NC17 Top 100 Traxxx of 1972

The Top 125 Songs of 1972 + Elements of Insanity and The Only Cure
Part 1: No Country for Aardvarks
Part 2: Q: Why Are Old People So God Damn Miserable?
Part 3: The Devil's Church
Part 4: Nude Grocery Shoppers
Part 5: Sleep Disorders

NC-17 SOUNDTRAXXX is being edited, revised, and published. The literature content is gradually being removed for publication or  being transferred to the upcoming site: MHQ HEADQUARTERS. The music countdowns, however, shall remain here.

In the meantime, and why I haven't posted anything in a long time... I am proud to present, the first actual book publication, a dystopian epic: The Mansion Feel free to check it out; it is self-published and fully independent.

According to the plant and animal life on Earth, which eventually unfriends the human race amidst bold accusations coming from an oddly-shaped row of trees: the concepts of government, religion, and economics were fabricated by the same sources that devised such absurdity as Black Friday sales, fashionable bowling attire, expiration dates for vaginal lube, and marketing strategies to entice specifically targeted mayonnaise consumers … and these sources obviously did not originate on the Planet Earth. From Prohibition to the dystopian future plagued with revolution, animosity towards society, and farming hippos with growth hormones, characters such as Squirrel Abraham and Jimmers Waffles (raccoon) not only challenge the status quo, but also question the entire history that created it.

Compiling 30 Sections and 68 different themes and storylines, which explore topics ranging from concepts of customer service to victimless crimes to a town in West Virginia that repeatedly becomes a ghost town; and featuring guest appearances from the likes of seahorses, dragonflies, praying mantis, chickens, and raccoon, The Mansion chronicles the plight of the human race, where Primitive Man evolved into the species known as Homo Bowler, and set out to destroy the world in a quest for decorative plates, generic shoes, and non-dairy powdered creamer.

Press play on the image below to hear this selection of songs in this exact order.

100. Foghat
"I Just Want to Make Love to You" 4:22
London, England

99. Ten Years After
"Rock & Roll Music To the World" 3:47
Rock and Roll Music to the World
London, England

98. Blue Öyster Cult
"Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll"  4:03
Long Island, NY

97. Slade
"Gudbuy T'Jane"  3:34
Wolverhampton, England

96. Ian Carr
"Remadione"  3:48
Dumfries, Scotland

95. Moving Gelatine Plates
"Moving Theme"  3:54
The World of Genius Hans
Sartrouville, France

94. Giorgio Moroder
"Son of My Father"  3:43
Son of My Father
Ortisei, Italy

93. Elton John
"Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters" 5:01
Honky Château
London, England

92. The Kinks
"Celluloid Heroes"  6:21
Everybody's In Showbiz
London, England

91. Van Dyke Parks
"Occapella"  2:43
Discover America
Hattiesburg, MS/Los Angeles, CA

90. Stealers Wheel
"Stuck in the Middle"  3:24
London, England

89. Pure Prairie League
"Amie"  4:21
Bustin' Out
Columbus, OH

88. Raspberries
"If You Change Your Mind"  3:59
Mentor, OH

87. Neil Young
"Out on the Weekend"  4:35
Toronto, ON  Canada

86. Chicago
"Saturday in the Park"  3:58
Chicago, IL

85. Gil Scott-Heron
"The Get Out of the Ghetto Blues"  5:13
Free Will
Chicago, IL (1949)-New York, NY (2011)

84. Matching Mole
"Marchides"  8:25
Little Red Record
Canterbury, England

83. Banco del Mutuo Soccorso
"R.I.P. (Requiescant in Pace)" 6:40
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso
Rome, Italy

82. Golden Earring
"From Heaven From Hell"  6:07
The Hague, Netherlands

81. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
"I Miss You"  8:29
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
Philadelphia, PA

80. J.J. Cale
"Crazy Mama"  2:25
Oklahoma City, OK

79. Mellow Candle
"Messenger Birds"  3:44
Swaddling Songs
Dublin, Ireland

78. David Ackles
"Love's Enough"  3:19
American Gothic
Rock Island, IL (1937)-Pasadena, CA (1999)

77. Terry Callier
"Dancing Girl"  9:03
What Color Is Love
Chicago, IL

76. Kraftwerk
"Klingklang"  17:26
Dusseldorf, Germany

NC-17 Soundtraxxx SONGS OF 1972: 125-101  100-76  75-51  50-26  25-#1

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