NC17 Top 200 Traxxx of 2002

The Top 200 Songs of 2002 + Making the Best of Bad Situations
Part 1: Petty Concerns
Part 2: Once Disgusted, Take Control
Part 3: Break-ups
Part 4: Go...Far... Believe in Yourself
Part 5: PBHD: Post Break-up Hope Disorder
Part 6: Various Causes and Effects of Fond Memories
Part 7: Unnatural States of Disillusionment
Part 8: The Beast

Part I: Petty Concerns

Press play to hear all of these songs in order.

200. Bright Eyes
"Big Picture"  8:42
Lifted or The Story is in Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground
Omaha, NE

Carl and Denise travelled across the country having elaborate in depth discussions about various topics in life, mainly comparing the ideas and concepts of their parents' friends.

199. The Paper Chase
"I Did a Terrible Thing" 5:37
Hide the Kitchen Knives
Dallas, TX

Lester confessed all of his deepest darkest secrets to Pamela, and she replied: "yea, ya fuckin' dick!"

198. Sushirobo
"Fruit Flies"  3:22
Drawings and Garbage Structures
Seattle, WA

Steve, after eating a good healthy breakfast, approached the day with vigor and a positive attitude. The Aderol helped. He devised an advertising campaign similar to Wheaties cereal, but promoting Aderol.

197. Tarwater
"Imperator Victus"  6:04
Dwellers on the Threshold
Berlin, Germany

It was cold that day, and it rained. The townsfolk were in a dire need of inspiration. It never came.

196. VNV Nation
"Holding On"  4:40
London, England

Kipper the little dog had dreams and visions of someday ruling the planet and having a positive impact on all of society. Instead, he was purchased by humans, left at home alone often, and any attempts to free himself led to a spanking with a newspaper.

195. Carissa's Wierd
"Ignorant Piece of Shit" 3:15
Songs About Leaving
Seattle, WA

People are only willing to take so much. Unfortunately, once pushed the limit, reactions are often miniscule and have very little impact on the whole of the world.

194. Aqualung
"Falling Out of Love"  4:01
Southampton, England

Luther had been listening to Tabitha's petty trivial meandering for too long. He had become so frustrated, that he knew the end was coming. He would soon leave her, and scheduled to break up with her on Friday at 6:47 PM. Plus, he had been interested in experimenting with men who wear biker apparel.

193. Little Wings
"Fall Flood" 4:08
Light Green Leaves
San Luis Obispo, CA/Portland OR

Donald felt that Meredith had a great booty and a nice smile, but he felt this way about a lot of other women as well. Also, he didn't really like her personality either, and attempted to dominate all form of conversation. Whenever she spoke, he was bored and never paid any real attention to what she was saying. Basically, he was just looking for breaks in the conversation to attempt to get intimate with her.

192. The Pattern
"Happy Sarong"  2:17
Real Feelness
Oakland, CA

A high percentage of smokers often delve in erotic sexual fantasies with persons who actively jog by them in fitness gear while they are out smoking. Unfortunately, most smokers feel as if they have no chance whatsoever of even speaking with these types because they feel as if they are despised just because they smoke cigarettes.

191. Gossip
"Ain't It the Truth" 1:45
Arkansas Heat
Olympia, WA/Portland OR

Agnes looked over and saw her husband Floyd seated beside her picking his nose. She wandered how it all went wrong.

190. Q And Not U
"Meet Me in the Pocket"  4:30
Different Damage
Washington, DC

Archie, an aging overweight Vietnam Vet, one day decided to get a French pedicure. Much to the dismay of the woman performing the pedicure, he had a flashback and kicked the poor unexpecting Vietnamese woman right in the face. He apologized, and the two went to hold a demonstration protesting the war in Iraq.

189. Hot Hot Heat
"Aveda"  2:50
Make Up the Breakdown
Victoria, BC

Jerry finally saved up enough money to get a new sofa. He took his old sofa to the top of an old building and pushed it down the elevator shaft, sending it crashing into a pile of dust 35 floors to the bottom. His cousin William was still asleep on the couch.

188. Radio 4
"Calling All Enthusiasts" 3:06
New York, NY

A vast majority of the community find it downright grotesque to see hairy overweight white people dancing in the middle of the dancefloor; those people are often encouraged to get in better shape, wear deodorant, and possible dance a little more subtly before embarking center stage of a dance club. In 83% of the establishments in the world, however, the opposite has happened.

187. Atmosphere
"Fuck You Lucy" 5:31
God Loves Ugly
Minneapolis, MN

Nearly 53% of the Earth's 6 billion people are female. Despite this figure, nearly 72% of Earth's men obsess over just 1 of 3.5 billion. In some cases, men will even commit a homicide or suicide over one rejection.

186. Tocotronic
"Das Böse Buch"  4:31
Hamburg, Germany

Bert made several attempts to fit in with the cool kids, and finally came to the conclusion that he just did not fit in whatsoever. Then, he attempted to fit in with the misfits and outcasts, and they didn't like him either. Simply put, Bert was just an asshole.

185. Antipop Consortium
"Tuff Gong"  1:39
New York, NY

A family of aliens from another galaxy pulled off on a random side street in Milwaukee because papa alien needed to make a call on his cell phone. After the phone conversation, the alien family left. Nobody knows what the phone call was in regards to, and this scares some people.

184. The Stratford 4
"Hydroplane"  3:58
The Revolt Against Tired Noises
San Francisco, CA

They suddenly realized that it had been 17 years since The Jesus and Mary Chain released Psychocandy. They snickered and laughed, "wow, where did the time go?" And then there was unsettling feeling that time, right even then, was quickly passing by. Soon, it would be too late.

183. The Stitches
"2 O'Clock Shakedown"  1:56
12 Imaginary Inches

Ralph and Lloyd decided they were going to settle things the old fashioned way--the two had been bickering over the ownership of a lamp for months. They decided to have a jousting match out in the streets.

182. N.E.R.D.
"Rock Star"  4:30
In Search Of...
Virginia Beach, VA

All the people gathered outside the bar and complained about Kirby, and how big of a douche he had become.

181. Rye Coalition
"One Daughter Hotter Than One Thousand Sons" 4:48
On Top
Jersey City, NJ

Betty Jean worked as a stripper to pay her way through college. However, after graduation, she realized the strip club was not a positive reference for the office positions in which she was applying, although she did receive many call backs for all the wrong reasons.

180. The Church
"Seen it Coming" 4:58
After Everything Now This
Sydney, AU

Day 3 after the breakup, they each spent 97% of the day thinking about each other.

179. Christina Aguilera
"Beautiful" 3:59
Staten Island, NY

And finally, she decided that she no longer needed approval from her husband. For that matter, she no longer needed anybody's approval. From this moment on, she would lead the life that she wanted.

178. The Datsuns
"MF From Hell" 3:49
Cambridge, New Zealand

Tom, 53, bald, fat, middle management, told some of his buddies on the golf course, that his ex-girfriend made him feel like "a mother fucker from hell."  They were impressed. So impressed, they did not even finish the round of golf. Instead, they stole the golf cart, and went joyriding to local dance club, dressed in golf attire, still carrying around the golf clubs. The valet parking attendant found it a bit peculiar to have to park a golf cart, but they tipped $13. They did not have much luck at the dance club, but all four of them found intimacy with one prostitute who agreed to a 5-way. The cost was $1,478 and the golf cart. Two days later, the hooker was arrested and the golf cart remains in impound.

177. For Against
"Coalesced" 7:00
Lincoln, NE

People have the desire to go out and be social, but too often feel alone, and unsure how to go about making new friends. As a result, they stay home and wish for a better life. Some, make up imaginery friends, and talk for hours in their living rooms to nobody whatsoever, laughing, enjoying themselves. And once spotted by the neighbors, they pick the conversation back up at the local asylum. Here, at the asylum, individuals are free to be themselves. Kathleen actually married her imaginery friend, Carollotta...and the two are having an imaginery child soon. Unfortunately, this false pregnancy has led to an increase dosage of medications at the asylum, and they have discussed a lobotomy.

176. Dwayne Burns
"Thanks a Million" 7:33
Thanks a Million
New Orleans, LA

Hubert to this day felt he would not be alive if it weren't for his wife Frida. He wanted to something special for their anniversary. He baked a cake, cooked her favorite meal- tuna fish casserole, fixed the broken soap dish she had been complaining about for months, and went out and bought her something nice, a Formula One racing calendar and a new garden hose.


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