NC17 Top 200 Traxxx of 2001

The Corner of 5th & Average + The Top 200 Songs of 2001
Part 1: Dominicus Humanus
Part 2: Hostage Situation
Part 3: Lorenzo & The George Foreman Grills
Part 4: 902 Staghorn
Part 5: Plots Against the Pattern
Part 6: September 9th, 2001
Part 7: September 10th, 2001
Part 8: And Everything Shall Remain Exactly the Same

Part I: Dominicus Humanus

Welcome to 2001, the year an event or two may or may not have happened. To hear this first selection of songs, press play on the image below:

200. Circulatory System
"Yesterday's World"  4:00
Athens, GA

The day before I was conceived, my eye was bludgeoned out and I was drowned in a pit of coleslaw. The two fears would carry over into the next life. I was nearly successful in my attempt to bring down the empire, but that too would carry over into the next life, for I was being watched to make sure no successful attempts would be made in this life to overthrow the empire.

199. Gwenmars
"Radio Gun"  3:36
Driving a Million
Los Angeles, CA

We stood on the corner of 5th and Average, it was a happening spot, a busy intersection. The woman walked by, looked right at us, she was young and beautiful. She crossed the street, came back, she was older, still attractive, that middle aged beauty. Then, she walked across the street diagonally, countless cars raced by, the sun went down, rose again, over and over...when she returned, she was old- unrecognizable.
198. June Panic
"Travel Time  2:30"
Silver Sound Sessions
Fargo, ND

There was discussion of a book, Dominicus Humanus, it outlined the whole human race. Unfortunately, the book was not proper for all, for it went into great detail about the struggle of others, and that people should struggle, and lead miserable lives. The author of this book is unknown, nobody has ever read its entirety, but the secrets of the enemy lie within- it's the cause of all that has happened. The goal: destroy the book, burn the pages, and alter the course of humanity.
197. Biota
"The Rapid Color"  3:46
Invisible Map
Fort Collins, CO

The book is a repetition of patterns, just like life on Earth. That all beings, must, absolutely must, follow a pattern; and that this exact same pattern should be followed daily, for life. Within the guidelines of this book, the movement of human life on the planet Earth resembles that of a decorative background, with all things moving in unison, color coordinated, with rhythmic trance inducing patterns. To the author, it dictates balance in the universe, for the world is but a photo, an evil photo, with constant movement to relax only the author.
196. Pinback
"Your Sickness"  4:50
Blue Screen Life
San Diego, CA

To the author of the book, the only thing important life on Earth is harmony in the living room, with a reverie of perfect unison. The happiness of those represented in the photograph is not important, it is similar to the tranquility of an aquarium, and the fish swimming in it. During the course of existence, the author has strategically developed a means in which society should be governed, all to create the harmonious illuminated photograph in the living room.
195. Muse
"Citizen Erased"  7:19
Origin of Symmetry
Teignmouth, UK

Fans of the photograph admire its tranquility, whatever that may provide, on the corner of 5th & Average. The author has the power to dictate the course of humanity with the ability to intervene with all forms of life on the corner of 5th & Average. Those who appear as if they could potentially disrupt the pattern of life on 5th & Average are subject to freak accidents, unusual occurrences in life, or mysterious disappearances. The author must control these forms of life in order to maintain the balance of the photograph.
194. The New Year
"Carne Levare"  2:37
Newness Ends

Somewhere in the dark corridor of a vacant building on the corner of 5th & Average is a copy of this manual, it was accidentally left behind. Furthermore, there is a replica of the photograph, displaying how the world is supposed to look- according to the author. From up above, it looks like a series of moving patterns and lights; from the corner of 5th and Average directly, it reeks of pollution, stress, and crowds of people marching in file to no place in particular, their jobs, schools, the market, off to war.
193. Scout Niblett
"Sweet Heart Fever"  3:25
Sweet Heart Fever
Stone, UK;  Oakland, CA

Although the author of Dominicus Humanus has successfully instilled the mental state in those that this was the proper lifestyle, and took away the ability for many to even conceptualize any other way of life, it has not been 100% completely effective. There are people who do not support the harmony of the photo, would rather have harmony in their own personal life, and turn the author's photo into an abstract painting. For, where did the author get any right to dictate our lives; this puts some people in a state of depression.
192. Sr. Chinarro
"Con Algas Como Peluca"  5:24
La Primera Ópera Envasada Al Vacío
Sevilla, Spain

Upon discovery of the photograph, the group of people looked at it and stared...yes, it was a beautiful picture. On the other hand, it had some sort of strange power, for it had never happened where a still life photo actually came to life, and was on real time. This could be viewed on a television set, but never in an actual photograph- there was nothing, so it seemed, capable of filming the happenings on 5th & Average. Without telling a soul, the three people investigated the situation, and attempted to figure out how, exactly, this was even possible.
191. Clem Snide
"Evil vs. Good"  3:49
The Ghost of Fashion
Boston, MA

The three investigators attempted an experiment, to disrupt the flow of the image to see what would happen. Obstacles were placed randomly, the harmony of the photograph was temporarily altered. Those affected by the change seemed to come out of haze, as if a new discovery was realized- their lives had changed. However, without ever moving anything, the obstacles were removed, and security was heightened on 5th & Average to ensure no more obstacles were put in place.
190. Kristi Stassinopoulou
"Majnoun"  5:48
Athens, Greece

The mere presence of the security altered the image of the photo. But soon, the security too had to follow a pattern, they did this chore, stopped this person, said something to this person, removed this thing, removed this person. The security did this each day, until, security was an added dimension, another pattern, just another color moving in circles on the photograph of 5th & Average.
189. Calla
"The Swarm”  5:23
New York, NY

A committee was devised, a convention of jay-walkers. They marched to the corner of 5th & Average, carrying signs, in protest. There was more of them than security. In complete randomness, with no patterns whatsoever, they ran across the street, across the intersections, in front of cars, obstructing the flow of traffic. The harmony of the photograph was in jeopardy. Security attempted to stop the madness, but they simply ran in circles, on the corner of 5th and Average, yet another pattern had been formed.
188. The Anomoanon
"Wonder Better"  3:41
Louisville, KY

It was such a spectacle that people came out of the shops, they ceased working for a moment, put down the guns, and stopped fighting. Security was chasing people in circles, for the criminals would not leave the corner of 5th and Average. There were four corners of sidewalks, and the criminals raced from one to the other- east to west, south to north, west to east, north to south, and back again. The security could not catch them all, many more kept arriving. Observers from the sidewalk were particularly confused as to what was even happening- they had been taught to remain happy with their lives.
187. Shannon Wright
"Less Than a Moment"  3:00
Dyed in the Wool
Jacksonville FL/Atlanta GA

Without warning, Doug, a salesman at the jewelry store on 5th & Average, became a participant. He dashed right in front of security right as security was about to apprehend a person. The jewelry store clerk was not even sure why he was running, or who it was he was running from. He had seen on television the ploys of proper life; he had seen on the corner the elements that oppose. Nobody was interested in jewelry these days, the pattern did not allow it anymore.
186. Grand Tourism
"Snakeplayer”  5:17
Paris, France

Perhaps he was the most influential person in history, although one has to credit those who began the protest in the first place. As people watched the chase, it became a form of amusement. One person clapped his hands, did a quick dance routine, then was also part of the chase. More followed. Every single person who worked on the corner of 5th and Average ran in circles from security for no reason in particular. Many had to perform clever moves to not get caught, juke a little bit, and work together to insure nobody else was apprehended.
185. Mammoth Volume
"Brain Manic Mover"  4:26
A Single Book of Songs
Lysekil, Sweden

The business owners had been carefully selected by the people in the living room to be the ones to enjoy the most happiness, the best harmony, for they possessed enough characteristics to insure that photograph would maintain its rhythmic pattern. They demanded that everybody stop this non-sense and return to work. But, nobody listened, nor seemed to care about their threats. Then, the business owners were also involved in the chase, for they sided with security, and attempted to stop the randomness of free thinking.
184. The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs
"Right to Rock"  2:41
Waiting For the Death of My Generation
Los Angeles, CA

Had it just been security alone, maybe the people running around for no reason may have stopped eventually. But, when the business owners began chasing them too, there was no stopping. Running from security was fun, it was somewhat of a game; running from the business became personal. They would juke and be clever to get away from security, utilize force and degree of violence to get away from the shop owners. People would shove the shop owners to concrete, pushing them onto the road, people in suits rolling into the streets, causing drivers to slam on their brakes.

 183. Dropkick Murphys
"The Gauntlet"  2:48
Sing Loud, Sing Proud!
Quincy, MA

Traffic had been held up, people had to slam on the brakes to prevent running over shop owners who were shoved into the streets. While stopped, they noticed the pattern, some people running from security, but elegantly dressed shop owners chasing after the other people. Once a shop owner dashed in front of a vehicle, the driver of the vehicle had been observing the whole things, this shop owner was but some person to the driver- did not pay the driver's income. The driver got out of the car and chased after the shop owner.
182. Mirwais
"Naive Song"  4:27
Paris, France/Switzerland

All people stuck in traffic got out of their cars. They would approach the corner of 5th & Average in a relatively normal state of mind; however, once there, something clicked and they immediately joined in the pursuit after the shop owners (a couple pursued after the workers, for they were shop owners on the corner of 7th & Average, an identical photograph). By this point, there were so many of them, now running from the corners, and in and out of shops, up and down steps, the fire escape even had a rhythmic chase scene.
181. Japancakes
"This Year's Beat"  5:06
The Sleepy Strange
Athens, GA

There is some discussion in The Bible where it claims that God had given man something called "free will", and this had been a topic of much dispute. Some claim that free will is means in which God allows people to live out there lives without being an omnipresent existance on Earth; other state that free will was given with flaws and would someday destroy the world. Page 1,879 of Dominicus Humanus discusses the notion of free will, and how it was purchased for a great deal of currency- for the right price, it was monopolized by the author.
180. Macy Gray
"Freak Like Me"  3:38
The Id
Canton, OH

The problem with free will, is that it is just that, free. There are those who display mannerism of free will, without paying a single dime for it. And it became widely circulated, that those who did not wish to pursue an abundance of currency are the ones who are truly acting in the manner that defines free will. Others, attempt to purchase free will, and think that riches and luxury are the rewards for utilizing the free will, and means to acquire these riches is how free will is properly employed.
179. Cole Marquis
"Six is Better"  3:56
Treasure Island Serenade
San Francisco, CA/Wilmington, NC

People from outside the community had heard about a chase going on downtown at the corner of 5th & Average. These people had the opportunity to actually think about what was going on and provide some analysis of their own. Many people allowed this thought process to be governed by the television set, a key factor in the purchase of free will. Others heard about it elsewhere. There was a reflection of their own lives, and what exactly it meant. For many, the answer was nothing, the comfort of that nothing is actually what it is all about. Questions were brought about concerning the validity of this notion.
178. Mogwai
"Take Me Somewhere Nice" 7:01
Rock Action
Glasgow, Scotland

Because the balance of the photograph had been disrupted, the thinking patterns of life on Earth too had been altered. The suggestions in the manual Dominicus Humanus were beginning to lose its effect, for it was depended upon the patterns outlined in the photograph of 5th & Average. When the patterns had been disrupted to the extreme the photograph almost resembled white noise, it voided the contract that purchased free will.
177. Kinski
"New India"  7:04
Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle
Seattle, WA

Now, there was a different balance in the universe. The new balance seemed to uplift the thinking patterns that had been deemed appropriate by the purchasor of free will. As people gradually began to see thought processes diminish, the processes that once defined their role in life, that once defined life, that there was a new role, something else to live for. People began to seriously question the purpose in which they are living, the values they find important, the ambitions they wish to fulfill and the means of fulfilling them. Running delicately in patterns on 5th & Average was not realizing anything- but the depletion of balance, perhaps they wanted to do something else besides work their lives away for 4 new tires.
176. Rollerball
"Butter Fairy"  10:01
Trail of the Butter Yeti
Portland, OR

Page 2,896 of the manual Dominicus Humanus carefully outlines the necessary steps to prevent any disruption of balance, and restore any order should some sort of disturbance ever occur. There are those who go to war, this is their pattern. Ever since the purchase of free will, it has been instilled that all persons who go to war is automatically a hero, for they are preserving the balance of 5th and Average. These person have been given the power to do anything, all people are to fully support this power, and when they are called upon, it is strictly for the good of humanity.

Top Image by: How Stuff Works
Bottom Image by: Pariplanopleno

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