NC17 Top 150 Traxxx of 2002

The Top 200 Songs of 2002 + Making the Best of Bad Situations
Part 1: Petty Concerns
Part 2: Once Disgusted, Take Control
Part 3: Break-ups
Part 4: Go...Far... Believe in Yourself
Part 5: PBHD: Post Break-up Hope Disorder
Part 6: Various Causes and Effects of Fond Memories
Part 7: Unnatural States of Disillusionment
Part 8: The Beast

Part III: Break-ups

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150. Purple Ivy Shadows
"Ladderback" 1:37
Field Guide
Charlottesville, VA/Providence, RI

He never even put up a fight; he just kicked her to the curb.

149. The Polyphonic Spree
"Have a Day/Celebratory" 4:38
Beginning Stages Of...
Dallas, TX

She had some remarkable qualities. Even though he knew they were not compatible in several major areas, he loved her anyway.

148. Coldplay
"The Scientist" 5:09
A Rush of Blood to the Head
London, England

Over the span of 2 years and across 2 states, one day it ended; she was gone. That was the end of Jennifer.

147. Desaparecidos
"Man and Wife, The Former" 3:16
Read Music/Speak Spanish
Omaha, NE

The many levels of contradiction somewhere had to contradict each other: The value of independence, the fear of commitment, the fear of being alone. Perhaps that fear always existed, and it had to, but it was a different fear each week; there was no consistency.

146. Bumblefoot
"T-Jonez" 3:40
New York, NY/Princeton, NJ

The likelihood of never seeing each other ever again is a powerful emotion. They could never work together, but forever parting ways proved equally difficult.

145. The Books
"All Our Base Are Belong to Them" 4:19
Thought For Food
New York, NY

He contemplated getting back together with her, but asked: "Do I really want to hear any more about Vanessa, Greg, Mary Trione, Hannah, some other random niggers in Montana? Do I really want to concede that nothing I do ever matters?"

144. Tom Waits
"Misery is the River of the World" 4:25
Blood Money
Pomona, CA

Despite all the joy and harmony that is sure to come in the future, people have a tendency to focus on the negative aspects that are unavoidable. Perhaps misery is the river of the world, but maybe we all just need to prepare ourselves for disaster when it finally strikes.

143. Beth Orton
"Concrete Sky" 4:34
London, England

The most difficult thing to either completely eliminate or ever replace is a sense of comfort level you can feel with another person.

142. The Sadies
"Within a Stone" 3:18
Stories Often Told
Toronto, ON  Canada

A state of intense melancholy will seem to last forever; in fact, a state of mind may not even be described as melancholy unless it seems as if whatever ailments is most troubling will never end. But, all things must come to an end, even a state of melancholy.

141. 34 Satellite
"Elijah St. Marie" 5:57

Sleeping to music affects dreams. "I must admit," he sat in a desolate chair relating the incident, "at one point in time, I was completely at ease with the end of Jennifer nearing. To the extreme, I almost hated her. One night, while sleeping on the couch, this song came on during my sleep...and I dreamt of her, flashbacks of good memories, we with my arm around her, we were happy, but the narration of the dream spoke of the end coming, and that 'it would soon be all over for good- you'll never do this again' the dream narrator said. I woke up crying, even though I had no control over it- I was asleep. That dream changed the way I felt. Maybe I did still love her, but, once I finally realized this, it was too late."

140. The Legendary Pink Dots
"Chain Surfing" 4:42
All the King's Men
London, England

Major decisions, major changes lead to intense questioning of one's self. Though somewhat afraid of an uncertain future, though saddened by loss of the past, there's still that voice of reason; "you know, things are gonna be ok." You just find a way to mellow out and put yourself at ease. "Shit, nigger," the voice of reason will remind you,"we've been through worse than this."

139. The Roots
"Rock You" 3:13
Philadelphia, PA

And then, you realize whatever glory days you lived in the past...is about to be put to shame. The best days of your life begin right now.

138. Capitol K
"Pillow" 3:12
Island Row
Malta/London, England

Suddenly, there's a new found happiness. Is it the joy you've always been searching for? Maybe not, but at least it's still a joy. The voice of reason tells us: "Patience, nigger, for those days are coming. Soon. And if not now, just enjoy this moment. Once we look back and reflect on this moment- this particular moment right now- let's look at it with triumph... and let's not look at this moment with regret. Let's not forget this moment either. This very moment, this moment right now... (the voice of reason smiles) hey- let's do something to try and always remember this moment for the rest our lives. Something we can always reflect back on and put us in a good mood 20 years from now."

137. Elf Power
"Palace of the Flames" 2:47
Athens, GA

Eventually, immediate issues within in the mind get stored away in a file with other past issues that once seemed devastating. Throughout life, we conjure these past hardships and strengthen ourselves based on what we learned from them. One day, it's funny to think we even took this event so drastically.

136. Death of Marat
"All Eyes Open" 3:20
All Eyes Open

Sometimes I find myself angry about shit that happened 15 years ago. While many may consider this a personal problem, myself included, the recollection of these events tends to create an awareness of potential dangers. When similar signs start to arise, it's important to know how to get out of a situation, and when, without any significant harm. Our past mistakes give us the ability to do this in the future.

135. Hot Snakes
"Xox" 2:27
Suicide Invoice
San Diego, CA

Although no one really enjoys it, perhaps it is good to occasionally feel angry, remorseful, resentful, like a total piece of shit, like punching somebody in the face. In general, people who are overly cheerful rub others the wrong way--especially in the morning hours.

134. The Black Keys
"She Said, She Said" 2:32
The Big Come Up
Akron, OH

Finally, you think of all the bad things she had done in your life. The sadness of her departure has eventually subsided, and you say to yourself: "what the fuck was I thinking?" And the voice of reason answers: "man, you is a stupid nigga sometimes! But hey, we all are." You share a good laugh with the voice of reason.

133. Lambchop
"I Can Hardly Spell My Name" 3:25
Is a Woman
Nashville, TN

No matter how much you prepare yourself, you just have to accept the fact that the voice of reason is right, and, for the rest of your life, "you is gonna be a stupid nigga sometimes." Everybody is. And let it be that. The goal, however, should not be to embrace yourself for danger...rather, know how to exploit a golden opportunity when that arises.

132. The Blood Group
"Blue Moon #3" 6:31
New York, NY

Feelings of resentment allow us to assess our current lifestyles and seek out any changes that need to be made. In some cases, drastic changes are necessary. Too often, though, people do not make these drastic changes because it doesn't coincide with others in their lives. These others we have grown comfortable with. Therefore, if one decides not to go through with any drastic changes, just enjoy that sense of comfort...because in actuality that's all you ever wanted anyway.

131. The Residents
"Denial: My Brother Paul" 3:07
Demons Dance Alone
Shreveport, LA

Many people often distort their comfort with others due to the fact they have some other goals they wish to pursue. What are you really looking for? Money? A job? In the grand scheme of things, what are you really going to do?

130. Van Morrison
"Down the Road" 4:20
Down the Road
Belfast, Ireland

Andromeda is someday going to collide with our galaxy, thus destroying everything...what really matters more than being satisfied right now?

129. Iron & Wine
"Promising Light" 2:49
The Creek Drank the Cradle
Columbia, SC/Dripping Springs, TX

Failure to enjoy the moment creates an impediment in one's ability to seize a golden opportunity. Know: there are 6 billion niggers in this world, if one of them pisses you off: fuck 'em; there's 5.9999 billion others out there whose presence potentially beneficial.

128. Starsailor
"Good Souls" 4:53
Love is Here
Wigan, England

We as a human race have devised certain regulations that if not followed makes a person a genuine asshole. Even those non-conformists who claim they do not follow any norms, at least attempt to conduct themselves in a moderately pleasant manner. No matter how pear shaped shit gets, there's always somebody out there, maybe even some person you have never met, somebody out there wants you to succeed...and will offer assistance. Sometimes, that special someone may just be that foul-mouthed voice of reason within yourself. And many other times, it could be just a random somebody who kindly says exactly what you needed to hear. Maybe sometimes, we have to do provide that for another random somebody.

127. The Music
"Getaway" 6:30
Leeds, England

And no better way to enjoy any moment than with music. So put on this song, turn it up, get your nigger ass up off the couch, get all those other niggers up off their asses, and have a dance party right now in the living room. All those present will have a positive memory for life.

126. Paul Westerberg
"Call That Gone?" 7:16
Minneapolis, MN

"Well," he explained from his desolate chair, "I left home again...this time for a girl named Jennifer." The registry explained to the personnel at the monthly meeting regarding the grand scheme of things: "They broke up and she is gone for good in 4 days He hates his job has no personal belongings has nowhere near achieved his dreams, occasionally has anxiety attacks, hates even the sight of himself; still has significant money problems from a previous relationship, in trouble with the IRS, license plates suspended because of too many parking tickets, etc. He actually hates the town he had to move to and found himself all alone there." Voice of reason said: "shit nigger, there ain't nothing wrong with your dumb ass...keep picking yourself up, and soon, the world will get tired of trying to knock you back down. When that day comes, all your ambitions will be realized. For now, let's just make the best of a bad situation....let's just enjoy ourselves."

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