against the oppressive empire. The empire swiftly retaliated, and left only one brief warning:

Dear Friends,

We have been eagerly anticipating killing you ever since time began. There are numerous sites scattered throughout the globe in which mass killings have taken place. Even though history has since crowned the victor as a tyrannical oppressor, we are eager to create more locations to be forever remembered as the site of disaster.

We will obliterate all opposition to the profiteering methods in which your products are bought and sold. This is our way of life. This is our freedom. You must support our standards, for our corporations are essential to maintain what we think you should consider the most perfect lifestyle. We have to be clear that all of this makes complete illogical sense to you and have thus implemented a process in which you will receive further conditioning that shall diminish any abnormal visions that detract from our governing principles.

Failure to comply with this ordinance will result in extermination of not only you, but your community, and all the values of your culture. But fear not, we will gleefully advertise your products on closed circuited television while we conduct the genocide. Thank you for your cooperation.

27. Harmonia
"Walky-Talky"  10:34
Forst, Germany

They quarantined the entire area. Back then this lifestyle was considered a threat. We did not depend on them for anything; we did not need their products, their government, their religion, the belief, their practices, or their money. This was a long long long time ago. We had technology they had never dreamed. And it bothered them that we achieved all of this without their assistance; even worse, without their permission; even worse, we weren't willing to capitalize on our success with monetary assets that we were willing to feed into the subsidiaries that claimed we needed certain privileges to live a certain way.

Our unwillingness to cooperate disturbed them. These people held different principles, different values, and operated a completely different system... a system they claimed was the only possible way of life. We found their systematic definition for the generation of synthetic  happiness morally inhumane.

Their recipe for success: we must capitalize on vulnerability. By creating vulnerability, we are creating a need for our products. When people become vulnerable, they will become desperate enough to give us their money, their lives, their free will, their souls, their everything. It is essential to make people vulnerable for a fear of uncertainty will make them spend extravagantly just to have shelter, just to have food, just to have clothing, just to have a need, and a dependency upon our practices in order to survive. 

Making people vulnerable is the only way our system will work.

But we never wanted to make anybody vulnerable. We weren't seeking to control, to dominate, to exceed the wealth of our predecessors, and our success was never defined by the amount of people we made suffer. In fact, we had our own culture, and a culture that had been flourishing for centuries. 

They wanted this land and committed numerous unethical crimes against humanity in order to obtain it. Our culture was enhanced from the survivors of the deadly disease they afflicted upon the ancient ones shortly after their first invasion. But a miracle happened... they united. Some have alleged that the conspirators for the imperialist plight committed treason as they switched sides. They shared new beliefs and created something wonderful, something magical, right here, so long ago.

Our culture did not coincide with their agenda. They wanted to manufacture the poor quality products to sell to the poor people who were underprivileged as a result of their system of maintaining vulnerability. We simply gave away the better products. In return we received a warning, and then a threat. Then we were quarantined. Then...

26. Hawkwind
"Magnu"  8:15
Warrior on the Edge of Time
London, England

Something hovered over the sky. This was when the bomb dropped. We saw its descent from the sky and could not believe that they had resorted to this type of behavior. How could anybody do this to their own species on their own land?

The bomb was more powerful than any of us could have ever imagined. As it dropped, the citizens assumed that it would destroy whatever target it struck and we would then develop a strategy to defend ourselves. 

It destroyed its intended target, but the devastation was far greater than originally speculated. The massive explosion that disintegrated a key landmark in the fascinating scenery was deafening loud and so powerful that it felt like a gigantic earthquake had triggered a defense mechanism in the Earth's foundation. Smoke filled the sky and flames from the infernos dominated the landscape. 

The bomb contained other elements. They had resorted to chemical warfare to ensure that all persons in the area would be killed. This should not have come to a surprise because they had resorted to the spread of deadly uncontrollable diseases on numerous occasions beforehand. 

Once the chemicals made contact with the surface, it triggered an adverse reaction. An enormous jet-stream of electric red fluid whipped through the streets which caused an array of fiery crimson sparks to expel from the ground, the buildings, the trees, and all matter triggered by the combustion of the chemical contents. The wave of shimmering red electricity coupled with infrared ultra-violet radiation spread abruptly through the streets and quickly covered the lovely faces with burning red chemical powders that caused intense burning, excruciating pain, and finally, the skin would incinerate into flames leaving the body smoldering in the charred inferno that was disfiguring an entire world.

But the impact of the explosion caused more destruction than anyone could have anticipated. It was as if the soil and the land itself had suffered intense physical injury and rushed in a frenzy to alleviate the pain. There was a loud scream from somewhere uncertain as the ground ignited and the burst from the explosion abruptly intensified... first busting all the windows then burning all of the citizens. All of the beautiful structures crumbled, fell, then disintegrated into a massive explosion as it hit the ground... the smokey dust from the ashen rubble also seemed to intensify the effect as the red powders turned to black, the smoke turned black, the fires turned to black flames, the soil turned to blackened liquid, and within moments, the entire section of The Universe was scorched into complete blackened oblivion... nothing remained but The Desolate Wasteland.

Our entire world was demolished and each and every one of us was killed that day. There were thousands of us then as our city was booming with prosperity. Within seconds of that bomb dropping, everything was eradicated at once.

In the end, The Fascinating City was transformed into a blackened field covered with eerie dead trees, blackened smoldering bodies, and a black liquid-y substance that tarnished the soil. It was such a destructive explosion that the beautiful land was forever ruined. Nothing could grow on this land and simply remained the death site of a previous disaster... the blackened pits of death.

The culture was removed from the history books and never mentioned again. The raid that caused the disaster was concealed as if it never happened. There is simply a site of disaster in which few people know anything pertaining to what actually happened. From the looks of it, one might suspect an oil spill because there is nothing standing and no evidence whatsoever that a prospering city once stood there.

There remains a town in relative proximity. Strange things have happened in this town since that day and there is no explanation of the mysterious occurrences that haunt them. It is as if they are afraid to speak of anything they might have seen.

The nearest survivor of disaster site was a distant tavern on the outskirts that featured the elegant Dance Club... it too mysteriously went out of business shortly afterwards. Once upon a time it was the liveliest spot in this town. But after a series of police raids and a mysterious tax increase, even that could not survive. Trespassers are often shot and killed, which included a group of teenage kids who were sneaking off to smoke pot. Nobody is permitted on the grounds behind The Nearby Tavern, and under no circumstances.

This is a huge blemish on the record of the human race, and a major indication that they will fail and soon be extinct.

Top Image By: Met Art
Bottom Image By: Blue Dog

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