The Top 150 Songs of 1984

The Top 150 Songs of 1984 + 100 Planes of Parallel Existence
Part 1: The Concept of Living 100 Separate Lives Simultaneously
Part 2: The Control Room
Part 3: Bosco's Early Deaths
Part 4: Mayday! Mayday! Red Altert! Squirrels! Mayday!
Part 5: Abnormal Executions
Part 6: Nakita, She's the One

Part I: The Concept of Living 100 Separate Lives Simultaneously

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150. Public Image Ltd.
"Order of Death"  4:51
This is What You Want... This is What You Get
London, England

There exists an infinite amount of parallel universes occurring at this very moment. Each person lives 100 lives on 100 different parallels of existence. This world here represents only one of them.

149. Thompson Twins
"Hold Me Now"  4:47
Into the Gap
Sheffield, England

The exact same people do not populate every single universe. In fact, it is quite possible that another universe you are living in right now has not one single person from this existence in it. Therefore, it is possible that some people are in more than 100 serious relationships all at the same time.

148. The Pale Fountains
"Reach"  4:14
Pacific Street
Liverpool, England

At the same time, many of these parallel universes are experiencing some sort of conflict- this one we are living in being one of them. The cause of the conflict and the extremities involved in it vary from universe to universe. Also, there are many attributes that determine the conflict, as well as its outcome. For example, in the infinite universes, right now, there are 417,863 different leaders handling the various wars on this Earth- but minuscule in percentage to the universes where these wars do not exist.

147. Tom Zé
"Mestre Sala"  4:13
Nave Maria
Irará, Brazil/São Paulo, Brazil

It is relatively common to share multiple universes with a few people in particular- similar to college classes where a couple other students may have several classes with you. This is the source of familiarity, for those who may look familiar to you, but you have never seen, is a result that you and this person have some sort of a relationship in a different universe.

146. This Mortal Coil
"Song to the Siren"  3:33
It'll End in Tears
Wadsworth, England

On this particular universe, we cannot communicate directly with ourselves in the other universes. However, it is possible to correspond to our lives on other universes in dreams, or deep meditation. Some people frequently experience recurring dreams about one of their other planes of existence.

145. David Sylvian
"Brilliant Trees"  8:43
Brilliant Trees
Beckenham, England

Throughout many of the planes, the elements and standards of life on that plane is beyond imagination. For, the history of many planes differs entirely than what has happened on this plane. In many planes, advanced discoveries were made long ago, and the outcomes have far exceeded the results of this plane that we know. That can be the opposite too.

144. Unrest Work and Play
"Folk"  3:16
United Kingdom

Due to the circumstances that exist on other planes, it is not completely impossible that persons living on some parallel planes are able to communicate and travel freely to their own other parallels of existence. Physically, it is strictly prohibited, but interactions may be conducted through dreams or spiritual meditation. It is possible that someday one of own selves will visit physically from another universal plane, but those plans are not going to occur anytime soon; ordinance code 84-226a.

143. Dark Wizard
"Trip to Doom"  4:25
Devil's Victim
Vroomshoop, Netherlands

Some planes of existence have been deemed too dangerous to experience encounters with any other parallel universe (this one borders that category, but not quite). For, there exist certain planes within the universe in which no advancements have been made whatsoever, or conflicts have completely ruined the lifestyle, like a scene out of a movie like Escape From New York.

142. Cardiacs
"It's a Lovely Day"  3:26
The Seaside
London, England

The opinions as to what constitutes all adjectives regarding everything that exists is potentially different on every universe. For example, a blizzard may be deemed a day of joy on certain planes, and people go out and lie naked in the snow and enjoy themselves- frost bite does not always exist, nor do laws regarding public nudity.

141. Republika
"Nieustanne Tango"  5:23
Nieustanne Tango
Toruń, Poland

The major topic of discussion is in regards to morals, ethics, and values within the parallel planes. In one certain universe, what may be considered the ultimate crime, is considered the ultimate show of love and appreciation in a different one. For example, in some universes it is considered a token of utmost respect to spray paint graffiti on somebody's garage. People with the most spray paint on their garages are the considered the most prestigious within their society.

140. Felt
"Dismantled King is Off the Throne"  2:51
The Strange Idols Pattern and Other Short Stories
Birmingham, England

The roles of leadership differ from universe to universe as well. In fact, many, perhaps most, planes do not have any leaders whatsoever- having some person "in charge" is considered impertinent and people who attempt to achieve such an inglorious status are executed. Some planes are willing to give a few people the power to dictate the will of others.

139. Thinking Plague
"How to Clean Squid"  5:03
A Thinking Plague
Denver, CO

Obviously, because it exists on this particular plane right now, some planes do experience conflict and oppression involving race, gender, nationality, etc. However, these are different on each plane as well. Many planes, perhaps most, women are the dominant gender and it is the males who frequently oppressed or enslaved. On a few planes, Nigeria is the World Power, and some of those they are cruel to white heterosexuals from America- the 3rd world country that it is.

138. Orange Juice
"Get While the Gettings Good"  3:36
The Orange Juice
Glasgow, Scotland

Individual taste regarding style, art, and fashion differ greatly within each universe as well. There exists a plane parallel to our existence in which Dude, Where's My Car? is considered the greatest film in history and a testament as to what defines abstract art. One could only imagine what that race of people is like. But, it is important to capitalize on one's own popularity should it exist- this is typically universal.

137. Guadalcanal Diary
"Sleepers Awake"  3:12
Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man
Marietta, GA

Unfortunately, with these extreme differences, coupled with the occasional ability to interact in dreams, successful lifestyles on certain planes create massive disturbances on others. People will encounter a different version of themselves living happily on another plane, and attempt to accomplish that same feat on a different one- with absolutely horrendous results. This is where bad ideas often stem from.

136. Simple Minds
"Waterfront"  4:50
Sparkle in the Rain
Glasgow, Scotland

The conditions on the planet Earth vary from plane to plane. For example, the universe in which the automobile has never been invented, the Earth will look significantly different than the version in which the moon has been inhabited by humans for the past 382 years. Discoveries in plants and other inventions has affected the appearance of the Earth as well.

135. Lombard
"EKG"  4:46
Szara Masc
Warsaw, Poland

Inhibition of other planets vary from plane to plane. For, in many individuals simultaneous 100 planes of existence, not all of them take place on the same planet. Many, maybe most, do not take place on Earth at all and do not even know such a place exists. There are earthlings, right now, living another life on a parallel universe, looking the exact same with the same personality traits, on an entirely different planet, in a different galaxy, with completely different settings.

134. Trouble
"Victim of the Insane"  5:10
Psalm 9
Chicago, IL

It is possible that conflict on parallel planes of existence can create resolutions on others. On some planes, the one considered the great leader is the one who overthrew an oppressive dictatorship. That very leader may also have the ability to communicate with other planes through dreams, and therefore divergence is resolved elsewhere as well. The same battle is being fought on 64,877 planes of the universe with different outcomes.

133. Agnostic Front
"Blind Justice"  1:26
Victim in Pain
New York, NY

The results of these battles determine the outcome of the universe involved. The plane in which Hitler was immediately defeated by the Ethiopian army differs significantly from the one in which the Nazis were never defeated; which differs significantly from the one where Hitler fell out of his tree house and died at age 7.

132. Hoodoo Gurus
"Dig it Up"  3:36
Stoneage Romeos
Sydney, AU

Historical figures differ from plane to plane also, as do the age in which each individual dies. On one plane of existence, Franklin Roosevelt had moved to the moon at age 13 and his family opened a supermarket in which he bagged groceries- even with polio. The individuals regarded as "historical figures" effect the outcome of that universe. In one universe, you are currently en route to becoming a prominent figure in history.

131. Samhain
"The Shift"  3:07
Lodi, NJ

Causes of power struggles, if any, differ in each universe. The end result can see certain parties who were once victims of oppressive injustice, become the dominant forces of that entire universe; and vice-versa for evil dictators sometimes win as well. The consequences can sometimes be extreme and alter the entire fate of a particular universe.

130. Manowar
"Black Arrows"  3:05
Hail to England
Auburn, NY

The causes and effects of natural disasters differ on each plane. There are some planes in which earthquakes have been cured. Others, tornadoes are extremely devastating. What determines the frequency of natural disasters depends on possible effects due to circumstances taking place on interplanetary planes, or perhaps experiments from the Control Room.

129. Plasticland
"Color Appreciation"  2:20
Color Appreciation
Milwaukee, WI

For this, the term all persons are created equally applies. All 100 parallel planes begin at once. The individual looks the exact same in each of the planes and throughout his /her entire life (unless the features are altered due to some accident such as a fire in one of the planes). The individual begins with the exact personality traits and thought patterns, though these will gradually be slightly altered throughout the course of life.

128. Diaframma
"Specchi D'acqua"  5:25
Firenze, Italy

It is possible, as you all know, for two individuals to look quite similar to one another. It should also be noted that the Control Room, in general, keeps individuals relatively close in proximity within their 100 planes- meaning, as of now, most of your lives are on Earth with other human beings mostly from the planet Earth. However, some are put astray, and we have people on Earth who, on a major portion of their other planes, are from some other galaxy. These people tend to look, think, and act a bit differently than the majority.

127. Lloyd Cole and The Commotions
"Forest Fire"  4:40
Glasgow, Scotland

The Control Room monitors the relationships within all the planes to determine which ones are the most compatible, if any. Sure, some people are happier being alone- as determined by their success on plane #42. But some seem to be happiest in love with another, such as Lisa and Ricardo, together forever right now on plane #16. You are being monitored right now to determine if your relationships on this life are the absolute most compatible throughout your 100 planes of existence. Are they?

126. Déficit Des Années Antérieures
"From the Deep HP"  2:29
Les Ambulants
Caen, France

Although no perfect entity has ever been created, the control was created during the mass explosion and its employees mastered the art of universal expansion which occurs throughout the everlasting explosion that created planets, stars, galaxies, peoples, Gods, 100 parallel planes of existence, and a Control Room. The purpose of the Control Room: an entire universe without conflict. But, each individual must live 100 lives at once to determine what best defines paradise. Some have to do this several times.

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