The Top 25 Songs of 1985

The Top 150 Songs of 1985 + Done: With Errors on the Page
Part 1: Penny, The Girl with Herpes
Part 2: Hercules and His Motorcycle
Part 3: People Not Taking Any Shit Whatsoever
Part 4: Different Exposures to Reality
Part 5: The Comforting Warmth of Disillusionment
Part 6: An Incomplete Process that Proceeded Anyway

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In the meantime... our first actual book publication, a dystopian epic: The Mansion 

According to the plant and animal life on Earth, which eventually unfriends the human race amidst bold accusations coming from an oddly-shaped row of trees: the concepts of government, religion, and economics were fabricated by the same sources that devised such absurdity as Black Friday sales, fashionable bowling attire, expiration dates for vaginal lube, and marketing strategies to entice specifically targeted mayonnaise consumers … and these sources obviously did not originate on the Planet Earth. From Prohibition to the dystopian future plagued with revolution, animosity towards society, and farming hippos with growth hormones, characters such as Squirrel Abraham and Jimmers Waffles (raccoon) not only challenge the status quo, but also question the entire history that created it.

Compiling 30 Sections and 68 different themes and storylines, which explore topics ranging from concepts of customer service to victimless crimes to a town in West Virginia that repeatedly becomes a ghost town; and featuring guest appearances from the likes of seahorses, dragonflies, praying mantis, chickens, and raccoon, The Mansion chronicles the plight of the human race, where Primitive Man evolved into the species known as Homo Bowler, and set out to destroy the world in a quest for decorative plates, generic shoes, and non-dairy powdered creamer.

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25. The Cramps
"Surfin' Dead"  4:14
The Return of the Living Dead
New York, NY/Hollywood, CA

24. Feedtime
"Ha Ha"  2:46
Sydney, AU

23. Swans
"Money is Flesh"  4:57
New York, NY

22. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
"Black Crow King"  5:06
The Firstborn is Dead
Warracknabeal, AU/ Berlin, Germany/ Brighton, England

21. Jacobites
"All the Dark Rags"  4:57
Robespierre's Velvet Basement
London, England

20. Аквариум (Aquarium)
"Танцы на грани весны"  2:57
Дети Декабря (December Children)
Saint Petersburg, Russia

19. Half Man Half Biscuit
"Seal Clubbing"  3:26
Back in the D.H.S.S.
Birkenhead, England

18. Zabranjeno Pušenje
"Stanje šoka"  3:10
Dok čekaš sabah sa šejtanom
Sarajevo, Bosnia

17. Eskorbuto
"Cuidado"  4:07
Santurtzi, Spain

16. Dexys Midnight Runners
"One of Those Things"  6:01
Don't Stand Me Down
Birmingham, England

15. John Fogerty
"Rock and Roll Girls"  3:28
Berkely, CA

14. The Replacements
"Here Comes a Regular"  4:45
Minneapolis, MN

13. Prince
"Paisley Park"  4:33
Around the World in a Day
Minneapolis, MN

12. The Dream Academy
"Life in a Northern Town"  4:19
London, England

11. Tears For Fears
"Head Over Heels"  5:02
Songs From the Big Chair
Bath, England

10. D.R.I.
"I Don't Need Society"  1:34
Dealing With It
Houston, TX/ San Francisco, CA


9. Hüsker Dü
"Terms of Psychic Warfare"  2:19
New Day Rising
Minneapolis, MN

8. Talking Heads
"Perfect World"  4:25
Little Creatures
New York, NY

7. The Waterboys
"The Whole of the Moon"  5:01
This is the Sea
London, England

6. Tools You Can Trust
"Cut a New Seam"  2:23
Yet More Proof
Manchester, England

5. Кино  (Kino)
"Проснись"  3:32
Это не любовь...
Saint Petersburg, Russia

4. Prefab Sprout
"Goodbye Lucille #1"  4:29
Steve McQueen
Newcastle, England

3. The Jesus and Mary Chain
"Never Understand"  2:58
Glasgow, Scotland

2. Mekons
"Trouble Down South"  4:15
Fear and Whiskey
Leeds, England

#1!  Tall Dwarfs
"Nothing's Going to Happen" 6:06 + "Nothing's Going to Stop It"  6:17
That's the Long and Short of It
Dunedin, New Zealand

END CREDITS. Oliver Lake
"Page Four"  5:24
Expandable Language
Montclair, NJ

Written, Designed, and Music Compiled by Tony J. Neal

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