The Top 125 Songs of 1984

The Top 150 Songs of 1984 + 100 Planes of Parallel Existence
Part 1: The Concept of Living 100 Separate Lives Simultaneously
Part 2: The Control Room
Part 3: Bosco's Early Deaths
Part 4: Mayday! Mayday! Red Altert! Squirrels! Mayday!
Part 5: Abnormal Executions
Part 6: Nakita, She's the One

Part II: The Control Room

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125. Lipstick Killers
"I've Got Levitation"  2:54
Sydney, Australia

The Control Room is located in a part of the universe that nobody supposedly knows about. It is in a building that is so tall it is impossible to see where it ends. All of the hallways are infinite passageways and there are far more rooms than any person could ever count; it keeps expanding as well.

124. Décima Víctima
"La Frontera Perdida"  2:35
Un Hombre Solo
Madrid, Spain

Each room within the Control Tower is an individual control room for every single form of existence that has ever lived in this universe. You have a Control Room. So does your dog. Those whose 100 lives have expired are filed away in the basement, which goes down further than any person could ever descend. For those currently living, their rooms are on the top floors, beginning with the 2nd floor. The first floor is the lobby.

123. Tones On Tail
"Performance"  4:12
Northampton, England

Each individual room contains 100 television sets. The room is dedicated to one person solely, while the 100 television screens depict what he/she/it is actually doing at the time. All 100 parallel planes of their existence being played out simultaneously on 100 video screens.

122. Xmal Deutschland
"Nachtschatten"  3:56
Hamburg, Germany

Not all lives survive for the exact same length of time. Therefore, when a being dies, the word "DEAD" appears on that particular screen and the screen simply displays a repeated looped flash screen image of the very moment the being died; similar to putting in a DVD and the repeated looped scene that plays while the options menu is displayed.

121. Yeah Yeah Noh
"Beware the Weakling Lines"  2:13
Beware the Weakling Lines EP
Leicester, England

Once all 100 screens read "DEAD", the 100 televisions are transported to an office in the basement where the 100 lives are carefully reviewed by a group of employees. These employees review all 100 lives, take notes, and make considerations as to where this individual had the most success and with whom. Once the case has been completed, the 100 television monitors, as well as the assessments determined, are sent to the building next door, which is also so tall that its top cannot be seen.

120. The Lotus Eaters
"Love Still Flows"  3:57
No Sense of Sin
Liverpool, England

The goal is to submit each individual into his/her/it’s ideal setting with the purpose of creating 100 infinite perfect universes...Paradise. Paradise, like the universe, is constantly expanding. However, Paradise is not achieved without careful research and trial and error. One mistake could ultimately ruin Paradise. Therefore, 100 planes of pre-trial existence have to happen in order for Paradise to be accomplished and remain in good standing.

119. Daniel Johnston
"I'll Do Anything But Break Dance For Ya, Darling"  6:00
Retired Boxer
Waller, TX

Determining who individuals spend their Paradise with is a complicated process. For, in 100 parallel planes of the universe, literally thousands upon thousands of relationships are formed. Whichever ones work the best is what is placed in each individual's personal Paradise. On that note, there is a very good chance that somebody you may be in love with in this world may not make it to your Paradise because a better relationship of that magnitude is currently taking place on another plane of existence.

118. R.E.M.
"Time After Time (Annelise)"  3:32
Athens, GA

Individual beings are generally not permitted in the building, and definitely prohibited from entering their own control room. Most do not know this building even exists. However, there are a couple circumstances when people, normally already delegated to Paradise, will have to come in for an appointment- usually for Paradise relocation. These people have to wait in the lobby. The signs that read "authorized personnel only" are strictly enforced.

117. The Green Pajamas
"I Feel That Way All the Time"  4:10
Summer of Lust
Seattle, WA

Perhaps the most important role of the Control Room is to determine the 100 environments in which each individual being is placed. In general, due to certain conceptual constraints, the 100 planes are to be somewhat similar. There are experiments taking place where select beings are strategically placed in worlds in which nothing is similar to them. For example, Lloyd, a human who in this world works over at the gas station, in one of his domains, he is on a planet inhabited entirely by giant rats that practice accounting. He sucks at math though. His paradise will not involve rats nor accounting- this screen should read "DEAD" any day now.

116. Minimal Compact
"There's Always Now"  3:04
Deadly Weapons
Tel Aviv, Israel

Because there is an unlimited amount of space in the universe, the conception of each individual being expands the universe. The very moment a being is conceived, a new Control Room is automatically created with 100 television screens monitoring the 100 lives. A computer formula has been devised in which the 100 parallel planes shall exist.

115. Maanam
"Polskie Ulice"  3:56
Nocny Patrol
Warsaw, Poland

Wherever the being is actually conceived is automatically Plane #1. Other circumstances determine the parenting and conceptions of the remaining 99. In some worlds, beings have the exact same parents, some, no parents at all; in a few, a conception may be forced under the discrepancy of control room personnel- this too is an experiment that may or may not work. If your parents seem weird to you, that is because they are not your real parents...the one's who actually conceived you exist on a different plane of existence- Plane #1; this world is not every single being's Plane #1.

114. Los Prisioneros
"Sexo"  4:55
La Voz de Los '80
Santiago, Chile

Each plane # has a different theme, and this is coordinated by the Control Room personnel. Throughout the infinite amount of universes currently going on, only but 16,205 of them contain a population in which every single one of them are living the exact same plane #. In general, of the population, about 10% is equally spread throughout each plane. For example, on this plane, 14% of the world's population is leading their personal plane #37, 8% #14, etc.

113. Alien Sex Fiend
"R.I.P."  3:46
Acid Bath
London, England

With but a few minor exceptions, the Control Room personnel are strictly prohibited to intervene with the individual's path of life for each plane. Exceptions had generally only been made in order to force a conception, (now delegated to Plane #64). However, because all beings have to be delegated a Paradise, they could intervene if a being's lives were all being expired before any determination could be made. This had yet to happen.

112. Claw Boys Claw
"Cars"  2:40
Shocking Shades of Claw Boys Claw
Amsterdam, Netherlands

It is virtually impossible to list every single detail involved with this process, and the amount of concepts are limitless. It is also, as we found out, impossible to correct ever single error. An error occurred, how?, nobody knows, and Paradise was potentially in danger. It began with a car wreck.

111. Bathory
"Armageddon"  2:32
Stockholm, Sweden

When a being dies, they are immediately delegated into a lobby located in yet another building with infinite structure. The being is the only one in this lobby, and they are to wait, patiently, for all of the rest of the 99 selves to die off as well. Once the lobby becomes full, with 100 various deceased versions of themselves, they are taken into a room to have their case reviewed. Even the dead infants represent some value- these allow officials to know what to avoid.

110. Pretenders
"Back on the Chain Gang"  3:51
Learning to Crawl
London, England

Once the case has been fully reviewed, and all the lives individually discussed, the Control Room personnel decides what to keep and what to extract. The best of each are combined into one entity and placed into eternal Paradise- this can take years sometimes.

109. The Art of Noise
"Beat Box (Diversion One)"  8:33
Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise
London, England

While returning from one of the mailrooms, it was Henry who first detected the error. He just so happened to glance in one of the control rooms, Bosco's, and somehow, Bosco was actually in there- looking up at all 100 of his TV screens.

108. Sétima Legião
"O Canto e o Gelo"  3:40
A Um Deus Desconhecido
Lisbon, Portugal

Bosco was a human being, male, 27 years in age. Of his 100 planes, 87 of them were still going...13 of his screens read "DEAD". What had happened, Bosco just recently died in one of planes, #62, and instead of ending up in the lobby with his other 12 deceased selves, he mistakenly showed up in his Control Room. Henry was extremely baffled by this debacle for it had never happened before.

107. Robyn Hitchcock
"Flavour of Night"  2:57
I Often Dream of Trains
London, England

Henry immediately suspected that Bosco was growing impatient waiting for all of his other lives to die, so he got up and wandered out of the waiting area. However he found his room was a mystery. But then, another Bosco just magically appeared from out of nowhere; at the same time, a different screen read "DEAD".

106. Killdozer
"Pile Driver" 3:53
Intellectuals Are The Shoeshine Boys of the Ruling Elite
Madison, WI

Seeing all 100 of your lives being played out on 100 television screens at once in some strange massive building in some strange place in the universe can be mind numbing. Furthermore, seeing another version of you live and in person is equally disturbing. Then, being alive in spirit so to say, and having to have news broken to you that you're dead can be uneasy...to say the least.

105. Tales of Terror
"Possession"  2:25
Sacramento, CA

Generally, there is proper procedure that is followed in explaining to the deceased what is actually going on, and answers are kindly provided so not to induce panic, and once Paradise is discussed, people are happy. The dead Bosco's did not receive this gesture. Because an error had occurred, they had to be hastily rushed out of the Control Room, and escorted by security to waiting lobby. Much shouting and confusion erupted as Bosco demanded answers; so did Henry.

104. Motörhead
"Killed By Death"  3:57
No Remorse
London, England

The two dead Bosco's were confused and very afraid. All they knew was that they had died, and somehow multiplied. This world had no explanation. Fear of death nearly caused panic, and Bosco #62 and Bosco #23 were downright petrified for they feared they were now about to be doomed eternally into the pits of Hell. If you seriously think about it, this is the absolute worst fear to ever have to face.

103. Mercyful Fate
"Nightmare"  6:20
Don't Break the Oath
Copenhagen, Denmark

Bosco #62 and Bosco #23 were downright horrified and absolutely feared going into the waiting room. They were positive that the pits of hell awaited them, and everything that had ever been stated on Earth was about to be true. The Bosco's had become so stricken with fear that they began to have nightmarish delusions as to what awaited them in the lobby. They resisted as best as possible.

102. High Rise
"Like Death" 2:50
Psychedelic Speed Freaks

The waiting room ended up not being that bad. Bosco #62 and Bosco #23 both received the proper explanations as to where they were and what was going to happen. No, they weren't in hell. It was relatively calming, but at the same time fearful; particularly when they saw the 12 other dead Bosco's. Eventually, they calmed down.

101. The Residents
"Rhapsody in Blue"  10:31
George & James
Shreveport, LA

The personnel reviewed the tapes. What happened? Bosco #62 and Bosco #23 both pulled out in front of the same vehicle at the same time. Screen #62 now reads "DEAD", and the screen displays his car turned upside down, wheels spinning, smoking. Bosco #23 did not get into a wreck. But, for some reason, afterwards, started acting strangely, flexed his muscles, floored the gas pedal, and drove into a brick wall. Screen #23 now reads "DEAD" with an image of a car smashed against a wall and Bosco slouched over the steering wheel. What's worse, screen #84 now reads "DEAD" and another Bosco is in the Control Room.

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