NC17 Top 25 Traxxx of Pre-1965

The Origination of History + The Top 100 Songs of 1965 and Before

Chapter 1: I Know Where it Began Because I Was There
Chapter 2: The Preacher and The Scientist Were Definitely There Too
Chapter 3: The Molding of Modern Society
Chapter 4: Modern Society, And These Fuckers Are STILL Here

Chapter IV: Modern Society... And These Fuckers Are STILL Here

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25. The Fugs
"Slum Goddess"  2:01
The Village Fugs Sing Contemporary Ballads of Protest, Point of Views, and General Dissatisfaction (1965)
New York, NY

The world adopted the tragic hero, and many fell in love with the rebel. This person had no interest in the lifestyle of the king, did not conform to his standards, and desired individual freedom over stockpiling wealth. In literature, the movies, and in art period, the audience cheers for this person; but in real life, the values of this person are seriously questioned and his/her lifestyle intensely criticized.

24. The Who
"My Generation"  3:18
The Who Sings My Generation (1965)
London, England

There came a movement, in which those in existence questioned the supposed morals of the king, and the means in which had been utilized to spread these morals. The king became the enemy, the people sought Revolution. Being a proud supporter of the government and this premonition of upper class citizens was a symbol of pure stupidity. However, most people still insisted government was a requirement, and only desired more wages. The movement was soon suppressed again, as several of these movements occur daily.

23. The Kinks
"Where Have All the Good Times Gone"  2:53
Kontroversy (1965)
London, England

People have become willing to sacrifice personal happiness in order to obtain more wages. Life has passed many people by and they simply never achieved any of their goals due to the fact they were working a position they loathed in order to obtain the wages the banker instituted as necessary for survival. These people have sometimes lost contact with their families for prolonged periods due to their job, the job that defines them.

22. Captain Beefheart
"Moonchild"  2:35
Moonchild (1965)
Glendale, CA (1941)-Arcata, CA (2010)

The people of Earth, the ones who had been left behind by the God who abandoned them, slave most of their lives to obtain wages. The method in which these wages are earned plays the most prominent role in their lives, even though the method employed has absolutely nothing in common with their natural personality traits. And, despite the fact that so much effort and dedication has been put into this employment, the job that requires sleep deprivation, distance from friends and family, and sometimes even serious injury or death, the workers still have to forfeit a significant portion of their wages to the kings, who have done nothing nor had any impact whatsoever on the actual life of the worker.

21. Dionne Warwick
"Walk on By"  2:56
Make Way For Dionne Warwick (1964)
East Orange, NJ (1940-present)

There are monuments that have been built for the kings. However, in The Grand Scheme of Things, the past kings and forefathers have had little contribution to the advancement of society; their lives are basically considered meaningless in the eyes of The Universe. Of all the positive aspects of today's world, the items that most people consider essential, very few of them were constructed by a previous king. Not one single President of the United States played any role whatsoever in developing anything that is actually useful right now...no previous king...no pope. Most people have no clue who the fuck Grover Cleveland even is. What exactly they did to justify their claim as a significant historical figure is unknown to most.

20. The Rolling Stones
"As Tears Go By"  2:44
December's Children
London, England

The worst of all kings was Adolf Hitler, a man so incredibly stupid that even his mere image is offensive. Some say Hitler was a great speaker, but Hitler was not a great anything. Aside from the obvious displays of tyranny and warfare, Hitler's life as a complete failure goes even beyond that. This imbecile outlined a plan, strictly for Germans, for 1000 years. 1000 years, and in this diagram, there is no mention whatsoever of anything that would be of any use today. He did not mention the Internet, the DVD player, or any other valuable form of technology that we simply cannot imagine living without today. Perhaps if his little pea brain thought of this, he would have known to check Google weather, and may have realized the middle of winter was probably not the best time to invade Russia. And people still praise this buffoon; one would have to seriously lack brilliance to regard Hitler as relevant.

19. Otis Spann
"Otis in the Dark"  4:38
Is the Blues (1960)
Jackson, MS (1930)-Chicago, IL (1970)

Unfortunately, rather than deem their pathetic lives as meaningless, these "leaders" are often the ones most frequently quoted in history books. The ancient Greek philosophers are still taught in schools even though they are not responsible for one single useful contribution. In fact, these "geniuses" were actually idiots... Such as Aristotle, who despite being unemployed and not required to do anything productive, devised theories that were completely ineffective, such as stating that weight implies which of two objects with the exact same mass would hit the ground first. Aristotle was so lazy, that he never even bothered to get up off of his fat lazy ass and actually conduct the experiment. Therefore, he in no way shape or form ever envisioned the treadmill either.

18. John Coltrane
"Part 1-Acknowledgement"  7:48
A Love Supreme (1965)
Hamlet, NC (1926)-Huntington, NY (1967)

There was never this magical device discovered randomly in the ground that improved knowledge and advancements in culture or technology. With all the exact same resources that are available today, and in many cases even more, the past kings were unable to make any progress at all. In fact, 98% of the entire 0-1800 AD was a complete waste of life. In 1800 years, not a single one of them bastards ever came up with a way to send text messages. The entire period of 0-1300 could be erased completely and no one would ever even notice.

17. Santo & Johnny
"Sleepwalk"  2:20
S/T (1959)
New York, NY

There is not one single noteworthy event that took place in the year 1244, neither BCE nor AD, both years are equally useless. They didn't even have Cherry Coke back then. Rather, they spent all of their time riding around on horses in stupid looking armor suits trying to convince everybody that their master possessed any brilliance whatsoever (consider the source). They could just destroy forests all day (as opposed to doing something useful) in order for other villages to have to honor the same brainless twit as the unfashionable derelict riding the horse.

16. Chet Atkins
"Indian Love Call"  3:19
Indian Love Call (1951)
Luttrell, TN (1924)-Nashville, TN (2001)

Most community residents are completely forgotten and replaced with images of the king who oppressed them. Current students are required to read about the list of accomplishments achieved by the king, even though their contributions had zero impact on today's society. In most cases, all the king did was unethically conquer somebody, utter a few clichés he ordained as words of wisdom, and then stole all of their assets. People often have no interest in the past kings, yet are still force-fed their policies and prejudices. Departments that profess the lives of people who did have a significant impact, such as musicians, writers, and artists are gradually being eliminated due to an alleged lack of currencythe kings deplete the currency that fund these programs in order for students to only know history according to government.

15. Scott Joplin
"The Entertainer"  4:41
The Entertainer (1897)
Linden, TX (1867 or 1868)-Astoria, NY (1917)

The very first ever recording of a great song was written and performed by a black man, referred to in those days as either a negro or even a nigger. These terms were used back then to belittle another human being strictly due to skin color... no other reason. However, those responsible for the enslavement and oppression of this race offer zero to today's world, and the fact that they even lived in the first place is annoying.

But yes, the white man did invent the piano; some cracker in Italy named Bartolomeo Cristofori who is never discussed in history (where would the world be without him?). The honkies managed to get these things into America, by means of slavery, but never allowed the niggers to play them. Finally, somebody did— people whose lives do have meaning—the aforementioned rebel who realized the inadequacies of the kings their deceitful policies. Thanks to this beautiful display of nonconformity, something magical finally happened.

Harmony of the races should have been far more prevalent than pillaging, rape, and the crusades. Had the first regime sought unity instead of domination, the world would be far more advanced than it is today. Joplin and Cistofori are significantly more important than Alexander the Great, Andrew Jackson, King Henry the MCMLXVIII, or any other governor of any time period. Kings of England were so stupid that they couldn't even conjure original names for their own children,.. and we are supposed to honor them as if they were relevant to anything essential?

14. Them
"Gloria"  2:38
Here Comes the Night (1964)
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Finally, several centuries into the existence of mankind, groups of individuals vehemently revolted against the oppressive standards of the kings. These brave souls adamantly refused to conform to uniform doctrines governed by the king and his sects of religion; they opposed the policies with the same tyranny in which the kings attempted to uphold them. They adopted their own images, their own personas, that by all means, the king would surely opposeand they did this purposely, without fear... like Van Morrison and these other punks pictured on this album cover. Back in 1964, they were considered degenerate hooligan scum... nearly 50 years later; can you name the mayor of Belfast who probably deemed these guys as disciples of Satan?

13. Duane Eddy
"Peter Gunn"  2:27
Especially for You (1959)
Corning, NY (1938-present)

Uprisings against the kings turned violent, as people refused to live by their standards any longer. The people defaced images of the past kings, burned the national emblems, burned the flags, destroyed their buildings, disobeyed their ordinances, and, ultimately, challenged their God and their beliefs. This could have been done a long time ago.

12. Stan Getz & João Gilberto
"Corcovado"  4:19
Getz/Gilberto (1964)
Getz (Philadelphia 1927-Malibu 1991) JG (Brazil 1931-present)

Natural human instinct could no longer be defined. Those in society no longer behaved in a way that could be deemed natural, original, or individual as people's personality traits had to be altered severely in order to conform to the patterns of the king's society and to earn more income. People have been forced to construe their normal thinking patterns just to maintain what is considered quality living standards in society.

11. Ennio Morricone
"Per un Pugno di Doll"  3:02
A Fistful of Dollars (1964)
Rome, Italy (1928-present)

A significant portion of the world’s population is deprived of what they naturally desire to achieve due to the fact that they are in need of wages in order to survive. Many people never get the opportunity to accomplish their greatest ambitions, their lifelong dreams, because of wages, or because the company's budget does not allow that person to be a part of their teamthey prefer somebody who's parents spent their wages on the exact same college the CEO attended.

10. Astrud Gilberto
"Photograph"  2:12
The Astrud Gilberto Album (1965)
Salvador, Brazil (1940)/U.S. (present)

People will violate their own belief system in order to obtain wages. They may have actually believed every single word in the Bible, which that alone may be either natural or a case of personality modification based on society's instilment of commonly accepted beliefs, and believe that day 7 is the Sabbath, no work should ever be done. This person will go to work at a job he/she despises just to pay credit card expenses.

9. Charles Mingus
"Track B- Duet Solo Dancers"  6:45
The Black Saint and Sinner Lady (1963)
Nogales, AZ (1922)-Cuernavaca, Mexico (1979)

The fabricated opinionated morals that have been passed down upon us by futile kings have revised the traits that define each individual person. All people now living are a direct reaction of an attempted influence to steer each individual in a direction that may or may not be appropriate. Nobody is truly himself, truly herself, truly itself; just the delegation of he, she, or it has its own implication of standards that define each role.

8. Otis Redding
"A Change is Gonna Come"  4:20
Otis Blue/Otis Redding Sings Soul (1965)
Dawson, GA (1941)-Madison, WI (1967)

The world has come to an end numerous times; it has been restored numerous times. It will come to an end again tomorrow. When the history of mankind is traced, there will be attempts to figure out exactly how extinction occurred. There will be an investigation. The advanced species, the ones who surpassed us, will vilify our lifestyle, our foolish concepts, our values, and our currency. We will be ridiculed in their minds for we killed ourselves over desire for currency. They will see us as "pea brained" just as we see the dinosaurs that went extinct.

7. Booker T. & The M.G.s
"Green Onions"  2:54
Green Onions (1962)
Memphis, TN

What have you done recently that defines you as a person? How much of you is exactly your natural self, and how much of your persona is based in accordance with the standards that has been outlined for you by the futile kings? Were you naturally conceived to sit at a desk and answer customer complaints on the telephone? Does this make you happy? Are you handling the customer complaints by your natural process of thinking, or are you saying what your king and your wage payer wants you to say? The world will never make significant progress unless you are doing what you are naturally good at, and are benefiting the human race on a whole. Will the world remember what you did today? Or was it like 1244 all over again? Does this define you?

6. Vince Guaraldi
"Linus & Lucy"  3:07
A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)
San Francisco, CA (1928)-Menlo Park, CA (1976)

What did God tell you? No, not what you heard from someone else, not what you read in a manual written by a futile king, what did God tell you personally? If you are willing to commit yourself to a belief in God, an entity, a spirit, a higher power, Heaven, Hell, then this is something you need to figure out on your own termsnot what others have dictated for you. Because religion has had numerous instances of being wrong in the past, and there also exists the notion that the minister is merely preaching the king's principles in order to obtain wages, then, it should be an important mission for you to be certain that the will of God is truthful and applies to you personally.

5. Esquivel
"Night and Day"  2:40
Other Worlds Other Sounds (1958)
Tampico, Mexico (1918)-Jiutepec, Mexico (2002)

It is not acceptable to be exactly like everybody else, nor is it natural. It is considered a negative trait to demean another individual for possessing the ability to generate thought processes which are outside the norm. To think in a manner that defies the guidelines in which the futile kings have defined as proper is completely natural and should be welcomed... and will be in the upcoming future. On the other hand, simply conforming to the belief system of a majority without questioning is also natural for some, but, one must recognize that the majority has a deep seeded history with falsehood, and being, ultimately, wrong.

4. The Rock-A-Teens
Woo-Hoo (1959)
Richmond, VA

The kings were effectively able to devise new methods to control the population into thinking their standards were pristine, to prevent the population from questioning their desires to obtain their wages, to believe their morals legitimately did come from God. The device was the television, the tabloid magazine, and other forms of media. No form of media communications has ever been permitted to freely display whatever it pleases due to constraints from the king and his currency. A new sect of kings was established with the sole purpose to monitor the media and ensure that it followed the fabricated morals or else the publishers of these mediums too would have to forfeit more of the wages to the king and reside in the king's prison. With the usage of television programs, the king now has the ability to characterize persons deemed a threat (the rebel/Van Morrison of 1964) and depict these threats in a manner that shall be distinguished as negative to the mindless viewer. Always remember how those who followed Hitler's commands are perceived today.

3. The Beatles
"Dizzy Miss Lizzy"  2:54
Liverpool, England

The news media acts as a prosecutor, paying wages to indebted commentators dislodged from their natural state, to state the opinions that are acceptable to the king, and word them in a manner in which the followers of the king's education system will believe as the truth without question. That certain traits will always be considered right or wrong, good or bad, heroic or evil. The TV became "it", and joined the likes of God said, they said, and now, it said. Repressed people assumed the television commentators only related facts, so they thought, and never opinions. Soon, their community was also conquered by an invading king... and they utilized their own wages to purchase the 57" plasma screen that administered the invasion.

2. Miles Davis
"Flamenco Sketches"  9:26
Kind of Blue
Alton, IL (1926)-Santa Monica, CA (1991)

It is time to acknowledge the fact that the God the king spoke of has abandoned us, that God is not coming to save us anytime soon. We must question the validity of this God's abilities to create anything perfect. Just as we have been abandoned, it is time for us to abandon the king's God and figure out a way to save ourselves. The astronomer believes that God ignited the big bang. Eternal life in the heavens of The Universe is the ultimate desire and also a possibility. However, we have the ability to accomplish this feat on our own, without dying, and without the assistance of an entity that may not even exist. Many believe that dying is as natural as working in a tiny office cubicle for a deranged supervisor in order to obtain currency. We have the ability to go anywhere, to accomplish anything; this is not 1244! There has been notable evidence that when the skin colors all work together, the results are much more fulfilling than the king's castle, that a man living forever on the stars is more satisfying than working 50 years at a trivial position.

#1! Bob Dylan
"It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)"  7:32
Bringing It All Back Home
Duluth, MN (1941)/New York, NY (1965)/Malibu (present)

Should the plights of all the past kings be questioned thoroughly and analyzed with the same precise skepticism in which critics challenged those claiming to be current disciples of God, the lives of the kings would be deemed useless; their principles disdained, their biographies omitted, their monuments destroyed, and all of their teachings completely erased and forgotten about. That, there shall be no government that controls outside the boundaries that can be physically reached at that moment, there shall be no religion in which we all must follow, there shall be no currency, there shall be no laws based on opinion, there shall be no oppression based on merit, no prejudice based on any traits that came with birth, that no person shall be forced to live outside his/her comfort level, that no person attempts to seek happiness at the expense of others, and individual differences are always welcomed and respected.

"Like a Rolling Stone"  6:13
Highway 61 Revisited
Duluth, MN

Written, Designed, and Music Compiled by Tony J. Neal

None of the original songs were ever intended to be used in this type of format.
Descriptions in no way shape or form intended to be a truthful reflection or interpretation of the song or the artist in reference.
All characters and themes completely fictitious and any similarities to actual people living or deceased are coincidental. Based on factual events.

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Special thanks to Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Otis Redding, Van Morrison and all those who helped shape punk and the plot against the king.

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