NC17 Top 25 Songs of 1967

The Best of 1967 + Lifelong Truce
Chapter 1: Naive Governors Blindly Believe a Distorted Version of One Side of the Story
Chapter 2: Psychological Considerations
Chapter 3: Lifelong Truce
Chapter 4: Humanity Vs. Instilled Government Commands

Chapter IV: Humanity Vs. Instilled Government Commands

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25. Buffalo Springfield
"Bluebird"  4:30
Buffalo Springfield Again
Los Angeles, CA

Another war was being fought on the home front in the invading nation. The draft, to say the least, was not exactly receiving welcomed kindness. People were conducting demonstrations, protests, and increased civil disobedience leading to uproars in the streets… couple that with a civil rights movement; this invading nation was discriminating against some of its citizens simply because of skin color. The racial bigotry alone should have declared that this nation had too many moral issues that waived the right to invade anybody. Furthermore, the people getting oppressed with discriminatory laws were also drafted and ordered to fight and preserve that cause.

24. Jefferson Airplane
"White Rabbit"  2:36
Surrealistic Pillow
San Francisco, CA

Some of the draftees were permitted to come home after they had been seriously wounded. Many of them returned with limbs missing, scarred, or severe facial blemishes and blindness; some of the cases were only there for but a couple days. These kids would naturally develop a grotesque bleak outlook on society, coupled with bitterness for the governor who sent them to fight in that stupid battle. Everything perfectly fine, physically, before having their names selected… now, 19 years old, had to live the rest of their lives with one eye missing. It was one battle that defined them; not a hero; and nothing to do now but stay stoned and pretend to forget, wishing drastic hardships on the governor who sent them.

23. Cream
"Tales of Brave Ulysses"  2:49
Disraeli Gears
London, England

Back in the woods, the two sides of troops had reached yet another stalemate. Now, they were talking, attempting to remain rational, about what to do with the documents. The captain actually retrieved them from his backpack and showed them to the group. They were locked away in a fireproof box. One obvious resolution would have been to destroy this set of documents, and assign another mission later. However, the native group was not willing to allow them to reach the destiny, it was far too important. "This doesn't even concern you man! This is our nation, we have to live here."

22. The Rolling Stones
"Ruby Tuesday"  3:18
Between the Buttons
London, England

The native captain, with assistance from the entire group, related to the invading troops all about what the living conditions were like in this nation. They told tales about impoverished farmers, struggling families, and abuse from the police and general violation of rights... how the government and bankers have all the money and live in mansions while everybody else struggles. This story sounded all too familiar to the invading captain, although his story wasn't quite as bad. All of the troops had agreed that they were in less than ideal situation, and it raised even more serious doubts as to why they are even there.

21. Edu Lobo & Maria Bethânia
"Pra Dizer Adeus"  4:14
Edu & Bethânia

However, the invading captain told their side. They discussed how they never even wanted to be here, but got sent as a result of getting drafted. Its not that they support anything, they have to do what is necessary in order to survive. That they have families and friends back home, and that's all they really want is to be back with them where everything was normal. Also, the invading captain told the native that he cannot simply just give away the documents. "Do you know what happens to us if we just give these away? We get arrested for treason, and get considered a traitor forever in the history books. We get put in a prison, and possibly executed. All of our friends and family will be forever disgraced. I'm sorry." The captain looked flustered, but one of his troops intervened, "no, he's right, they can't just hand these over."

20. Small Faces
"I Feel Much Better"  3:58
There Are But Four Small Faces
London, England

Both parties continued to call off their back-up troops. However, they could not make it known that they were communicating rationally with the enemy- the governors prefer they kill one another. Killing each other was not an option; both sides consisted of nothing but good people. The captain tossed the fire safe box containing the documents down on the ground. Both sides could do nothing but stare at them, "I wonder what that shit even says." It was a slight relief of tension that at least sparked a temporary smile. But sides remained quiet, looking at the box, trying to decide what to do with it.

19. Antonio Carlos Jobim
"The Red Blouse"  5:09
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (1927)-New York, NY (1994)

There exists nations that do not intervene in wars. In these places, the governors are not driven to occupy all of the wealth of the nation while its citizens live in poverty. They do not interfere with how other nations govern their land, they mind their own business. These nations do not worry that if too many nations have the same type of government, it will ruin their economy- their riches. If the government type of one tiny nation puts the stability of an existing economy at risk, which raises serious doubts about the effectiveness of that system. A properly functioning system of economics should have no influence whatsoever on how other nations govern themselves. There should be no effect.

18. Kaleidoscope
"Flight From Ashiya"  2:40
Tangerine Dream
Los Angeles, CA

The battalion had lost all forms of communication, all contact with the world, and had been deemed missing; assumed dead. There was never a rescue unit sent, as they had been taken hostage and held in a prison camp. Just as a revolt had been staged against the government, one was being planned in the prison camp. Being detained in a prison far removed from the environment considered natural, with zero interaction with friends, family, and people with similar interests is a frightening dilemma. Finally, people recalled the past speeches about only living once and the importance of living that life to the fullest, an upheaval finally took place, and people escaped from the prison. Of course, once freed, they still had no clue where they were and remained isolated. Nobody knew where they were.

17. John Fahey
"Impressions of Susan"  5:09
Days Gone By, Volume 6
Tacoma Park, MD (1939)-Salem, OR (2001)

Both sides were attempting to come up with all sorts of conclusions, and they would all have to be coupled with a false story that they would tell all the other troops from each side. Furthermore, they suspected they were being watched by the back-up troops, this stalemate was taking a long time and they could be moving in at any time. The only truce that was made was that neither side was going to have access to these documents; however, the invading troops after the debate were sympathetic... and they were attempting to come up with a way for the natives to have these documents without it being revealed how exactly they obtained them.

16. 13th Floor Elevators
"I Had to Tell You"  2:28
Easter Everywhere
Austin, TX

The people would sit at home and cheer on their troops by watching television. They had become convinced that this nation they were fighting was nothing but a bunch of ruthless killers; they hate our nation, and they are a threat to the economy; they do not value freedom, they are dictators who wish to rule the world. This is what the television had told them, and this is what they believed wholeheartedly. And, because of TV, this was a major reason why both parties could do nothing but stare at the fireproof box, whatever decision was made could possibly be a major televised event the entire world would know about.

15. Van Morrison
"He Ain't Give You None"  5:16
Blowin' Your Mind!
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Ideally, an unbiased television crew would have entered the forest, and witnessed the two sides discussing the matter at hand. Maybe upon hearing what the struggle in this other nation was all about, a vote from all citizens could have been conducted; the captain could have simply handed over the documents, shook hands, wished them all good luck, and every single troop in this nation leave immediately and return home safely. Or, if some wanted to stick around and fight, they may, and they are free to fight on whatever side they choose...and if they choose to support the workers, the peasants, the revolt...and not the governor...they have the right to that decision. Results indicated that an overwhelming 86% would have voted to turn over the documents to the natives. But it never happened.

14. Love
"The Red Telephone"  4:46
Forever Changes
Los Angeles, CA

The sanity level of Thompson was fading drastically. This was no place for him to be, and the wretched things he had seen already he was never going to forget. With each passing day, he began to question the ethics of the troops within his squad, but was powerless to do anything about it- he could not even express disapproval. He had to watch these people commit ruthless war crimes, rape women, some of them children, burn houses, and massacre entire villages. Furthermore, his squad had taken the offensive and they were in the land rightfully owned by citizens who had already voted positively for change in government- the change supported by the revolt. There is no sense in being here, it had already been decided fair and square- if his nation's governor doesn't like it, that's tough shit.

13. Pierre Henry / Michel Colombier
"Teen Tonic"  2:44
Messe Pour Le Temps Présent
Paris, France

The captain of Thompson's squad was named Dylan Ramsey. He was a cold hearted person with a nasty mean streak. This man had volunteered to be in this war, as had all of the rest of this squad except Thompson. None of the others liked Thompson, and viewed him as a liability- most were surprised he was even still alive. However, Thompson displayed refusal to participate in some of the war crimes, although he had killed many people. The people he had killed haunts him...it is to the extreme he would rather be killed in the next battle, but it never seems to happen.

12. Eternel Docteur Nico
"Doris"  4:42
Merveilles du passé : Eternel Docteur Nico 1967
Mikalayi, Congo (1939)-Brussels, Belgium (1985)

Thompson was actually compassionate towards the citizens of these region, even the troops he was expected to engage in battle against. This was perhaps the cause of the demise in his mental stability. Knowing he had killed people haunted him, and the troubled soul found it difficult to cope with this aspect. As if that was difficult enough, it seemed there was always another assignment coming up in which he was going to have to kill even more people, and witness the brutal slaying of citizens by the other members of his squad. He was tortured with constant attacks of anxiety, and a disruptive nervous system anticipating the next attack. En route to battle, he could no longer constrain his thoughts to indulge into something other than the war, to the extreme it would cause shortness of breath and delusional activity.

11. Tim Buckley
"Pleasant Street"  5:18
Goodbye and Hello
Washington, D.C. (1947)- Santa Monica, CA (1975)

Thompson was basically living in a constant state of near-panic attack, that very moment right before a complete nervous/emotional breakdown. However, he was not permitted to resolve these issues, he had to keep it together, but that was proving more difficult. He was overwhelmed with nervous tension, and that pretty much became the way he always felt. As they marched down a village street, Thompson was suffering from difficulty in breathing. The enemy was spotted, and he wished he did not have to go through with this. His squad snuck up from behind the enemy, and opened fire...Thompson had to do this too. It was a massacre and an entire squad was killed. Thompson's sanity level would drop significantly during the periods in which the dead had to be calculated. And, he held it all in.

10. The Red Crayola
"Hurricane Fighter Plane"  7:28
The Parable of Arable Land
Houston, TX

The squad of troops would utilize any means necessary to ensure mass slaughter of the enemy. Because of this, and the success they had, they were supplied with the most expensive of advanced weapons. Captain Ramsey was ecstatic the day they received napalm with permission to use it. Furthermore, he, as well as the others, would get overjoyed with the advancements of it. It was a marvelous day the first time they were able to try out the new napalm weapon, as they floated down river spraying napalm on all of those standing too close to the shore. The effects were ghastly, as Thompson had to watch them screech in pain with burning, blistering skin. Sometimes the poison would go straight through to the bone and they would lie in agony until they finally died. Who brings napalm in their luggage to use in another nation? Any military who has ever used napalm on any other nation should be put on trial for war crimes...if the other nation had never even attacked the invading nation's home front, severe punishments need to be applied to whoever ordered the usage of such a product. Nothing the nation that was invaded ever did was a worse atrocity than the being invaded and having napalm deployed on its citizens.

9. The Beach Boys
"Heroes and Villains (Sections)" 6:40
Smile (Never Completed Bootleg Version taken from Box Set)
Hawthorne, CA

Thompson's squad was proud supporters of ridding communities of the essentials in order to survive. One such ploy they used was depleting an entire community of their food and medical supplies. This allowed them to not have to worry about those who survived a massacre for now they would just starve to death or die from disease. Sometimes they would raid a village, kill off the ones they saw immediately. If they suspected large groups were in hiding, they would bomb the places that kept the food and medicine- return a week later and find all those who died of starvation. Also, to ensure this would have a long lasting effect, they would destroy entire fields of crops, and add chemicals to ensure nothing would ever grow there again- the goal was a genocide that would last forever. These people would never reform.

8. Leonard Cohen
"Sisters of Mercy"  3:37
Songs of Leonard Cohen
Montreal, QC  Canada

Thompson had a difficult time even looking at the citizens of this nation. Supposedly, some of them were supporting his cause, although he wondered how they could ever support such a thing. He knew their land may never be the same because of the destruction his squad had done to much of the arable land. Thompson had different political and religious beliefs than many of his friends and family, yet he never wished to them get raped because of difference in philosophies. Anytime he would see a friendly citizen, some would even make eye contact and smile at him, this would increase his anxiety, put him in a state of melancholy, and he would feel as if he had to throw up.

7. The Kinks
"Waterloo Sunset"  3:17
Something Else
London, England

The nauseous feelings finally did proclaim itself upon Thompson. He could no longer contain his mental illness as well as he used to. Back at camps, he would wander off and induce violent periods of vomiting due to grief stricken anxiety. Once he was finished throwing up, sweating profusely, they would raid a village. Somebody snuck from behind him with a machete, just a quick reaction he pulled the trigger and his brains splattered all over his face. He was no longer able to function properly and no control over his actions. Covered in another person's blood, brains, and head tissue, another fleet charged after him wanting to kill him with knives, hammers, and rusted meat cleavers, Thompson opened fire with his heavy duty top of the line machine gun and killed every one of them within seconds.

6. Captain Beefheart
"Electricity"  3:07
Safe as Milk
Glendale, CA (1941)- Arcata, CA (2010)

His illness became so severe he was throwing up blood. To make matters worse, he was smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day and his drug use was getting out of control. Thompson would have spells of periodic uncontrollable convulsions, severe shakes, and was constantly in a state of intense nervousness. The magic plants had distorted his reality beyond control, as he would tense up, shake violently, and watch people from his squad beat somebody to death with the butts of their rifles. Prisoners were being detained in the places where he could normally attempt to ease his anxiety; they were tortured, humiliated, and executed. All he prayed for was this madness to come to an abrupt miraculous end.

5. The Jimi Hendrix Experience
"Third Stone From the Sun"  6:46
Are You Experienced
Seattle, WA (1942)-London, England (1970)

Instead, his squad had been called upon for a major mission. Another squad had been given a set of important documents to be delivered to the commander's headquarters. However, they encountered heavy opposition and were unable to complete the task on their own. Word on the radio was that all combatants were still alive, in hiding in the forest, documents temporarily safe, but they needed back-up to ensure their safety. It was not going to be an easy mission, but was a majorly important one that would determine the outcome of the war. In the regular world, Thompson in this state needed to be committed to an asylum and in dire need of psychiatric help. However, he had to ingest more of the magical plant, and continue with this mission. He was pushed by the people in his troops, who were beginning to suggest that they just kill him off and leave him behind. They would never do that though. Thompson proceeded to the mission in a profoundly altered state of hallucinatory euphoria.

4. Pink Floyd
"Astronomy Domine" 4:12
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
London, England

As warned, reaching the site was not going to be easy. En route to the forest, things became intensely hairy. However, this unit was a well skilled killing machine by this point. This group could now approach confrontation with a swagger, had yet to suffer one casualty, and even kept Thompson unharmed. They were far outnumbered by the army of opposing troops they encountered, but went through them with ease. The moment they heard the first gunshot, all of them knew exactly what to do, had their guns drawn, cocked, prepared immediately. They simply marched through the brigade, guns perfectly positioned, as they destroyed every single one of the opposing troops within minutes. Captain Ramsey was even able to take a brief second and finish off wounded soldiers that were down in pain.

3. The Beatles
"I Am the Walrus"  4:37
Magical Mystery Tour
Liverpool, England

The tension was high in the middle of the forest as both captains remained in negotiations. Neither side could reach any conclusion. There was very little arguing, however. It was mostly an idea, an intelligent, polite refusal and how it could not work, then all agreed. Although intense, the negotiations remained friendly, given the circumstances involved. It was amazing how much effect this one set of documents in a fire safe box had on two groups of truly compatible friendships that had been forced to call each other enemies. Twice, unsuccessfully, they had tried to kill each other. Ideally, they could have abandoned the documents and walked away from this madness forever; with both parties relocating to another region, and starting fresh, this time as friends. But, they too were surrounded, and that was not possible.

2. The Doors
"The End"  11:42
Los Angeles, CA

Thompson's squad reached the site. They were prepared to go in shooting and settle this once and for all. However, they were ordered to keep back. Captain Ramsey was growing impatient with this charade, and was wondering what was taking so long. Furthermore, he began to proclaim they should have assigned this mission to his squad in the first place and it would have already been completed. Slowly, they gradually moved in closer, inching nearer to the negotiations site. And, repeatedly, they were being ordered to keep back.

Captain Ramsey and squad took cover in a remote part of the forest. The fireproof box was just up ahead. Finally, he broke out the binoculars to see what was happening. The results were shocking. It appeared that the troops from his side were merely talking with the opposing troops, arguing, with the fireproof box lying on the ground in-between them. First, he suspected treason, then he withdrew that notion due to the fact that the enemy did not have possession of the documents. Furthermore, these two had battled all night. He wondered why these troops were not able to successfully dismantle the enemy as effectively as his squad just dissected a much larger squad of enemies with ease.

Those documents were too important. He was unsure why they were just lying there on the ground. None of this made any sense whatsoever.

Finally, Captain Ramsey insisted that they were going in unannounced, and to hell with all commands to stay back. He ordered his men to kill all with reckless abandon. He reiterated the importance of those documents. They were to go in shooting, and simply wipe them all out at once, obtain the documents, and breeze through the back up squad the same way they eased through the opposition en route.

Thompson was nearly ready to pass out and was feeling ill. His mind was filled with thoughts that he could no longer bear, and this notion of plowing through another forest and killing numerous more people did not sound appealing at all.

The troops carefully, quietly, snuck into position, and took aim. The goal was for each person to successfully snipe one member of the enemy, and if each fired at the exact same time, they would all drop dead immediately- putting an abrupt end to whatever the hell these negotiations were about.

There was a shot fired. It wasn't time yet, but one of his own yelled out in pain. Captain Ramsey turned around to see who it was. It was Thompson who fired the shot. It all happened so fast. With the second shot, Thompson blew Captain Ramsey's brains all over a tree. The remainder of the troops was in shock that Thompson had just turned on his own men, betrayal.

"What the fuck- Thompson!'

Thompson turned and shot him too. One by one, he shot each and every one of his own men, guys who had fought in battles with him, kept him alive. They were not suspecting a traitor, and immediately retaliated to fire back at Thompson.

The two squads negotiating in the middle of the woods were stunned to hear gunshots. There is a reason they were assigned to carry out this mission. Without even hesitating, they took cover, and did not even blink until the shots stopped firing.

With the same ease his squad butchered an entire regime on the way here; Thompson executed every single troop in his squad. All of them lie dead in the forest. According to Thompson, they were bad people and about to do more harm. He had done the world a favor.

Once the firing stopped, both parties glanced up, prepared to shoot, and all they saw was a skinny young kid, pale, frightened, shaking, and standing all alone. He threw his gun into the middle of the forest, and walked away.

#1! The Velvet Underground
"Heroin"  7:13
The Velvet Underground & Nico
New York, NY

Thompson had committed the ultimate act of treason. It wasn't his squad of troops he gunned down in cold blood; he didn't give a fuck about them. It was all of the people he had killed prior to that, civilians, and other people exactly like him. There is no specified way to properly cope with that, and Thompson no longer cared.

END CREDITS: The Velvet Underground
"Venus in Furs"  5:13
See Above

Written, Designed, and Music Compiled by Tony J. Neal

None of the original songs were ever intended to be used in this type of format.
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Big huge salute to any person who has ever opposed war and thought intelligently about all that goes into it.
All people who were drafted to go and fight in a Civil War you may have opposed yourself.
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