The Top 125 Songs of 1990

It's NOT a Wonderful Life + The Top 150 Songs of 1990
Part 1: The World Was Actually a Better Place Without Him
Part 2: Deletion Addiction
Part 3: Submission Requests
Part 4: Night of the Party
Part 5: Aftermath: Shootout at The Cheese Bar
Part 6: Online Dating

Part II: Deletion Addiction

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125. His Name is Alive
"As We Could Ever"  4:26
Livonia, MI

On average, 13,409 individuals are deleted each day. With the deletion of each individual, the world is altered significantly. People have no knowledge of this, because with the deletion of each person an entire new existence had been carried out. Therefore, your world will probably change tomorrow, just as it did today. The experiences in your memory will be entirely new and it will seem as if you have led that life.

124. Depeche Mode
"Personal Jesus"  4:56
Basildon, England

At any given moment, you could be deleted. The world may or may not be altered significantly without your existence. In many cases, the world will have improved vastly without you ever been here to ruin everything. If too many people complain about you, you will be deleted. Perhaps this will be your day.

123. Blake Babies
"Look Away"  3:12
Boston, MA

Becky and Tommy were a gross disgusting couple whose presence annoyed the shit out of people. They could constantly be seen cheerfully frolicking out in front of traffic, kissing in public making that annoying slurping sound, laughing loudly about things that were not even funny, or sitting in a restaurant next to each other gazing into each other's eyes saying lines so cheesy that the other patrons would lose their appetites. The angels had seen enough of this bullshit, and Becky was deleted.

122. Death
"Spiritual Healing"  7:45
Spiritual Healing
Alamonte Springs, FL

The world did improve slightly without Becky, but the life of Tommy did not. Even without her, he was still perhaps the biggest douche on the planet. He was still running around with his loser friends, attempting to be funny and wasn't, and eventually was with some other girl who was exactly like Becky pulling the exact same bullshit. The angels watched with anger, for, just seeing Tommy made them sick to their stomach. They gave him five more minutes, then furiously got out the button, declared its your time die, and with a push of the button, Tommy was deleted.

121. АукцЫон (Auktyon)
"Вру"  5:36
Жопа (Asshole)
St. Petersburg, Russia

Three ladies walked out of a cafe discussing the wonderful lunch they just ate. There was a man standing on the corner smoking a cigarette, leaning up against the street sign. Suddenly, the man began to fade, and soon vanished completely. The women were stunned, they looked, and they began to panic. They screamed in the middle of the street, "Where did he go! There was somebody just standing here!" Three ladies walked out of a cafe discussing the wonderful lunch they just ate. Somebody different was standing on the corner, walking a dog.

120. Clock DVA
"Hide"  4:29
Buried Dreams
Sheffield, England

Reginald was sitting in a restaurant eating a cheeseburger. He was sitting by himself, but the restaurant was crowded and noisy. The people all turned and stared at Reginald. People from the back arose from their seats. Everybody all at once gathered around Reginald's table, staring at him. One guy yanked a chair away from his table and threw it across the restaurant; a woman slapped the burger out of his hand. All of their faces turned a different color, took on a different form. Without warning, they all attacked. Reginald never got the opportunity to try out the French fries.

119. Poison Idea
"Badge"  3:35
Feel the Darkness
Portland, OR

NBC showed a clip for the new television series Prime Suspect. The commercial featured a police officer who was apparently too stupid to operate a vehicle herself; the force did not give her her own car either. This stupid imbecile had to take a taxi cab and the cab driver was smoking a cigarette in his own cab. She ordered him to put out the cigarette; he refused, so she flashed her gun, and her badge. In the show, he tossed out the cigarette as if he were afraid of her. TV is notorious for glamorizing police corruption and right wing Nazi propaganda- power to the government. In music, the cab driver throws her out and there is full-scale riot to have her deleted—power to the people!

118. Suicidal Tendencies
"Go'n Breakdown"  4:38
Lights Camera Revolution
Venice, CA

Milton was walking through a violent neighborhood that he had no business visiting. A group of assailants emerged from around the corner and stood in his path waiting for him to approach. He turned around and the gang chased after him. Mysteriously, they were gone. Coming from the other direction, another group raced after Milton with lead pipes, chains, and knives. Milton turned around and fled the other way, these assailants were now mysteriously gone. Some other guy was walking down the street. Milton was now in a gang. They jumped this guy and took his money. Milton kicked him while he was down.

117. Flipper's Guitar
"Haircut 100"  3:47
Camera Talk
Tokyo, Japan

Jeremiah remembered everything in his past. Anytime the world changed, he had complete recollection of everything that took place in his previous world. This morning he awoke, went to work, and discovered that his boss had been deleted. He was so happy that the moment he went into the office, he started singing a song, and did a dance around the office. The entire day was a happy day, as he frolicked down the street singing joyfully. Then, he too was deleted.

116. Lubricated Goat
"You're Fading Out"  2:28
Perth, Australia

Alan was sitting around watching TV with his family, who all hated him. It was well past time for him to be deleted. The angels pressed the button, but the batteries were dying. As he was sitting in the chair, he sort of faded in and out. His speech was inaudible and was coupled with periods of disturbance in white noise. His family watched in awe as this strange phenomenon was occurring. It took the angels a few minutes to find the batteries and put new ones in the controller. During that time, Alan was beginning to panic, and was not sure what was happening. His wife and kids ran from him as if he were a threat to them.

115. The Boo Radleys
"Kaleidoscope"  4:34
Ichabod and I
Wallasey, England

Victor was in the bathroom fantasizing about having sex with his neighbor. In the mirror, his face became distorted. The imagery in the bathroom changed, all the colors were no longer what they used to be. Suddenly, Victor could not remember who he was masturbating to. It smelled as if his house were on fire. He went out of the bathroom and discovered that he was now married to his neighbor, and had been for years. She was dead on the couch, and had been dead for weeks.

114. The Breeders
"Iris"  3:30
Dayton, OH

As she was watching a cheesy love story on Lifetime, the channel mysteriously changed into something more obscure. The gown in which Allison was wearing transformed into a bright yellow t-shirt, and she was no longer wearing any socks. A water bong was resting on the end table, it was not there before, but it was here now, and she had a desire to smoke whatever was in it. Gil entered the room, he was dressed like a clown, and he stood in the hallway, shadows looming over the flickering light. She offered him a hit, he said nothing. He pulled off his clown mask, it was Robert from Pizza Hut, disguised as Gil.

113. Bastro
"Recidivist"  2:31
Sing the Troubled Beast
Washington, D.C./Chicago, IL

The car appeared to be coming closer. Most assumed it would stop, perhaps even swerve, but it never did. It sped through the window and into the Goodwill store, glass shattered all over the floor. The vehicle still did not stop, wreaking havoc in clothes department, knocking over displays. It did improve the smell of the building, but the store was demolished. The car smashed into the back wall, finally stopping. There was nobody in the car, but a loud knocking was coming from the trunk, somebody beating, trying to get out. The trunk was opened, there was nobody in there.

112. Caifanes
"El Elefante"  3:06
Caifanes Vol. II [El Diablito]
Mexico City, Mexico

People stood around, looking around, gazing at one another. It did not seem as if anybody was hurt, though the damages may be beyond repair. There was much confusion as to where the car even came from. Perhaps somebody donated it. Off in the distance, it appeared that another vehicle was racing towards the store. Once again, it did not slow down either. It ramped over the handicapped accessibility curve and smashed through the other window. This car raced through the store and crashed into the back of the first vehicle, smoke coming from the hood. It was silent for a few moments. All four of the car doors opened at once, but nobody got out...there was nobody in this vehicle either.

111. Skinny Puppy
"Convulsion"  3:20
Too Dark Park
Vancouver, BC  Canada

The doors of the first car all opened and shut at once. They kept opening and closing, without anybody touching it. The hood opened, and slammed shut. It maneuvered itself in reverse and forced its way out of the space it was in, and then faced square up to Henrietta...turned the brights onto her and she froze like a deer. Without anybody operating the vehicle, the car sped towards her and tried to mow her down. She dove out of the way, but the car continued to pursue after her. Henrietta ran for her life and jumped out of the window. A third car entered the picture and flattened her ass.

110. Whiplash
"Dimentia Thirteen"  3:02
Insult to Injury
Passaic, NJ

Several pairs of pants jumped off of their hangers and walked over to the vehicles; there was nobody wearing these pants. A few shirts floated over and paired up with the pants. All of the used CDs disappeared. A loud siren sounded, the customers were confused. The siren grew louder, louder, and the entire store began flashing a huge bright red light; the light turned to green, then blue, then back to red again. It was a massive light, so bright it illuminated the store where people could see it from the street, and the siren could be heard for blocks. The customers covered their ears and eyes. Suddenly everything stopped. The used toaster was clicking, clicked loudly. It popped up. There was toast in it.

109. Danielle Dax
"Daisy"  3:55
Blast the Human Flower
Southend-On-Sea, England

The store was completely silent. Everybody stared at the toast. Hector and his crew entered the store; the two cars left. The crew, working at remarkable pace but not rushing at all, fixed up the stands, swept up the floor, put in new windows, removed the toast from the toaster, and within minutes, the store was in perfect shape. They scraped Henrietta up off the parking lot and tossed her into the van. Then, they drove off and disappeared without a trace.

108. The Legendary Pink Dots
"The Safe Way"  4:32
Crushed Velvet Apocolypse
London, England

Martha was sitting on the couch complaining to her family members about how she was sick again… had this ailment, and her leg hurt. It was a heavy couch, five people needed to help move it into the living room. Without anybody touching it, the couch slid slowly across the floor, with Martha still sitting on it. She began griping, wondering what was happening. Nobody knew… it was an odd phenomenon that nobody had ever dealt with before. The table moved out of the way, creating an opening for the couch to slide out into the open. A trap door opened from the floor, revealing a slide; the couch went into the trap door and zoomed down the slide. Moments later it shot back up from out of the trap door. Martha was clutching the arm rests tightly in a state of panic.

107. Vic Chesnutt
"Mr. Riley"  3:23
Jacksonville, FL (1964)-Athens, GA (2009)

The bar was dark and mellow, a singer played an acoustic set in the back. There were only two people seated at the bar, tension was mounting, it was obvious they did not like each other; they would not even look at each other, nor speak. Finally, the one man, without looking up, said to him, "Pick n Save." The guy turned in his seat towards him and responded, "Piggly Wiggly." The one man pushed all of his stuff off the bar, stood up, and said, "Pick n Save". The guy stood up, kicked his chair to the floor, and said, "Piggly Wiggly." The one man aggressively got in his face, "Pick n Save." The guy didn't budge, stared back, "Piggly Wiggly."

106. Steve Earle and The Dukes
"Billy Austin"  6:17
The Hard Way
Ft. Monroe, VA/New York, NY

A strange visitor emerged out of nowhere on death row. The unidentifiable figure walked up and down, peering into the cells; the people in the cells awaiting death seemed frightened of this thing. They would stand up, and then sit back down. It was the final moment, the time for death. His head had been shaved; they calmly prepared him for his execution, humanely as it was. A group walked him to the chair, strapped him in. A crowd of spectators watched. The man who took the job as executioner was prepared to pull the switch. Once deemed a hardened criminal, he faded from the seat and vanished before their eyes. Panic ensued. The guilty party was escorted in, this time a new executioner.

105. The Chills
"I Soar"  3:05
Submarine Bells
Dunedin, New Zealand

For Gary, deleting people became an addiction. It took a great deal of restraint to not delete people. Sometimes he would wake up in the morning, come into the office, and immediately grab the delete control. He would observe over the Earth thinking to himself, who can I delete today? With the files of the world placed on his end table, it served as the TV Guide. The controller was like the remote control, the Earth, the television. Upon further review, if the program seemed unfitting, Gary would change the channel, simply by pressing delete.

104. The Brilliant Corners
"Love It I Lost It"  6:15
Bristol, England

In a strange twist of fate, Christof apprehended the remote control and deleted Gary. A code was required to delete Gary, and Christof knew it, entered it as Gary was pleading "noooo!" The moment Gary was deleted, all of the people that he had previously were not deleted anymore and suddenly there were millions of people on Earth who magically appeared at random places. Establishments were suddenly crowded. Christof watched for a moment, the world was in total chaos. Barbara wasn't sure where she worked. Christof had no choice but to start deleting people at random.

103. Iggy Pop
"Neon Forest"  7:06
Brick by Brick
Muskegon, MI

Within minutes, the world was completely altered and unrecognizable. Christof felt that this was what the world needed, and the Earth with Gary at the helms of the remote control was dull and too conventional. However, Christof had yet to finalize his project, and was not expecting this type of madness the moment Gary was deleted. But, he felt this was a major improvement, and the chaos would subside soon. He simply observed the crazy world for several minutes, and thought about the improvements he could make based on what he now had to work with, it was going to take time. Some of the new inventions were cool, but some things were gone because the inventor had been deleted.

102. Gwar
"King Queen"  4:49
Scumdogs of the Universe
Richmond, VA

Franklin Underwood was deleted. He was the guy who first gave the loan to the founders of Piggly Wiggly. With him gone, there was never a loan. Now, there is no Piggly Wiggly, just Pick n Save. And the world is all mine! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

101. New Fast Automatic Daffodils
"Big"  6:09
Manchester, England

God stormed into the room and she was pissed. She yanked the remote control out of Christof's hands and deleted him. Poof, Gary was there. God moved with swift grace, her actions were quick, snappy, and she knew exactly what to do. There was a cat sleeping on the floor, it woke up, God deleted the cat. Poof, Christof was back. God deleted some random object on the floor, poof, the cat was back. Both Gary and Christof were frightened and both at once tried to hastily offer up an explanation. God shoved them against the wall and beat them with the remote control, then deleted both of them. She pushed a few other buttons so the chaos on Earth would be temporary restored, gave the remote control to the cat, and went back to her business.

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