NC17 Top 100 Songs of 2001

The Corner of 5th & Average + The Top 200 Songs of 2001
Part 1: Dominicus Humanus
Part 2: Hostage Situation
Part 3: Lorenzo & The George Foreman Grills
Part 4: 902 Staghorn
Part 5: Plots Against the Pattern
Part 6: September 9th, 2001
Part 7: September 10th, 2001
Part 8: And Everything Shall Remain Exactly the Same

Part V: Plots Against the Pattern

Welcome to 2001, the year an event or two may or may not have happened. To hear this first selection of songs, press play on the image below:

100. Lu
"Mood Elevator"  4:39
Washington, D.C.

There was always a distant light on in her apartment, in the background, but it sort of appeared as if she may not be home. Mrs. Evans never came out either. As time passed, some people completely forgot about the lady in the apartment. Most had never even seen her, she never came out. Far all anybody knew, she could be dead in there- nobody would have known, nobody would have cared. To the public, she led a useless existence.

99. Eels
"Dog Faced Boy"  3:19
Los Angeles, CA

That light went off. There was a bustle of noise from the stairwell. The front door glowed as a bright white light shun from its' outer cracks. Smoke smoldered from beneath the door. Suddenly, the door opened, emitting the light into the streets. Amidst the fog still blowing from the doorway, stood Mrs. Evans, she was about to leave the house. Pedestrians stopped and stared, this was an astonishing event, something alien, something they had never seen before. They stood and stared back at the onlookers on the sidewalk. Mrs. Evans had with her a wretched grotesque boy she had obviously kept in hiding, Peter. Nobody even knew this person existed. As she walked down her path to the street, the crowd stared in awe.

98. Spoon
"Anything You Want"  2:17
Girls Can Tell
Austin, TX

Mrs. Evans held Peter's hand, he was 16 years old now, and accompanied him to the corner of 5th and Average. People normally brought them supplies, left them by the door, and Mrs. Evans had an account in which she paid for everything. The last shipment, the person forgot to include toilet paper, this isn't a product people will wait around for. It was the very first time Peter had ever been out in this city- grandma, Mrs. Evans, kept him sheltered after his parents were killed in a tornado. For people like Peter, the corner of 5th and Average was the most exciting place on Earth.

97. The Immortal Lee County Killers
"Train She Rides"  2:02
The Essential Fucked Up Blues
Auburn, AL

Altercation #1 began over a $28,416 George Foreman Grill. Apparently one person had purchased one long before he was able to obtain every single last one of them. This person bought his for $63, selling it for $28,416 was unethical business practices, price gouging, and against the law. He declared it was his business, he had the right to sell products for whatever price he wanted, and that if this person did not like it then go shop elsewhere. A menacing person grabbed his hand, put it in the George Foreman Grill, and slammed the lid, steam shooting from the sides.

96. Old 97’s
"King of All the World"  2:52
Satellite Rides
Dallas, TX

And they all dashed out of the shops, carrying shopping bags, jumping up and down for joy, smiling gleefully. Some of these were impulse decisions, some had been saving up for weeks to buy that new can opener- $14. The item they finally sought, they had obtained, in a shop on the corner of 5th and Average. They open the bags. Rosco got a new shirt, he isn't a scum anymore. Diane got new shoes, pair #42, similar to pairs #12, 19, 23, & 37- this defined her. Albert, finally, FINALLY!, was able to a DVD player. This was a special day for everybody, now they could enjoy themselves.

95. Basement Jaxx
"Do Your Thing"  4:38
Camberwell, UK

Peggy got a credit card in the mail today. Her life sucked, something had to happen or else she was committing suicide. Shop #1, she bought a blouse she liked, charged it on that credit card- made her feel guilty because now she had a bill. Then she got some new shoes, she started to feel a little better. She charged 13 new Cd's she had been hoping to listen to, smiled. A brand new shower curtain! Then, all sorts of other gadgets to match for the bathroom. The kitchen needed amends. Her life changed, into one shop, then the next. A new bracelet. She worked 42 hours a week, a day she'd always cherish, a bill she'd never pay.

94. Snow Patrol
"Last Ever Lone Gunman"  2:41
When It's All Over We Have to Clear Up
Dundee, UK

Kevin stood on the other side of the street, behind a table, promoting some sort concept that nobody understood. He spoke through a mega-phone, preaching about something to everyone who passed by. This was some sort of a rant, a protest, the shops and their policies. A protest against the value of material goods, the means in which they were produced, they way they were sold. That we are going into debt, we can not afford any of this, the interest rates of the credit card banks are going to destroy us all.

93. Prefuse 73
"Last Night (w/Sam Prekop)"  3:41
Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives
Miami FL; Brooklyn, NY

We work our lives away, to preserve the pattern of the image. There absolutely must be some sort of reward for hard work. If people work all week, and have nothing to show for it, depression will settle in- thoughts of hatred, suicide will prevail. Part of the joy is the purchase of material objects, for these items can be essential to the essence of life- in some way shape or form. People will remember the day of a special purchase the same they will remember the evening their daughter was born.

92. Gorillaz
"Clint Eastwood"  5:42
London, UK

Dominicus Humanus clearly illustrates the means in which the enterprise shall effectively hinder happiness. In order for the pattern to remain consistent, so that the photograph in living room will still look appealing to one person, the banks have to charge excessive interest rates on all purchases, the government too shall add additional fees, the community shall scoff at those who obtain a purchase they feel they do not deserve because their work is meaningless. The workers in uniforms were able to produce a new bicycle for Timmy for the price of $19, the store sold it for $178, the government charged sales tax, an additional $8.29, the bank accrued 28.6% interest every month- the $19 bicycle was finally paid off for $489 dollars. Because Timmy's father is black and works 45 hours a week as a housekeeping aid at the hospital, the pattern supporters feel Timmy does not deserve this bicycle. Security thinks he stole it.

91. Simian
"One Dimension"  4:48
Chemistry is What We Are
Bristol, UK

The house you live in was built a long time ago, for barely a fraction of what you will eventually pay for it. The Columbus family needed a home, we all do. Because they did not happen to have $183,000 in change underneath the couch cushions, they had to obtain a loan- the manual suggests it is better to buy than rent. The bank is going to tack on interest every single month for 30 years; meaning, the Columbus family will pay back the bank $529,449. Also, the bank will tack on additional fees, $250 closing costs, $35 to run a credit check, which takes 20 minutes. For that 20 minutes, the bank will have profited $346,449. The Columbus family now have a home, they can not afford to enjoy anything else.

90. Arlo
"Loosen Up"  2:50
Up High in the Night
Los Angeles, CA

Another man was perched on a rooftop, with a mega phone, preaching to all the people walking down the street. He was bitter about the return policy of one shop. Some other guy with a mega phone was standing in front of a shop, he was getting paid $9/hr to do this, telling people on the mega phone about the sale. A chase was taking place on the corner, seems some people were running from security for whatever reason. Security was ordering people to cooperate or else arrests would be made, over a mega phone. Another group of people had a mega phone, they were protesting security, the people had the right to run from corner to corner.

89. Superchunk
"Late Century Dream"  4:38
Here's Too Shutting Up
Chapel Hill, NC

The shop had a revolving door, with a constant flow of people coming in, people coming out. People were coming in empty handed, coming out with bags, suitcases, George Foreman Grills, food, an entertainment center. The sun rises, the sun sets- the revolving door remains spinning, people coming in, people coming out. A different flow of traffic can be seen on the streets. A man with a mega phone appears, disappears, appears again. The signs on the windows change, new sales, new days, new items. While everything else seems to change in the background, the flow of shopper traffic remains consistent- in and out of the revolving door.

88. Lucinda Williams
"Reason to Cry"  3:44
Mount Joliet, TN

Betsy filled her cabinets with the elegant dishes she just purchased. She lined her oak table with an elegant hand crafted table cloth. On the counters and beneath the cabinets, she decorated with gadgets with patterns of apples, green and red, it matched the wall paper she had installed last week. With the new Swiffer Plus, she made the tiles of the kitchen sparkle, she could see her own reflection in the floor. She had a wonderful collection of kitchen knives, the best in the world, could easily slice those USDA Prime steaks she enjoyed. Betsy sat at the table, lit the vanilla scented decorative candle she purchased from Yankee Candle Co., then sat there and cried. Her husband had left her because she accumulated too much credit card debt.

87. Kings of Convenience
"Singing Softly to Me"  3:09
Quiet is the New Loud
Bergen, Norway

Charles ate Clear Value brand frozen dinners off paper plates. He did not even have a kitchen table. In his kitchen drawer, there was but one knife, referred to as, "the knife." Charles ate the frozen pizza all by himself, seated in "the chair" while he watched basketball on "the TV." He only had one of everything and they barely worked. If one of them were to ever be destroyed, he would have to wait several weeks before being able to get a new one. At work, Charles worked 48 hours a week. In a recent survey, 72% of the people could easily do Alan's job, sitting at a desk answering e-mails, especially for the $56,000/year he makes to do nothing. Less than 8% had the ability required to do Charles' work. Charles will be dead soon, Alan will live to be 96.

86. Camera Obscura
"Houseboat"  3:22
Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi
Glasgow, Scotland

My name is Cindy, I have a pattern of my own. I have a boyfriend named Brian, we live together, been in a relationship for years, we are talking about getting married. I also have a friend named Josh, he buys me things. We work together, we are just friends. Brian knows we are just friends. About once a week, me and Josh have sex after work, then I go home to Brian, who does not know about this. Sometimes I lie to Brian, tell him I am going shopping, or out with my girlfriends, but I really go off and have sex with Josh, then go back home to Brian.

85. The Brian Jonestown Massacre
"Sailor"  3:45
Bravery, Repetition, & Noise
San Francisco, CA

I found out about my girlfriend and her "friend" Josh. She tried to pass it off as if nothing was ever going on, they were just friends, and the biggest cliche of all, it just happened. Naturally, I left her, packed my bags, moved into a small crappy apartment by myself. For the longest, I withdrew from life, left the pattern. But as I sat sulking in misery, I realized that the pattern was still going on, out there, somewhere. Perhaps it was the best thing that could have happened, because, let's face it, if I was really that happy with her, we would have already been married. Today I am going to change my whole life, my whole dull routine, and set sail across the ocean, and start a new pattern.

84. Deerhoof
"Queen Orca Wicca Wind"  2:46
San Francisco, CA

The 5th and Average pattern of life lead to trail of misery and mishaps. It seemed to be nothing more than an obstacle, or something I would prefer not to deal with. I had my own job, outside of the pattern, though it was my own personal pattern. Personally, I could have lived my whole life without the pattern. For all I care, it could have been deleted enitrely. But, it seemed I was always in a bind, running late for my own pattern, that pattern prevented the happiness of my own. And the security, all they were more concerned with was that pattern of life, and any attempts I made to get out of it, they would harass me, expect me to go back in it. I hated security. Although I did not make much money, they would ticket me, take all of my money. I could not enjoy my life because of the pattern.

83. Quasi
"The Curse of Having it All"  4:52
The Sword of God
Portland, OR

The screen is split in half. The left side of the screen displays the 5th and Average pattern, cars going by, lights changing, people flustering up and down the streets, in and out of the shops. It remains consistent throughout, nothing changes. The right side of the screen shows a series of catastrophes, a village being destroyed by a hurricane, a missile being launched into a residential area, buildings burning, collapsing, the galaxies moving farther away from us, a star falls, an entire solar system goes extinct. The pattern remains consistent.

82. Iffy
"Sweet Stuff"  3:45
Biota Bondo
Minneapolis, MN

It hit just out of the blue. My whole life had been spent doing the same thing, sun up, sun down, work, home, the pattern, sleep. Maybe I had been looking for love, maybe I just gave up, but what I was doing seemed ample enough, it was what they said I was supposed to do. There I saw her, I was walking out, she walking in. I turned around, she had turned around. We both stopped, walked up to each other, and that was that. Without even thinking, we walked away from this miserable life forever, this pattern, our lives had changed because we found each other- which was what we were searching for in the first place. Security claimed we were not allowed to leave.

81. Preston School of Industry
"Solitaire"  3:55
All This Sounds Gas
Stockton, CA

More people with mega phones emerged on 5th and Average. People walked by blissfully, the guy across the street spoke of hedonism, encouraged the pedestrians to engage in at least one activity today that would define decadence; adopted the slogan, "Do What Is NOT Natural!" Another guy stood in front of a shop, passing out maps, directions on how to get out of the pattern. One another person entered a shop with a mega phone- to each of the customers: "do something out of the ordinary!" But, the pattern continued. Glancing over at these people trying to discourage the pattern simply became part of the pattern. The people seemed so happy, walking the life they had told them to, shopping bags and road maps.

80. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
"Mondo Bongo"  6:13
Global A Go-Go
New York, NY; JS- Turkey (8-21-52)-Broomfield, England (2002)

Kevin walked slowly down the street. He had something terribly wrong with him, some sort of disease- he was not expected to live much longer. There were cures for his ailments, but he could not afford them- could not afford the doctor, nor the medication. Despite his illness, he shows up for work everyday, full-time. Despite the fact he works hard, benefits the pattern, he still can not afford to go to the doctor. The bank takes all his money. So does government, taxes, because this system is so great, that it is more important to pay for its cost of operation than keeping yourself healthy or seeing a doctor. People see Kevin, coughing up blood on the corner of 5th and Average, 28 years old, going to work, living in a run down building, providing excellent customer service to the e-mail writers, the lenders, the shop owners, security- so they can have their kitchen utensils...the see Kevin, it makes them proud to be an American, proud of the system, proud of the pattern- this was a system worth killing for. Killing- meaning dead, erased, hero missile strike, prematurely.

79. The Microphones
"The Moon"  5:17
The Glow Pt. 2
Anacortes, WA

Some people are given the authority kill other people. They have a gun, a knife, a tank, a missile, and with the blink of an eye, can eliminate another human being off the face of the Earth. Their actions create pre-mature funerals; their victims, die before they succeed in what they wish to accomplish. If any person attempts to impair the pattern in way shape or form, their life will end at the hands of security, family members will have to attend a funeral. On some occasions, the death is accidental, security shot at the criminal, but hit Kimberly instead. Oops, my bad. It was the criminal's fault, for running away. It did not matter, it was for the good...Kimberly wanted to be a doctor, and provide affordable health care to those with jobs and without insurance. She was tops in her class, but only desired to earn $29,000 a year.

78. Tram
"Giving Up"  5:04
Frequently Asked Questions
London, UK

Kevin got to work on time, again, having to work day 9 in a row. He got to the door, and paused for a moment before going in, it was another dizzy spell. Kevin looked around, it was the exact same pattern as it was every single other day. Everything he was about to do at work in that shop, he had done every single other day- same people, same questions, same products, same pattern. He walked away from the door, looked around, thought for a moment. "I'm not doing it," he said out loud. "I'm done." Without even giving any notice to the shop owner who was not willing to even pay an ample salary to relieve medical problems, Kevin turned his back on the shop, the pattern, and walked from this miserable life forever.

77. Unwound
"Look a Ghost"  4:43
Leaves Turn Inside You
Tumwater, WA

The pattern is so marvelous, that sometimes it is necessary to destroy life on a mass scale in order to preserve it. Our heroes are sent to other nations, funded by the earnings we worked for ourselves and forcefully imbezzled by the governor, with intentions on eliminating a few youths from that nation who may be jeopardizing our standard of life. Or, even if they simply do not support it. Or, if they have some extra George Foreman Grills that may be of some use to our economy- theirs is not important. Hector arrived at 902 Staghorn, he was a happy kid, but was not aware that he had died. The heroes had sent a missile into his city, the neighborhood was destroyed, including all the family photos of he and his happy parents the first day he got on the bus. Hector was in love with Charlotte, had a keen ear for music, and a knack for cooking- was enrolling in the culinary arts program. In a commemorative to all those brave heroes who sacrificed everything so we could have our pattern, Hector's family wept uncontrollably while he was lowered into the ground- never to be seen again, forgotten about after his family dies. He had no opportunity to ever leave his mark on life.

76. Broken Social Scene
"Backyards"  8:15
Bee Hives
Toronto, Canada

Heard from beneath the streets, with a mega phone. If I were given the authority to use a gun, to launch a missile, to take whatever life I chose that would benefit the good of all mankind... I would bomb the pattern, I would destroy all forms of government in every nation, watching the White House burn would be a spectacle I would enjoy; watching your church burn brings me thrills; watching the bank explode makes me laugh; I stand and I applaud as the corner of 5th and Average plummets to the ground.

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Bottom Image by: Shuttercock
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