NC17 Top 125 Traxxx of 2001

The Corner of 5th & Average + The Top 200 Songs of 2001
Part 1: Dominicus Humanus
Part 2: Hostage Situation
Part 3: Lorenzo & The George Foreman Grills
Part 4: 902 Staghorn
Part 5: Plots Against the Pattern
Part 6: September 9th, 2001
Part 7: September 10th, 2001
Part 8: And Everything Shall Remain Exactly the Same

Part IV: 902 Staghorn

Welcome to 2001, the year an event or two may or may not have happened. To hear this first selection of songs, press play on the image below:

125. Daft Punk
"One More Time"  5:23
Paris, France

In another manual, it clearly outlines ways to enjoy life, ways to have fun, and live, love, and laugh with friends and family. There are things you are supposed to do for enjoyment, and not do- these are outlined in Dominicus Humanus. They say it is OK to have fun, but put limitations on it, it is never good to have too much fun, it could disrupt the photograph of 5th and Average. Comes to a point, people begin to ignore the Dominicus Humanus manual, although this needs to occur more frequently. People go to dance, have fun, get drunk, smoke weed, have wild promiscuous sex in public places, talk poorly about the governor, the church- fuck all that shit. It effects how we can enjoy ourselves, and some people force enjoyment upon themselves because everything else sucks, live for fun- fuck the manual while some can never fully enjoy themselves- they feel guilty, too many social constraints, not enough currency. And some, begin to despise the pattern, for enjoyment has become yet another manual, now they insist they have even have fun in a different way than what the manual illustrates.

124. Stereolab
"Baby Lulu"  5:13
London, UK

Mary Beth came over to the apartment, just to visit. She had been dead for 32 years, and died young. Her life was miserable, her death was equally miserable, and her reflections on what she should have done differently should she ever be permitted to do it again. Mary Beth did not have as much fun as she should have, there was always a constant let down that seemed to ruin everything. For starters, she claimed to always be sick, many claimed she was a hypochondriac. Nobody thought poorly of her, but she could never be herself around friends because she assumed she was fat, ugly, gross, and that nobody liked her. She pretended to be sick all the time because that is how she felt people perceived her.

123. Röyksopp
"She's So"  5:22
Melody A.M.
Bergen, Norway

Four women were seated at a table, having drinks- fruity cocktails with those umbrella straws. Three of the women are laughing, enjoying themselves. The fourth gives her commentary, she is not enjoying herself, not smiling, she keeps fidgeting with her hair. She looks over: "nobody likes me because I am fat. My hair does not look right, I can tell that I look awful right now. This nervous tension related to me being overly concerned with my appearance has led to numerous health issues. Soon, I really will get fat, I was never beautiful, maybe I wanted to be. I will be dead in two years." She attempts to rejoin the conversation.

122. Mouse on Mars
"Fantastic Analysis"  5:54
Koln, Germany

Frank sat in a chair in the bedroom, quietly, without uttering a word. He, too, looked distraught. There he sat, pleading for something, all alone, all by himself, smoking a cigarette. His suit was expensive, when he bought it in 1932, just before he died. Frank had been dead for so long that there were not even any photographs of him in color. During his life, 41 years, nobody really knew Frank. He had the finances, but that was it. He worked in an office, all alone, for long hours. When he left work, he thought about work, it was his life. He dedicated long hours, working late, to constantly be by himself, for nothing. The long hours killed him prematurely. Now he is seated in a chair, 902 Staghorn, with Mary Beth, quietly, they do not say a word, just represent.

121. The Willard Grant Conspiracy
"Massachusetts"  4:06
Everything's Fine
Boston, MA

Look out the window, it's Dexter, standing in the back of his truck. He sees us, he smiles, waves. Dexter died in 1973, at the age of 38. As he was supposed to, Dexter lived life according the manual- the best to his ability. However, his town did not have a 5th and Average, it was a small town, country life mostly. There were a few gatherings. But, it was cold. Dexter had a radiant personality, he was the life of every party he ever went to, that number being 3. His primary job was loading bags of mulch into the bag of that pick-up he's standing in. Dexter never made it to the city, with mixed emotions. On the clock, he crashed that pick-up truck into a diesel tanker that overturned right in front of him- out of the blue. It wasn't his fault, nobody predicted that Dexter was going to die that day.

120. Joe Henry
"Mean Flower"  4:51
Los Angeles, CA

Mary Beth had not seen her friend April since she died. Shortly after Mary Beth died, April completely forgot about her. April basically went through the motions while spending time with her, it really did not matter if Mary Beth was present or not, she did nothing extraordinary for the group. Mary Beth idolized April, she was beautiful, she felt as if April could get all the guys, therefore, anything she ever wanted. April was married to Gary, he knew this too perhaps, maybe April did too. Gary eventually lost confidence in himself because of April, she cheated on him, left him. April wound up bouncing around from guy to guy, she's still alive, on marriage number 6. Gary never got over her.

119. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
"Love Letter"  4:09
No More Shall We Part

Before meeting April, Gary was a pleasant soul, joyous, humorous, his friends did notice when he was around. Of course he had to have some positive qualities, he landed April, fucked her, everybody wanted to do this. But, he wanted more than that, he genuinely loved her, thought it was mutual. He walked on it, witnessed the actual act, on their bed, he saw the actual penetration. The image was never to be removed from his head. Gary withdrew completely from the world, moved to a town without a 5th and Average, lost interest in everything, stopped caring about the world, and himself. He smoked too much, ate poorly, when he died at age 51, he was but a fragment of his former youthful self.

118. Malory
"The Choice You Have"  3:38
Dresden, Germany

What could Gary have done differently? The only possible option is not to go in the bedroom when he did. Next possibility, never get involved with April, ever, but that would have tarnished his most pleasant memories of life. Perhaps he could have just enjoyed what he had, though it was short lived. Or, he could have accepted the notion that, yes, she fucked some other dude and he witnessed it-- first hand, his cock stuffed into her vagina. He could have joined in, maybe, got behind him and took revenge out that way. "I could have done one of those porn sites, maybe. Just accepted it, allowed others to love her the way I do."

117. American Analog Set
"Like Foxes Through Fences"  3:37
Know By Heart
Austin, TX

The bottom is that Gary wasted his entire life over one event, something that happened in his direct span of life for 47 seconds. One image he could never get out of his mind, one situation that plagued him forever, even in death. There is no place in the manual that prepares people for these sort of episodes. Instead, it goes through great details how it is supposedly wrong, then contradicts itself by suggesting that jealousy of any sort is wrong. Gary never knew what to do, still doesn't. Joined with the others, quietly, in the chair.

116. AM/FM
"When I Died in Sebastopol"  3:39
Mutilate Us
Philadelphia, PA

Marty went out every single night, but he didn't have any friends. The effort was there to have fun, but most of the time was spent sitting at a table by himself. He would often attempt to engage in conversation with others, a few briefings here and there, but they rarely lasted longer than 5-10 minutes. Once they said goodbye, Marty was back to being alone. The others were dancing, having drinks, telling jokes. Marty would be in the background, forcing a smile, wishing he too could be involved. In 1984, Marty died at age 25- cause of death unknown.

115. Ides of Space
"Keep Writing"  3:47
There Are no New Clouds
Sydney, AU

902 Staghorn, they sit, they stare, they don't say a word. Their lives and their deaths get visualized in thoughts. The very fact that they are there in the first place is frightening- actually seeing them is terrifying. But, they are harmless. It does not appear that they are trying to destroy anything, they look sad, but not angry. There is some bitterness, but they do not talk. 902 Staghorn has a dark aura, this is a premonition of a fate to come.

114. Orange Peels
"Every Single Thing"  3:21
So Far
Sunnyvale, CA

Some people would like the opportunity to do it all over again. All people make mistakes that sometimes have harmful consequences for the future. But, the consequences do not necessarily have to be permanent. One can never spend too much time focusing on past errors. Maybe it is best to pretend they never happened. If you could change anything in your life, then go ahead and do it, before it is too late. Change your name, address, occupation, the day you were born, your whole identity. The way it is now will only lead to reflections of misery.

113. Echo & The Bunnymen
"Buried Alive"  3:55
Liverpool, UK

They have meaning. This is a warning sign. Nobody likes to think about this subject, perhaps why so many people miss out. The bottom line is: someday, you are going to die. Meaning, death- all bodily functions cease to exist, no sight, no sound, no nothing. Some choose to believe in Heaven or Hell, others Mary Beth, Frank, 902 Staghorn with a dark aura. People can not predict the moment they are going to die, so often, it happens without warning, with plans looming in the horizon. The dead people, they indicate that there are things far more important than the Dominicus Humanus manual, more things more important than 5th and Average, the things living people dedicate so much of their lives to try and appeal. It indicates that things are left unachieved, you never want to look back wishing you had done something else.

112. Nathaniel Saunders
"Rosie"  2:59
Bimini Nights

With the visitors came the desire to enjoy more life frequently, and goals to see the more of the world. It was obvious that something was going on somewhere- out there- somebody right at this very moment is having the best time he/she has ever had. The ideal goal is to be a part of that every single night. If a person had the ability to travel all over the world, every single night, and have each night be better than the previous night, that is a person who would reflect on life without any regrets whatsoever. The strategy to accomplish this, however, can be mentally straining; the actual desire to actually achieve it can cause unhappiness for whatever has to be simply accepted.

111. Chestnut Station
"Elephant Candy"  3:02
In Your Living Room
Chicago, IL

Depending on the area, in most circumstances, the ultimate desire for a jubilant evening is not always offered. Therefore, people get creative and figure new methods of enjoyment based on the circumstances. The visitors from the past clearly indicated that life will be enjoyed more with a wide selection of friends. Now, the ways to meet new friends, maybe even new lovers. Is this really that hard? For, if it is everybody's goal to make new friends, then people should all want to interact with each other, even complete strangers. Simply show interest and be pleasant, that's all it takes.

110. Knoxville Girls
"Sophisticated Boom Boom"  2:13
In a Paper Suit
New York, NY

Once it becomes fully realized that you are going to die soon, and that it might be possible that your own reflection of your own life might be a negative one, people will try to live it up more extravagantly than usual. There may even be attempts to do something genuinely crazy, just to be able to claim that it was at least attempted. So long as you are not risking your life, and a crazy attempt can put an end to things abruptly, it is suggested to attempt to something extreme on a regular basis. Even if it fails, one will always remember the time he/she tried it. Frequent failures in extravagant trials only result in humorous stories.

109. The Shins
"The Celibate Life"  1:50
Oh, Inverted World
Portland, OR

Unfortunately, not all encounters are pleasant ones. People can get involved with people who are not entirely compatible, and they simply stay with that person too long. The love affair is one-sided. One person always has to compromise and do things he/she does not wish to do, all because a new friendship was formed. Not every single friendship has to be everlasting, several mere acquaintances can be rewarding, particularly in the short term.

108. La Buena Vida
"Vapor de Carga"  2:23
San Sebastian, Spain

To be warned of the future death of others is not something that is easily dismissed. No matter how crazy the notion, even if it was just a dream, the visual image, vividly, of a loved one dying is the most haunting disturbance the mind can generate. Each night, when he came home, she had joined the spirits, blood curdling form her head, that dazed look in her eye, 24 years old, falling from the stairs- loop, back up again, but with more blood. She joined the spirits in the bedroom, with that cold stare. Yet, she was sleeping peacefully in the bed, still alive. The dark aura of 902 Staghorn knew no boundaries.

107. Brian Dewan
"Loathsome Idols"  5:52
The Operating Theater
Brooklyn, NY

Diane died in 1988. She lived her life in accordance with the strict codes that her religion said she had to do. Rather than enjoy her own life, she spent most of her days complaining about how others conduct themselves, attempted to push her morals onto others. When people Diane did not even know violated the rules of her religious doctrines, Diane was unchanged, her world completely the same. However, she acted as if she had been deeply offended, somebody in a state 2,844 miles said a curse word around a child. Now that she is dead, in the bedroom of 902 Staghorn, she wishes she did not spend so much time worrying about how others conducted themselves.

106. Fantômas
"Der Golem"  2:38
The Director's Cut
San Francisco, CA

902 Staghorn has a dark aura. The dead people had been harmless, but they are afraid. They can not even speak the warning. There is somebody else present, a person who had done a lot of harm during life. We do not even know this person, this person is too frightening to ever get to know. Whatever took place in his life has made him angry. He is in the bathroom, smashing things, throwing a tirade, again. It is hard to determine why this person is even angry, maybe for being dead without realizing his potential. He is so grotesque he is even difficult to look at, but he does not turn away- ever. He is confrontational, something is about to happen. There was a warning on September 9, 2001...very soon, a lot of people are going to die.

105. Starflyer 59
"All My Friends Who Play Guitar"  5:22
Leave Here a Stranger
Riverside, CA

According to statistics, there are approximately 6 billion alive right now on Earth, there is not even an accurate estimate as to how many have lived previously and had already died. The majority of those who have already died have been completely forgotten about. Ken Stevens, 1887-1946, nobody has any clue who the fuck he even is. Tell somebody you knew Ken Stevens, they ask who the fuck is that. Some people wish to be remembered long after they die, but few ever actually achieve that. When people realize they are going to die soon, they strive to accomplish this feat with more ambition- and many who do, die young.

104. Mice Parade
"Pursuant of the Vibe"  6:08
New York, NY

September 10, 2001. More of them started showing up. The bedroom at 902 Staghorn was getting crowded. One resident's voice of reason grew frightened, ordered, we got to get out of this place, let's just go now. Instead, he went home, to a crowded bedroom, it was full. The angry one stood tall, sneered, he looked evil. The others looked frightened, were they frightened of him, or frightened over something else? Everyone was dead, all the world around you is going to be dead, someday, some sooner than they would hope. Many more are going to die soon, well before their time, still with much to accomplish. You too, and everyone you know, will be dead one day.

103. Bent
"Cylons in Love"  5:33
Programmed to Love
Nottingham, UK

It was as if he could tell who was going to die before they reached their potential, and who was going to die soon. The old people were easy, they had lived past their expectancy anyway. With all hopes, they had achieved what they hoped to do, Lord knows they had long enough to do it; and if they really wanted to, they would stop complaining at the store. But it was the children where it became difficult. All of the kids, playing carefree with friends, are going to die. All of them. Many will long for these days when they take their life draining jobs on the corner of 5th and Average.

102. Son, Ambulance
"The Invention of Beauty"  3:32
Oh Holy Fools (Split w/Bright Eyes)
Omaha, NE

The baby in the crib may look innocent and adorable. In what will seem like a time that flew by, the child will be old, possibly miserable, wrinkled, whithered, then dead. As an infant, the person has no knowledge of this, still unscathed by the world, the manual, the prediction the world will end. People will hold the child up, just to see that smile, and when the baby smiles, a joy is felt. That is the only smile that is unhampered by the manual- all other smiles are eventually ruined by the shop owners at 5th and Average.

101. Pleasure Forever
"Magnus Opus"  8:42
San Francisco, CA

The dark spirit has encountered the resident of 902 Staghorn, the girl. He comes to her in dreams. At night, she punches herself in the face, beats herself senselessly while she sleeps. What is wrong with you?!? I keep seeing this person in my dreams. He has this creepy voice, his face has been blurred out, like those people on TV who wish to conceal their identity. I don't even know what he looks like. But, he keeps telling me the same thing- over and over again. -What?- "To kill myself. That I am not a good person, that I deserve to die." 902 Staghorn has a dark aura.

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