NC17 Top 175 Traxxx of 2001

The Corner of 5th & Average + The Top 200 Songs of 2001
Part 1: Dominicus Humanus
Part 2: Hostage Situation
Part 3: Lorenzo & The George Foreman Grills
Part 4: 902 Staghorn
Part 5: Plots Against the Pattern
Part 6: September 9th, 2001
Part 7: September 10th, 2001
Part 8: And Everything Shall Remain Exactly the Same

Part II: Hostage Situation

Welcome to 2001, the year an event or two may or may not have happened. To hear this first selection of songs, press play on the image below:

175. Roachpowder
"House of the Wicked"  4:53
Atomic Church
Stockholm, Sweden

There was a hostage situation at the bank robbery that took place on 5th and Average. It was a quick in, quick out, high pay off deal. The bank was scheduled a shipment of mass currency, the means to dictate balance. The millions had only been in the bank for a few minutes, not even put away yet. With the same elements employed by the war hero, two people who had been negatively affected by the author's balance, performed the heist for the ability to balance themselves. A random clerk was taken hostage.

174. Tight Bro's From Way Back When
"Bless Me"  4:29
Lend You a Hand
Olympia, WA

Security chased after the currency robbers using the means discussed in Chapter 376 of Dominicus Humanus, and others utilized the methods in the subtext to announce that those who had apprehended their own balance were to be referred to as "dangerous criminals", all persons need to assist security. The dangerous criminals referred to Chapter 204 in another set of guidelines. These guidelines had been studied well. In a high speed pursuit that utilized several of the clever methods, the dangerous criminals managed to escape from security- at least for now.

173. The Ex
"Walt's Disneyland"  4:21
Dizzy Spells
Wormer, Netherlands

Within moments of the dangerous criminals apprehending the millions from the bank, the corner of 5th and Average looked exactly the same as it did the day before. This particular set of millions was not that essential to sustain the balance of the photograph, as the passerbies continued their patterns up and down the avenues, to their jobs, to go shopping, off to war. The pattern was exactly the same, as if nothing had ever happened. Many forgot about the millions, and millions more were deposited.

172. The Faint
"Agenda Suicide"  3:59
Danse Macabre
Omaha, NE

Although those solely responsible for the harmony of the photograph in the author's living room had completely forgotten about the incident, and everything was exactly as it should be, the author has clearly indicated that this sort of behavior shall in no means ever be tolerated. There is another photo of patterns, security searching for dangerous criminals, who have attempted to disrupt the monopoly of free will. No matter how picaresque a photo may appear, any disruptions in the balance shall never be forgiven, and examples need to be made to ensure other people do not attempt the same idea.

171. Zero 7
"Red Dust"  5:40
Simple Things
London, UK

The clerk had no genuine ties with the bank; the bank was but the pattern that provided the necessary essentials in making the pattern safe and comfortable- food, clothing, shelter, four new tires, and a George Foreman Grill. The dangerous criminals had roughed up the clerk, tied up the hands, tossed into the backseat with a cover over the head. At first, the clerk was afraid, this could be the moment of death in which the pattern ends. Shortly after the robbery, a different chase took place on 5th and Average, random people running from security in circles for no reason. The balance had been uplifted, free will temporarily returned, at the moment of being held hostage, tied up in the back of a speeding vehicle.

170. Noir Désir
"Le Vent Nous Portera"  4:49
Des Visages des Figures
Bordeaux, France

Anticipating the end, people have a tendency to reflect on their own life anyway- many claim this automatically brings free will-- the desire for balance in the author's photograph no longer holds any relevance. Reflecting upon one's own life while anticipating the end doubles the effects in which a person will ponder upon, particularly right at the moment the balance had been omitted. The clerk did not like working at that bank, despised the owner, and for the matter, the rest of the shop owners on that block. Panic soon turned to tranquility, for the clerk was now just happy to be away from work.

169. The Seconds
"Baby Make That Sound"  3:21
Brooklyn, NY

There are two separate guidelines that suggest the way a person is supposed to handle themselves in a hostage situation. One is the guideline that had been created during the age of free will: this suggests that you do what is best for you in order to survive, and in order to maintain your own happiness, even if it means not cooperating with security. Dominicus Humanus informs people to never cooperate with the dangerous criminals, and figure out a way to get them apprehended by security, who is solely concerned with your safety.

168. Ex Models
"Other Mathematics"  1:24
Other Mathematics
Brooklyn, NY

The clerk became curious how much currency the dangerous criminals were actually able to obtain. First, typical, they were deemed dangerous criminals, hopefully security would come. Then, the clerk wondered what would happen if security was unable to track these particular dangerous criminals. Perhaps they would share the currency, perhaps they may kill everybody. If security did come, there was nothing to be guilty of, and the clerk would return safely to the pattern. In order to be safe though, the clerk had to devise some sort of a plan for when the time came when it would be realized that security was not going to be successful.

167. French Kicks
"Young Lawyer"  3:00
Young Lawyer EP
New York, NY

The clerk did not wish to return to the pattern. For that matter, the silly uniform that was being worn was degrading enough. Then came hope, not hope that security would come to the rescue, the hope that the dangerous criminals would get away. This became the new goal, to assist with the getaway, and then remain a hostage as long as possible in order to prolong having to return to the pattern. As the clerk remained motionless in the backseat, the more the clerk grew to despise the pattern- being in this situation was the fault of the pattern.

166. Сплин (Splin)
"Мое сердце"  4:10
25 кадр
St. Petersburg, Russia

The clerk had no idea where this pursuit was going to lead, but soon hoped that it would never return to the corner of 5th and Average. For that matter, the clerk declared that there would be no return to the corner of 5th and Average. Wherever this ended, the clerk was starting fresh. And, if that meant employing some of the methods written somewhere in the manual utilized by the dangerous criminals, a means to apprehend currency other than working for the shop owners on 5th and Average, that was now more important than security catching these criminals. Life could be good again.

165. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
"Red Eyes and Tears"  4:00
San Francisco, CA

Security had come to the rescue. It would appear that the pursuit was finally over, the clerk was saved and could return to the pattern. However, there was a turn of events. The dangerous criminals pulled the vehicle over and was prepared to utilize the methods on page 597 of the manual if necessary, hopefully it would not come to that. Much depended on the clerk, who was given a set of orders to follow, and the threat. It was actually the speech of the clerk who effectively got rid of security, and this isn't written in any manual.

164. Outrageous Cherry
"The Astral Transit Authority"  3:49
The Book of Spectral Projections
Detroit, MI

Step 1: winning over the trust of the attackers had been completed. Due to the fact that the clerk had successfully gotten rid of security, and quite impressively at that, the clerk no longer had to be tied, no cover over the head, and was allowed to sit in the backseat and converse with the dangerous criminals. Step 2: don't count your blessings, or aggressively become a douche. It is important to know your place in a hostage situation, even if you do not wish to be apprehended by security, you are still not a dangerous criminal yet. But, it is important to become liked by the dangerous criminals, and that requires asking the proper questions, or no questions at all. Mirror the models.

163. (Smog)
"Natural Decline"  4:18
Rain on Lens
Austin, TX

Although the clerk developed a fairly decent repertoire with the criminals, they still did establish some rules. Violation of these rules would result in execution. The clerk utilized this as a chance to indicate that there would be no violations whatsoever, attempted to not come off as insincere or overly eager- just remained calm, and let it be known the two parties were on the same page. Perhaps the clerk could request favors later, a cut of the money, to join the group, then escape from the pattern...all this would have to come in time, not something you request immediately. The clerk did give a righteous speech about the pattern of 5th & Average and the destation of it.

162. Hood
"You're Worth the Whole World"  5:44
Cold House
Leeds, England

The further the clerk got away from 5th and Average, the more the clerk despised it. While travelling in the backseat, quietly, the clerk began to realize just how much life had been dedicated to serving the balance of 5th and Average. Most of the time, the clerk was unable to do personal things, realize personal ambitions, or achieve the personal goals the clerk established since childhood. Gradually, there was no time for it, the balance of 5th and Average took up too much time, too much energy. Not only the time spent on 5th and Average, but considering the time spent preparing for 5th and Average, the journey there, the journey back, the pattern.

161. The Beta Band
"Life"  3:51
Hot Shots II
Edinburg, Scotland

In no way shape or form did the bank define the clerk. But, the clerk began to question what exactly did define the pattern that had become the way of life. With nothing to do but think about life, maybe even the meaning of it, the clerk pondered about how long the pattern had been taking place. Life was the pattern, rarely nothing more. Even the devices in which defined amusement and recreation; that too had become a pattern. And this pattern had been taking place for years, and this pattern had wasted too many years.

160. Autour De Lucie
"Ja Riviens"  6:08
Faux Movement
Paris, France

What do you really like to do? Rob banks? Maybe assisting customers is the real thrill. Perhaps there is no better feeling in life than denying a person the ability to cash a check; it is so wonderful to discuss the fees for certain services. The thought of co-workers doing this right now on 5th and Average was sickening. The image of Mrs. Adams discussing the patterns of her wiener dog was sickening. The image of the clerk's own life was sickening. Disturbing. Saddening. Sorrow set in, not for being a hostage, for getting involved in that pattern for so long, it was a waste that meant nothing, and the clerk could be killed at any moment now.

159. Pernice Brothers
"She Heightened Everything"  2:36
The World Won't End
Northampton, MA

Finances came before everything. The most important aspect of life had been the ability to maintain stability in economics. It had been extremely important to pay all debts in a timely manner, the vehicle, the rent, the phone, electric, and the required wardrobe to work on 5th and Average. Personal relationships would be deteriorated if they represented any sort of threat to financial stability. The clerk would avoid recreational activities, enjoyment, for the ability to work on 5th and Average. What would be said at the clerk's funeral? Here lies the clerk, who accomplished____________________?

158. The Tyde
"The Dawn"  5:54
Los Angeles, CA

That aforementioned blank (_____?): success is best defined by how much you agree with the descriptors that fill in that blank. For some, there is no clear definition as to what goes in that blank. For many others, the means in which that blank is filled in depends on the methods they used to generate currency for the stability of the pattern. Others, how they chose to spend their wages, the shops in which they were spent, the hobbies that arose from it. The clerk did not like the descriptors in that blank. Perhaps it was time to redefine the blank.

157. Björk
"Harm of Will"  4:37
Reykjavik, Iceland

It became too difficult to even reflect on life. When it came down to the final moments when the clerk could be pulled off to the side of the road, taken out of the vehicle, and executed, the clerk could not think of but a couple things here and there that represented sheer happiness. There were but a couple memories that were considered extremely memorable, worth discussing to those in the next world. Most of the time was spent participating in a pattern, one day there was extreme anger, to where it ruined two weeks of happiness, all because the clerk had purchased a George Foreman Grill, and it didn't work properly; the shop owner had a questionable return policy, the clerk was deprived of currency.

156. Pete Yorn
"Just Another"  3:14
Montville, NJ

Sex. Power. Currency. The three biggest desires. The first two may be purchased with the latter. A man in a cheap bed sleeps alone. The woman with no breasts has no currency; another woman walks out of shop, big breasted, bills of currency flow freely from her cleavage. A handsome man has no love, he has no currency. The amount of currency dictates the level of love. $ takes shape, the dollar sign, $ in that shape, $ walks, $ finds a woman, it is not human looking, literally looks like $; she awaits in her bed, $ gets on top of her and inserts a rolled up wad of bills into her eager vagina, with her lustfully fantasizing about the purchases she can now make from the shop owner.

155. Rufus Wainwright
"Tower of Learning"  4:49
New York, NY

Knowledge is obtained with the hope that it can lead to more currency. People will seek higher education as a means to obtain a position that offers more currency. The education becomes the pattern, the new position becomes the pattern, the shop owner is the lender who supposedly financed the higher education, paying off the shop owner becomes another pattern. Awake. Work. Home. Bank. Check in envelope. Post Office. Mail. To Bank. To the corner of 5th and Average, exactly how Dominicus Humanus decided we should utilize our knowledge.

154. Ken Stringfellow
"This One's On You"  6:11
Hollywood, CA

How important had currency become? The images of the pattern seemed laced with currency. As the figures in the patterns took life, close up captions reveal the entire photograph is themed around currency. People engaging in the pattern will turn to the photograph and smile cheerfully, currency in hand. Currency is thrown into the air. The people in the pattern reach for the floating bills, apprehend it, then follow the pattern to the shop and give it away to the shop owner. One person arises from bed, commutes to a job, there awaits currency to give to the shop owners, in return for George Foreman Grills and the merchandise that define the individual.

153. Beachwood Sparks
"By Your Side"  4:59
Once We Were Trees
Los Angeles, CA

Dominicus Humanus had even outlined a pattern to dictate one's love life, how a person is supposed to love, and limitations on how much it may be enjoyed. The manual clearly states that those who are employed on 5th and Average are the desires, for it is these people who have clearly established goals in life, and have the ambition to fulfill them- they understand the importance of the pattern. People should only seek relationships with those who pattern their lifestyle after the image on 5th and Average, and not spend too much luxury time with their lovers- this too effects the balance, and it is more essential to earn currency than to spend time with a lover. No matter how great a love, it can be easily replaced and improved with another who has more currency.

152. The Mother Hips
"Sarah Bellum"  4:15
The Green Hills of Earth
San Francisco, CA

Lost love opportunities is a defining trait that individuals may fill in the aforementioned blank. Their lives are defined by failure. Sometimes people do not live in harmony with the person they cherish most because of lack of currency; some- the person is already involved in a relationship; others- have no time to pursue their most compatible mate because they are too busy earning currency. Thoughts of a desirable love affair becomes a set pattern in the mind, similar to the patterns of the population travelling 5th and Average.

151. Boredoms
"7"  5:59
Vision Creation Newsun
Osaka, Japan

Security had arrived. This time, the dangerous criminals had been identified, as had the clerk. The chase lasted quite some time, and the dangerous criminals were prepared now to use the methods in Chapter 877, any means necessary. A shootout occurred, the vehicle was ditched, and the chase took place on foot- in the woods, out in the middle of nowhere. Both of the dangerous criminals were gunned down and executed by security. They were prepared to rescue the clerk and bring the clerk back to the pattern of 5th and Average. But, there were several more shots. Security had suddenly been executed as well. This was not written in any manual, but there was no way the clerk was ever going back to 5th and Average.

Top Image by: VirtualPlacebo
Bottom Image by: Kippy Winston

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