NC17 Top 50 Songs of 1967

The Best of 1967 + Lifelong Truce
Chapter 1: Naive Governors Blindly Believe a Distorted Version of One Side of the Story
Chapter 2: Psychological Considerations
Chapter 3: Lifelong Truce
Chapter 4: Humanity Vs. Instilled Government Commands

Chapter III: Lifelong Truce

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50. The Deviants
"I'm Coming Home"  6:00
London, England

Most cities are not equipped to handle major events such as a Super Bowl, the Olympics, or The World's Fair. It should not be expected for another nation to be able to comfortably host an invasion of 50,000+ troops from another nation. The drafted kids went from sleeping in their beds, sometimes with a girlfriend, to having to sleep in camps out in the middle of nowhere. Some people had the job to set up base in particular areas, places where they may not even be wanted. The natives of this nation allowed these people to not only arrive with their heavy luggage, such as cruise missiles and tanks, but provided ample time for them to build a fortress and set up a base area. The troops were unable to check into hotels however.

49. The Freak Scene
"My Rainbow Life"  2:53
Psychedelic Psoul
New York, NY

Archie was driven by his love for Pauline, and nothing was going to stop him from winning his true love from the unemployment office. Although he was drafted, and he did not support the war, once battle was underway, he was left with no choice but to put himself in survival mode. Soon, he stopped caring about the logistics as to why he had been placed there and remained focused on fighting to improve his chances of survival. In terms of military biographies, Archie was a great soldier who was capable of handling large assaults and warding off the attackers. He had killed several people. Right now, somebody is in the unemployment office fucking Pauline. A bum.

48. Françoise Hardy
"Mon Amour Adieu"  2:26
Ma Jeunesse Fout Le Camp...
Paris, France

There is a statistician in the war whose responsibility is to keep track of all the people who had been killed, as if they are keeping score. One count is civilian deaths. Simply seeing one civilian death is traumatizing enough. Thompson's squad was ruthless, and responsible for a large number of civilian casualties. An incident occurred at a school, where a large number of kids ages 7-9 were killed because Craig fired a tank into the building while shooting a fleeing opponent. He thought nothing of the school, and continued firing at the fleeing opponent, destroying several houses within the city. Finally, he gunned down the man fleeing, who was unarmed- it was a great shot! Civilian deaths: 113; Average age: 14.

47. Sérgio Mendes & Brasil '66
"Cinammon & Clove"  2:26
Rio de Janiero, Brazil

People in general do not like to have their sleep disrupted because of loud noises. Cruz had a long night and was snoozing soundly when the invading nation was unloading a truckload of supplies; these military personnel think that it is prestigious to be wide awake and working by 5:00AM. They were being so noisy while unloading the truck that it woke Cruz and jolted him out of bed. He yelled out the window for them to be quiet; they did not understand a word he said and shot at him with the artillery they were unloading. Even though Cruz had been neutral this entire time, he got involved now. He rose from bed, left his home, and contacted people from the revolt with information about a truck of supplies. The truck, and the noisy troops unloading it, was located and destroyed. Survivors: 0.

46. Booker T. & The MG's
"Pigmy"  3:58
Hip Hug-Her
Memphis, TN

The rebellion had been temporarily delayed. At first, the number one priority was to enter the capitol city and oust the governor. But, the number of oppressors kept increasing as troops from other nations kept piling in showing support for the government. Furthermore, these troops from other nations were able to suppress the revolt by not allowing demonstrations from civilians who opposed the government, with many not even able to leave their homes. The military had blocked off several key streets and avenues making travel problematic. They weren't even part of the war, but they too became hostile towards the military. Because language construed communication, military would often view these complaints as threats, and take hostile action. A civilian getting into a confrontation with military personnel is listed as battle casualty rather than civilian death. The other hand, military troops killed by angry civilians: 136.

45. The Who
"Armenia City in the Sky"  3:48
The Who Sell Out
London, England

In one case, the civilians within the city launched a full-scale offensive on the invading troops. These people were simply tired of seeing their lifestyles disrupted because of military personnel, who they claimed had no right to be there. Armed with kitchen knives, rocks, and other assorted gadgets lying around, the civilians aggressively charged the tanks, assault rifles, and missile launchers. Needless to say, most of the civilians were killed or put into prisons. However, they did unknowingly assassinate a highly ranked officer, via hatchet, and confiscate some valuable weapons that had been funded by the taxpayers. Because they had some supplies depleted, and the commanding officer killed, the drafted youths were unsure what actions to take next. The next wave revolt came in well equipped, and the teenagers were all killed.

44. Elizabeth Cotten
"Shake Sugaree"  5:03
Shake Sugaree
Carborro, NC (1893)-Syracuse, NY (1987)

The invading nation was supposedly the wealthiest, most powerful nation in the world that had the most international influence. They did contain a large population of people who earn significantly more wages than that the average income of, say, one of those nations where all the people live in mud huts- like the native nation. However, this lifestyle came with negative consequences, especially for the discriminated ones, and the ones who did not have enormous wealth. The products in this nation, even the housing, food, and clothing could all be very expensive, yet people were still required to purchase those things. People were struggling in certain communities- all of the troops including the captain. And, people had sell off their belongings sometimes to make other payments, or pay taxes, or pay fines imposed on them by the government for what they considered petty crimes.

43. Bee Gees
"To Love Somebody"  3:03
Bee Gees 1st
Brisbane, Australia

The Dexter family could not understand why it seemed as if the whole world was determined to make sure they lived in an impoverished unjust environment for the rest of their lives. There seemed to be no clear cut excuse as to why the other nations did not support their desires for a better lifestyle, as if they wished for the whole community to suffer in an attempt to make them feel better about themselves- all they really wanted was equality and cultural advancement. There comes a time when people have to do what is right for them; attempting to improve living standards in your own community qualifies as a person doing what is best for him/her; simply intervening in another nation's domestic dispute in which little is known about the struggles does not.

42. The Moody Blues
"Nights in White Satin"  7:38
Days of Future Passed
Birmingham, England

Due to the fact they could not grasp as to why troops from the other nations decided it was necessary to get involved rather than mind their own business, hostility towards the invading troops heightened. The confusion escalated to sheer hatred, and the natives eventually resorted to cruel tactics to the invaders. Gradually, the disgust consumed their thought patterns, as did the hatred for their living conditions, as did the hatred for the world in general for lack of support. People lost control of the values they once had and resorted to criminal acts of violence to channel this anger. Some of the drafted teenagers were tortured, tormented, and treated harshly simply because they were there, fighting an unjust cause, and the tormentors had been consumed by an anger that had been developing their entire life.

41. Robert Knight
"Everlasting Love"  3:00
Everlasting Love
Franklin, TN

Tyson reflected on his poor environment: recalled how the police constantly brutalized and harassed him and his friends, then attempted to ponder as to why another nation would intervene... whose sole purpose seemed to offer more harassment. He felt as if he did not need to take this from anybody, let alone some troops from some other country. Thinking about this, he became so angry that he furiously led assaults on the other troops. If any squad of troops from the other nation was ever spotted, his squad would make certain that every single one of them was executed and properly disposed of. Confirmed kills: 4,813.

40. Ultimate Spinach
"The Hip Death Goddess"  8:15
Boston, MA

Ralph was in charge of a battalion consisting of nothing but teenagers who had been forced to go fight. None of these kids ever considered fighting in a war, and none of them claimed this was what they wanted to be when they grow up at show and tell in kindergarten. Ralph, too, had been drafted, and did not come from a wealthy upbringing. They were walking across the field, going nowhere in particular; just walking like so many had to do, when shots rang out. Nobody could see where the shots came from, but one person was wounded, and not another person was in sight. A few seconds later, another shot was fired, dropping a lad dead. They were stuck in the wide open vicinity of a deserted field, nothing in sight to take cover. Unprepared to even know how to deal with this, they shot back at nothing. What they did not know was that they were fighting a militia of people struggling for advancement and did not have an array of ammunition at their disposal. Each shot had to be precise, and one by one, the entire squad was picked off. None of them ever even spotted an attacker.

39. Godz
"Soon the Moon"  4:03
Godz 2
New York, NY

The American Revolutionary War was fought between a highly skilled British military versus a group of makeshift civilians with extremely less equipment was won by the underdogs. Historians cite one of the keys to this victory was home field advantage- the fact they knew the area and the highly trained British military did not. Knowing this, one would think that would serve as ground to never invade a foreign nation where the troops have no clue about the land or know how to get anywhere. The natives were effective at utilizing home field advantage, knew all the escape routes, as well as all the proper hiding places to conduct raids and ambushes. Instead, cowardly invaders resort to dropping missiles from the sky without any opposition whatsoever.

38. Bob Dylan
"I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine"  3:55
John Wesley Harding
Duluth, MN/New York, NY

Larry viewed the natives as friends rather than enemies. He was intelligent, but similar to Thompson, troubled in school- therefore drafted. While there, he learned how to speak the language, and when speaking with non-aggressive tones, he acquired all the details as to what all the fighting was about. He did not give a fuck about his nation's government, nor did he approve of this other nations. However, he did have several friends in his squad, and made several friends in town. It was a tricky situation, but he pulled it off. Larry and two other guys pretended to go to the bathroom, where they were met by Larry's native friends who knew the area well. They guided Larry and two other draftees away from the military camp, and into town where they were given civilian clothes, and no longer participated in any other battles.

37. The Millennium/The Ballroom
"The Island"  3:20
Magic Time
Los Angeles, CA

Even though the attackers tested at an average of 68% compatible (individually within the squad, the troops averaged 57% compatibility with one another), the two squads were determined to fight until death. At any given moment, either could have retreated, or if they could speak each other's language, discussed matters rationally and became friends. Instead, the battle raged furiously with neither side willing to give up. The end result, Bertram had been hit in the chest but survived long enough to shoot the last remaining person on the other side- 12% more compatible than his best friend. Shortly afterwards, he died too. Odds if both parties attended a concert together it would have been the most fun night for all of them; 92%. Survivors: 0.

36. Donovan
"Mellow Yellow"  3:39
Mellow Yellow
Glasgow, Scotland

A fight broke out in the middle of the city. One set of troops retreated into an abandoned building, took cover, fired back. The other side strategically surrounded the building, entered, and the fighting ensued on the inside. Several shots were fired repeatedly, coupled with several breaks in which both sides attempted to devise new plans. After several hours of firing rounds at each other, nothing was resolved. It had reached the 4th floor of the building, the one set of troops took cover in one room with the door secured, the other set had to take cover in the room directly across the hall; both parties had two armed men at the end of the corridors securing one section apiece. Basically, whoever attempted to leave their sector first was going to be killed. There were no casualties at all, and both sides claimed success at not allowing the other in, or the other out- a revised goal. Upon realizing that this was a stalemate, finally, both sides yelled demands at one another through a window. The fighting stopped completely, and both sides gained a respect for the other. A cease fire was ordered; both parties shook hands and called a truce, with the truce having to be for life. They actually became friends.

35. Nara Leão
"A Praça"  2:15
Vento de Maio
Vitoria, Brazil (1942)-Rio de Janiero, Brazil (1989)

A construction crew worked long hours to build a home. Once it was completed, they stood back and observed with much appreciation the final project. A lot of work had gone into building this home, and the results were happy. The people who lived in this home were happy and guests were always welcome. It became a haven for events such as holiday gatherings and festive celebrations. One day, it was destroyed by a bomb. The same workers looked at the demolished wreck and wondered why their hours of hard work had to be destroyed all over government.

34. The Box Tops
"Neon Rainbow"  3:03
The Letter/Neon Rainbow
Memphis, TN

Some diabolical mind came up with the invention of the landmine. This person sat around his home thinking of ways to explode unsuspecting people simply by walking across the field. This proved an effective defense strategy for it was an ideal way to keep intruders from invading important territory. Any use outside of this is criminal. Invading nations will often bring landmines with them in their suitcases. Then, they will place a landmine in a spot where people least expect it. After that, they get to watch a civilian just out wandering around accidentally step on it and be killed. Landmines has also claimed the lives of numerous wildlife such as deer, raccoons, and other animals that people photograph when enamored by its mere presence.

33. Laura Nyro
"Stoned Soul Picnic"  3:51
Eli and the Thirteenth Confession
New York, NY (1947)-Danbury, CT (1997)

Sales associates wake up revitalized prepared to begin the day on a positive note and sell an enormous amount of the products which meets their job description. Some soldiers apply these same standards. They wake up, and think to themselves, it’s a nice day to go out and kill somebody. Today I am going to gun down 43 people, I just feel like engaging in battle. It is a nice day to bomb something. What I'm really in the mood for is to gather a multitude of dead bodies lying out in the field and dispose of them. This is what makes me happy.

32. Fifty Foot Hose
"Rose"  5:07
San Francisco, CA

People from the invading nation found comfort in knowing there were people in this country exactly like the ones from theirs. One day while reviewing plans for an upcoming mission, a person approached in a suit and tie and declared that they had to pack up and leave- that this lot had been purchased by commercial developers and there were plans to open a new department store. The soldiers were trespassing, and decreasing the property value, a negative impact on potential customers. This person even came with security, the police in which were supposedly allies with these troops. Turns out, both governments strive to protect the exact same assets, no matter what the cost. The squad was massacred during relocation. Cause of death: gun fire. Underlying cause of death: Black Friday Sales.

31. Stan Getz
"Sweet Rain"  7:09
Sweet Rain
Phildadelphia, PA (1927)-Malibu, CA (1991)

Displaced troops had found comfort and friendship with the citizens of this nation. Although they did spend an enormous amount of time wondering how they were ever going to get home, those hopes were vanished when they concluded what else would accompany back home. There was no way any of them were ever going to participate in another battle. Going home ran the risk of getting deployed again, and then having to deal with that lifestyle as well as a series of questions. It would be best to wait until after the war. George, however, did make it back home. Once there, he realized he liked the other nation better due to the circumstances within his own nation who he felt had betrayed him- his family was always a bit peculiar. Now, he contemplates how to return to that small village and be with his other friends.

30. The Seeds
"Fallin'"  7:50
Los Angeles, CA

One set of troops was assigned to carry out a dangerous mission in the middle of the night. It was an operation that required much strategy and completion would be essential to the overall victory. However, an opposing unit discovered this secret mission and sent out another set of troops to foil the mission; the one set of troops had heard about the other set and were prepared for the mission to be foiled. They walked in fear, awaiting ambush the entire time. It was dark, and they were careful to remain covered and not be spotted. However, they ended up getting surrounded in a remote part of a forest. This set of troops had become skilled with their defense, and knew how to properly take cover. The foiling plotters were able to successfully halt the mission, but found it difficult to eliminate these men. Immediate casualties, both sides: 0.

29. Milton Nascimento
"Morro Velho"  4:37
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The one set of troops needed to complete this mission. Then, it resorted to survival by all means necessary. Key goal number one was to get out of these woods. In order to achieve that however, and it was the only way, they had to kill some of the people in this other squad- get rid of them somehow. All night, both sides developed strategies and judiciously fired shots back and forth at each other. This went on the entire night, and not one side could claim victory. In fact, neither side suffered any casualties whatsoever. Both squads called for assistance from other platoons.

28. The Jimi Hendrix Experience
"Up From the Skies"  2:57
Axis: Bold as Love
Seattle, WA (1942)- London, England (1970)

The sun had risen. Both parties had received ample back-up and the other brigades were strategically assigned to safe havens as to develop a means to assure victory for their own side. The one set of troops remained surrounded in the woods while the opponents were perched in various locations to prevent any sort of escape. The battles had been useless, both sides were too skilled, and to get aggressive all of sudden now would be suicide. However, the mission was too important for both sides to simply abandon. As it stood now, both battling parties were now surrounded by the assistance they had called in, though assistance had yet met the acquaintance of any outside their groups.

27. The Doors
"My Eyes Have Seen You"  2:29
Strange Days
Los Angeles, CA

Both parties were extremely quiet, and had yet seen one another, were able to remain completely hidden in the dark night. Once the sun came up, and with the use of binoculars, they spotted each other. "No fucking shit," was uttered at the exact same time in two different languages. The troops in battle had also previously battled to a prior stalemate (see above) and had vowed to a lifelong truce. Sure it was an important mission, but for what cause? Humanity? Violation of a lifelong truce with a group of people who had already earned their respect was a violation of humanity...respect, friendship, that is humanity. Both highest ranking officers adamantly ordered their back-up squads not to do anything.

26. The Beatles
"A Day in the Life"  4:33
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Liverpool, England

"We had a truce." All persons involved agreed, ordered another cease-fire and met in the middle of the woods to talk. The talk was actually friendly; people greeted each other with smiles, and apologies, "sorry didn't know it was you." Lines of nods, "hey, what's up?" Unfortunately, they were also surrounded by back-up troops. They were in a serious bind when dealing with humanity, and the cause of whatever this mission entailed. Both parties stood quietly, looking at one another, looking around the forest knowing they were surrounded by people who depended on those important documents the captain kept securely in his backpack, the documents that could determine the outcome of the war.

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