The Top 100 Songs of 1975

The Best of 1975 + The Red Alert
Part 1 of 6: (Tracks 160-131) The Age of Eventually
Part 2 of 6: (Tracks 130-101) The Night They Always Remembered
Part 3 of 6: (Tracks 100-76) The Invasion
Part 4 of 6: (Tracks 75-51) The Fascinating City
Part 5 of 6: (Tracks 50-26) The Nearby Tavern
Part 6 of 6: (Tracks 25-#1) The Desolate Wasteland

Part III: The Invasion

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100. John Williams
"Theme From Jaws"  2:09
Jaws Soundtrack
Floral Park, NY/Los Angeles, CA

This is ideal listening should you ever desire to get eaten by a shark. Or, perhaps you have already been eaten by a shark and this is a song in which you can relate. However, as indicated with the movie Jaws, sharks are nowhere near the scariest creatures on Earth. Even more frightening than a shark attack is prolonged exposure to the horrendous dialogue uttered by any member of that wretched cast of insufferable characters.

Humans are far more appalling and have caused significantly more damage to their own species than any colony of the most rabid sharks. Even in the movie, the shark did nothing wrong... yet was hunted down in its' own home by a group of dim-witted simpletons and targeted for assassination as if it were a terrorist. The human race has to continuously create a new enemy in order to conceal its own corrupted deformity. By creating a new enemy, this will potentially create a dependency on the flawed system that generates massive incomes for The Ruling Party.

Should this exact song be played while panning the facial expressions of every political figure in the world, it would induce nightmares. At that point, and in an ideal society, we would cheer for the massive Great White sharks to hunt down and slay all oppressive members of The Ruling Party.

BTW- Jaws was so historical because it was the first ever fabricated enemy of the human race that was white.

99. Kool & The Gang
"Jungle Jazz"  4:45
Spirit of the Boogie
Jersey City, NJ

The glory days of Earth happened before the human race arrived. Back in those days, The Earth had but one land continent surrounded by the glistening waters that had been purified by The Enchanted Sanctuary of Miracles. All living organisms that resided on the planet had the ability to travel freely both on land and in the water.

There were no feuds, conflicts, or wars back then. The reason for this was because there was no government, banks, corporations, money, or TV. Sharks enjoyed the fruitful life shared with the other beings that inhabited the Earth. They spoke to one another, played games, laughed, smoked weed, played music, invented concepts, and thoroughly enjoyed the blissful life of love, happiness, and great tasty fruity coconut cocktails on the beach. That is correct, sharks were constantly spotted on the beach... sitting in beach chairs enjoying an ice cold pina colada listening to live music.

They were frequently joined on the beach by squids, raccoon, birds, senerals, and latchtinziens. Occasionally mother fuckers would drop by from other planets... these fuckers looked, walked, and talked exactly like what we consider people, but were not classified as the human race. Thousands of years ago, the world was far more advanced in every category possible.

98. Steely Dan
"Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More" 3:16
Katy Lied
Los Angeles, CA

It wasn't until recently, barely even 10,000 years ago when everything on Earth became contaminated and this wonderfully complex society dissolved. After the great collision that left two prospering planets into the ruins now known as The Kuiper Belt and The Asteroid Belt, something wicked fell upon The Harmonious Existence enjoyed by all things in The Solar System. We are unsure precisely what caused the collision or of the aftermath that ensued, but it is speculated that the massive collision may have created a poisonous gas that tarnished the atmosphere.

The species that inhabited both of those planets fell to the planet Earth where they had visited and everything had been perfectly fine ever since this portion of The Universe was created. They now had a new home as they no longer resided on those other planets that were destroyed from the impact. At the time, there was no cause for alarm. Nobody died back then, as death was not natural and these beings had been living peacefully for eons. Furthermore, The Earth contained The Enchanted Sanctuary of Miracles, and all things that had been demolished could be eventually restored in better condition than ever.

There is an approximately 5,000 year period in which we do not know exactly what led to the downfall. Somewhere in the midst of this, the division of the continents created turmoil, many of the natives of Earth (such as the aforementioned sharks, raccoon, and latchtinziens) either escaped to another part of The Universe, was delegated as useless beings and no longer permitted to freely interact as The Ruling Party gradually took its course, and most tragically, the beings began slowly decomposing, writhing away, and then, sadly, dying. To date, this was the greatest tragedy in The History of The Universe and at press time, had not yet been resolved.

97. Hot Chocolate
"You Sexy Thing"  4:07
London, England

These people here. Just one look... he saw her, took her home, sang her a song, and that was that.

That's the way life was back when The Enchanted Sanctuary of Miracles was permitted to operate freely. In those days, everybody knew of it and it was never labeled a fictitious place that did not exist. People believed in miracles because they were real and happened routinely. 

Sorrow did not exist for extended periods of time. Sure, not everything in The Universe was perfect, but every problem either had a solution or a means to be deemed irrelevant and unworthy of considerable stress. When a situation arose that needed further analysis, any being could from anywhere in The Universe could visit The Enchanted Sanctuary of Miracles and an all new and improved Golden Age of Resolution would be underway.

People would find their most compatible mates, explore their most imaginative fascination, and develop the tuition to embark on an incredible journey. Because there was no concept of money, there were no constraints for advancement; because there was no government, there was no restriction of freewill; because there was no sickness or death, there was no fear of achieving the impossible.

We interviewed this kind man and he related the events of that extraordinary event.

There was no pursuit whatsoever... I just went to her house, she led me into her room, and within 30 seconds, it was in, we were doing it.

Then why didn't you just stay with her?

Because I love you.... I love all of you.

And this was perfectly acceptable behavior.

96. Al Green
"The Love Sermon"  4:15
Al Green is Love
Forrest City, Arkansas

96% of all people fantasize about their co-workers. One exception being Mrs. Watson… whose ass was never the subject of anybody's fantasy. Mrs. Watson would file a sexual harassment suit even hearing of such behavior. However, Mrs. Watson masturbated regularly. In actuality, she would have liked to fuck any other person on Earth besides her husband even one more time. That two-bit rascal couldn't even maintain an erection anymore looking at her fat miserable ass; and her pussy dried like a pile of dead winter leaves from just being in the same room as that fat pathetic douche.

She felt as if she was stuck with that two-bit low-down good-for-nothing piece-of-shit asshole husband because she had made a commitment in The Church of God to be with this miserable fucking asshole for the rest of their lives; or at least until one of the two sorry sacks of shit finally fucking died. Rather than admit she made a mistake and simply enjoy the services of a cheap prostitute (because at this juncture, she would more than likely have to pay somebody to have sex with her old decrepit fat sloppy ass) Mrs. Watson felt as if she had no choice but to unconditionally support the system that bound her as a means to justify her misguided decision.

Her husband, Milton, had bought her a ring, some perfume, and a new pair of shoes. Therefore, he was by all means a wonderful person and the one she shall love forever. She never connected with Milton sexually. Mrs. Watson only experienced orgasms from rubbing her pussy up against the corner of the refrigerator when nobody was looking.

Each night, she dreamed that Rosco, the janitor at her office, would walk through that door wearing a pair of elegant underwear resembling an elephant with his rock hard humongous cock as the trunk. Rosco the janitor would proceed to rip off her panties and shove a mop handle up her eagerly wet and waiting ass in the exact fashion that Mrs. Watson always dreamed.

This never happened. Nor will it ever happen. Mrs. Watson has been poisoned. Rather than politely ask Rosco to sodomize her with his mop, like everybody else does, Mrs. Watson defies her own lustful ambitions, and preaches the alleged standard of morals that prevents her from exploring that hot and sexy flabby ass crack of hers. 

ALL people who act this way are suppressing their own desires by languidly moping through life while emphasizing the code of conduct that they are expected to follow. Every single person you know who explicitly preach the morals of religion as a means of repressing sexual desire actually wishes to be sodomize with a mop handle. Don't believe me? Then blatantly come out and deliberately ask one of them. You will see the truth then and only then.

95.  Black Oak Arkansas
"Ace In The Hole"  3:42
Black Oak, Arkansas

There was a strange ship floating aimlessly in the Ocean. Nobody had ever boarded this ship and there was not a single being in The Universe who could logically explain how it got there. Many believe that when The Earth was created, this was the very first structure ever placed on The Planet. However, it actually formed when the decedents of the ruins arrived on The Planet and split The Continent into seven major areas of land along with several smaller islands scattered throughout the entire Planet.

This ship did have an ultimate purpose.

Even after the world was gradually populated with a new species, nobody ever boarded the ship. However, other ships were eventually invented, and as time passed, most either had no knowledge of this ship or assumed that it had been stranded long after other ships were created and used as vessels to sail the seas.

In actuality, nobody had ever boarded this ship. Not one particle used to construct this ship had ever been on dry land. This was not made by anything residing on this planet now. The ship was the only remaining holdover from The Golden Age of Resolution back when The Earth spawned miracles.

One day, that ship set sail. It rolled across the waves and was guided by The Captain who had been all across The Universe. The crew had also been all across The Universe and stared out at the vast corrupted seas focusing on The Mission at hand. This was not going to be easy.

When that ship actually moved, when there were suddenly a colony of beings on board that ship... that was the day The Universe forever changed. The moment it began shifting forward, The Sun, The Moon, and Saturn shifted drastically to perfectly align with one another in the desolate skies over The Earth. This was a major requirement in order for this ship to engage in the appropriate tides to reach its' ultimate destination. And with this alignment of the planets, this served as proof that The Elegant Sanctuary of Miracles still possessed its magic.

94. Rainbow
"Man on the Silver Mountain"  4:42
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
London, England

Time would be a huge factor as the most prominent mission to date had been unveiled. A man perched high atop the largest mountain on Earth watched the course of the ship through binoculars. He peered down at the rest of the world and quickly realized the cause of the one distress signal he had always prayed would never be sounded.

As he browsed the entirety of the population of Earth, he was ultimately displeased with what he witnessed. All of the death and destruction that had been happening for years had left an entire race of planetary beings in a state of disarray. All communication between the individual species of living organisms had completely diminished. People were living in impoverished conditions, had abolished their own free will for the sake of something artificial, and were committing atrocious acts of cruelty upon one another. They celebrated the brutal slaying of a shark, and displayed its corpse for public humiliation; had done something even worse to an innocent bull... the man jotted a note that this needed to be addressed.

What made matters most horrific was the atmosphere and essential ingredients of the planet were disintegrating. These people have no idea how dangerously close they had come to extinction. It was as if he could feel the mountain crumbling beneath him. The once beautiful Ocean in which The Captain maneuvered The Ship had become polluted with dangerous chemicals that contributed to the artificial synthetic that had caused the disruption.

Finally, he saw the source of the corruption and the sight sickened him. Scattered throughout the entire world, he spotted the revered universal disgrace known as The Ruling Class. These things had created various material expenditures to flaunt the venality that generated this completely ineffective system of living. There was not one positive feature to these things as he found all of their traits utterly disgusting... the way they looked, the way they talked, their lifestyle, their possessions, that shit they decorated their home with, the way they conducted themselves among others—the lack of courtesy, the fabricated notion that they deserved something called special privileges... and worst of all, he loathed the unethical tactics in which they acquired all of this.

At first, he considered genocide for the entire Ruling Class might be the only salvation. However, he would utilize that as a last resort. Miracles were still possible. That's when he saw the most horrific sight ever known to anything within The Universe. When he saw the desolate blackened wasteland, he dropped the binoculars and sat on the ground pondering the most difficult catastrophe he had ever faced. This was not going to be easy.

93. Alice Cooper
"Devil's Food" 3:35 + "The Black Widow" 3:38
Welcome to My Nightmare
Detroit, MI

We noticed that some women would not take any shit whatsoever from men. Disrespectful jerks rarely attempted to make derogatory belittling comments to these ladies. However, many of these women would seek companionship with scrawny defenseless guys who possessed unique attributes, and then keep them on a tight leash. Both parties were detrimental for The Ultimate Resolution.

The Ruling Class had attempted to negate the effectiveness of these redeeming qualities in most of the subjects that were studied. As a result, those who held these distinct qualities represented but a small percentage of Earth's population. Most had become a drone replica to the constant conditioning they had received from a flawed system.

This conditioning process was so severely flawed that The Ruling Class actually wished to generate and spread stupidity throughout the masses of the population in order for their inadequacies to never be revealed. As a result, this deterred progress and the majority of the population seemed complacent with all inessential elements that derailed their own free will.

One might suspect that a massive violent upheaval would arise directed towards the malefactors who depleted the values of all cultures within society except for the conditioned one that could potentially generate more artificial material belongings that was the ultimate desire of their controlled exploitation. These things seemed absolutely obsessed with the buying and selling of manufactured products that they were willing to sacrifice their own future existence in order to obtain a massive stockpile of material goods, currency, and a fictitious assumption that they held power of another group of beings. None of this made any sense to anybody else within The Universe, but this was the reality at hand.

There were those who refused to be succumbed to poisoned pollutants that led to the downfall of man. Once they were revealed as a threat to their failed system, these precious beings were declared an enemy and targeted for extermination. Regardless of the species, whether it be other people labeled punks, niggers, feminists, faggots, Jews, terrorists, sluts, Communists, or non-conformist left-wing radicals; whether it be poisonous snakes, spiders, or other species that developed a strong defense mechanism against the oppressive forces of The Ruling Class, all the way to various plants that simply "did not look right"... all of the following were either subject to extermination or delegated to remote regions of the world where their reclusive existence would no longer be considered a threat.

DID YOU KNOW: A Black Widow would never bite a feminist.

92. The Kinks
"The Hard Way"  2:35
Schoolboys in Disgrace
London, England

Even the members of The Ruling Class had digressed to the point of dangerous incompetence. It's difficult to fathom that when they implemented their system to dominate and control the masses that they had the foresight to understand that their entire plight would be the downfall of advanced society. Some people have to figure this out the hard way; many never comprehend any of it.

There was the notion that this race should learn the hard way. That perhaps there should be no intervention and allowing them to die off disgracefully would be the most rational alternative. However, the failed race committed an act so abominable that it sent The Red Alert to The Grand Scheme of Things Board Committee.

A Red Alert signifies danger to The Grand Scheme of Things to The Entire Universe (the human race had adopted their own rendition of a "Red Alert" which only served as proof that they over dramatized trivial bullshit.) This desolate wasteland was the cause of the distress signal. Once it was sounded, they had no choice but to set the ship a sail. And the good people that they are... if they are capable of saving this failing society, then they will put forth maximum effort for all parties to prosper... that is the key factor to being part of The Grand Scheme of Things Board Committee.

91. Kestrel
"Take It Away"  4:08
Newcastle, England

This man had written off the douche club as a total waste because the woman of his dreams was not present. Rather than waste his time around a bunch of replicas that he had zero in common with, Rex drove around in his car thinking about what he could be doing instead...if only other people shared the same idea. They didn't, so he jumped out of the pile of shit car that he still owed payments on and ditched the mother fucker behind some huge corporate store with a huge vacant parking lot.

Somehow he wound up in some strange exotic place that he wasn't even sure was listed in the atlas. This was the beginning of something spectacular, and these other assholes who did not share the same ideas, they were never seen again... fuck 'em. Rex felt that he would no longer be constrained by the artificial elements of the failed system, nor would he ever sacrifice his personal values to conform to a company policy only concerned with the sales of whatever useless device the manufacturers created too many in error.

He had a distant relative who was mysteriously killed in an unexplained disaster. None of the details of the story pertaining to the disaster ever made sense to him and he questioned the validity of all of the tales. Supposedly he had lost his mind, painted his entire house, and then fled from the law to a mysterious city that was struck with a disaster shortly afterwards. However, nobody indicated that he had ever committed any crimes. It was all a myth supposedly.

Throughout his entire life, he had a peculiar history of altercations with the police, employers, creditors, and all other members of The Ruling Class. And now, he fled the scene to pursue his own ambitions. For all he cared, he would disappear without a trace to those he had ever known. This strange destination seemed a decent place to engage in extensive soul searching until shit blew over.... and that's precisely what he did. He did whatever he wanted and did nothing to have any appeal whatsoever to the conditioned replicas or The Ruling Party. Furthermore, he stopped purchasing all products aside from the daily essentials that were required for survival.

90. Golden Earring
"Ce Soir"  6:14
Den Haag, Netherlands

The day before the departure is a sad one. The day after is a happy one. That's how it goes, particularly when the reason for the departure is first degree murder.

He glanced down at the device that displayed the resonating thought processes of various individuals on Earth. There was a message from Sara; it read: "Kill Me Tonight." 

This poor girl wanted to die. She had become so distraught with the system, the conditioning process, and the way of the world that she lost all hope. There was never one glimmer of respectable decency anywhere in her world. Her job sucked, she was massively in debt, out of touch with what they considered reality, and was eventually beaten and raped by an oppressive member of The Ruling Class. Sara's life represented the lucrative values of the economic system The Ruling Class desired. They were not seeking an ultimate advancement of culture capable of everlasting life with unlimited exploration of The Universe. Instead, they desired an extravagant collection of material possessions and the more of them they owned the more power they had.

Reality soon unfolded shortly after he read the message. Just a few moments after he absorbed the details of what many members of The Human Race actually resolved, he heard the gunshots, a flash of a blood splattered wall, and a bright intelligent young woman lying dead on the floor. This was unacceptable.

89. Doctors Of Madness
"Billy Watch Out"  5:11
Late Night Movies, All Night Brainstorms
London, England

A group of people went to church and prayed that nobody would be eaten by a shark. However, it was indicated that religion was nothing but a fetish, and the entire congregation was eaten by sharks. This had been a recurring theme this week. The television station had declared this "shark week" for a new epidemic needed to be created.

It began shortly after those gunshots killed Sara. The man perched on the mountain had conducted a detailed analysis of all the events leading to the desire to be shot and killed. That person who raped her was mysteriously attacked by a shark in his bedroom... such a bloody mess. Sharks entered the store in which she was employed and those responsible for her pathetic excuse for a paycheck were attacked by the vicious sharks. Her bill collectors mysteriously suffered a shark attack on dry land.

The last ones remaining were the ones ultimately responsible for the thousands of Saras whose lives concluded to a tragic demise each day. This was The Ruling Party. They were equipped with weapons capable of triggering the ultimate Red Alert as well as a ploy that brainwashed the entire population. Killing them off with shark attacks might prove ineffective. This required a more complex strategy. But, the ship was en route to thwart The Greatest Come-From-Behind Victory in The History of The Universe. Plans had been made, and a select few key members of their entire history had been targeted for brutal confrontation.

88. Split Enz
"Under the Wheel"  7:49
Mental Notes
Auckland, New Zealand

The CEO of a major corporation hosted a banquet in honor for the Senator who approved the tax legislation that ensured that this billionaire would never have to pay any taxes whatsoever. In order for this to be achieved, he paid the Senator a generous sum and then implemented a policy that meant the lower paid workers would have to pay more taxes to fund the government none of them fully supported. Furthermore, even more of their minuscule wages would be paid to other billionaire agencies as a means to purchase an essential item that was required for a functioning society and these agencies would reap large profits for supplying what the masses assumed was a major benefit.

This entire proceeding was observed through binoculars from high above a mountaintop. The committee had deemed that this means of deceiving their own species was unfair and inhumane. It was time to fire a warning shot to begin the changes that desperately needed implemented in order to save this race from extinction.

They were seated at a large banquet table in the household of the CEO... poorly paid servants had done all of the work and his elegantly dressed wife acted as the chief servant despite the fact she wore a formal wedding gown and expensive grotesque jewelry. While they ate with poor manners, loudly chomping their expensive prime rib and caviar, they talked with mouths full and laughed about trivial simple clichés that nobody outside of this banquet would find even moderately amusing. Despite the fact that they were dubbed "the elite" based on their wealth, in terms of intellectual capability, they ranked towards the bottom of the entire population. They could not figure out basic logic without a detailed explanation... then they assumed they were intelligent because they finally learned something.

Senator Ned Polling had never devised an innovative theory in his entire life, yet was now responsible for creating tax laws and representing the people. Apparently he never fully grasped the concept of chewing his food either as a massive piece of meat became lodged in his throat and he choked.

The others seated at the table were unsure what to do, but remained calm because they had heard that this was what you were supposed to do. One man, Alan Henderson, Corporate VP of some piece of shit generic clothing store that he had nothing to do with any of their success, had once heard how to handle this situation, and attempted to calmly explain to the Senator how to dislodge the food portion.

"Take a deep breath."

It was ineffective and panic erupted. The Senator frantically stood up, choking, coughing, and gasping for air. He knocked over a chair and was turning blue from suffocation. Another person seated at the table had heard that you are supposed to conduct the Heimlich Maneuver in order to revive a choking victim. This too was ineffective.

The entire dinner party went into a state of panic. Several called 9-1-1 and demanded an ambulance be sent urgently. They ordered the servants to assist with this matter, "do something!" When it came down to life or death, the so-called elite depended upon the subordinate servants to save them.

However, there was something lingering in the air. The servants did nothing; they all gathered around and watched instead. It grew intensely quiet as The Senator never dislodged that piece of USDA Choice Prime Rib, gradually suffocated, and died slowly on the dining room floor. One of the women kept calling out, "Ned, Ned, are you OK... Just try and breathe Ned, the ambulance will be here shortly." She said this even after he died. That ambulance never arrived. His coverage was denied. And Senator Ned Polling fell victim to death... oh sweet death.

87. Jeff Beck
"Cause We've Ended as Lovers"  5:42
Blow By Blow
Wallington, England

Some guys attempt to put the moves on every single woman they meet. Just the mere presence of a female alters their entire behavior patterns, while they aggressively, forcefully, attempt to court this woman. These things possess some inordinate need to control and will employ all means to necessary to take whatever satisfies them at the expense of someone else. He is the only person who will feel joy from this forced experience and will even attempt to dominate a person for life who shares zero compatibility. These people do this because they had been conditioned to believe that this is what you are supposed to do if you are a man.

Trey did not possess these characteristics and rarely attempted to court females. One evening he finally found the one that he liked and that rare occasion emerged where he sought to talk to her. Unfortunately, some imbecile interfered with forceful aggression—the same type of loser who does this with every girl. 

This woman did not get rid of him as quickly as he would have liked. In fact, she let him linger, pretended interested in his bullshit despite the fact that she knew damn good and well that she despised this loser. She and Trey tested at a compatibility rating of 83% while she tested at a 4.6% with the interfering douche. That 17% played a huge factor in both of their lives as Trey could no longer withstand listening to the douche talk about his sales job and left the two of them.

The next day at work, Trey tried a different approach with another woman he had been considering. He walked up to her and simply stated: 

"I'd like to stick it in your ass someday.
After the blunt, bold confession, he walked away and spoke no more about it; acted as if it was never said.

After a co-worker recently told her that he'd like to stick it in her ass someday...first she told all of her friends and they ridiculed the situation. Upon thinking further into it, she knew she now had some power of him. Also, on evenings in which she was desperate for attention, she considered calling him.

One day out of the blue, and nobody knows how the hell this happened, but one night...he actually had it in her ass.

86. Count Basie
"The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else)"  4:50
For the Second Time
Red Bank, NJ (1904)-Hollywood, FL (1984)

After word spread about the success Trey had from his blunt confession, the people of the community felt that this was the proper way to score. A majority of women had been conditioned that appearing sexy was the ultimate goal and the key to success and happiness. They did not care about how their partner looked in appearance and definitely did not like his personality. All that mattered was that somebody was willing to devote major attention to their beauty.

Randy was married to Lucy and Brenda was married to Wayne. Brenda was alone downstairs and Randy walked passed her and simply said, "I'd like to stick in your ass someday" and then walked away as if nothing was ever said.

Brenda thought about this all day. Throughout the gathering (a cookout with numerous friends), Brenda was constantly glancing over at Randy, sometimes staring for prolonged periods. They repeatedly made eye contact and gazed at each other noticeably. Whenever she went to the bathroom, she would check out her ass in the mirror, and attempted to tighten her jeans so that it would appear sexier. She would flaunt that ass and shake it in front of Randy, sometimes bending over in front of him allowing him to see it for all its beauty. He lightly touched it once, grabbed it on another occasion.

Finally everybody left except for the two married couples. They were all outside on the patio; Wayne strayed off out in the yard and Lucy went inside to the bathroom.

Brenda again stared at Randy, who stared back at her. She gave him a signal with her eye and walked away without saying a word. 

After a brief moment, Randy walked downstairs to the remote area of the house and found Brenda all alone, reading a magazine, standing up next to the bar with her ass bent over the seat. Randy approached her and immediately caressed that fine ass of hers without saying a word. He reached his arms around her waist, unbuttoned and unzipped her tight jeans, and pulled down her pants; he slid down her pink panties and bared that sexy ass of hers. Randy eagerly grasped her cheeks, pulled on her buttocks, and licked her asshole... periodically sticking his tongue into her vagina. He stood back up; pulled out his cock, pulled up her shirt from behind so that her titties were bared also, and next thing you know... ol' Randy had it in a married woman's ass.

Lucy came downstairs and caught them. She was livid, shouted some profanity, threw a tirade, and walked out of the basement. After the outburst, Brenda and Randy went back at it and figured they might as well finish.

Back on the patio, Lucy was in disarray from having caught her husband having anal intercourse with another woman. Wayne approached to comfort her. Lucy's chief complaint to Wayne was that she now felt that maybe her wasn't good enough anymore.

"I mean look at it. Does it look good?"

Wayne looked at it all right, and gave it a nice squeeze. "It looks damn good."

As Wayne was consoling her to make her feel better, he also rubbed her ass and eventually had it exposed with her bent over the rail of the balcony. And next thing you know, ol' Wayne also had it firmly entrenched into a married woman's ass.

Prior to that, the two women often complained that they could not stand their husband's jealousy whenever they would flirt with other guys or when guys paid them extravagant attention.

Afterwards, the two men celebrated their victory. The two women, however, hated each other after that.

85. Magical Power Mako
"Andromeda"  6:07
Super Record
Shuzenji, Japan

Something majestic seemed to be following in their path. Whatever it was could not be explained with any rational science. It had but one definition: a prelude to some serious shit that was getting ready to go down tonight.

The man on the mountain summoned Cortez Foster from the next galaxy over. He was a master technician there and held the ability to act shrewdly when needed. Cortez was enjoying a drink at a music festival at his home in Andromeda when the message alerted. He looked down at the device and read the message.

"We received a Red Alert. Drastic consequences need carried out, please help." This was followed with a detail plot for the mission as well as The Universal coordinates to transport to Earth.

The journey from Andromeda to The Milky Way, to Earth is one with indescribable scenic beauty. It is unbelievable how The Universe looks while travelling through space.

En route, Cortez concentrated on the mission. He put the cruiser at the command of the co-pilot and went to the back of the ship for transformation. The ship grew smaller, as did Cortez. As they were passing a series of midnight blue skies illuminated with a bright purple spectral of light, Cortez dismantled his limbs and eight legs sprouted from his body. The lower portion of the sky turned orange as it appeared the ship was floating on a blissful sea of orange surreal languid zepitones when Cortez looked in the mirror and transformed his teeth in sharp venomous fangs. When the transformation was complete, Cortez the Killer was a Black Widow and seated in the pilot's seat of a vessel destined for Earth. This was an important mission.

84. Neil Young
"Cortez the Killer"  7:31
Toronto, ON  Canada

Cortez arrived to Earth on the mountaintop and received instructions where to carry out the mission.

A group of men in suits were seated around a large round table discussing plans that involved a scheme for making money after the site had been destroyed. They were planning on acquiring a large piece of land after the missile strike and they could then erect buildings in which their products could be sold.

Walter was standing before the group discussing a chart with some sales figures on it. Anybody could easily have figured this out, but this business tycoons and corporate people required detailed explanations for even the simplest projects. He was in the process of explaining to the group that if you sold two pieces of merchandise for $1 that you would have generated $2 in revenue when he stopped cold and stared at the table. The group turned their attention to what Walter was focusing on the table.

There was a gigantic black widow crawling creepily across the table. The men froze at first, and then stood up abruptly in a state of panic.

One of the men was brave enough to easily reach for the sales flyer, rolled it up quietly, and swatted the venomous creature on the table. After getting smacked swiftly with a rolled up sales ad, Cortez The Killer was unfazed and continued his plunge towards Walter. Another person dropped a book on him, and Cortez hoisted it back up with his 8 legs and flung it angrily at the group.

They abruptly tried to leave the meeting room, but the door was somehow locked. All they could do was stare as Cortez moved across the table. He picked up his pace, and with rapid speed that is absolutely terrifying to see a black widow capable of achieving, he ran across the table, jumped onto Walter, bit him on the neck, and then dispersed out a window.

After the bite, Walter dropped to the ground clutching the reddened puncture in his neck that was filling with tiny white bubbles and foam. He vomited on the floor, went into a state of convulsions, shook himself until he was unconscious, and then died. The other men could do nothing but watch in fear.

Not long after he died, a different group of men emerged in silver toxic suits. They scooped up Walter's dead body, opened the 26th story window, and simply tossed Walter out of it and then walked out casually.

The door closed... the room was infested with sharks that had been waiting behind the door. Screams.

83. Jorge Ben
"Jorge De Capadocia"  3:53
Solta o Pavão
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The desolate ship trudged forward into waters that had been deemed too dangerous for human navigation. This captain had the ability to maneuver through the most treacherous of conditions and the crew sang and danced while they worked tirelessly on all aspects to ensure the ship's safety. Although the waters were ravaged with ice and cursed with a demonic serpent that had devised the ultimate defense mechanism against the human race, the crew worked diligently in the inclement weather, with a smile, performing their routines in a rhythmic harmony reminiscent to a captivating Broadway performance.

Captain Coolidge viewed the coordinates of the map that was increasingly difficult to clutch to the high gusts of wind and the powerful ice storm that was raging. He looked around and stopped the ship at the precise point it needed and the crew stood and waited. A monstrous wave emerged and crashed a gigantic flood of water across the ship. It was a hazardous blow that would have sunk most ships; the crew held on and laughed as some of them were knocked down and had to clutch the railing to keep from falling over board. The Captain was unfazed.

Another Tidal Wave crashed across the boat and when the water subsided, The Black Serpent was now on board the ship. While the crew gazed in awe at the intriguing features of the enormous sea creature, The Captain approached The Black Serpent and spoke to it. He had to lean in real close due to the high winds and noise level that accompanied the treacherous conditions of these waters. Captain Coolidge unfolded the map and revealed the directions to The Black Serpent who listened attentively. He pointed to a specific spot on the map and The Black Serpent shook his head indicating that he fully understood the message.

The Black Serpent calmly raised itself and seemed to smile at the crew while The Captain attached a magnetic device to the lower extremity of The Black Serpent's bottom claws. Once attached, The Captain patted The Black Serpent on the back, who in turn bid its' farewell and plunged back into the waters. After The Black Serpent had vanished, The Captain removed a capsule of red liquid from his coat pocket, unscrewed the top, and poured the red liquid into the raging sea. The ship once again started, turned around, and went back out in the direction it came.

82. Phil Manzanera
"Diamond Head"  4:28
Diamond Head
London, England

Several different variations of Walter Matthews from several Universal Parallel Planes sat in a concealed conference room with a few select members of The Grand Scheme of Things Board Committee. They all seemed happy except for one, whose neck was filled with white poisonous pus from being bitten by an enormous black widow.

Throughout most of the parallel planes in which Walter Matthews resided, he was paired with Wendy Trident who had been declared his most Universal soul mate.

The member of the Board Committee turned on a video monitor and displayed the whereabouts of Wendy on this particular plane. There she was... so lovely and beautiful, smiling frivolously and enjoying her life on this plane in The Fascinating City. Although the other Walters were not with her on this particular plane, they were pleased knowing that she was happy.

The next scene depicted Walter Matthews on this plane finalizing a transaction to purchase a piece of land. This land unfortunately was not owned by anybody in particular and was never up for sale. However, this city did not feature corporate chains in which the products were sold and Walter's store was unable to generate any revenue there.

Shift back to the moment in which Wendy was smiling peacefully and conversing amongst friends. An airplane flew overhead and dropped something from the chamber that detonated an explosion. The impact of this enormous explosion triggered a severe reaction and all of the residents of The Fascinating City were killed. They all watched the deadly detonation rumble through the city, burst the windows of the cafe in which Wendy was spending time with friends, and she screamed in painful agony as she burst into flames. Her beautiful face smoldered as it caught on fire. She clutched her face obviously in the direst pain she had ever felt, cried, and dropped to the ground shaking in a state of panic attempting to do anything to remedy the pain. After a long period of suffering, Wendy finally died and her body was burned.

It was the most horrifying scene any of them had ever witnessed. They represented true love within The Universe and just had to watch their soul mate be burned alive by a man that only wanted to profit from shitty products that were sold in 50 zillion other places. These Walters despised that Walter, a counterfeit version of their own selves, and questioned the ethics taking place on this parallel plane. This race was a failure and Walter Matthews contributed to that. The guilt that ensued was terrifying.

81. McCoy Tyner
"Once I Loved"  7:54
Philadelphia, PA

They gathered around the screen and watched the black and white movie. All of the characters were suave cool looking people. Only they were real; this was the history of The Fascinating City. People in fashionably fitted dress attire conversed at tables in the lounge at the ballroom where the cool bands played.

This was a period of history that the residents of regular society wished the world actually resembled. And for a brief period in their own home, it really did. They smiled, they laughed, they lived, and they loved. Each night brought something new as crowds of people frolicked in the streets partaking in a pleasurable experience called life. 

Wendy was there, sipping coffee at the cafe; as was Herb, Scott, Geraldine, Tonya, Allison... they were all so beautiful back then. The human race should have progressed from this point, but instead opted to digress. There were no chains, no banks, no corporate executives, no bureaucratic hierarchy, just people doing whatever they did best... something they loved and took great pride... shared with the world and created the greater good.

Throughout the entire video clip depicting various scenes of history from The Fascinating City, one could not help but assume this was the life that was meant to be. They wondered where all of these people were now. They were all dead.

80. David Axelrod
"Reverie"  6:58
Seriously Deep
Los Angeles, CA

The site where The Fascinating City once blossomed is now the blackened pits of death. It is a horrendous disaster site where the air and soil are so contaminated that ingredients essential for life has disintegrated. All of the bodies that perished remain there somewhere hidden in the ground. Miracles no longer exist... or nobody has ventured through the ruins to find out.

Life went on, as it had to eventually. There is a town relatively close to the disaster site, although few know all the details as to what happened on that awful day. Rumors had circulated as to what caused the blackened void but none seemed accurate or made any sense. People simply did not venture to that part of the woods and it had long since been quarantined.

The closest thing there was an old nearby tavern. Once upon a time, it prospered. However, it was short lived and eventually went out of business. The town near the disaster site seemed to be a bit peculiar in an odd way, a cool way, and a creepy way. There is something eerie lingering in that place that cannot be explained. However, they all can boast to have enjoyed at least one fond moment in their life; and a period of life that downright sucked. It seemed one of them would prevail.

79. Caetano Veloso
"Canto do Povo de um Lugar"  4:11
Santo Amaro da Purificação, Brazil

The street looked long and narrow, cold and white, with large brick buildings on either side. The buildings were gray. The sky was gray. The concrete was gray. Mr. Clark's hair was gray as he was outside spraying gray water onto his gray lawn with a gray water hose. A large group of people entered from over the hill, making Mr. Clark pause and stare. They kept walking, hundreds of them, not saying a word. Mr. Clark did not even ask where they were going, he simply tossed his gray hose, and walked with them.

Every single person in town stood perfectly aligned on the gray street observing the spectacle that was taking place. A massive gray ship was surrounded by gray sharks. The sharks emerged from the water and boarded the ship, entered the cabin, and never returned. Aside from the lingering grayness, one sole bright light shot from the ship, soared through the sky, and disappeared. And with that, the ship was gone.

People diverted their attention from the site of the ship and focused on a hideous black stain on the Earth. This was the first time they officially observed the details of this horrendous place of gloom. It seemed for no reason, but something told them to observe it. They joined hands and formed a massive circle around the blackened pits of death; and it was indeed a massive circle as one could not see the person in the distance directly across from him. By the time the circle was fully formed, the citizens of this eerie town were joined with people from all over The Universe that they had never seen before. 

They sang in unison as the music mysteriously played from the clouds above, somehow knowing exactly what to say. The circle reached an enormous circumference as the black disaster was far greater than any of the worlds had assumed. In the very center of this circle, far enough away for anybody to plainly see, one purple flower landed from the heavens on its' green stem, walked three steps north, and the world faded to black.

78. Hatfield and the North
"Underdub"  4:03
The Rotters' Club
Canterbury, England

People hate going to meaningless jobs that represent nothing in terms of how they are defined as individuals. However, people are at their most miserable when they are unemployed. Being unemployed is even worse than having a bad job, and therefore people will settle doing things they hate in order to avoid being unemployed.

Wesley had been under a lot of duress lately. Ever since his girlfriend Edith, his neighbor Doris, his Aunt Sally, his grandmother Wilma, and some random girl he bumped into the other day had all been eaten by sharks, he had been suffering from anxiety. It was even more peculiar being as the community he lived in did not even have a body of water in the entire region…nobody was safe these days. For the most part, he had been staying home trying to keep his mind at ease by baking cookies. He figured he had grieved long enough and should be over these people by now; it had been nearly three days since the tragedy. Wesley threw all of the cookies outside for the birds to eat, meditated, and made the decision to go to the show tonight.

It was a cold, snowy night. The family hero had no business being out in the first place, but decided it would be a great idea to go to the hardware store across town to purchase a roll of duct tape that he didn’t even need. This joker never went on Tuesday’s anyway, and fixing the entertainment center with duct tape was a terrible option. His wife complained about the snow, insisting the roads were bad. However, he felt he needed to go out anyway, as if he had something to prove. Also, he felt as if he needed to prove to her that the roads weren't even that bad, and that he could drive the minivan even faster than normal. The family hero made it six blocks before the mini-van was overturned and lying upside down on the side of the road.

Wesley passed the overturned minivan and laughed loudly about it for hours. When he saw the family hero dead with his head busted against the steering and the interior of the van covered in blood, he laughed so hard that he had tears in his eyes. He related the tragedy to a large group of friends at his work and all of them laughed uncontrollably to where they were lying on the floor clutching their sides for the entire rest of the day. Any mention of this incident provoked enormous laughter for hours.

77. Keith Jarrett
"Prayer"  10:12
Death and the Flower
Allentown, PA

It is a strange date at a strange time. I just awoke from a dream, a dream that had the worst interpretation possible... a dangerous omen with a fearful premonition.

I saw my grandmother in a dream… she’s getting younger. She is finally happy to see me. She came to visit a shelter I had been seeking. I was getting my new place and she came to visit. Yenrac was also in the dream; she was the reason I went there.

There will be no response to this, just know that it had been written.

There are far too many implications here that the average ordinary person could not understand. This had been developing over time for quite some time. All the signs were in place... the faulty signal, The Red Alert, the ambulances that arrived, and that black woman who barged in seeking the bathroom but entered the wrong room.

When the ambulances came, they secured all of the doors. I received an explanation as to what may have triggered the alarm. There was a message from Yenrac, who called me "Supergirl" in the message. She and I had a quarrel, I was avoiding her, and she resorted to messaging me with allegations that I was acting like a girl.

The new place was a mess*. I recalled thinking that the Ville I just recently relocated to turned out to be a huge disappointment. I was seeking a way out, but this was now my new home and I needed to straighten it. 

There was a knock on the door and I feared that it might be Yenrac coming to engage in hostile confrontation for me acting like what she considered a girl. But it was grandmother, who was looking great. I literally jumped for joy when I saw her. We hugged and she told me to start getting ready for the garage sale where I could get rid of all this stuff... that it was going to be exciting. 

Shortly after she left, Yenrac arrived wearing a black veil. Yenrac was irate. I pretended to be happy to see her, and maybe I was.

* After my grandmother died, I saw her in dream in her basement. It was a mess and she had a massive amount of files to sort through. Back then, she was not happy to see me. She would not even allow me to enter... insisted that it wasn't my time yet, smiled, and kindly escorted me out of the basement. This basement had been a recurring theme in my dreams. Whenever somebody dies, they are present in this basement.

It is indeed a strange date and a strange time. In actuality I did want to move. I fear that I am going to die soon, and that Yenrac will somehow be involved.

After the dream, and once I realized what it meant, I grew deathly afraid. I was uncertain whether or not I should accept my fate and try to change it. Maybe I should ignore Yenrac; but I did that, and that was the cause of the confrontation. But another voice reminded me of a constant theme: 

"You can't be afraid to die."

76. Steve Hillage
"Aftaglid"  14:41
Fish Rising
London, England

The committee came and went left as if nothing happened. When they departed, nobody even knew they had even arrived. The Enchanted Sanctuary of Miracles remained a blackened pit of death and would stay that way for quite some time.

The ship capsized and submerged under the water to another place and time. It was destined for 26 years ago in a different part of The Universe. Somewhere a ship had set sail and disappeared without a trace. Prior to leaving, a member of the crew briefly encountered a girl on a bicycle... she too vanished completely. This strange occurrence seemed to be the source of everything.

Where that ship had ventured into the treacherous waters, there is now a circular red patch of water in that part of the Ocean. Deep beneath the Ocean, there is a crack in the surface. Underneath that crack, the core of the Earth had been detonated with a fiery explosive lava like substance. A device was created to be used only if necessary.

Somewhere in The Universe, the man who once stood perched on the mountain is awaiting the moment in which this shall be necessary. The mission of this ship reaching an abandoned point of 26 years ago remains vital for the salvation of all things living in this Solar System; quite possibly even the entire Universe. All members of The Grand Scheme of Things Committee focused on the mission of resolving the mysterious disappearance of fate. 26 years ago... it was on that day that everything happened... it was then that catastrophe struck.

Top Image By: Wikipedia
Bottom Image By: Jaggy Nettle

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