The Top 25 Songs of 1975

The Best of 1975 + The Red Alert
Part 1 of 6: (Tracks 160-131) The Age of Eventually
Part 2 of 6: (Tracks 130-101) The Night They Always Remembered
Part 3 of 6: (Tracks 100-76) The Invasion
Part 4 of 6: (Tracks 75-51) The Fascinating City
Part 5 of 6: (Tracks 50-26) The Nearby Tavern
Part 6 of 6: (Tracks 25-#1) The Desolate Wasteland

Part VI: The Desolate Wasteland

The Best: 25-#1. Press play to listen to the songs while you read.

25. Milton Nascimento
"Minas"  2:32
Rio de Janiero, Brazil

The acid rain finally ceased drenching the hazardous ruins of The Desolate Wasteland. Darkness. 

A glimpse of sunshine twinkled through the dead trees that shaded the site of blackened disaster as the sun emerged from over the grassy hill that was suddenly green. One flower sprouted and blissfully bloomed beautifully near the decrepit tar-pits of the blackened holocaust. 

Captain Coolidge sailed the abandoned ship through the calm pleasant waters of the Sea that now resembled Paradise. With that, more flowers sprouted. One-by-one, purple green-stemmed flowers bloomed from the edges of the boundaries of what was considered arable land and what was considered damaged beyond repair. In short time, one single row of purple flowers surrounded the circular perimeter of The Desolate Wasteland.

There was dead body laying the debris. A lovely purple green-stemmed flower blossomed out of his forehead. As he lie there still in a cesspool of black vile, more gorgeous flowers bloomed from various places on his lifeless body. He lethargically sat up and observed the surroundings, admiring the pretty flower that stood elegantly on his wrist. Once a victim of human negligence, he smiled, arose, and walked away into The Age of Reformed Hope.

The row of flowers joined stems and circled the perimeter of the wasteland. They seemed so happy, joyous, and in love with the world... even though their immediate surrounding was the most grotesque blemish in the face of The Universe.

24. Brian Eno
"Golden Hours"  4:00
Another Green World
Woodbridge, England/London, England

At this juncture, The Sun, The Moon, and Saturn perfectly aligned and placed themselves in the forefront of the Earth's daytime sky. They seemed to smile upon Hector as he journeyed from the black pits of the wasteland into the pleasantries of the sole remaining village. Hector had died several years ago; his presence in the community center raised questions about life after death. But he was no longer dead; not only was he well alive, but capable of providing life as indicated with the plants sprouting from his skin.

Those residing in this strange town stared at Hector as he strolled merrily down the street. A lot of remarkable incidents had occurred in this village, particularly ever since many of them thought they had heard a gigantic explosion and felt that much-disputed mysterious earthquake. But this was the most fascinating encounter they had yet to witness. Here was a man, skin grotesquely blackened from a catastrophic tragedy, obviously dead, severely blemished, and now walking the streets with a happy smile. And of all things, gorgeous purple flowers blooming from his severed body.

There had been rumors and much speculation as to what had really happened that day a long long time ago. People wondered what exactly lurked beyond those eerie trees that surrounded the heavily guarded quarantined territory; something that was concealed with the most ruthless diabolical security measures. 

Needless to say, the mutilated stranger covered with pretty flowers was immediately welcomed to the community and greeted with the most pleasant of smiles.

More plants mysteriously sprouted from the stage that had been erected to feature the music for the upcoming festival. With each flicker of the light emitting from The Sun, The Moon, and Saturn, more flowers sprouted from the front of the stage, from the rafters, and from various members of the audience. They sprouted from the busted letters of the sign that once read "Piggly Wiggly." 

People from all over gathered around to witness this miracle that only occurs when The Sun, The Moon, and Saturn magically align in proximity with the Earth. Elegant vines grew along the floors, and along the walls.  It was as if they had come to life while gaining an understanding of human characteristics; as if to make peace. They wrapped around the legs of the people standing in the audience, pulled people together, and snuggled against their clothes. One vine slivered to the concession stand, obtained a sparkly beverage, and offered it to a person in the crowd.

23. Kraftwerk
"Antenna"  3:07
Düsseldorf, Germany

Two enormous flowers blossomed from the top of the hill that embanked the wasteland community. They towered high into the heavens and could be seen from hundreds of miles away. They served as the landmark for the festival. Just as the residents of this community were mysteriously forbidden to enter the confined quarantined, corporate business executives were mysteriously prevented from repairing the damaged Piggly Wiggly. 

Something else was taking place... behold the new revolution.

A series of red laser beams shot like lightning bolts from the bizarre clouds that mysteriously formed over the wasteland and had spread through the downtown community. These bolts of laser beams were captured by the towering flowers that soon became an International Landmark. 

Shortly after being apparently zapped by an unidentifiable Godlike weapon, the Flower Towers absorbed the beams, and then fired lasers down into various parts of the world. This phenomenal blitzkrieg was strategically crafted and generated incredible zephyrs of explosion upon impact. Each target had a history of grief, a morbid path of conduct, and controlled by a shameless willingness to promote deceit. The residents of the targeted destinations were good people who had led a life of lies; all of which had been instilled upon them by the proprietors of the unjust agenda. 

The world needed to change. Enigmatic blasts of explosive lasers destroyed everything that had been considered corrosive, corrupt, and constructed by lies and deceit. But with each beam from the sky, something else changed. Nobody was injured by the perceived damages. They felt liberated, relieved of a massive burden, and embraced a new beginning of a fruitful life. 

Everything that was destroyed was immediately replaced with something more beautiful.

A dreadful black substance began to ooze from the bottom of the tower flowers near the source of its roots. The boiling blackened blood bubbled from underneath the ground then erupted like lava. It boiled, the blackness turned red, the boiling stopped, the bludgeoned haze sparkled a glittering glow, and just like magic, the grotesque black blood transformed into an elegant stream of blissful harmony.

22. The Tubes
"White Punks on Dope"  6:48
Phoenix, AZ/San Francisco, CA

Another crowd entered. 

SENATOR: "These kids had been using, in all seriousness, (whispers) marijuana." 

The usage of this recreational activity was kept secret because it was illegal. They arrived late and worried people could smell it. Furthermore, they assumed that they would be the only person attending The Grand Festival to have experimented with marijuana before the show. 

Much to their surprise, the festival was a wild and crazy scene of total chaos. A sign hung from the entrance gate read: 

"Their Laws Do NOT Apply Here."

Flowers had come to life and were jumping around near the stage where loud music was enhancing the craziness. Some of these were even marijuana plants that had erupted into flames waving their succulent fumes for all of the patrons to enjoy. Vines had grown from the walls, slivering through the crowd, passing around the joys of modern recreation.

Police intervened and were prepared to act heroic. As they drew their clubs preparing to inflict brutal physical injury upon the participants of enjoyment, they were rudely interrupted by a strange man on a 4-wheeler. Herb, the marijuana plant from the mystical fields of happiness, volunteered to be a martyr of the modern age; Herb lit himself on fire directly in front of the heroic riot squad. This was when things changed; this is when things began spiraling out of control.

Just as in the past, when the Imperialists who attempted to inflict disease and famine upon the unsuspecting culture switched sides and allied with the residents, the oppressive riot squad switched sides. They guarded the entrance to the festival and would not allow people to enter unless they had joyfully consumed the succulent scents of Herb and his friends. This was all done with great pleasure because they needed to ensure that everybody who entered would be capable of committing random entertaining acts of original brilliance and uncanny craziness.

And it was crazy. This was going to be yet another day in which they all remembered. It was a scene of madness! People drank, smoked, danced, laughed, and engaged in eccentric promiscuity with total strangers... people need to do this shit periodically.

21. Elf
"When She Smiles"  4:49
Trying to Burn the Sun

REWIND. Everything moved backwards at a rapid pace until Sara was seated in a hotel room with a handgun lodged into her mouth. What an ugly hideous bitch she was! Her life fucking sucked since the day she was born.

Just as she was about to pull the trigger, that flower sprouted from a mysterious clay pot on the end table. She removed the gun from her mouth, glanced over at the flower, and smiled. What a beautiful smile she had!

REWIND. Everything moved backwards at a rapid pace until Sara was seated in the manager's office of some shitty store she was employed. He was in the process of reprimanding her over some bullshit that an unreasonable customer had fabricated just to get her in trouble. She looked so fucking miserable.

The manager scratched his head and tore up the pink slip for her termination notice. He opened up the closet door that was in his office and retrieved a suitcase that contained all of Sara's belongings. He smiled at her, she smiled back with that gorgeous smile of hers. They left the office together, and one-by-one, the manager unlocked all of the cash registers, opened them, removed the cash tills, and placed them in a bag. Once all the registers were emptied, he and Sara walked out of the store, and displayed a sign that read:
"All of this shit is free today... Go Fucking Haywire Mother Fuckers!"
Sara displayed that beautiful enormous smile that had been concealed her entire life.

They jumped in his car, he put it in reverse...

FAST FORWARD... The car backed out quickly and zipped through the parking lot.

REWIND. Everything moved backwards at a rapid pace until Sara was in a dark alley about to be gang raped by a group of piece of shit assholes who thought they had the right to enjoy pleasure at the expense of others.

Just as the group was pulling it out about to pounce on top of her, a car with massive flames shooting out the windows ripped down the alleyway. Two women dressed in all black emerged from the vehicle and shot all of the assailants dead in the alley... then sped off into the unknown.

Another car emerged, this one driven by the manager of the store. He emerged from his car and all of the dead assailants stood up and brushed away their injuries. All of them entered the vehicle and left Sara standing all alone.

FAST FORWARD. Everything zipped forward at a rapid pace. The car sped away, everybody got out at some remote location, and worked diligently on a major project. They got back in the car, zipped forward, and arrived to the alley were Sara was still standing alone.

She got in the car.

FAST FORWARD. Everything zipped forward at a rapid as the car drove Sara to the location where they had worked.

Sara is seated by a gorgeous swimming pool working on the project that was best suited for her talents. The main assailant approached her with an ice cold delicious drink that he delivered to her on a tray. The rest of the assailants are busy doing other tasks around the area, Sara's Office, including one of them filing her toe nails. The manager approached with a clipboard, sat down on the beach chair next to hers, and revealed to her that he had completed all of the tasks in which she had assigned him. They all switched sides and together they completed something Universally brilliant, so extraordinarily unique that it altered the entire Universe. Once she saw the end results, they stood up, saluted a toast, and they all smiled... each of them looking extremely beautiful now... but Sara remained the most gorgeous. 

20. Angel
"Long Time"  6:59
Washington, D.C.

Thompson was never the same after Alexa left him. Technically she wasn't either because shortly after their break-up, she was struck by a speeding vehicle while walking home. After she died, Thompson blamed himself and completely withdrew from the world.

In a parallel Universe, Alexa was never the same after Thompson dumped her miserable ass. Technically he wasn't the same either because shortly after their break-up, Thompson was walking home in the rain; a heavy wind blew down a power line, and fried his fucking ass right there on the sidewalk. Alexa blamed herself and completely withdrew from the world.

Depressed Alexa awoke, walked outside, and saw a bizarre planetary alignment in the sky... this did not look like home. Depressed Thompson experienced the same symptoms as he was walking down the street in a daze. She was walking in the middle of the road, looking out at the scenery, not paying attention to where she was walking. He had turned around and then had to stop abruptly or else he 
would have collided with this strange woman walking towards him. She stopped abruptly and then looked up to see the strange person who she almost collided with in the street. Even in their most heartfelt Paradise settings, these two sons-of-bitches still struggled to avoid injury while walking down the street.

It was a surreal supernatural hallucination that could not have been real; Thompson died years ago. 

It was a surreal supernatural hallucination that could not have been real; Alexa died years ago. 

The lighting and scenery surrounding the fantastic encounter on the street added to dimensional surrealism.

But they were both real, albeit from different Parallel Universes. It had been a long time since they had seen each other, and a lot had happened since. They stared at each other unsure what to do, what to say, whether or not this was even real of just another bad dream that had kept both of them awake many nights. But it was very real, and reality settled when the two finally embraced in a long heartwarming passionate kiss. It was the longest the two of them had ever stood in a road without being flattened.

19. Electric Light Orchestra
"Strange Magic"  4:29
Face the Music
Birmingham, England

Sector 644-A, Parallel Universe 13-D86422.8317, 13 years ago.

George never met his wife. Rather than give in to desperation where he felt he needed to impress his friends by fucking some random slut who he had no compatibility with whatsoever, George went home and jacked off instead. For the next several months, George masturbated so frequently that his family finally consulted him and declared that he had a masturbating addiction. 

It had reached the level where he enjoyed masturbation better than sex with an actual physical partner. While the others were out getting drunk at the bars and waking up next to some stupid ass mother fucker he/she would go on to marry and regret for the rest of their miserable lives, George would simply go home and enjoy the benefits of pornography and hand lotion. To George, this was not a problem, and nothing needed to ever be addressed.

However, George soon grew tired of jerking the chain every night and sought some real-life companionship. Unfortunately for the George residing in Parallel Universe 13-D86422.8317, he had been a loner for so long that he lost the desire to impress anybody. This was the exact opposite of the George in Parallel Universe 394-N48275.2896 who was now hanging from a balcony by a live vine.

Through some bizarre magical unexplainable fucked up shit that only occurs when The Sun, The Moon, and Saturn perfectly align in the sky of Earth, George found himself standing on an illuminated block of the sidewalk surrounded by the palace guards who refused to stand still.

The sidewalk glowed elegantly and rose to the 6th floor balcony like an elevator. This represented one of the rarest cases of parallelism in which the same human subject was actually polar opposites with himself; even though the physical features were identical. George the loner caressed the vine wrapped around the neck of dead George, the starved-for-attention stupid mother fucker that he was, and the vine released him. He fell down onto the illuminated concrete, coughing, trying to grasp for breath as 13-D86422.8317 George calmly rode the two of them down to the street. 

And they too walked the streets of the community, amidst a parade of animated plant life, while The Sun, The Moon, and Saturn cast a phenomenal spell on the transformation of The Universe.

The two Georges walked past two Saras right at the moment two purple flowers passed one another and germinated on each other right in the middle of the street. The Saras smiled at the Georges as they walked past, partially in disbelief because they assumed it was odd that two sets of parallel twins should pass one another. When the two Saras smiled in unison, the palace guards stopped everything and stood completely motionless in the middle of the street (mother fuckers were nearly plowed down in the middle of the road by a truck driven by Alexa and Thompson, and a series of screeching brakes and honking horns ensued in the background). All of the traffic stopped and gazed at the two smiling Saras and the two dumbfounded Georges who walked face first into two twin telephone poles from Parallel Universes.

And this was the moment the Earth stood still. Everything around them floated except for the animated plants and the two sets of twins. The Georges and the Saras stared at one another and approached in the middle of the anti-gravitational chaotic void of the only stagnant miracle that had ever occurred in The Universe. This marked the only time that there was an official collaboration of beings from alternate existences... yet all four had to happen for the sake of everything. It did happen, and a parade followed. Once again, the Earth moved.

18. Amon Düül II
"Blue Grotto"  3:33
Made in Germany
Münich, Germany

463,000 different parallel Universes aligned with the alignment of The Sun, The Moon, and Saturn in the bright sky of The Earth in the parallel Universe in which all of that you currently know has occurred. There had been instances in numerous lives in which a person had made the wrong decision and the consequences were so drastic that it affected the rest of his/her seemingly ordinary life. These people were greeted by alternated versions of themselves residing in the realm of a different Universe in which that life had been seriously altered from the impact of what seemed like a trivial decision.

Otto missed a flight one day, but carried out the best he could... rarely even thought about missing that flight several years down the road. He was visited by the Otto who made that flight, and the impact that it had. 

Similar to Dorothy, who never left that milk lying out on the counter overnight that ultimately caused an outbreak of malaria in her apartment building—she was unaware of this. 

Edward's parallel Universe took place on a different galaxy entirely, the one where he found true love. There had to be a way to transport to the next galaxy. But if not, he knew his eternity was to be spent with Ghehierliznierx.

Amanda was seated at the other end of the café having lunch with somebody. She never married that douche, never gave birth to that crying degenerate who ruined the world. In a bizarre coincidence, she was seated next to me... not long after I hung up on that bitch on the phone. The two of them seemed happy, laughing, and enjoying their time together. It was difficult to tell whether or not there was anything other than friendship brewing between the two and I was never able to discover this secret.

The Captain of the ship informed me that it was not quite ready for this engagement to carry out any further. Something special needed to be defined here, to serve as evidence for what might have been under different circumstances... this was 26 years ago. 

However, 97% of Parallel Universe 13-D86422.8317 was still under duress from some sort of poison that had plagued them since the onset. There was still a desolate wasteland; The Sanctuary of Miracles had been destroyed. Her son remained an intricate part of the world that remained in turmoil.

And it all vanished. I was seated in The Nearby Tavern. It was completely empty except for me and Captain Coolidge. He chugged the rest of his drink, patted me on the back, and stated:
"Well, I'll see you in 26 years."
That image of Amanda and I seated in the café together tormented me. I spent a portion of the day pondering what Captain Coolidge had told me and wondered if any of it was true. Furthermore, I was unsure if anything related to that incident was even real or just another hallucination. 

17. 10cc
"One Nuit a Paris"  8:41
The Original Soundtrack
Manchester, England

There were two houses on my journey home that caused a dreadful foreboding reverence.

Walking alone at night in the abandoned darkness became terrifying. I was plagued with nightmarish visions and tormented by uncontrollable fears conceived in my bewildered state of mental disturbance. It was raining again, and my hands and clothes were soaking wet. 

I was already stricken with fear when I reached the street in which I now called home. The past two times I had passed this house, all of the lights mysteriously shut off the moment I walked by it. Something about this house frightened me. The third time I walked passed this house, the lights once again shut off, but this time there was a girl standing just in front of the porch staring at me with an eerie grin.

Her presence startled me, but I was listening to music on my headphones and could not hear anything in the outside world. She appeared to be clutching something in her hand and it was too dark for me to make out what it was. She was a pretty girl with long curly hair, wearing skinny jeans and a zip-down  sweatshirt. Under different circumstances, I might consider her attractive, but I was distressed because I was not anticipating anybody to be standing there at that hour in the dark. Even though she stared at me and attentively watched me walk past, I turned away from her because I did not want to seem like a creep walking down the road late at night.


George and Stephanie arrived in Paris on the day the Earth was supposed to stand still. Nothing stood still on this day, not even the stationary guards at the palace gates. They checked into a shitty hotel where the bed was covered with cockroaches and the room was listed in Forbes' guide of the Top 25 most frequently burglarized hotel rooms. Shit was never as it appeared and George somehow knew that he would never fuck Stephanie.

The whole purpose of volunteering for this business expenditure was to engage in some sort of sexual activity with the woman he assumed loved him also. However, Stephanie did not love George and neither did his wife. Nobody loved George because he was a fucking asshole in every regard. The entire time he was in Paris, his wife Tamara was fucking some other shithead that nobody else could stand eitherWill from the local trailer park. Tamara even had the nerve to call George and tell him about it; and that she was filing for a divorce. 

To top it off, Stephanie returned to the hotel room extremely intoxicated, dressed in skimpy lingerie, and with some Frenchman named Henry. They even fucked on George's bed with George pretending to be asleep in it.


Another cause of the uncontrollable fear was from passing a different strange desolate house each night. I held a premonition that this house was haunted and I had never seen any of the lights on; I was not even sure if anybody lived there. 

One evening, late at night, lights were shimmering from every window and there were people gathered in the yard. They signaled for me to come over and I crossed the street and cautiously joined the congregation. Somebody gave me a drink and we went inside.

The shabby wooden floor and wooden walls resembled The Nearby Tavern. There were a number of people standing inside, quietly, simply watching people play music. A man wearing a business suit and a gigantic creepy Pig-face mascot head was seated at the piano. He played and sang... others sang... he played the piano well.

A woman grabbed me and pulled me close to her. Although she was possibly the most beautiful woman I had ever seen (she held some unique abstract qualities not featured in anybody; some may have found her strange looking) I was feeling uncomfortable and on the verge of an anxiety attack. She grabbed me and kissed me passionately for several seconds. 

When our lips unlocked, she stared at me smiling... her face was covered with blood. Her smile was reflected the supernatural despondency of both the angel and the beast, unfazed by blood; I tried to maintain my composure and acted as if everything was normal. She clutched my shoulders and spit splattered blood all over my face.

This pig could play the piano. He went into an instrumental tirade and the entire audience danced around on the ramshackle wooden floors underneath the dingy lights strung out across the downtrodden wooden ceiling.

 I wiped the blood away from eyes but tried to remain focused on the piano player.


The next time I passed the house where the lights extinguished upon my arrival, the cute girl with the curly hair was standing in the middle of the yard... drawing closer to the sidewalk each time. There were no bushes or anything to obstruct the view and this yard was small. She continued to gaze at me and watched me walk down the sidewalk. I did not utter a word and did not even breathe as I past her. I glanced up at her and kept walking. She was cute, but there was something about her that frightened me. It could just be me my impaired imagination from walking in the dark.

My fear escalated to disturbing levels of horrific anxiety the next time I passed the house on my street. That late at night, I was unsuspecting of anybody being outside on the streets. The entire walk home was chillingly quiet and I did not encounter one single person the entire way... not even a car drove past. The trees were excessively creepy due to the fact that the streets were so desolate. 

I wasn't even paying attention, but I happened to look up and she was standing at the edge of her yard just at the foot of the sidewalk. The past incidents had been temporarily forgotten and I was deathly aghast when I saw her standing there staring at me. Her macabre presence dangerously close to the corridors of the sidewalk intimated me for I never expected her to be this close, let alone standing there as if she were waiting for me. I temporarily froze in terror, trembled with immense fear, and then contemplated turning around in the opposite direction in order to avoid her; but opted to keep walking to not to look suspicious.

At this point it was growing late and I had no business speaking to her. I avoided any eye contact was unwilling to stop and chat. When I past her, we were close enough to easily touch one another, and she stared at me and watched the entire duration of my approach towards her. She still clutched something in her hand... I caught the shimmering reflection and it appeared to be a knife blade. But I simply nodded at her and kept walking.

It was still rainingnot necessarily a downpour, but a steady drizzle that kept everything wet. Just as I made my way underneath the street light, I sensed something behind me. I turned around and she was standing directly behind me... still gripping the shimmering object in her hand. I jumped, nearly screamed, and then became paralyzed with apprehensive tension. She stared me in the eye for a moment, then laughed while she turned back around, and quickly dashed away.

For that reason, I vowed that I was not going to walk down that street anymore. Something about it was too eerie.


The pig headed man in the business suit continued his performance on the piano. He was joined with groups of bizarre looking people singing along with him, interjecting harmony, and applying the proper dance moves as it coordinated with the beat. We had a drummer, a bassist... the band did not look as if they belonged anywhere.

A woman in the small audience suffered a sickening ailment. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she dropped to the floor. People gathered around her in a frenzy, but the pig continued to play the piano. She was gasping for breath and people were trying to give her air, water, or any assistance she needed.

Another woman clutched the temples of her head and a thick stream of blood oozed from her eye sockets. The pig played the piano, the vocalists sang, people smiled, laughed, while others suffered some drastic affliction that caused massive bleeding, fainting, or they would simply collapse dead. There was a body in the corner covered in cob webs. 

I looked around and every member of the audience was creepily smiling, dancing peculiarly, and joyfully singing along with the song... their faces were bloody... even the dead woman who sang beautifully to the tune. The decomposed body lying on the floor twitched and went into violent convulsions.

It was too much for me to handle. I raced out of there and rapidly scurried home... not thinking of anything.


In a state of fear that I was being chased and had just witnessed a horrific event that I could not even comprehend, I accidentally walked down that street that I vowed I was going to avoid. But I lived on this street now, it was just a habit. The strange mysterious girl with the curly hair stood in the middle of the sidewalk directly in front of my path. I was already in a state of panic fleeing from the haunting events that took place at the clairvoyant divine congregation, and the sudden sight of her on the sidewalk intensified the state of terror to where I nearly panicked, became nauseous and nearly fainted. 

She stopped me and said something. I removed my headphones to hear her.

"Help me." She was soft spoken, but obviously in distress.

I was confused, afraid, startled, alarmed, and trembling with fear. I could not think rationally and did not respond.

"Help me. Can you help me? There's so much blood."

I looked down and her shaking hands were covered with blood. The bottom of her shirt was blood soaked and she still clutched that knife blade that also was dripping with blood.

"There's blood everywhere." She seemed awkward and nervous to speak to me. "There's just so much blood. It's all over the place. Just come inside. Please. Please. Please can you just help me?"

I just stood there staring back at her dumbfounded  I glanced over at the house and there was one light shimmering in the background. What was I to do? There was a possibility that this girl was in extreme danger; there was a possibility that I was in extreme danger... if I went in there I would certainly be murdered.

This was an important decision.

The pig played the piano in the dark street beside us. Lightning flashed and the street lights flickered; she stood directly in front of me with blood dripping from her hands, pleading for me to come inside the spooky house. A strong gust of wind howled and shook the dark shadowy branches of the silhouetted trees from the nearby forest I ascertained was inhabited by gigantic ravenous wolves. 

She repeated the same thing over and over, begging, pleading, clutching at my shirt:
"Please, please just come inside. Please."
The rain continued to fall. I was close to home. I was afraid. She kept pleading. I had no idea what to do.


Back in Paris, George decided that he was taking matters into his own hands and opted to burglarize a different hotel room with intentions that he could at least salvage some dignity without his friends ever knowing that he had spent a weekend in the biggest piece of shit hotel room in Europe. As he entered Room 644 at what he considered the ugliest hotel he had ever seen, the air raid sirens alerted that the world was under attack. A missile fell from the sky just as the curse of Notre Dame rung the death bell. The next morning, George's dead body was a public spectacle hanging from the balcony of Room 644 with a live vine securely wrapped around his neck.


A large group of performers stood alongside the Pig and his piano. They sang in unison like a choir that had been possessed by the deformities of a cursed poltergeist. The band played in the background... they did not belong anywhere. Nor did any of us.

16. Neu!
"Hero"  6:16
Neu! '75
Düsseldorf, Germany

A four wheeler ramped over the dunes of the wasteland, spun circles in blackened liquids of waste, and then sped away down the highway.

Carl Livingston rode the speeding vehicle in a state of vengeance. Once upon a time, he had fought destructive wars for a cause that he believed was for the good of humanity. The end results saw the world transformed into a desolate wasteland. This attack took the lives of thousands of innocent people. Afterwards, Carl's cause of death was unknown. Many suspected a suicide for it was he who dropped the bomb.

He felt betrayed and it wasn't until after he died when he discovered the actual intentions of the massacre and realized the severe damages that ensued. Taking advantage of the special “No Hassle Return Policy” of the afterworld, Carl complained to management and was granted a full refund.

The world desperately needed a hero, and one that honestly countered the precise causes of the tyranny and the plight of the villain. Often, the menace to society may appear ordinary. Carl sought revenge on those who supported the massacre with the slogans:

"Your Heroes Kill Innocent People"Heroes destroyed your environment for the benefit of failure!

He sped into the downtown community roaring his engine loudly.

Carl pulled in front of an elderly pedestrian, Agatha, stopped his 4-wheeler directly in front of her, revved his engine loudly and left her coughing in a cloud of black smoke. He tackled Agatha, pulled off her wig, plunged the unfashionable wig into a mud puddle, and smeared it into her face. She was the old bitch who complained about progress because it did not coincide with her outdated religious principles.

A crowd had gathered to put a stop to Carl’s assault and he sped his 4-wheeler directly through the mod and un-apologetically plowed down several of them. He peeled through the dirt streets of the village, leaving a cloud of dust, and shooting out windows with his sawed-off rifle.

15. The Dictators
"Two Tub Man"  4:09
Go Girl Crazy!
New York, NY

He'd have nothing to do with the methods in which products were bought and sold. To him, that represented the most deplorable lifestyle imaginable. Never would he be interested in the business casual dress attire to sell non-interesting merchandise to the group of people that took full advantage of always being right. Nor did he wish to be a consumer, shopping for useless merchandise from the business casual clad corporate conformists who took full advantage of the fact that they desired something material in their homes.

The courting process was of no value either. He would never present flowers, jewelry, or corny pick-up lines. This person would never tell a lie in order to impress anybody; never sacrifice the self to obtain the methods to purchase romance; never become somebody different just to satisfy a mythological appeal that determined status.

This man did whatever he pleased... and this bothered/enamored people to a certain degree of escalated tension. People stared at him wherever he went. They warned their children of the dangers this man presented to the agenda of society.

Yet he was unfazed with the difference in perception. So he rode alone, on his 4-wheeler, with all of the world's problems seemingly vanishing in the wind. But he would not be lonesome long; others followed the mysterious rider from the unknown entity. Together, they took full advantage of the "no hassle return policy" and shared the same goal.

The pack of mercenaries rolled into town leaving the streets of the community in a cloud of dust. They tied their motor bikes to the hitch and entered the sheriff's office. 


THE SHERIFF plunged through the window and dropped to the ground in a pile of busted glass. The pack of mercenaries drew their weapons and shot at him as he ran away from his own place of employment.

Carl stood on the porch chewing a cigar while clutching the Sheriff Medallion on his vest. The pack of mercenary riders emerged from the building and stood alongside the porch gazing at the people who strolled by unsure what to think of the new justice committee.

He went back inside, released the kid who was imprisoned in the cell, and placed him on the back of the 4-wheeler. Carl started the engine with a loud rev and the pack rode off; next clip they strolled into the local shopping center.

Carl removed the kid from the back, placed a gun to the center of his forehead, and shot him. Blood spilled down his face and was shooting out of the center of his head. Except this kid didn't die, he smiled, laughed, and they all laughed with him. They walked with him to the department store, handed him a shopping cart, and escorted him inside.

(CHORUS... "I can go anywhere, people look and people stare...") The kid was smiling, walking through the major department store pushing his cart, with blood spilling down his face and shooting streams of blood onto the merchandise. He walked casually periodically grabbing random pieces of merchandise and tossing it in the cart. The other shoppers looked at him horrified; many screamed in terror, others ran out of the store.

14. Arktis
"New Rock"  5:58
Arktis Tapes
Bonn, Germany

Maybe I was tired of being alone. Maybe I was growing desperate.

The do's and don'ts of dating are a matter of opinion and there were literally thousands of them. The one thing that remained consistent was that somewhere along the lines, people had to choose what was most important to them. Unless a person was fortunate enough to find that 100% total compatibility listing, more than likely each individual was going to have to make some sacrifices in order to maintain a relationship.

Some choose not to be in a relationship, which was perfectly fine. However, many choose to actually pursue a relationship, then do not make any of the required sacrifices and the relationship ends miserably... they then complain about the person afterwards as if it were all his/her fault. One is permitted to never make any sacrifices; people may break up with anybody for any reason... however, it is obtuse to complain about the other person and not accept the fact that some people just don't like you. 

It is considered a marvelous trait when you understand you are not liked and do not try to impose your beliefs onto those who disagree. 

Dating is a cliché. The courting process is a cliché. The means in which people meet is a cliché. One must not have to resort to telling a tall tale, fabricating a lie, or pretending to be something else just to win the approval of anybody.

Due to this perception, I was not in a relationship with anybody. Furthermore, I viewed most couples as douches who all looked and acted exactly the same. Maybe I was miserable because I was unable to attract the type of woman who appealed to me; who were all dating the same boyfriend, which led to me no longer being attracted to those girls. Therefore, I was not attracted to anybody at all.

I was unsure that I had a soul mate, but would loved to have been in her presence. Viewing a modified version of myself incredibly happy with the modified version of Amanda was unsettling. I had no choice but to question the what ifs and finally asked Captain Coolidge during our brief encounter. Unfortunately, nothing he said made any sense to me.

"Was Amanda my soul mate?"

"We're not sure," he said as he was swigging his drink from a mug in The Nearby Tavern, "but we have to conduct the experiment to take all of the necessary precautions. You were, however, her last lover, and possibly the cause of her death, and somewhat involved with the notion that her pathetic filthy crying child will rise to power as the leader of The Ruling Class."

"But I didn't do anything. And that kid of hers is fucking stupid. There is no shot that it will amount to anything."

"Not directly. And he will. You see that Desolate Wasteland out that window? That is the cause of our mission. That is an important monument in the entire Universe. In order to correct the dreadful attributes that caused that destruction, we have to... we don't know. This is the most urgent matter we have ever been faced with. This is going to require the greatest come-from-behind victory in The History of The Universe. Do you know what all that entails? In order to even stake that claim, the odds of success have to be so improbable that it appears the battle had already been lost long ago.

Well, it was lost 26 years ago. Somewhere. We have to find that and correct it. Throughout many attempts, they just keep bombing it, and bombing it, and bombing it. History repeats itself. We basically have to identify and correct everything involving this species to ensure that they will never have any need to wipe out this site ever again. Or else, that will mean extinction for The Human Race."

"Why not just kill the kid?"

"The kid didn't do it... he came afterwards. This has already happened. The kid simply gained support for the explosion. It's complicated."

He swigged the remainder of his drink, patted me on the back, and concluded with, "I'll see ya in 26 years."

Who the fuck was this guy? What the fuck am I even doing here?

Once again, there was nobody around and I assumed that I had just dreamed the whole thing.

That raised a lot of questions and disturbing answers. I walked around observing the world, taking note of what was taking place. Eugenics had already happened. There was no vote as to what was considered "the good gene" as the corporate office injected the hormones to create the race who would most willingly support their system. These people preferred dogs over cats; they believed that obedience equated to intellect. They could be taught to do tricks, take commands, and obey.

As a result, they all became the same person.

Walking with headphones, observing society, I was stricken with images of the ripping guitarist wailing in the streets.

Companionship need not matter, they were just willing to be with somebody. Less than 2% of this world's population was paired with their most compatible universal mate. In fact, most couples tested as highly incompatible in the most important aspects. They were simply together based on either convenience or the inability to reject. Most relationships involved couples who were once neighbors, co-workers, employed by employers in the same neighborhood, frequent shoppers, nearby commuters, or just happened to stumble into the same bar at the same time during a period when they were both desperate. Or, he came on to her so strong and she never refused. She drank the free drinks and then compromised her entire lifestyle just to make it work.

Assume there was a device that created a compatibility rating chart for all people living on Earth. Would you terminate your current relationship to be with the person listed as your #1? Would you remain in your current relationship if you discovered that person was ranked towards the bottom? How did you people meet in the first place? And what exactly are you doing differently than the standards that apply to the rules of dating? Are you just like everybody else?

I could not stop reflecting on Amanda. There were too many circumstances in this crazy fucked up world that altered my natural persona; obviously the same applied to her. Assuming things were different and we had met before we allowed the world to fuck up our entire psychological personality, how would we be today? She might possibly be alive. 

Then, I could not help but ponder how many other people might be suitable as my most desirable soul mate if we lived in a world in which our natural personalities were not diminished by a constant flow of corporate bullshit, television propaganda, instilled beliefs, fabricated notions, governing principles, and an everlasting vulnerability that generated a need for money. Remove those secondary aspects of human nature, all that remained was a person's natural ambition... this is where absolute compatibility truly lies. It could be anybody.

13. Bruce Springsteen
"Born to Run"  4:30
Born to Run
Frehold, NJ
Clarence Clemons- Norfolk, VA (1942)-Palm Beach, FL (2011) :-(

Nobody shall die in the street tonight. All of the classified documents outlying the strategic takeover of that isolated nation were destroyed. The Former Leader of a Nation allied with the great empire burned his wealth, burned his bank account, and burned the office building in which he conducted his brainwashing of the general public. It had all been in vain and now was null and void. 

As the Government Monument burned, the secret agency targeted The Leader of The World as a traitor and deemed him corrupted by the enemy; although they had no actual definitive assessment of whom or what any enemy actually was as it pertained to the good of The Universe. Just moments ago, this man could have ordered any unwarranted injustice as he pleased; now he was targeted for assassination. 

He met up with that girl from the impoverished region of the canyon where they committed yet another disaster site not long ago. She was the sole survivor, even though another version of her was found washed up on a whitened beach. Maybe he could save her, save somebody, or maybe he realized that he had been the problem the entire time. Everything he once stood for had been acknowledged as the virus of humanity by The Grand Scheme of Things Board Committee. 

Together they ran through the burning streets. Guns were firing from every direction as the bombs fell from the sky. Destruction was underway as these assassins were only concerned with the killing of one person; they did not care how many other innocent lives ended as a result. But the bullets went astray, the bombs hit misguided targets, and the two runners found themselves on a whitened beach with a mysterious vessel awaiting them.

12. Roy Harper
"Hallucinating Light"  6:24
Manchester, England

I wandered away from The Nearby Tavern and finally developed the courage to venture into that forest. The area had been long since quarantined but I crossed the lines. Maybe this sent yet another signal, I'll never know. But something told me that beyond this concealed boundary lied a great mystery.

It didn't seem like anything special... the grass was green; there were trees, and one path. However, once I reached the end of the path, everything changed. Just beyond that last tree lied an enormous wasteland. Everything was blackened, demolished, and nothing survived whatever once happened here.

I was too scared to even set foot on the blackened soil for I knew that it contained some sort of contamination. The only possibility I could think of was a disastrous oil spill that created this devastation. Something in mind told me that this was no oil spill. This was genocide.

Amanda was there. She approached me with a smile and now looked happy and beautiful. She didn't seem like the same neurotic bitch who I tried to run away from; or that girl that was shot and killed by some loser she once selected for a boyfriend. She resembled that lovely woman seated by a modified version of myself at the 
café   I let all of my past judgments subside and allowed her to take my hand. We simply stood there staring across the wasteland.

A motorcade of mercenary bikers rode up next to us, stopped their bikes, and they too silently gazed out over the wasteland. They were joined with some teenage kid pushing a shopping cart with blood spilling out of his head. Soon, there were several people present each of them observing the disaster. I have no idea where they came from, but there were hundreds, maybe even thousands of people standing around the blackened pits of the wasteland.

Suddenly, the sky appeared to change... The Sun, The Moon, and Saturn had aligned in the sky. We all looked up at it, and then simultaneously gazed silently back across The Wasteland.

(4:00 "Far across The Universe...") All rational logic pertaining to time and space seemed to have vanished. Across this desolate wasteland was something far more meaningful than this empire that destroyed it. Looking through the heaves, above the clouds, through the stars, and into sectors of a cosmic unknown, it all seemed to come together right here and now. The crowd of thousands no longer consisted of people within the community... either dead or living. The visitors from the other sectors of other galaxies, other Parallel Universes, intermingled amongst the crowd as we continued to gaze silently across the desolate wasteland.

Then without warning, and with all of us as a witness, a miracle happened. In the very center of this doomed, ruined, deplorable, unusable, obsolete desolate wasteland, a flower bloomed. It was the most gorgeous purple flower with a green stem, and it seemed to be smiling at all of us. 

When the flower bloomed, we all stood there looking at it. A warm sensation came over all of us... we were all affected by the joy of this miracle. This was victory.

11. Spinners
"They Just Can't Stop It"  3:33
Pick of the Litter
Ferndale, MI

I had wanted to leave for, shit,  thousands of mother fucking years. It sure seemed that way. There was nowhere to go though. All of the places that I wanted to go had been deemed unfathomable long ago. 

My ambition was to leave Earth, leave the human race behind, and embark on a new and improved personal destination which did not include the term "destined for failure." Somehow a miracle had to happen.

Somehow a miracle did happen. I was dressed up and ready to go, but had nowhere to go; nothing that was available was suitable for what I desired. A vine entered my window and tugged at my arm. Admittedly I found the whole ordeal a bit peculiar, but life out of the ordinary had always been my ultimate goal. I followed the vine outside and found a large purple stemmed flower growing out of the middle of the yard.

The flower spoke to me, and I was not even intoxicated. This thing encouraged me to have a seat on one of the stems and await the ultimate journey to one's most desired destination. There I sat, and suddenly the flower grew
higher and higher, up and over the clouds we soared, until finally we had reached some unknown location far across The Universe. Well, unknown to me anyway, but apparently not unknown to several others. 

I immediately felt I belonged... this is the place where I always should have been. Sadly, I will not miss the Earth, and I shall never return. Well, maybe someday. Because supposedly I'm never going to die now.

10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
"Rose Tint My World"  8:19
Original Soundtrack

(Setting: The Wasteland, several years ago... )

And so The Sun perched itself high in the sky and was soon perfectly aligned with The Moon and Saturn. Just like that, The Wasteland had visitors. These were not the typical disaster squad visitors who arrived periodically to inspect the levels of radiation. This time it was tourists, happy tourists, and a parade of orange flowers. 

There was a bit of melancholy rage intertwined with their devoted happiness. They spoke of the disaster, but how all things alternate completely in various parallel Universes in which right here at this very spot a miracle happened a long long time ago. This was sacred land to many. It was interesting how the odd looking tour guide knew about all of this. 

He continued his sermon to the group of happy tourists who took photographs and wore stupid looking T-shirts while they carried gift bags of postcards.

"In fact, there had been several bizarre occurrences take place right here at this very spot. The Wasteland is listed in The Registry of The Grand Scheme of Things Board Committee as a marvel of The Universe in which something extremely out of the ordinary had happened in every single parallel plane in all Universes. Something about right here was magical... this was where miracles were known to happen. And then you know what? 

Unfortunately, the failing dominant species of Universal Plane 394-N48275.2896 obliterated this place years ago. Whoever you voted for in the election decided that it needed to be destroyed. (The group of tourists laughed as if this shit was funny to them.)

It sent a Red Alert to The Grand Scheme of Things Board Committee, and once again another miracle happened. The flowers grew again, the rabbits frolicked merrily across the boiling blacked hazardous waste, and all of those who were killed were suddenly resurrected by a variant version of themselves from numerous other planes of The Universe."

The tourists turned around in disbelief.

"Don't dream it, be it!"

They were surrounded with lively blackened cadavers who had joined them with pleasant smiles and sipping fruity cocktails from an elegant chilled glass. The Fascinating Residents toasted the tourists, smiled, and offered to pose for pictures. 

A video monitor appeared and it displayed to all of the tourists what had exactly happened on the disaster... and why they were never permitted entrance.

The tourists panicked. They screamed, yelled, and tried to run away in dismay. None of them believed any of it was true and felt they were part of a scam... odd they never felt this way on April 15th when they were required to fees to the oppressors who conquered their home territory.

There was more  trouble looming ahead. This Universal plane was inhabited by a species destined for failure. Miracles should never happen here, it could disrupt all of the causes of failure. They were all trapped. The domineering militia had them surrounded and had quarantined the area. 

The odd looking tour guide sat down and smiled, as he was joined with a blackened corpse drinking his cocktail. They laughed out loud when they saw the airplane hovering overhead. 

9. Black Sabbath
"Megalomania"  9:43
Birmingham, England

I do not wish to be bothered... ever again. I do not want anything to do with any of them; they are of no interest to me anymore. I'm done with their foolishness, their meandering, their trivial bullshit, their petty relationship issues, and their way of life... their fucking pathetic meaningless jobs, their misery, their fucking fortunes, their poverty, their illness, their method of useless sales, and a bunch of shit that means nothing. Fuck 'em, fuck all of them.

I am the one who dropped that bomb. It is I who killed all those people. For what? I'll never know. They spoke of a threat and they had instilled this fear of a change in life ever since I was born. They said it was the best thing possible, that we represented the lifestyle they all valued. 

So I flew over, pressed one button, and I was the cause of hundreds of thousands of deaths. I just didn't give a fuck I suppose, at least not then, not like I do now. Once I researched properly as to why I was summoned to create The Wasteland... ... ... ...there was no logical reason. If I could do it all over again... I'd still drop that bomb, but it would be a different target entirely. I drop it on the fucking assholes who gave the orders. The governor's seat, that's the real threat to humanity.

One day I will rise from this seat, I will walk past the crowds of conformists conforming to corrupted conformity, walk through all the madness, and walk from this miserable life forever. I may shoot my way out if I have to.

A ghostly woman in a white dress emerged from the side door of a house I passed and raced up the driveway armed with a sharp ice pick clutched in her fist raised above her head and prepared to unleash a deadly assault. I jumped back and braced to defend myself, but in a split second, she was gone. It was but a delusion caused from rain dripping down the corner of my eye.

My dampened body was quivering, my heart raced, and I attempted to regulate my breathing once again. I was distraught, but tried to ignore it because it never happened. 
And shoot his way out of it he did. With one bullet, he was rid of this miserable life forever.
(3:22) And the shooting continued. Carl Livingston returned to Earth riding with a posse of mercenary riders, now the sheriff of a corrupt township that was responsible for the atrocities that created a need to conquer and destroy independent thinking. The trustees of this township had devised the orders to drop that bomb on The Sanctuary of Miracles.

Sheriff Livingston and The Black Riders of The Desolate Wasteland revolted against the crooked conspirators of the corrupted township. They blasted the windows, burned the mayor's office, disrupted the courtroom, and even demolished their own police station in which they had taken over employment.

It was Black Friday and the mercenaries entered the shopping mall on their motorbikes. They rode through the aisles of the mall, up and down the escalators, and destroyed everything in their path. They busted out the jewelry counter and destroyed the precious fictitious extravagance used to purchase a future divorce settlement; they vandalized the cosmetics and recklessly poured the fragrances and expensive bottles of perfume into the scented candles; this year's fashion advisory perished on the burning mannequins; crying children on Santa's lap were turned over Santa's knee and executed a harsh spanking instilled by Santa himself; the latest video game craze was bludgeoned to death as blood poured from the boxes of electronic laziness.

Finally, they entered the main department store, busted open the cash registers, and turned over the tills.

8. Patti Smith
"Redondo Beach"  3:26
Chicago, IL

After a girl from Interstellar Galaxy XNP in the Parallel Universe R8-66XRPNY64TT.17 was washed ashore on the desolate beaches of Universal Plane 394-N48275.2896, The Universe and The Grand Scheme of Things Board Committee elected to conduct an extensive review of what was happening on the planet Earth. The galaxy in which the girl was from was not accustomed to death. These beings did not die like the ones on the Planet Earth.

Unfortunately, life on Earth had to die. All love affairs eventually came to an end. There were not enough resources on their planet to support an enormous population, and they remained too uncivilized to inhabit elsewhere. Whereas residents from other sectors of The Universe travel freely to other terrains, it was doubtful that any species on Earth would ever inhabit another planet; the probability they would ever make it out of their own Solar System was dreadfully slim. 

At this point in their development, they should have already established numerous cultural variants on all of the planets and satellites within their own Solar System. Instead, they were failing to even sustain life on the one and only planet they had ever resided and nobody ever came to visit them because they were lagging so far behind. 

Due to the cultural values in which the Earthlings were currently entrenched, with their economics, government, ruling policies, and the system in which the domineering species was denied education and exposed to conditioning propaganda in order to adopt the policies of the ruling parties, many within The Universe deemed this race as hopeless and felt The Grand Scheme of Things Board Committee should pull the plug and allow this Solar System to repaired by a different species because The Human Race was hopeless. People from other planets reviewed the concepts of the Planet Earth and questioned why any form of life would seek to eliminate education and resort to propaganda in order to sell their standards. That was the ultimate confession of guilt; a quality system needs no propaganda scheme, would proudly be supported by the most intellectual of beings, and would never require violence to force people to conform. Earth was the complete opposite and served as the epitome of failure.

Once The Grand Scheme of Things Board Committee got involved, the entire planet Earth turned solid white... the walls, all the floors, the ceiling, the lights, the people, the plants, the sky. Everything turned solid white. The only thing in color was Loretta, that girl from the other galaxy who was washed up on the desolate beach. 

Their world was ugly; she was beautiful; and she was dead. They had no choice but to examine her... this was death... this was what their system represented to The Universe. And thus a strong wind blew that created a dust storm, and the dust, dirt, and grime was also in color. With that, all of their whiteness was noticeably tarnished, and they wore their stained filth with the badge that represented their lifestyleplain white, nothing, ugliness, bleak and blemished.

7. David Bowie
"Right"  4:21
Young Americans
London, England

This man had never known a stagnant portion of the galaxy. People traveled freely in the Parallel Universe in which he resided. There was no such thing as a "free country" or a "free world" or a free anything because everything was always free. There was no concept of government, currency, a ruling party, or anything intended to alter the course of natural humanity for the sake preserving privileges for those who assumed they deserved it more than others.

He was assigned to visit Universal Plane 394-N48275.2896 where he saw himself as a so-called leader of the world. The Parallel Universe in which he had resided never had any person appointed to such a prestigious title. This leader of the world, himself on a different parallel existence, had everything in terms of material wealth
a mansion with numerous unoccupied rooms, money galore, and what was considered the nicest limousine ever built. 

Even though they were the same age, The Leader of The World looked significantly older. In fact, his aging blemishes were the cause of alarming distress. After a brief introduction and a grand tour of the luxuries that The Leader of The World assumed would make any species proud, particularly himself who had never had certain values instilled in him, he said, "nice place you have here."


"I stopped by Mars on my way here; (a sense of sarcasm) looked absolutely astounding."

"I don't know," said the curious Leader of The World, "I've never been there."

"Yea, didn't look like anybody has. It was completely empty. Looked like a wasteland."

The man from the other galaxy shook his head in disgust. He perused some of the documents lying on his desk
they were plans to bomb to another nation. "What are you doing this for?"

"Excuse me?"

"What's the purpose of any of this? Accumulating wealth? That's what this is all about. The world that you are supposedly leading looks pretty dreadful if you ask me. I mean, if you are the so-called leader, does it not bother you that so many people are suffering in misery while you are basking in needless luxuries rather than doing anything for anybody? Instead, you’re making plans to kill people you don't even know?"

When he saw himself the leader of the world, he saw himself as a failure. Hopefully this was the worst conditions of any of his Parallel Planes of The Universe in which he was still living. Finally, he told him, "You are a failure! You are not me!" He walked out of the Grand Suite disgusted with himself.

6. Foghat
"Slow Ride"  8:15
Fool For the City
London, England

They entered the transportation vessel amidst rapid gun fire and bombs exploding in their proximity. The group of assassins fearlessly approached the mysterious vessel and ordered that they come out "or else." As if this degenerate failing species had invented something even remotely capable of pursuing the S-46 Fleet Cruiser from the budget-less galaxy of Interstellar Universal Plane A-1. 

Needless to say, the pilot of the ship ignored the commands of the belligerent oppressors, started the device, and calmly took flight... at approximately 487 KXP44 (which in this world translates to simply "fast as fuck!")

The environment inside the cruiser (populated entirely with residents from the Interstellar Universal Plane A-1) was entirely different than that of the environment on the Earth they had just escaped. People were legitimately enjoying themselves, inventing new and improved ways for fun and excitement, with totally unlimited mind expansion that saw no restrictions whatsoever on their own capabilities. They transcended through The Universe from the Universal Plane 394-N48275.2896 which had been deemed a complete failure due to the domineering species ruling the planet all the way towards Universal Plane A-1 where there was no such thing as failure. It was imperative for the former leader of the failed world to witness a world without realms, and what it all could have and should have been when the restrictions on innovative thinking had been completely lifted. 

There was no propaganda, no least common denominator, no class restrictions, and no attempts to control the population for the individual wealth of a select few. This represented the ultimate level of advanced society. Nobody would dare refer to this race as "uncivilized." The Ruling Class combined could not even comprehend the intellect of any given individual from Interstellar Universal Plane A-1. In fact, by comparison, those who assumed they held any command in this world looked and sounded like moronic buffoons. 

The 8 minute excursion was completely mind numbing for those who had only known failure. They saw things in which they had never even idealized, heard things they had no idea were even possible, and participated in activities they had always assumed was simply make believe. 

Several new ambitions were realized on that day. The Universe was blessed with unlimited possibilities; and they wondered why The Ruling Class was to put limits or restrictions on anything.

5. Queen
"Bohemian Rhapsody"  5:55
A Night at the Opera
London, England

The fugitive woman from Earth was sent to the Universal Plane in which her predecessor previously resided before being washed upon the shore of the desolate ruins of the beaches of the failed brigade. The Leader of the failed raced was taken to the Planet Mars; although still uninhabited, it was temporarily populated with a committee of people from numerous other parallel Universes and a select few from The Grand Scheme of Things Board Committee. 

It was no longer The Red Planet... all had be transformed thoroughly dull white except for the colorful terrestrial sky that the failed raced never bothered to notice previously.

There was a dead woman lying on the white ground in the ruins of the uninhabited planet. She was technically the first resident of the failed plane to set foot on Mars, although she was never an actual citizen of that world. People stood around her corpse, staring, many of them somber, many of them seemingly happy. 

Those from the failed race remained white although the winds of Mars soon tarnished their bleached appearance with dust, dirt, and grime. She represented death and a clear indication that their values lacked any real substantial purpose. There was no reason for any person to ever experience such sorrow and tragedy; the fact that nobody had even been here on Mars was inexcusable. Colorful people entered the vicinity with a banner that read: 

"We wanted all of you to be stupid."
And the members of the human race passed around the great book and read one line at a time: 
"To stay stupid. 
To never advance. 
To never compete. 
To never have what we have. 
We thought we were happy. 
And we thought you'd be happy wanting what we have. 
Our chairs. 
Our wicker baskets. 
Our Chia Pets. 
Our television. 
Our shows. 
Our celebrity lifestyles. 

Life has just begun. 
But soon it will come to an end. 

We have placed limitation on our own cultural advancement. 

We wanted all of you... (millions in unison) ALL OF YOU... to become the corporate drones...
to embody the fake persona, 
to embrace the sales cliché, 
to relish in the products that were cheaply manufactured, 
and sold by those that we created for the sake of our own individual luxurious lifestyle. 

We bought into it as well. We had controlled it... and had been in control all along. 

We were doing what we were told. It became an obsession of ours. We are out of control.
There is no way to make it stop.
None of this matters. None of it."

For the first time in history, The Sun, The Satellite of Earth (AKA- The Moon), and Saturn aligned perfectly in the terrestrial sky of Mars in the same distance as it was back on Earth. Everything white shimmered, and soon faded to black.

4. Pere Ubu
"30 Seconds Over Tokyo"  6:22
Cleveland, OH

The preferred method of mass execution employed by The Ruling Class is means of an airstrike and dropping missiles on a defenseless community. This has been their only advancement in their entire history since the first regime plotted to take over the world. They have not made any beneficial contribution to the advancement of society other than devising psychopathic schemes to force those not inflicted with their psychological disease to conform to their meaningless standards and pay them money for absolutely nothing in return. 

The Ruling Class IS The Threat to humanity.

Fighter planes soared over the city that belonged to the state of dismay. We tried to kill as many of them as possible. We rode in at night when they were sleeping... completely defenseless and unable to escape. Our sole intention was to kill people, and to kill as many of them as possible. It did not matter their age, gender, size, or what affiliation they had with their ruling class. 

Fire bombs were dropped on that city. We burned up their houses, their buildings, their children, their dreams and ambitions, and their entire fucking culture. Babies were smoldering in the streets of ashes while we toasted a celebration. Those little peasants wept like little sissies because we slaughtered their families.

Shortly after that, we dropped the atomic bomb. After the cities were destroyed, we had won. We cheered. We were the victors! We totally kicked their fucking asses. History will long remember us as the baddest group of mother fuckers ever. We will be cherished until the end of time.

That particular bombing was such a success that we knew we could deploy it again and take anything we wanted. Furthermore, we were fully committed to warfare and the advancement of mass slaughter. 

Genocide- Fuck  Yea! 
There was yet another unruly group in a city within our own empire. In a mere 30 seconds, this could all be ours.

I slept that night even though I knew something was wrong. A blast in the neighborhood was all I remembered. Fires were raging out of control. I watched a beautiful woman racing by me in a state of panic, screaming... clutching her blistering boiling face that was severely burned. I'll never forget that grotesque wound embedded in my mind... her face was blackened with boils of black blood smeared from her dripping severed flesh. I questioned whether or not a world without government could be any worse. 
What happened next nobody could expect... and that took my life too.

We are The Ruling Class! We have made numerous advancements to the human race. This is our contribution...


Barbarians invaded the land; they beat civilians to their bloody death with clubs; they stabbed innocent people with sharp swords; they rode into communities on horses covered with armor lancing the men, raping beautiful innocent women, burning houses; The Roman Empire; they imprisoned peaceful groups of people and made them slaves; they inflicted disease and watched the children suffer; they built a store; they shot an Indian with a rifle; shot hundreds with machine guns; dropped missiles from airplanes; incinerated large groups in concentration camps; the atomic blast; check points; the military; the governor; the expensive suit; the caviar grotesquely entering the fat man's mouth; the riot squad beating the protesters; pepper spray; police brutality; bankruptcy; prison; the drone bombs; the explosion; the destruction of The Enchanted Sanctuary of Miracles and the madness that unfolded.

This modern Ruling Class (Exhibit A) appears to be exactly like the tyrants that comprised this Ruling Class (Exhibit B).

Exhibit A.
Exhibit B.

3. Smokey Robinson
"Happy"  7:13
A Quiet Storm
Detroit, MI

Among those present at the gathering on the white planet Mars were Thompson, Alexa, two Georges and two Saras... all from different Parallel Universes that corresponded in conjunction with the bizarre planetary alignment in which all things within all Universes were to experience some sort of harmonious relationship as it pertained to their significant being of their most definitive self on any given plane.

The sky remained colorful as the planetary alignment could be seen clearly from any given section of The White Planet. With the dawning of the new alignment, one flower blossomed in the white soils of The White Planet... a beautiful purple flower with an elegant green stem. With the emergence of the flower, Wendy sat upright, stretched her arms, stood up and smiled. Miraculously she was no longer dead. 

But this was no miracle at all. Any dead person can be taken to Mars and he or she will be completely revived within due time. The Planet Earth in a select few various parallel sectors is the only world that experiences death and misery.

Thompson and Alexa joined hands, as did Sara and George, as did Sara and George. This was the day that Happy smiled; this was both the beginning and the end. They realized an enormous amount of issues at this moment, and many of these issues had been plaguing them since their incarnation began whenever that particular miracle occurred. 

Everything they had ever known was inaccurate. Everything that ever caused them grief was insignificant; even more of it was unnatural. 

There had been answers all along, obvious answers, and yet they had devoted their lives to being part of the problem. And that particular problem, on whole, in The Grand Scheme of Things, is the cause of all misery... and yet it was never even essential to anything.

They didn't have to experience it ever again. They were officially free. As they prepared to disembark from Mars, they were give the choice to return to Earth or travel elsewhere. 

It was a unanimous decision. Earth was but a speck in distance behind them; that was the end of sadness. What lied ahead was the grand transformation from distorted corruption to the pureness of pleasant, all natural, and beautiful.

2. Pink Floyd
"Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pt's. 1-5"  13:32
Wish You Were Here
London, England

The winds drifted white snow-like dust over the blackened wasteland. This site of disaster had been desolate since the days it was deemed the palace of miracles. Could nothing have saved them?

A replica of The Desolate Wasteland was created on The White Planet. As the particles of white dust shifted in the wind, and a dense fog brewed over the grounds of the site of destruction, one hand emerged from the surface of The White Planet. It pulled itself out of the ground and stood among those the free spirits who come to witness the miracle on Mars. 

More Fascinating Figures emerged from the fog... thousands of them, whitened, and covered in blackened soot. It was all of those who had died in the disaster that destroyed The Sanctuary of Miracles on Earth. 

They were all here, for they had all been there, back it when happened, way back then, back when unsubstantial belongings were deemed essential to life, a worthy cause for death and destruction.

Soon the hundreds of thousands of deceased victims who were slain in the disaster stood in the pits of the wasteland replica, just as it appeared back on Earth. But this time, it was not Earth and people did not die here. This was no longer the site of the wasteland...

This was the new-and-improved Enchanted Sanctuary of Miracles. It had been relocated to The White Planet, which was no longer white, but returned to Red.

Back on Earth in the desolate wasteland, the blackened pits of death rustled in the wind. The Sun, The Moon, and Saturn glistened brightly in the sky. And with that, the green stems of the purple flowers multiplied gradually. The seeds were spread and several purple flowers sprouted over the blackened pits of death.

Those who had died in that fatal assault 26 years ago smiled knowing that it was never in vain, it had been for something, something they stood for, something those who conducted the massacre knew nothing about and possibly never will. The Earth beneath them might be failing, but these people were all on board to the next destination, a time and place in which disaster never strikes. And they were young, beautiful, extravagant, blissful and free... they remained as fascinating as when they first embarked to The Fascinating City. 

#1!  Led Zeppelin
"In the Light"  8:46
Physical Graffiti
London, England

Back on Earth, there now lies a magical garden of bright purple green-stemmed flowers that has covered the site of the disaster. These flowers grow year round and never die... nor can they be killed by any herbicide, missile attack, inclement weather, or human cruelty. The garden covers the entire extent of the site of the disaster and serves as a monument to conceal a diabolical tragedy that took place on what The Universe considered The Enchanted Sanctuary of Miracles.

However, this is no longer the official site for The Enchanted Sanctuary of Miracles. That site has been relocated elsewhere, where it shall remain unidentified until it is finally discovered by a resident of Earth who was courageous enough to escape the failed society to reside elsewhere... anywhere other than the failed planet of mass homicide.

This place is particularly simple to find. The alignment of The Sun, The Moon, and Saturn provided a passageway for one to easily maneuver from the desolate failed planet Earth to The New and Improved Enchanted Sanctuary of Miracles. In the very center of the purple garden where the disaster site once plagued the world, there is a light hidden beneath the purple flower with the orange stem. Looking into this light, one shall find the path that leads the soul from turmoil into eternal happiness.

It is predicted that this will happen today. In fact, it will most definitely happen today.

There is an abandoned ship in the middle of the Ocean. It is simply floating aimlessly near a reddened circle that has no explanation. This ship is different than the ship that was equipped with The Earth upon its conception.

That ship has dispersed into the waters and sailing the seas of 26 years ago. Back then, something happened, and its mystery needs to be resolved. Once that has been realized, the passageway to The Enchanted Sanctuary of Miracles will be discovered. Life on Earth will forever be altered. That is but the mission of the ship.

The plight of The Grand Scheme of Things lies elsewhere. Every moment from now until then will altered. There is a reason why you cannot remember things. In order for the greatest come-from-behind victory in The History of The Universe to be initiated, it may be necessary for the entire history to be reconstructed. Many elements need to be vacated. The existence of a natural state needs to be discovered; the goals for happiness need to be redefined; and the concept of the governing system along with corporate agenda need to be re-evaluated.

Once this mission is complete, The Human Race may be salvaged from implosion. Once the methods of conditioning have been eliminated, cultural advancement shall be liberated. Once the last great empire officially crumbles... that's when freedom will be celebrated; that is when the light shall be discovered. Today.

But there is more trouble looming in the horizon. The purple flowers are swaying. Somebody has ventured past the security quarantine and walking through the fields of purple flowers. Viewed from above, she can see the entire field of flowers that covered the once Desolate Wasteland. Making way towards the middle of the elegant pasture is a person walking aimlessly in the direction of the orange-stemmed flower that provides the passageway to the new-and-improved Sanctuary of Miracles. 

This could be the person who discovers the miracle.

The woman in black observed the strange person walking carelessly in the field of flowers through the sniper scope of her rifle. This person walks without grace, trudging across the field, with hands raised to either side to avoid contact with the plants. This person is dressed in a business suit and wearing an enormous creepy looking pig-face mascot head. She cocked the rifle and took aim.

END CREDITS: Led Zeppelin
"Down by the Seaside"  5:14
See Above

Written, Designed, and Music Compiled by Tony J. Neal

None of the original songs were ever intended to be used in this type of format.

Descriptions in no way shape or form intended to be a truthful reflection or interpretation of the song or the artist in reference.
All characters and themes completely fictitious and any similarities to actual people living or deceased are coincidental.

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