NC17 Top 100 Songs of 1967

The Best of 1967 + Lifelong Truce
Chapter 1: Naive Governors Blindly Believe a Distorted Version of One Side of the Story
Chapter 2: Psychological Considerations
Chapter 3: Lifelong Truce
Chapter 4: Humanity Vs. Instilled Government Commands

Chapter I: Naive Governors Blindly Believe a Distorted Version of One Side of the Story

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1967! Many critics claim this to be the best year in music history. There is some validity to that statement. However, not all music was great yet. Selections 100 up to about 50 something are all great, but there have been way better 50-100 ranked songs in several other years. The top 25, on the other hand, is all essential listening especially considering the impact they had on modern music. By the top 10, a few bands were moving into uncharted territories, which is why this year is considered so great.

In 1967, there was a war going on, and a draft had been implemented. Also, drug use had become a popular recreational activity. As I listened to all of these songs, devising whatever images the music would create, I could not help but think about the draft and its effects on society. I began thinking about all of the aspects of this war, and puzzled how a government would even get involved in the first place, let alone implement a draft and force non-supporters to get involved as well. This probably caused the rise of the drug use. And, that's how I came up with a psychedelic war story.

Admittedly, not all stories for the songs directly fit the music implied. But, I got to thinking about some of the war movies of the past, and many of them featured great soundtracks- such as Dead Presidents & Forest Gump. That said, I just went with it- for now it is the music that provides a sometimes powerful effect to the illusion, and sometimes it is intended to be ironic. We all know that Franki Valli's hit "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" was never intended to be about a 19 year old kid firing a rocket launcher for the first time, nor was the chorus "I love you baby," ever supposed to correspond with the massive killing of civilians running out of the building that had just been exploded by this rocket launcher, but the goal is to imagine it as a movie, and perhaps lead to a different way of thinking.

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100. Dream
"Ain't No Use" 8:20
Get Dreamy
Oslo, Norway

Thompson; Age 19. Tested as child genius, born into poverty. It did not take long before he had developed a strong disliking for school, his neighborhood, the world. He did manage to graduate, despite constantly being in trouble with the authorities, numerous suspensions, and altercations with school officials. College did not work out either, one quarter, and that was all he cared to go. He did not see much joy in his job either. The pattern was developing as he thought more about the world; the more he struggled to find any place in it. And because of his intellectual capabilities, he thought about it quite extensively.

99. Canned Heat
"Rollin 'N' Tumblin"  3:08
Los Angeles, CA

Many people lack direction anyway at age 19. Thompson spent his days hanging out with friends, and devoted his time to an active social life. He did have a lot of fun, lots of friends, and lots of girlfriends. He went out more than the average person, seemed like he was out doing something every night; often all night. This was also met with some confrontation with the authorities, the neighborhood in which he came from was not exactly known for being quaint law-abiding citizens, though Thompson was not a hardened criminal.

98. Bobbie Gentry
"Ode to Billie Joe" 4:16
Ode to Billie Joe
Greenwood, MS/Los Angeles, CA

Most people could not locate this town on a map, and very few had ever even heard of the neighborhood. There were no celebrities or any person of any worldwide relevance residing in this community. Maybe, that was why it was a pit of sorrow and despair. The elders of the community simply accepted it as a simple way of life. However, some of the youth found it an ugly environment due to lack of quality opportunity. Crime was high, as was the suicide rate.

97. Tages
"Created By You" 2:42
Fantasy Island
Göteborg, Sweden

There was an exact same neighborhood, just in a country far away. One difference, most of this country was exactly like this neighborhood; meaning- no person with any worldwide renowned significance hailed from this tiny region of the world. Another difference, the people in this region were getting fed up with the injustice brought upon by its government, and growing tired of living in poverty stricken regions with very little food and less than ideal shelter. Many blamed the government, the rich, the corporations, who were living luxuriously while so many others struggled.

96. The Creation
"Making Time"  2:58
We Are Paintermen
Cheshunt, England

A group within the foreign nation had declared it was time to make a stand. It began with a few protests and demonstrations rallying against the government and lawmakers of the region. However, these protests were met with violent oppression, and the police opened fire on the protesters. Two of the key members of the community had been killed by the police and several more arrested. Having nothing to lose besides their pathetic little trashy shelter homes, they viewed this violent outburst by police and government as the last they were willing to stand.

95. Scott Walker
"Always Coming Back To You"  2:42
Hamilton, OH/London, England

Thompson and his friends in his neighborhood found an outlet with illicit drug use; it was not productive, but it kept them from having to deal with the wretched lifestyle they had been merely born into. On the other hand though, the heavy drug use was somewhat productive, for groups of people devoted much of their time channeling their creativity into artistic creations, performances, and music. The artists were less violent, though equally unhappy. Joy was found in spending intimate time together with special people; like Thompson & Veronica.

94. Pearls Before Swine
"Ballad To An Amber Lady"  5:16
One Nation Underground
Melbourne, FL

Heavy drug use was a popular medium in that other nation as well. They were left with a choice to look at their down trodden shacks and walk around and curse God as to how this has happened, or use hallucinogenic drugs to think about other things. The things they would think about during periods of intoxication on these drugs were often other worldly mind expansions that produced vivid colors and psychedelic images. And that's what people did for recreation, used drugs, sat around a shack, and imagined things most people could not even visualize.

93. Sandie Shaw
"Had a Dream Last Night"  2:42
Puppet on a String
Dagenham, England

The feelings of intoxication they received from the drugs were a means to feel absolute happiness, a feeling which could never be obtained with the living conditions the government claimed was necessary. People would have dreams about experiencing solace, romance, and luxuries of their own. Often, the vivid images produced during dreams were often comical, such as Larry having a dream that his girlfriend Tonya brought home a chicken who was able to magically lay vacuum cleaners instead of eggs, then vacuum all the floors in the neighborhood while clucking.

92. Traffic
"Dear Mr. Fantasy"  5:42
Mr. Fantasy
Birmingham, England

The governments had decided that these drugs should be illegal and people who use them should be sent to jails. This was perceived as a fatuous mandate. One, people in these communities committed this act primarily because their living conditions were so dilapidated that there was no way possible to get any enjoyment simply staring at the wretched environment. It would have made more sense to upgrade these communities with the tax dollars rather than spend/waste excessive amounts of money on more police, jails, and costs of keeping a person in jail. Two, the drugs kept people happy. With nothing to translate the wretched conditions in feelings of bliss, the mind sulked into disgust that led to hatred so extreme that people were willing to take necessary action against the government. And, that's what happened- a militia was formed, and they attacked the governor's office- demanding change.

91. The Cryan' Shames
"Up On The Roof"  3:23
A Scratch in the Sky
Hinsdale, IL

Thompson and his friends were finding new and improved ways to express their creativity. Exhibits were being conducted in places of unusual locations to provide ambiance and enhancement. However, exactly like that other nation, the governors and police had not only outlawed the use of recreational drugs, but had also put strict limitations on art exhibitions. There had been a gallery performance on the rooftop of a building, one of sheer elegance. But, the governor had deemed this type of art obscene due to its unconventional nature, the rooftop was trespassing, and the audience had been using illegal drugs.

90. The Left Banke
"Walk Away Renee"  2:43
Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina
New York, NY

The police raided the exhibit. All of the art was destroyed by the police, the artists, the participants, and all members of the audience were arrested. It was a major sting operation funded by their very own tax money. All had to spend some time in jail, all had to pay even more money to the governor as a fine- money they could not afford anyway, all of their work gone forever, and they were all put on probation were they had to report to a branch of the government consisting of a belligerent autocrat who ensured they did not use any more illegal drugs or participate in any more artistic performances. Nothing to do now but bask in the life of misery.

89. Davie Allan & The Arrows
"Blues Theme"  2:10
Blues Theme
Los Angeles, CA

A small victory had been claimed at that other nation's capitol. Although significantly more had to be done in order for any vast improvements to be taken seriously, enough did happen to gather supporters. Within the week, people from poverty stricken areas all over the nation had claimed they were willing to fight this oppression. Several revolts occurred all over the nation, and each of them met with violence from the governor. However, not all nations support corporate sponsorship, and some of these have access to heavy artillery they are willing to provide to insurgents attempting to fight corporate sponsored governors. Next, the people were shooting back at the police. After that, what is referred to as a civil war.

88. The Chambers Brothers
"Please Don't Leave Me"  3:03
The Time Has Come
Los Angeles, CA

The governor of the nation in which Thompson resides found this revolt so tumultuous that they found it was necessary to intervene, even though most of the residents in Thompson's nation knew absolutely nothing about this other nation, not the capitol... and had never even been there. It was of little importance to the governor also, it just turned out that they were in a power struggle with the nation that had supplied the rebels with arms. The governor knew the capitol of this nation, but could not name one single other city. However, he was sending citizens of his own nation to go fight, kill, and die in a war that mattered to not a single person in any other nation outside where the civil war was being fought. People had to leave their families to join this struggle, not even sure why, definitely unsure if they would ever return.

87. Jerry Moore
"Drugged"  5:16
Life Is a Constant Journey Home
New York, NY

Many villages in the poverty stricken nation were not even aware that a civil war erupted, let alone how eminently it had escalated. For many, life went on as usual—which consisted of socializing with friends who had never been outside the village, using illegal drugs, conjuring up obscure images in the mind. However, for whatever reason their village was chosen, there had been gunfire just outside the community. Furthermore, some other nation was flying military personnel in with helicopters and deploying various other military equipment people in this community had never seen, such as tanks and rocket launchers. One minute, they were stoned sitting around on a deserted corner, next minute a helicopter lands, out comes people with guns, a tank across the field.

86. The Incredible String Band
"The Mad Hatter's Song"  5:40
The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion
Edinburgh, Scotland

Miltone had the ability to freely grow some of this magical substance that was able to free the minds of the oppressed ones. He would often walk out into the field, which was distantly remote, and gather some of the plants to be sold for a small price—this was his job to venture off and garner the harvest—it put food on his table. While out in the fields, Miltone would often ingest some of the hallucinogenic substances, and make a fruitful day out of gathering the crops. During his times out here, disassociated from society, he would often lie out in the field, gazing at the sky, and creating new and exciting images with the patterns of the heavens. Suddenly some troops from another nation had invaded… the harmony disrupted.

85. Nirvana
"I Never Found a Love Like This"  2:51
The Story of Simon Simopath
London, England

After the raid on the rooftop, Thompson and Veronica often withdrew from the community. They would take long journeys out into the middle of nowhere, away from the population, away from life to simply be alone with each other. It was during these excursions when Thompson and Veronica realized they were truly compatible. For, it is easy to be entertained in a group, as part of a performance, but a person who another can be all alone with, away from society- that requires someone special. The two would just wander out into the hinterland, taking illegal hallucinogens, philosophizing about important subjects, telling crazy jokes, and becoming more intimate with one another.

84. The Litter
"Codine"  4:33
Minneapolis, MN

In the other nation, people residing in villages became afraid to leave their communities due to the fact that supererogatory violence had intensified. Furthermore, troops from the invading nation were unpredictable and did not speak the language. Most of them seemed confused as to why they were even there, and what exactly they were supposed to be fighting. It became rumored they were supporting the government, attempting to put an end to the revolts; their own had the same government as this nation. Furthermore, many of these troops led the exact same lifestyles as those they were combating. Nothing made any sense.

83. Miles Davis
"Limbo"  7:13
Alton, IL (1926)-Santa Monica, CA (1991)

Being involved in another nation's civil war is befuddling for a multitude of reasons. First, the notion of being here in the first place raises serious questions. All of that aside… mass confusion still surmounted. The deployed troops had never been to this land before, and had no clue how to get anywhere. The fact that they had assignments and delegated meeting places with detailed instructions on how exactly to get there means that their own nation had been plotting this strategy prior to the troops ever even arriving. Who had been planning this? And why? Furthermore, there was no way to determine which of the citizens of this nation was fighting with them or against them. Somebody came up with the idea to wear uniforms and spend an enormous amount of money on them.

82. Etta James
"I'd Rather Go Blind"  2:35
Tell Mama
Los Angeles, CA

Despite the fact that some people were content in their own lifestyles and were not the slightest least bit concerned with the events in some other nation, military recruiters were aggressive in their ploys to get people to join in the fight. They utilized the television as a means to advertise propaganda, and made promises that those leaving in poverty stricken communities would be relieved of all their stress- this was an opportunity for advancement- fighting in a war. Some of the younger generation fell for it, and sometimes their commitment to join was met with sorrow and grief by loved ones who feared they would never be seen again.

81. The Turtles
"Happy Together"  2:58
Happy Together
Westchester, CA

Thompson refused to have any part of the military. They had made several attempts to recruit him, called his home, came to his door, anything they could. Although his environment was less than desirable, he found happiness in his time together with Veronica. The two of them still lead active social lifestyles, often using the illegal drugs and making fun of the military recruiters. Furthermore, the people in their group were against the military action in the other nation, and there was absolutely no sense for any of them to ever get involved. They were fine socializing together, ridiculing their own government.

80. Carlos Paredes
"Dança"  2:29
Guitarra Portuguesa
Coimbra, Portugal (1925)-Lisboa, Portugal (2004)

It was a small village, far removed from the bustle of corporate society. Miltone ingested his magical herb, and sat on the corner playing his guitar. As he sat and played, on a nice pleasant day, troops from another nation gathered with the government's police. The people from the village had been ordered not to interfere, this was the new law, and it carried with it a treason penalty. Villagers had no choice but to cooperate, but they were unsure as to what exactly was taking place. Some of the troops attempted to communicate with the natives, but to no avail because of the language barrier. The governor's officers ordered them to be kind to the troops and give them anything they wanted.

79. Ewa Demarczyk
"Wiersze Baczyńskiego"  5:20
Spiewa Piosenki Zygmunta Konie
Kraków, Poland

Word had travelled that another nation's army had landed and joined the governor to suppress the revolt. This development was met with much animosity, for it was none of their business. The fact that another nation had invaded to espouse on a dispassionate domestic affair spoke volumes about just how poignant that other nation had become. People questioned where this other nation claimed to have any right whatsoever to even be here, much less take sides in a dispute. The natives were even more angered with the governor now for even allowing them to be here. A riveting speech was administered: never surrender to this other nation of meddlers and infiltrate their armies with even more acrimony than that of the governor's.

78. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
"Tears of a Clown"  3:01
Make It Happen
Detroit, MI

The people in the village were not at all pleased with the company of the other nation's troops. As each day grew, they began to despise them even more. Furthermore, the governor's officers were beginning to chastise them severely for having illegal drugs that grew naturally in the surrounding fields. The troops were assigned to destroy the crop, told it was poison used by the enemy. Throughout all this anguish, the villagers still had to pretend to be friendly with the troops, as pain staking as that was. One person in the village was killed by a troop for not cooperating thoroughly.

77. Pat Martino
"Cisco"  4:32
El Hombre
Philadelphia, PA

Finally, the village was liberated by the insurgents, just as the governor promised. Except, their definition of insurgents and enemies slightly differs. The villagers were eagerly anticipating the occupation of troops and officers to end, who claimed they were protecting their freedoms. An invasion took place, an ambush; the revolt had travelled all the way here. Most of the troops and officers were shot and killed. There were questions as to how the revolt knew they were here; and many losing battles would follow. The revolt was winning.

76. Arlo Guthrie
"Alice's Restaurant Massacree"  18:37
Alice's Restaurant
Coney Island, NY/Washington, MA

The governor of the invading nation had heard the news that they were being defeated in the war they had no business entering. However, they found this mission so essential that they decided to enact a law to force people to join the military if their names had been randomly called. That if their name was randomly selected, they would have to go to another nation they knew nothing about, kill people they did not know who had never done them any wrong, or die for an unknown cause.

There can be no respect whatsoever for any government who decides to foolishly implement a draft to force people to get involved in a dispute that forces the youth of their own nation, non-supporters, to fight a war where the outcome has no effect whatsoever on the lives of its citizens. An International law should be devised to prohibit such doing as a crime against humanity. I have far more respect for any person who strategically flees the corrupt nation in order to avoid the draft than for any imbecile who devises such an unjust decree. Any government who has ever committed such an atrocious crime should never be supported.

If you know of any nation that has ever implemented a draft, that saw an enormous amount of young people killed, lives ruined, and people traumatized forever, the government of that nation is not to be trusted, especially if the cause was to get involved in another nation's domestic dispute. Violators of that loathsome crime should be disbanded immediately, and the citizens should take consequential action to ensure such a debacle will never happen again.

A draft was implemented. People from struggling neighborhoods, or whoever the government claimed had some questionable characteristics such as an arrest over an art exhibit raid, were forced to go fight in a war they did not support whatsoever. And no person in their community, the community in which the world knew little about, the community the governor only sought to keep drugs and art exhibits out of- nothing else, no person in the community would ever benefit from this dispute at all. In fact, it only made the community worse.

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